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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  August 15, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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but then you look at his tweets and it might give you a different impression. we talked about this yesterday morning. he quickly goes after ken frazier, the african-american ceo of merck. he then shares a tweet from someone known for pushing conspiracy theories. then he retweets and deletes before someone grabs the freeze frame, you know, this train running over a cnn reporter, and then retweets a story where he is considering pardoning the controversial sheriff in arizona, joe arpaio. put all of that -- that whole picture together, what does that tell you, david? >> it tells me that what the president went out to say yesterday when he denounced those groups is not the final word on this for him. that he still, as you just -- i mean, you just laid it out perfectly, brooke, but he undermined his own attempt to clean up what he did not do over the weekend. and came in for so much controversy from his fellow republicans, from folks in every
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corner. he came in under controversy. he then went to go clean this up on monday, but he can't clean it up cleanly, because these other instincts kick in that show us a bit more of what his natural instincts are, and i think it undermines everything he was trying to attempt yesterday. >> yep. david, thank you. let me just broaden out the conversation and bring in a couple more voices. solomon jones, host of wurd radio in philadelphia and a columnist for the "philadelphia "daily news."" gentlemen, you heard me, you know, rattle through a couple of these tweets, retweets, deletes from the president with david. solomon, you first. how do you interpret that? >> well, i think that the tweets are interesting. i think that that is where the president says what he really means, but beyond even the tweets, i think that it's about his policy. his policy says that he does not
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refute, that he does not repudiate white supremacy. when you come in and make the justice department into the injustice department and you attack affirmative action with the justice department, you attack voting rights with the justice department, you attack police brutality with the justice department, and then for good measure, you back it up with your own words by saying that a little police brutality is okay. so i think that these things that affect black and brown communities in addition to him trying to pardon joe arpaio, who has been someone who has been against latinos and really has racially profiled them for years with impunity, i think all of those things really speak to where he really is on the issue of white supremacy. >> sure and just to clean up and just being precise, you know, police brutality, i don't think he ever said it's not okay but i know what you're referring to on long island. >> he said, bang the head against the car. >> i hear you. so, matthew, to you, just respond to solomon and also, i think, david's point that he's undermined his attempt to clean
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up this controversy over the weekend. has he in the last 24 hours? >> you know, i think he has been the donald trump that we sort of expect, and i know that that is disappointing for many of us, that don't disagree with his entire agenda, but there are things that we do disagree with. these ceos represent some stakeholders, including customers, the most important thing that make a business go round, and i think they're making the right decision for their own personal and i think there is a stage on that committee for folks to interface with the administration and interface with this president. you know, on the issue of race, i mean, this is horrible, what we watched play out on saturday, and the president's comments were woefully inadequate and to come back three days later in the manner that he did in putting it in the middle of a speech that we all agree, conventional wisdom and thoughtful people all agree that the president could have done more on charlottesville and more
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broadly rejecting, you know, if white supremacists and alt-right groups are part of his base, he needs to reject that. that's not how you win elections. you win elections with people that are conservatives, people that are republicans, and people that are independents and democrats that believe in growing the american economy is in the best interest of all americans. >> but do you, matthew, realize how it looked? right, he took 72 hours to outright condemn neo-nazis and white supremacists, yet it takes the president all of like 51 minutes, once ken frazier, the ceo of merck, major, majorly successful african-american ceo to say, essentially, thanks but no thanks, you're not condemning this, so i'm out of your manufacturing council, takes the president, you know, less than an hour to attack him on twitter. >> the optics on that are terrible. he should have immediately condemned the terrorist act in charlottesville and going after the merck ceo who is a -- not only an african-american but a very successful ceo, who
