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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  May 21, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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rod rosenstein and christopher ray in about an hour from now. as president trump demands the department of justice investigate whether the fbi spied on his presidential campaign. >> thank you so much. here's the breaking news this afternoon. on the president's power play that is threatening to push the nation into a constitutional showdown. moments ago, we learned from a source that the deputy attorney general will meet with the president on this very issue in about an hour, and they are specifically going to address this confidential informant, confidential source that made content with trump campaign members.
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prior to the election in 2016. this meeting was scheduled before the president's explosive tweet storm sunday. quoting him, i here by demand and will do so officially tomorrow that the department of justice look into whether or not the fbi/doj, department of justice, infiltrated or sur veiled the trump campaign for political purposes and if any such demands or requests were made by people within the obama administration. the president is reacting to claims that there could have been a spy by the obama administration to damage the trump campaign. however, un founded the reason here, they've asked the inspector general to review the president's surveillance accusation, and the deputy attorney general who is overseeing the russia investigation said this, quoting rosen stein here, if anyone did
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infill straight or sur veil participants in a presidential campaign for inappropriate purposes, we need to know about it, and take appropriate action. in the meantime, former director of national intelligence is more than troubled by the president's move. >> i think that's actually very disturbing assault on the independence, the department of justice, politicize what is a legitimate activity on the part -- and an important one on the part of the fbi. they use informants and have strict rules and protocols under this, the big thing here is, this is not about spying on his campaign. it's about what the russians are doing. were they attempting to infill straight the campaign. that was the concern. >> let's talk about all of this. ellie, so nice to see you. thanks for swinging by. when you go back to the intent
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of the fbi in the confidential source. the irony of this whole thing is that they were there to protect trump. >> it does appear that the initial intent of using this confidential informant was to protect the trump kpacampaign a well as interference. now you see the trump people complaining they were spied upon. >> what trump is demanding here, let's all be clear. what he's demanding is perfectly legal, right? if you think about it, you have the president here asking for an investigation into the investigators themselves. >> and that happens. and the department of justice has referred it to its inspector general. which is like internal affairs within the department of justice. certainly the president can request or demand whatever he wants. the question is, how is doj going to react. doj is within the executive branc branch. i think if you talk to the men
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and women, they do not serve this president or any president, they certainty american people. >> and the constitution. >> we're talking about rod rosen stein, the deputy attorney general, he was speaking today on ethics and compliance within the justice department. >> we stress the need to act ethically and do justice. we expect our prosecutors and other personnel to be thinking about their ethical obligations with every decision we make. we have integrated that into the daily operations of our business. >> is the president succeeding and breaking down america's judicial law enforcement in this country. >> he's certainly trying. >> i is trying. >> and this is one of the norms we see, there's no law per say, saying, the department of justice must be independent. but it's a long established norm that -- >> they're acting separately. >> i think they were brought up
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that way. that's how i was brought up as a federal prosecutor in manhattan. we're seeing a huge cultural shift in what the doj should do. >> gloria borger is here. five off, as we said, nothing illegal about what the president is asking or demanding from his justice department, he cannot do this for political purposes. although when you look at this tweet, the mention -- the allegation that it was the obama administration who inserted a spy, right? which he calls a spy. why is he doing this? >> because i think, you know, donald trump has always believed that this entire russia investigation is a product of the deep state. and by the deep state, he means people who are out to get him from previous years, whether
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they're in the government, formerly the obama administration or other democrats, and i think what's going to be interesting for us to look at today, brooke, is when the president meets with rosen stein and ray, whether he accepts what rosenstein has done. which is essentially try to thread the needle here, and say to the president, you know what, i'm going to have the inspector general look into your complaint. and that's the way he's decided to handle it. the inspector general, i was speaking on the phone with an attorney representing somebody within this sort of circle of this whole russia investigation, who said, well, that doesn't make us happy because an inspector general doesn't have subpoena power. >> for conservatives, rosen
