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tv   Cup of Tea  Al Jazeera  January 28, 2019 4:57am-5:01am +03

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the film is controversial because the tells the story of germans and russians cooperating while hitler is concrete western europe. the main here it later returns to russia as an invader. from this point on it's their fishel russian history germany and aggressor russia the greatest fighter against a nazi. but how german protagonist remembers he was here before as a friend. in the summer of nine hundred thirty nine nazi foreign minister i've been told and star this chief diplomat signed the non-aggression pact and a secret french treaty the second world war started with hitler and stalin dividing europe in fears of influence with russia's heroic. at the heart of state ideology
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similar to freedom talk pact is today a thought can put it right. communist russia is sitting and in nazi germany where our lives descended to get invaded poland remain in the baltic states and. i know that exists in my to both here and it's clear makers of this film are trying to deal with this difficult. or under considerable threat. whatever battles might be fought over the film's content the film festival party is what it should be a bit of fun and there are lively exchange of views. used to look at you tube also most of the kids the polls are closing in the sixty third. produced here is using
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is losing its own signor you might look at this is the us in the book losing a minute evolves to reduce the six inch news. i chat with my friends and colleagues i ask the german co-producer of the film simone of oh man if you both think i do logical problems that needed something in order to secure russian financing. tell us who stood. by him that would show up put that. don't but soon exam the. new national. they have already passed us the new. a couple. more years go more i didn't spend on that or if it's to ballinasloe not cover i would first of supes the birth of the south or the guy who will sort of feel near all of us in the arms of phones have it's time to say who the. who is shana because gasoline is going to learn about
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william will leave him alone more that's good wars are so mean that's the reason of my grandmother's back and i'm going through the north of other than it was on the first run of the five something that you if any in this are at their core you'll find all my valuable goods good once they've been in the. world bank or come out almost all the normal that was never the one. you could only get lonely for they are as us i congratulate the film's director alexander mitt does it with the premier and agree to meet for a chat before the day. we meet in the house of cinema which hasn't changed much since the soviet days and a quarter of a century after the end of the u.s.s.r. it's not only the soviet interiors that have survived here but some soviet
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political habits as well. alexander became famous.


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