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navigated that company through a very difficult time when they had the viox heart challenge and had to pay billions of dollars in damages, i think that's tone deaf and i will admit that. but at the same time, you know, there are important pieces of this president's agenda that are separate and distinct and can't be just grouped into a simple one-sentence talking point. >> what's the -- solomon, what's the incentive for, you know, business people, successful businessmen and women to be part of these councils for the president if, you know, they end up disagreeing with the president and end up having to walk away? >> yeah, i don't know that there is an incentive because the bottom line, we can talk about black and white, we can talk about race, but for business people, the bottom line is green, and so if they are losing customers, if a community decides that they want to boycott them, if they are really risking their own reputation by being attached to the president, there is no incentive for them to stay and so i was pleased to
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see ken frazier, who is a philadelphia native, by the way, take the lead on this and be the first to say, no, i'm not going to stand with this president when he won't stand up against white supremacists. >> what can the president do to, i guess i should say, not only just keep these ceos on these councils, but, you know, just to keep americans having faith in the president? i mean, can the president fully separate himself from the white supremacists who have supported him? >> oh, he has to. >> i don't think he can, because he's still got steve bannon sitting there in the white house. steve bannon is somebody that these people look to as their voice in the white house. so as long as he keeps steve bannon there, number one, i don't think that he can separate himself from it, because he has it sitting right there with him in the white house. >> go ahead, matthew. >> well, i mean, you know, he needs to not just have the one sound byte from earlier this
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week, from yesterday, where he spoke out against neo-nazis and white supremacists. this is an ongoing conversation that he needs to be very clear that, you know, he does not represent them and he does not represent their interests and he does not want their support and i think that is going to have to be a continuing dialogue from this president, and, you know, i think folks like steve bannon who represent that lightning rod in the white house, he's going to have to take a serious consideration on that. i mean, that's something that, you know, steve bannon has been part of the campaign and has been part of the white house, you know, we didn't need something like charlottesville to bring attention to that. >> what about, solomon, i was listening to our air, and there was the vice mayor of charlottesville who was on, african-american man, who was referring to president trump as 45. and he just -- he was explaining, he just cannot call him -- i'm paraphrasing -- but he can not call him his president and i've talked to -- listen, there are people in this country who say, this is not my president. but is that helpful, solomon? >> i don't know that that is helpful, but i think that that's the reality. i think that there are people in
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the black community and i speak to them every day on my radio show, who feel like we have been cheated out of the presidency, who feel like this russian investigation certainly has some legs to it, who feel like, you know, our votes have been suppressed. you had the justice department coming out in favor of ohio purging their voting rolls last year. that affected the election so there are a number of reasons why people don't want to call them their president. racism, i think, is one of those things or the perception of racism with this president, but i think the other one is, his policies and the feeling that the black community and other communities of color have been cheated out of a fair election. >> let's continue this dialogue. matthew whittaker and solomon jones, thank you both so much. now this. ♪ we're wearing nothing, nothing but our shadows falling down on
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the beach ♪ >> you know that tune. members of the dave matthews band say they are heartbroken and disgusted by the hate, the racism, and the violence unleashed in their town where they came to be, charlottesville, virginia. boyd tinsley lives in charlottesville. he joins me now live. boyd, thank you so much for being with me. as someone who started my career in charlottesville, i have love for that special place where you are standing. i am so sorry for what's happened there. boyd, this is personal for you. how are you feeling about all of this? >> i mean, i'm upset, like, since it happened. i was coming back to charlottesville, and i was at the airport, and just watching it going on on tv. i was in absolute shock, you know? i wanted to say something to my twitter followers but i said i just had to digest this thing before i can even write anything about it, but i can't believe it. i've never seen anything like this before, and this is like