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stein's way of handling this may not be enough, and we haven't heard from the president on that yet. >> what's the biggest -- since this really significant meeting is happening in the next hour. what is your biggest question to be answered by the meeting. >> whether -- number one, whether the president says, okay. if this is the way you want to handle this, guys, i'm fine with it, as long as we get to the bottom of it. >> or not. >> and if he says no, this is not the way i want to handle it, i'm going to demand something more intense. an vision where you can subpoena people. how do rosen stein and ray react. >> yes. >> what do they do in response to the president. and we don't know the answer to in a either. >> i have to get you on the don junior news. we're learning of another meeting with the foreign
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countries up to the election. it's now april of 2018, why are we just now learning about this? >> well, because i think the whole 120erry is unspooling here. and we're learning about it, as we reported through attorneys or others who perhaps have testified before mueller, et cetera, et cetera. and that's how we're finding out about this stuff. and it happened a couple years ago, i guarantee you, there's a lot more stuff that bob mueller knows about that we don't know about. that we have only scratched the tip of this story. even though the trump folks say it's going to be over by september 1. >> that's what they say. that's what they say. we shall see. >> thank you so much on that. and yes to the whole mueller knowing a lot more than we know
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thing. coming up next, inside the mind of roger stone, the republican operative says he's prepared to be indicted. by robert mueller, but he says the charges might have nothing to do with the 2016 election. also ahead the white house briefing not happening today. the reason, well, we don't have one. is this one way to avoidancing tough questions from that white house press corps. a rare and chilling attack. two men are out riding their bikes. the attack leaving one man dead, what we're learning about why this cougar attack is so entirely unusual. semi-annual sale with savings on the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses and automatically adjusts on both sides, for effortless comfort. right now during our semi-annual sale, save up to $700 on sleep number 360 smart beds. ends soon.
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we're back on a monday, you're watching cnn. this is the time of day we would be anticipating a white house briefing. as the controversies are on the rise, those briefings have seemingly gone away. or are less freak went. there is no briefing today, and the white house has given this much of a reason. zero. and when we did last hear from sarah sanders, she reporters questions for a total of 11 minutes. let's go to the executive editor for sentinel newspapers. >> i hope you had a happy wedding and honeymoon. >> honeymoon was good, but i'm back. i see not much has changed. so on what's happening at the white house, i know you wrote a letter today to sarah sanders about the lack of transparency,
11:15 am
what was the crux of your message. >> there is no transparency, and the problem is, is that what the president has done is -- i call it a bunker mentality, he's reverted to twitter litter, just tweeting out what he wants. and not having these briefings, which is one of the few times we get to interact with the administration. he hasn't been in this press briefing room ever. if he wants to walk in right now, while we're up live, i encourage him to do so, i'd love to ask him questions. probably won't do it. >> keep waiting. >> the crux of the letter was, what they've done is in an attempt to control the message. they've used the press pool, the spray pool, in methods that no president has used them before. those are meant to be used when you can't get reporters into a room. they bring people in, they shoot video, a couple shots will shout a question and out you go. he's conducting mini-briefings with a small number of reporters
11:16 am
and controlling when they come and go out of the room, so if it gets too intense, he can go all right, enough, and you can hear the shrill cries of the wranglers in the back going, get out. >> that's when you cherry pick which questions you get to answer. to the point about no briefing today, what's the explanation? >> you got the explanation. i haven't gotten one yet. i don't think we'll get one. the briefings have come more infrequently, shorter in duration. i'm going to take one question and move on, we have a lot to do today. the briefings are late starting, early ending and because of all the controversy raging -- there was one statement put out by the press secretary today that is so unpresidential in its scope, so horrific, the whole ms-13 that came out, that begs questions, the mueller investigation begs
11:17 am
questions. there's a host of issues that this administration doesn't want to deal with directly, so the best way to deal with it is to dodge, dip, duck, whatever they can do in this briefing room. the most exciting thing happening here today is someone adjusting the flag a few minutes ago. >> hang in there, and when she's there -- >> we'll keep trying. >> keep asking those tough questions, that's our job. thank you so much. and keep writing those letters to her. >> as the white house continues to call robert mueller's investigation a witch hunt. roger stone says he's prepared to be indicted should that happen. a sign the investigation could be zeroing in on stone. here's what stone said over the weekend on meet the press. >> i can guarantee you they have found no evidence whatsoever, of russian collusion, nor trafficking of allegedly hacked e-mails with wikileaks.
