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Sermons & Religious Lectures
Jun 13, 2019 Alexis Rossi

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A brief screen capture with instructions for downloading a CSV of items views information for a collection.
Topics: views, how to
Community Video
May 19, 2020

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A collection of radio clips from August 3-4, 2019 regarding the mass shootings in  El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH.
Topics: radio archive, gun control Help Documentation & Videos
Jan 13, 2021 Alexis Rossi

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This introduction to using the Wayback Machine includes information about searching by URL or keyword, understanding provenance, and saving your own pages, along with other features. Wayback Machine Browser Extensions & add ons:  Chrome Firefox Safari Wayback Machine apps:  iOS Android Resources Help Center - Wayback Machine Fact Checks and Context for Wayback Machine Pages (2020) The Wayback Machine’s Save Page Now is New and Improved (2019) Wayback Machine Playback… now with...
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Topics: internet archive, wayback machine
Alexis Rossi Archive
Apr 5, 2021 Alexis Rossi

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Fire breathing dragon cake for Ben's 10th birthday (2021), made by his Zia Alexis.
Topics: 3D cake, dragon cake, fire breathing dragon, dragon, crazy cake
Alexis Rossi Archive
Aug 31, 2021 Alexis Rossi

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The Nearness of You Sung by Alexis Rossi Backing track from  Jazz Sing-Along  
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Topic: jazz vocal
Alexis Rossi Archive
Sep 27, 2021 Alexis Rossi

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September 21, 2021 trip to the big island of Hawaii. Snorkeling tour with Hawaii Oceanic.
Topics: manta rays, snorkeling, hawaii
Alexis Rossi Archive
Dec 16, 2021 Alexis Rossi

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Alexis Rossi (vocals) and Gary Rossi (piano)
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Topic: Christmas song
Internet Archive Staff Presentations
Dec 7, 2022 Alexis Rossi

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2021 Internet Archive Collections Board Presentation
Topic: internet archive