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the most -- i mean, unlikely places to have something like this, because charlottesville's such a diverse community. people here just love each other. i mean, everywhere grow, people are waving at you, saying hello. there's so much going on in this city that to see all this ugliness and hatred, like right here in the middle of my town was like, you know, that really -- that really got me. and that just -- it got me angry, and it's gotten everybody in this community angry. and i think around the nation and probably even around the world. >> yeah. i was talking to the former police chief, and he was telling me yesterday there had been chatter online for multiple months ahead of this weekend that these white supremacists were getting organized, word had spread through charlottesville. boyd, did people have any idea how so many of these evil people would be coming to
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charlottesville? >> i honestly had no idea that there were that many of them, and so i don't think anybody had that idea that there would be so many of them. i mean, they sort of had four or three demonstrations in the past. they came to this park in the dead of night one time holding torches, and this sort of, i don't know what they call it, protest, and then they came back again for a klan rally, which, you know, wasn't as huge as this. you know, but still a traumatic thing on this city. and then they went to the university of virginia last friday night, you know, my alma mater and they're walking around there spreading hate, and then they come here to this park on saturday, and i don't think anybody expected, you know, that amount of hatred. and what you saw was a town that just, like -- this is a close knit community here, and people, you know, look out for each
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other, and to see something like this, people are compelled to come down and say, no, you cannot be here. this is our city. we don't believe in this. and all the people that came down to this, they were not from here. none of those people were from here. and you know, so this is not charlottesville. this is not what we're about. this is a bunch of outsiders coming here to try to create some publicity for themselves pretty much. >> boyd, do you have kids? >> i have two kids, and -- >> how do you explain to them? >> both of my kids -- well, my kids are, you know, they're very mature. and they have a way of sort of processing this on their own. my daughter wrote something very eloquent when the klan came here. they process it on their own. they're also mixed, you know, my wife is white. so they see things in a completely different way. but in this community, it's just like color is just not a big
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thing here. there's never really been a big racial problem at all or any really racial problem at all in charlottesville. so, just the thought of this is pretty mind boggling. and brooke, there's one thing i wanted to say, and that is that i know that all around the country, and perhaps around the world, there are cities that are holding vigils in solidarity of charlottesville, and i just want to say, on behalf of charlottesville, as a citizen, to those people, thank you very much. we really appreciate your support. >> what do you make of just, boyd, how the president handled, mishandled, responding to this. >> brooke, i don't have any comment on what the president does. you know, everybody does, and it's not that i don't have an opinion, but i just don't have a comment, and you know, it's
12:14 pm
like -- i have no comment. >> okay. that's okay. boyd tinsley, i appreciate your voice, being there in charlottesville, speaking up for the city here. just, i guess, lastly, you know, you keep saying over and over, you never thought it would happen here. you never thought it would happen here, but it has. and so now what? >> well, i'll tell you one thing, it's brought this community even more tighter together. you know, i'm like walking down the sidewalk and i'm just shaking hands with strangers and fist bumping and just -- we're all coming together over this, and if anything else, that's the positive that we take away from this, is that this community is tighter. >> boyd tinsley, i appreciate you, the great dave matthew band. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you. coming up next, my next guess says white america has been lying to itself for decades
12:15 pm
on matters of race. pulitzer prize winning columnist leonard pitts jr. joins me. also new developments in the showdown with north korea and the threats to launch a missile strike with guam. is kim jong un backing down after that standoff with president trump, the back and forth volley -- verbal volleys. and soon, we are expecting to hear from president trump from the lobby of trump tower. we'll take it live in just a moment. e valuable! it's our back to school one cent event at office depot office max. notebooks! one cent! rulers, glue and 12-pack pencils! all one cent each! hurry to office depot office max! ♪taking care of business
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these make cleaning between myi love gum brand for healthy gums. soft picks, proxabrush cleaners, flossers. gum brand. welcome back. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. my next guest says white america is and has been lying to itself for decades when it comes to matters of race.