11:18 am
it's not inconceivable now that mr. mueller and his team may seek to conjure up some extraneous crime pertaining to my business or maybe not even pertaining to the 2016 election. i would chalk this up to an effort to silence me. so i am prepared should that be the case. >> dillon bank is here, he's the director of netflix's get me roger stone. welcome back, nice to see you. >> great to be here. >> you heard -- it's fascinating how he's evolved over the past year, right? roger spoken, when you hear the clip on "meet the press" and he's saying, no, it didn't relate to the election, outside business, what do you think he's referring to. >> roger has a myriad of businesses ranging from his ties to presidents and presidential all the way down to sheriff races in florida. >> but to be indictmented.
11:19 am
what do you think he's referring to? >> only roger knows what he's done. roger loves to operate in the gray area of legality, where on paper, according to roger it's little. perhaps the fbi might disagree. >> i want to play a clip, this is your dog digging into the foreign lobbying efforts in the past. >> lobbying had been considered a sleazy business, roger stone came out and said, i'm going to make a pile of money off of this, and no apologies. >> manafort and stone was the biggest [ bleep ] most powerful lobbying operation in washington. we did things no one else had done. >> they saw a business opportunity in being the torturer's lobby. in rechting the most distasteful dictators. they did not care about being
11:20 am
acceptable in the salons of georgetown. they cared about making money. >> one man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist. >> there's been all this speculate that it was roger stone that contacted russia or wikileaks. would that surprise you? >> it wouldn't surprise me if he wanted to. it would surprise me if at this point he actually had the power to. roger in many ways may have lucked out by having been kicked out, slash left the trump campaign. it was only through paul manafort later, when he got his kks connection. >> tell us how intertwined black, manafort, stone and
11:21 am
donald trump were? >> if you're fans and know his name, they are bristling right now. he's one of the most infamous people. >> and when black, manafort and stone in that era, they began to realize there was great money to be made in foreign lobby and going out when the berlin wall fell. and to create the new democracy there. roger got scared off by people whose candidacy through him and other people he was working with, when they won, they got their car blown up, and roger decided to come back here where politics was hardball, not quite as hardball. paul manafort didn't have that reaction and he stayed. >> paul manafort to be continued on him as well. right? >> dillon, thank you so much. the film is get me roger stone, if you haven't seen it on netflix. no more moments of silence. celebrities call to action after the latest school shooting in america. the latest on the people who
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she was asked to come out and hold a moment of silence for those in the community and victims, but she didn't. and she tearfully explained why. >> and once again, y'all, we're grieving for more kids that have died for no reason at all. and tonight they wanted me to say that obviously we want to bray for all the victims, pray for all the families. they wanted me to do a moment of silence. and i'm so sick of moment of silence, it's not working, like obviously, so -- sorry. why don't we not do a moment of silence, why don't we do a moment of action, a moment of change. why don't we change what's happening, because it's horri e horrible? and mama's and daddies should be able to send their children to school without that kind of fear. we need to do better as people are failing our children, we're failing our communities. we're faming their families.
11:28 am
i can't imagine getting that phone call or that knock on the door. instead of a moment of silence, i want to respect them and honor them, where you live, let's have a moment of action. let's have a moment of change. >> kelly clarkson last night. in texas, they held a statewide moment of silence earlier today to remember the students and teachers killed in friday's school shooting. ramirez was an active member of the church youth ministry, and her youth minister is with me now live. >> thank you so much. my heart goes out to you and this community. until me about angelique. tell me about her uniqueness and pink hair of hers.
