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Special Topics talk given July 2018 to Archive Engineering. SLIDES We show a prototype of just out feature from GitLab for Auto DevOps, an extension of CI/CD that only requires code repositories and kubernetes clusters to "do everything" right from only a commit & push.  NOTE: the audio is really rough in spots -- a hand-corrected captions is avail when playing. Find the [cc] button on the control bar and select 'devops'  Transcript: Guess it is fullscreen. No it's fullscreen....
Topics: devops, coding, gitlab, kubernetes, docker, continuous integration, continuous development
Community Software
by Tracey Jaquith

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My house remodel SketchUp exported to Collada NOTE: the furniture, appliances, cars are not CC0 as they were from SketchUp 's warehouse ( the house structure, roof, deck and stair fences are all handbuilt by me and CC0 )
Topics: 3d, house, remodel, sketchup, collada
PoohBot Pictures

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Our house remodel project hits its high point, fully opening up our nearly 24' x 24' top floor area into a single large space for the first time -- thanks to a massive (glulam) beam that VRGC and his amazing team put up and made look easy! In the far left you can see the unique 7-sided "heptagon" new entryway 8-) THANK YOU! Victor, Nathan, Brad, Octavio, Jackson, and James Michael Morrison and John Lum Victor Rasilla General Contractor John Lum Architecture Ashley & Vance...
Topics: remodel, beam, time-lapse