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he says because of this intellectual dishonesty, it was just a matter of time before something like charlottesville exploded before our very eyes. i'd like to bring in leonard pitts jr., pulitzer prize winning columnist at the "miami herald." in the wake of what happened in charlottesville, there were a bunch of different, you know, hashtags that were out there. there was a hashtag, #thisisnotus, meaning this is not who we americans are, but you say we're lying to ourselves. why? >> i think we have embraced a lot of -- my white fellow countrymen, frankly, have embraced a false narrative that everything that needs to be done with regard to race was done or was ended about the time that martin luther king left us, that we have overcome, that we have reached the promised land. the fact of the matter is, that by any measure you want to use, whether you use anecdotes or statistics or any other measure,
12:21 pm
that is not the case, but they seem to have a vested interest in believing that, and when you challenge them on that, then what you get is this sort of intellectual dishonesty, these answers which really don't hold together, these assertions which really don't hold together or really make any sense except to the degree that people need to believe them in order to feel good about themselves. >> i'm curious about what kind of feedback you've been getting on your piece, specifically from white americans. >> i've been getting -- to tell you the god's honest truth, ahead to go right from that piece into traveling and then writing another piece. >> i appreciate the honesty. >> i'm going to look at them, though. >> okay. i'm sure you will. one graph that stood out to me, you wrote, "but the racial riot and centterrorism that just vis charlottesville and the emboldened white supremacists movement now that one of their own has taken the white house says you no longer have the luxury of avoidance, at least not if the future of this
12:22 pm
country matters to you." how do you mean avoidance and what can we do about that? >> an example of avoidance would be when you hear people say, all lives matter in the response to black lives matter. obviously all lives matter but that's avoiding the issues. people say black lives matter specifically because we've lived in a country, where, particularly with regard to law enforcement, black lives have been treated as if they did not matter for years, and yet, when you come up with a slogan that says this, people pretend to this confusion that i, frankly, don't believe really exists. you have another example of this when people say that, oh, it's, you know, racism is on both sides, which is really kind of a silly thing to say if you have any understanding of how race works in this country. certainly there is no shortage of bigotry, you know, there's no group in this country that can claim to be free of bigotry, but when we talk about racism, we're talking about systemized
12:23 pm
oppression and in order to benefit from systemized oppression, you have to have the power. so, in other words, people think that they're -- white people tend to think they are being victims of racism when a black person calls them out of their names. that's not what i'm talking about. if all racism meant was that a white person was going to call me a name from time to time, i would chalk it up as a victory. what racism means is the courts, the media, you know, the education system, the banking, all of these things aligned against me and mine. that's what it means. >> what about -- you point out in your piece, though, that the whites that march through the streets of charleston in the wake of that church shooting, the whites who have been killed in standing up for injustices of african-americans in this country, the fact that in charlottesville, you know, the victim was heather heyer, a white woman there fighting for justice. >> they are what gives me hope. they are what makes me feel good. they are what allows me to, you know, to sort of get up in the morning and go slogging through this. my intention in writing that
12:24 pm
column was, frankly to say, where are the rest of you. because there need to be more. there needs to be a -- a willingness to let go of these excuses and a determination to sort of engage. that's what heather heyer was doing. that's what those kids were doing. that's what james did 50 years ago, more than 50 years ago, during the freedom riots and on and on. there's always been white heroes of african-american history, people of conscience whose conscience would not allow them to stand aside. i'm challenging my white fellow countrymen of 2017 to join them. >> at least you have some hope. we are listening. we must act. there must be more hope. leonard pitts, thank you so much. >> thank you. just in to cnn, obamacare insurance premiums could soar 20% higher than they are now if president trump stops funding a key set of subsidies. that's according to a new report from the congressional budget
12:25 pm