11:29 am
>> i've known angelique and her family for a long time. i've had the opportunity to see her grow into a young woman. she had a unique style of her own, her parents raised her to be a strong independent young lady. and it showed in how she loved people, how she cared for people. she never met a stranger, she had a smile always from ear to ear. >> that's wonderful to hear, and thinking about her parents. it's my understanding you were with her right around the time when they got the news, is that correct zm. >> and how are they holding up? >> they're doing as well as expected. a lot of family and friends are
11:30 am
around them right now and supporting them, and it's what we're all doing is just supporting everyone, because we're all affected and that's what this town is doing, we're supporting one another, the families, the mom, the dad, the grandparents, the aunts and uncles and we're coming together and going to support one another. >> you graduateded from this high school 18 years ago when you think about these young people, this is the generation, all they know is these code red drills. this is the lockdown generation, you have two kids who will go to this school. >> yes. what do you want for them when they walk-through those front doors. >> what i went for them is to feel safe. with my daughter that's going to be here. i want her to walk these halls,
11:31 am
knowing that she's going to be okay. when we were in school, we had a blast. it was a great time. now you have kids in fear of going to class. and they shouldn't be in fear. and that's one thing i'll be talking with my daughter. and my wife will be talking about her as well. knowing what to do. praying that they never have to act in a way where they have to run in fear and protect themselves in that manner. >> it is school, they should be safe, this is a new reality here. thank you so much. i appreciate you and your voice here at this time. thank you. just in, the president of iran firing back at the u.s. after secretary of state mike pompeo vowed to crush iran and economic sanctions and military pressure. also pictures out of hawaii, where a fountain of lava is flowing and creating new
11:32 am
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the u.s. will crush iran with the strongest sanctions in history. that was mike pompeo pulling no punches, two weeks after the u.s. pulled out of the iran nuclear deal. >> from the unacceptable and un productive path that it's chosen to one that rejoins the league of nations. these will end up being the strongest sanctions in history when we are completed. >> plan b includes a long list of demands for iran to meet. you see here from abandoning its nuclear program to withdrawing from syria, all before the u.s. will even consider new negotiations. with me now jason rosian.
11:37 am
he spent 544 days in an iranian prison. pleasure to have you on. that's what pompeo said, but now we also have response from iran. rouhani has responded to secretary pompeo, who are you to make decisions about iran. the u.s. is it imprisoned by delusions and failed policies. what do you make of that? >> i was there this morning when the secretary made the speech, and i was sitting there counting the points, i thought to myself, each one of these sounds like a nonstarter to tehran. i think there's a wide divide between tehran and washington, eni think it just got wider today. >> where does it go from here? >> that's hard to say, secretary pompeo alluded to the fact that they would be open to talking to iran. i don't see on the heels of the u.s. leaving the jcpoa, the
11:38 am
nuclear deal, how and why iran would feel like there's anything in it for them right now, especially when the spektr of the most crushing sanctions in history are above them. >> the u.s. is assessing whether to double down on current actions against iran. is this just a significant ratcheting up of aggression here, this back and forth? >> it's a long laundry list, you listen to what the secretary said, he talked about yemen, ir iraq, syria. i think the opportunities for iran to reap any benefits from what they're talking about seem unlikely. i don't see where this heads
11:39 am
other than more sanctions on the iranian economy, which will perhaps have an impact on the regime. >> is there any is a dmar yo that this whole -- the trump power play pulling the u.s. out of the iran deal in the long term inspire iran to go back to the table with the u.s. >> i think anything's possible. i think the likelihood of in a h happening any time in the foreseeable future is highly unlikely. >> okay. jason, thank you so much. good to talk to you on all things iran here. >> next, these two cyclists out enjoying their day, in washington state, stalked by a cougar, leaving one of them dead. a chilling tale, including having his head in the mouth of this cougar. what we're learning about why this attack may have happened. we're getting our first look inside the royal wedding party,
11:40 am
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i had a spanish teacher in high school who knew i could do more, and so she pushed me and pushed me and pushed me, and she was right. they don't only teach me about what we learn inside the classroom. they teach me about life. the janitor is really friendly.