office. president trump has been threatening to stop paying some of the cost-sharing subsidies to insurers. eliminating the subsidies would increase the deficit. coming up next, kim jong un backs off his threat to attack the american territory of guam, at least for now. so, did president trump's tripling down win round one of this bluster war with north korea? let's talk about it. ♪
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north korean leader kim jong un maybe has just blinked in the latest standoff with the united states. it appears the dictator is backing off threats to fire missiles at the american territory of guam. after reviewing a plan to strike the u.s. territory, the leader of the rogue nation sesz he will wait to see what the, quote, foolish and stupid yankees do next. this is just the latest in a week of ramped up rhetoric. defense secretary james mattis has already warned pyongyang that it will be game on if missiles are fired on u.s. territory. so let's go to our cnn chief national security correspondent, jim scuitto. does this signify that north korea would be willing to come to the table. >> i think it's too early to talk about coming to the table but the question last week was, could the two sides, or the multiple sides in this ratchet down the rhetoric before there's something beyond just a rhetorical escalation and it appears that that's possible through a combination, you have
12:31 pm
this statement from the north, colorful as always, at least saying that this threatened attack on guam is not going to happen. that followed people like mattis, tillerson traveling the region saying that diplomacy comes first. a deliberate attempt by u.s. officials to temper, somewhat, the president's rhetoric from last week. now, you can argue that perhaps donald trump's threat via twitter and elsewhere forced north korea to back down, that north korea blinked. there are also those who argue that north korea didn't make that threat until you heard fire and fury from donald trump. but regardless, what's important here is that there was real nervousness last week, not just here in the u.s., but certainly in the region, and it appears that the rhetoric, the dial, the temperature being turned down somewhat, and i mean, you have to read that as good news in light of how incendiary a situation this is. >> what about iran? iran also making threats
12:32 pm
about -- vowing to drop out of the nuclear deal if the u.s. imposes new sanctions. how serious are they? >> reporter: listen, i think it's serious for this reason, because donald trump, last week in his comments, it was kind of lost in the north korea rhetoric, but donald trump said that he believes iran is not complying with the nuclear deal. and that's a big deal, because the intelligence community is telling him in their regular reports it is complying, but he's saying he doesn't believe they're complying with the spirit of it, which sets up for the possibility, at least, that president trump pulls out of the deal unilaterally. now, you would expect a response from iran, so that's showing some toughness, say what they would do under those circumstances but the truth is, iran really needs this deal. iran's economy, its sort of economic lifeline, is, you know, dependent on this deal for trade, exports, etc. the real wild card here is that the u.s. can do what it wants to do, but remember this is a deal that has china, russia, european powers in there. if the u.s. pulls out and they
12:33 pm
don't, what happens here? that's a real break between the u.s. and its allies. and that sets up for some real question marks. no one really knows what happens at that point. >> yeah. jim, thank you. >> thank you. coming up next, protesters tear down confederate statues in three cities in the wake of charlottesville. nationwide, the incident has really hit a raw nerve when it comes to race and religion. we'll continue this conversation next.
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it has been three days now since the deadly racist rally in charlottesville, virginia. the conversations about how we
12:38 pm
move forward have been heated and they have been raw all across this great nation, including one moment that happened live on this show just yesterday. >> we have a president of the united states right now who spent -- who started his political career by attacking the first african-american president with the racist birtherist attack which he continued for five years. he started his political campaign by attacking mexicans, and he started his ascendancy by attacking muslims. he has a history of racism and he's failed to repudiate this. this is unlike president obama. i'm offended that you continue to go there, paris. but the reality is that president trump has not done enough and i'm ashamed that you as an african-american will not say that. >> keith, i don't need you to try to pull my black card. i'm well aware of my blackness. i understand what racism is. >> are you? >> keith, don't go there. do not go there. i know what it means to be a black man in this country.
12:39 pm
and i experience racism on db on a regular basis by being a trump supporter and by being a proud american who happens to be a republican. i get racist -- >> so that's -- >> i get racist -- >> that's the racism you experience? >> about my family, about my mother, about my girlfriend, about my character. >> we have people who were getting murdered for being black in this country. >> i'm from -- my family's from georgia. keith, let me finish. my family's from georgia. we have members of our family that went missing because of the kkk taking them up so don't come to me and tell me about what it means to be a black person in this country. >> this is where we are now in this country? >> i think that the reality is that this is where we've been at as a nation for a very long time. >> true. >> so, i don't think this is necessarily something that is new. i think that for a lot of americans, they're just finally realizing the fissures that have existed in this nation for a very long time. i listen to what just occurred right now, it's heartbreaking
12:40 pm
because again, i look at both of you. you are my brothers, and regardless of what's happening right now in this country, that we have to find a way to fix these issues as brothers. >> i want to just share that moment because i feel like it shows the difficult yet authentic emotions of where we are as a nation. let's talk about it and so much more. i have cnn core sara sidner, who was part of that conversation yesterday. cnn money national reporter for race and equality, and don lemon, anchor of "cnn tonight." so, welcome to the fifth floor set, everyone. and you and i texted a little bit about that yesterday. i got a lot of e-mail and a lot of feedback, and it points -- it was hard for me to listen. i couldn't fully understand, but you watched it. what did you make of that? >> to be honest, i thought paris, thou doth protest too much. i don't think that his blackness was being challenged.
12:41 pm
i think his humanity was being challenged. i think he was asking him, as a person of color, as a president who has not stood up for the values of african-americans, how could he just reflexively support this president, and i think that, you know, maybe paris has some issues going on with people questioning his blackness because he is a republican and a trump supporter, that's a whole other thing, but i don't think that's what was happening and being challenged in that moment. and i think if you do support this president and considering what he did and how he handled the reaction, how he reacted to what happened in charlottesville, i think you should be questioned, and i think you should be questioned deeply about it. because it took him a long time to respond in a proper way, and it's taken him a long time to denounce racism, to denounce david duke, to denounce anything that has to do with neo-nazis and racist bigots.
12:42 pm
something that would take you and i, anybody on this panel, a half a second to do. and so i think that, you know, i actually saw an interesting conversation last night with anderson, with the -- a similar panel, and folks being challenged about the president saying, i don't know who david duke is, i don't know anything about that. well, it's not true because he was considering a run, donald trump, in 2000 for the reform party and was asked by matt lauer what he thought was wrong with the reform party and he listed david duke as one of the ills of the reform party because david duke was a bigot and no one wanted that associated with his party. so 15, 16 years later, he doesn't know who david duke is? that's a flatout lie. >> i feel like my job is to listen when that was happening yesterday and that was sort of the ugliest part of it all. we had a really, i thought, a substantive conversation. you chimed in and were excellent. it felt almost like a window into conversations being had in this country, emotional
12:43 pm
conversations. >> i think that what you're seeing play out there is that not all black people think alike, and i think there's a lot of people that think that we do, and they think we all have the same politics and that we all have the same ideas and what you saw play out there is a lot of hurt and a lot of difficulty talking about things when two people disagree. this president is polarizing, period. that is what has happened. the country is far more polarized as we look at what's happening in the country today, and it's getting more and more polarized and i want to mention something that i mentioned yesterday. you have a reaction -- we have proof that neo-nazis, one of the most prolific neo-nazis that's out there that has a website, where hundreds of thousands of people go on his website and raze f read for hours every day, some of the vile hatred he spews, directly responded to the fact that president trump took two days to actually say something, specifically targeting neo-nazis, white supremacists, bigots, racists, you name it. so without calling out the kkk,
12:44 pm
without calling out the neo-nazis, what he said to them, andrew england said, he loves us. and i -- those are quotes. he loves us. he is with us. there's a quote there. and then after that, look at this. because this is really important. this man says, hail victory. he's harkening back to naziism, and to everyone know this, we are now at war and we are not going to back down. there will be more events. soon. he heard donald trump's non-words. what he didn't say, and took it as, we're in. we're good. >> but also it's a wink and a nod because after two or three days, well, they made him say it. >> absolutely. >> so he's really with us, but in order to keep his position, and to keep some folks happy, he had to say it. so we understand he had to do that but if he had done it immediately, then that person would not have options. >> this is a president that's so reacting to everything. i mean, he's -- every morning we wake up and there's a tweet about this and that. even this morning. so to say, oh, you know, he