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he asks how's my day, and he tells me how his day was. my own teachers inspired me to become a teacher. they always pushed me to do better. they never give up on me. they're extraordinary! narrator: exactly why the california teachers association believes strong public schools make a better california for all of us. what was supposed to be a scenic ride for two mountain bikers, one was killed and another seriously injured. the cougar was stalking them before it pounced. the one who survived, forcing it to run away. as soon as the cyclest stopped to catch their operation of breath, the cougar returned. putting its head in the mouth,
11:45 am
according to the tail. the animal tried to shake the body side to side, like it does when it's trying to kill its prey. when the survivor's friend started running away, the kulg ar started to chase after brooks instead. the survivor could see the cougar mauling the person's friend. >> the cougar dragged the victim back into the wood line and he was found dead there. >> there's no indication that the two victims taunted this animal. it's very rare for cougars to behave in this way the statistics are quite stunning. there's only been one fatal attack in the last 100 years, this would make two. >> they found the cougar standing on top of brooks' body. jeff corwin is with me, wildlife
11:46 am
expert. i've read it, i've read it again, and sitting here reading it on tv with you, it makes your skin crawl, your heart goes out to everyone involved the the last cougar attack in washington state was back in 1924. how did this happen? > it is an incredibly rare event. yes, makes your skin crawl when you figure -- it's kind of reconciled with how terrifying this must have been with these two gentlemen, they were doing nothing wrong, minding their own business, this is a very rare event, this has only happened in washington once in 100 years. 25 fatalities throughout the whole united states. here's my theory. i'm sure a number of folks share this. a male cougar, weighs anywhere between 120 and 220 pounds in
11:47 am
size. this animal was emaciated. it weighed 100 pounds. i believe it was compromised, pushed to the fringe of survival. certainly not able to compete with other male cougars. they have huge habitats, huge home ranges. a male cougar could have a range of 400 miles. they compete with other cougars, the number one enemy for an american mountain lion or cougar is a competitive lion. this animal was pushed to the edge normally in situations like this they hit livestock, sheep or cows. these guys doing what bikers do every day. and the cougar was looking down, these guys go flashing by on their bikes. this animal goes into predatory
11:48 am
mode, willing to take that risk, it's an ultimate tragedy all the ways around. >> it comes back. the fact that one of the cyclists hits the cougar with the mountain bike, it goes away, comes back and attacks again ultimately they find the body of the victim. how do you explain that behavior? >> i believe this cat was desperate, sick, it probably had a number of injuries it was dealing with. as these animals become ma'am nourished, they go for the easiest opportunity for prey, i believe these guys minding their own business. doing what was perfectly natural for them, perhaps they were in the wrong place at the wrong time, and i believe this animal took that chance. what it felt was an opportunity for prey. and these guys, did what you're supposed to do.