12:45 pm
needed really precise language or he needed a teleprompter in order to be articulate about something like this is insane. it's a no-brainer. >> you don't need a teleprompter to speak what's on your heart. >> and he always says what's on his mind so to not do that in this case -- >> by the way, the same president who would criticize the last president for using a teleprompter all the time is now dependent on a teleprompter. >> speaking of the last president, president obama, when he was still candidate obama, had to give a speech on race, because of his affiliation with jared meyer-wright, so this was before he became president, had to address issues, so the burden of race and explaining race is often put on communities of color to be able to explain and that's exhausting. >> yes. obama had to explain it, why shouldn't this president? >> have to explain it and address it. >> what about all these cities, now you have these confederate monuments now being toppled down. the cities, durhan, north
12:46 pm
carolina, gainesville, florida. are mayors feeling pressure to take them down. >> i think there's pressure coming but i think we also have to look at the narratives around these monuments. people are saying, we want to preserve our history. there's a place to preserve history but there's a reckoning with that history that has to be done and i think we're lagging behind doing that in this country. that's why we're at this point. we can't just look at a statue of robert e. lee and not talk about what that stands for and what that means and also recognizing the other issues that we've had that don't symbolize hate, you know, that have to be -- >> as a southerner, you know, i have -- and you know this as well. i'm very familiar with this subject, and i think that southerners, especially white southerners, are taught a lie about the confederate flag and about what it means, what our southern pride means. there's one flag, and that's the american flag. so if you want to hang a flag or display a flag, then you hang and display the american flag. the other flag is no different than wearing a swastika and displaying a swastika and as far as those monuments coming down, i don't think those monuments
12:47 pm
should be in public places. if you go to germany, it's a culture of remembrance, not a history of celebrating hitler. >> it's not legal to have a hitler chi hitler statue. >> can you imagine a child having to go to hitler high school? there was a robert e. lee high school where i grew up, rebels. that is deeply offensive to african-americans. so rather than celebrating that, i think that maybe you should put that in a museum. it should not be in a public space. but i think that those monuments should come down and we should have a culture of remembrance. we should are remember the people who died as a result of the civil war. we should remember the people who were lynched. remember the history of this country, the people who came over as slaves in this country. there were no, as i said last night in my opening monologue on the show, my people came over here under duress. there was no, i'm going to look for the american dream. there were no ninas and pintas for my people and the people who wanted to keep us in chains, meaning african-americans, were those southern people and it was robert e. lee who led the charge so i would rather not have a
12:48 pm
robert e. lee statue or monument or flag hanging anywhere this country except for a museum. >> what about the vice mayor of charlottesville, he was on new day and kept referring to president trump as 45. here he was. >> well, we are indeed looking for is his leadership but i would love to move away from the remarks and comments from 45 and focus more on what's going on here on the ground in charlottesville. >> wes, quick question. why do you referring to president as 45? yes, he is the 45th president, but is that intentional? is that just a quick term? >> well, that's just what i call him. i believe that when he begins to act as if he deserves to be in that office and leads in terms of unifying people, then he will deserve the name of president trump. >> this will infuriate him. this is the thing that i think gets in his craw more than anything, because he did win, he is the president, he did not win
12:49 pm
the popular vote, but he did win. he is the president of the united states. and i'm sure that tweaked his nerves. like it is exactly what he's been fighting against this whole sometime but i do want to go back to something that don said about the confederate flag. there are two different thoughts to it and you talked about feeling oppressed by it but people are afraid when they see it because people used to see that flag, knowing that their family members suddenly disappeared under that flag. and so there is a fear here that you are seeing play out for black folks. there's a fear, and for those who are saying, well, we're just standing up for the south, the south lost. very few places have statues up of people who lost the war in the country. this is where the schism is. >> not only for black folks. >> there are white folks, too. >> especially my jewish brothers and sisters, which i don't think that the media has done a good enough job in putting their perspective on the air, because they are fearful of that flag as well, and i think the language that was happening in charlottesville as well for the