11:49 am
you are in a dangerous situation with the cougar, again, incredibly rare, if you found yourself, you won that terrible lottery. >> don't you run? >>. >> no, you never run. that's what you never do. >> that instigates the bully response. that's the fight response for the cougar, you stand your ground, you hold your ground. you never turn away from the cougar. you look at it face to face, larger than life, which they did with their bikes. this guy, as one of guys was being attacked, the other guy ran away, it was that yarn ball response, this cougar moved in. incredibly rare. we have maybe 300,000 square miles of wilderness in the west, which is home to 20 and 40,000 cougars. very rare event. certainly scientists and conservationists will want to learn from this to make sure it never happens again or find ways
11:50 am
to avoid it. >> so sad, they're beautiful animals, but yeah, i don't know if i could stand there and stand down a cougar. i think i would be running. i hear you. coming up, we are back to our breaking news. president trump set to meet with the ghuty attorney general and fbi director chris ray to discuss that confidential source who made contact with trump campaign members prior to the elections, we'll take you to the white house for an update on that meeting. we're getting our first look at the official royal wedding photos. plus, the stunning number of people who tuned in to watch. >> when disaster strikes, time is of the essence to strikes. transforming shelter dogs into speedy first responders. this is today's impact your
11:51 am
world. >> we don't have anything that can cover a 10,000 square foot area of rubble as fast as a dog can. >> they responded to 168 disasters. the world trade center, the major hurricanes, katrina, harvey and irma. >> my canine is rex. we faced the monte cito mudslides. he was having to dolphin through the mud to get where we were at. >> what a good boy. >> we were asked to go to the oklahoma city bombing in april 1995. the nation had approximately 15 of these dog and handlers. the country now has approximately 275. the search dog foundation, not only uses rescued dogs from shelters, but trains that dog at no cost. >> in training we have to set up the scenarios as real life as
11:52 am
possible. that bark is what the dogs use to communicate to their handlers that they have located live human scent. >> a lot of the dogs that come into or program were slated for euthanas euthanasia. we're saving these dogs lives to save people's lives.
11:53 am
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i support the affordable care act, and voted against all trump's attempts to repeal it. but we need to do more. i believe in universal health care. in a public health option to compete with private insurance companies. and expanding medicare to everyone over 55. and i believe medicare must be empowered to negotiate the price of drugs. california values senator dianne feinstein did you watch? because 29 million people in the u.s. did we're getting our first
11:57 am
look at the duke and duchess of sussex. joining me now, to discuss all things royal wedding is richard quest who is in the middle of everything. how was it, my friend? >> it was extraordinary. in so many different ways. and i think you see that by the number of viewers in the u.s. 29 billion. and which was -- it's hardly surprising there was an american involved. an american marrying into the british royal family, diverse american at that. you had the pastor, the choir, you had the celebrity guests. and what was fascinating is the number of people that got up in the middle of the night in the u.s., particularly on the pacific coast to actually watch, which i still speaks volumes about the capacity of the royal
11:58 am
family. >> i was ending my honeymoon and didn't entirely tune in, so i'm living through you. i read about it afterwards. and all the photos. do you have any good stories about being over there and covering? >> the only thing really felt was this transatlantic alliance. there was a real gosh factor. meghan mark el gave the wedding she wanted to give. and that -- i've heard so much nonsense spoken over the last few days about her moving 9 royal family and instituting change, this, that and the other. she got what she wanted, the royal family went along with it, because they have to change. i'm much more interested in, did you give yourself away?
11:59 am
>> i love my dad. i got married two weekends ago to my own englishman. and i wanted to -- no, i did let my dad give me away. i had my dad walk me halfway down the aisle, and then my husband met me. i wanted the congregation just like meghan does. i had my congregation say we will. i'm a traditional south earn gal, welcome to 2018. >> now you're part of britain, send me a top line where your wedding list is in. >> no, no, no. no wedding gifts. you request give me a big squeeze when you get back here. >> you're a married woman. >> i am. richard quest, thank you so much. good to see you. >> thank you, thank you. we continue on, you're
12:00 pm
watching cnn this monday afternoon. it's great to be back here with you. breaking news now. a source tells cnn, the president is meeting with the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and christopher wray. and they're going do talk about that confidential source that led the president to order an investigation into the investigators. the meeting was scheduled before the president's explosive tweet on sunday. let me read that for you. this is what the president tweeted. i demand and will do so officially tomorrow that the department of justice look into whether or not the fbi/doj inning fill traited or sur veiled the trump campaign for political purposes. and if any such demands or requests were made by people within the obama administration. now, the president is reacting to unproven claims that the fbi confidential source in the russia probe could have been a spy by the obama administration to damage the trump