12:50 pm
anti-semitism was just as much, even if not more for african-americans. >> and people are making the point that the president's own son-in-law. >> and the daughter is jewish. can i say something about 45? it was funny because i mean, that's old to me. as a -- >> you're hearing people -- >> i hear it all the time. if you watch "the view," whoopi says it, joy says, the guy in the white house. i like to respect the office but we have to remember that the person in the office needs to respect the office in order to garner respect from other people. he is the leader. so if he doesn't respect the office, then why should other people do it? i, as an american, as a journalist, i respect that he's president of the united states. i call him the president. but . . . . if he want people to start calling him the president, rather than 45, he needs to start acting like the president of all people rather than his supporters when he goes to the rallies and has those people supporting him and yelling back at him. >> i think it is somewhat
12:51 pm
insulting to the american public to assume we can't see tho that those remarks felt forced. they definitely didn't feel genuine. he said it. so what? >> in charlottesville, it is a tragedy to lose any life. heather heyer, that was one person. what happens when it happens again. we're going to leave it, laid, don, thank you so much. we appreciate the conversation and the honesty. >> brook, can i say something? >> brook and i spent the weekend together with friends that are of all different backgrounds and religions. all of this was going on and we had conversations in my kitchen, in my house saying what is happen tog this country. here we are at my house, your
12:52 pm
fiancee, my boyfriend, having a conversation until the wee hours of the morning. >> what's happening is the neo-nazis and the white supreme are recruiting people. they don't care if there is violence. it gives them fuel. >> thank you all so much. we do need to listen to the president who will be speaking from the lob by in a moment.
12:53 pm
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any moment now, the president will be stepping behind those microphones to speak specifically on
12:57 pm
infrastructure. man kn m manu raju is live to speak about this. >> the president just met with some senior members of his infrastructure. in will need congressional approval. this has been difficult for the president to achieve. what will be specially difficult is the process they are going to use to enact something will require democratic support. he will need at least eight democrats to support him. most of his party had not seen any details of the infrastructure plan. they only have a basic outline. this is an issue a lot of members wanted to focus on. the concern is that all the oxygen may be out of the room after that bruising health care fight. will they be able to turn the page on infrastructure.
12:58 pm
uncertain. who was in the room today. elaine chao, who was in the room. who is her husband? mitch mcconnell. will he be able to push through trump's infrastructure plan. >> i feel like i'm hearing more of an echo from your voice. it is quiet and empty i know where you stan. congress is on recess. you are still working, thank goodness. everyone comes back in september. walk us through what september will look like. we left off with the failure on health care. what does september look like where you are? >> it is going to be brutal because of all these key deadlines are coming. september 30th is the deadline for congress to pass an appropriations bill to keep the government open. they have to do that. they also have to raise the debt ceiling. it looks like the president
12:59 pm
right now. >> here he goes, manu. let's listen. great to be back in new york with all of our friends and some great friend outside the building, i must tell you. i want to thank all of our distinguished guests with us today including treasury secretary, steven manchin, mick mulvaney and elaine chao, our transportation secretary. thank you all for doing a really incredible and creative job on what we are going to be discussing today, which is infrastructure. we've just had a great set of briefings upstairs on our infrastructure agenda. my administration is working every day to deliver the world class infrastructure our people deserve and frankly our country
1:00 pm
deserves. i just signed a new executive order to dramatically reform the nation's badly broken infrastructure permitting process. just blocks away is the empire state building. it took 11 months to build the empire state building. but today it can take as long as a decade and much more than that. many, many stories where it takes 20, 25 years just to get approvals to start construction of a fairly routine highway. highway builders must get up to 16 different approvals involving nine different federal agencies governed by 29 different statues. one agency alone can stall a project for many, many years and even decades. not only does this cost our economy billions of dollars but it also denies our citizens the safe and modern


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