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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  July 22, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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is denying he ever cut a deal with the kremlin. >> this is so ridiculous. it's just beyond words. you know? you are talking about misleading the courts. it's just so misleading going through the 400 plus page documents. where do you even begin? >> did you ever advise the kremlin on anything? >> look, jake, i -- no. i have never been an agent of the foreign power in any stretch of the imagination. i may have -- back in the g-20 when they were getting ready to do that in st. petersburg, i may have participated in a few meetings. >> but you did advise the kremlin? you did advise the kremlin back in 2013 or 2012, somewhere in there? >> jake, that's -- it's really spin. i mean, i -- i sat in on some meetings. but, you know, to call me an adviser i think is way over the top. >> except in the 2013 letter you
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wrote that -- it says over the past half year i have had the privilege to serve as an informal adviser to the staff of the kremlin in preparation for the presidency of the g-20 summit next month where energy issues are prominent on the agenda. that is august 2013. that's yourself calling yourself an informal adviser to the kremlin. >> you know, informal having some conversations with people. i mean, this is really nothing and just an attempt to distract from the real crimes that are shown in this misleading document. >> page was a foreign policy adviser to the trump campaign and about one month before the 2016 election, the fbi asked a court for permission to surveil him saying it believed, "page has been be the subject of targeted recruitment by the russian government and that he had been collaborating and conspiring with them adding there is probable cause that such activities are about to involve violations of the criminal statutes of the united
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states." this is the first time the government has ever released documents seeking wiretaps of an american under the foreign intel ye -- intelligence act. the president wants the american people to believe the documents "confirm with little doubt that the justice department, the department of justice, and fbi misled the courts. witch hunt, rigged. scam." i want to bring in our first guest. ryan, that tweet is misleading. explain why. >> it's very much misleading, anna. it appears as though the president is kind of picking and choosing the parts of the 400 pays application to try to further, zero in on his broader point that he believes the mueller investigation is tanlted and the result of a conspiracy. the president is essentially making the argument that was
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this dossier which was compiled with information from various sources but one source in particular that was designed to glean as much information as possible about the connections between donald trump and the russian government were the bedrock of this fisa application. if you read in other parts of the warrant that, is completely contradictory. take a listen to what it says in another section. it says, "source number one's reporting has been corroborated and used in criminal proceedings and the fbi assess that's source number one to be reliable." "the fbi speculates that identified person was likely looking for information that could be used to discredit candidate number one's campaign." so the president has been working for a long time to discredit the mueller investigation and one of the principle ways that they're trying to do that is to try to show there was this conspiracy behind obtaining the search warrant with carter page. but he doesn't look at the whole picture here, anna, which is often a problem with president
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trump. >> the president's tweet again just moments ago, he asks why he wasn't warned about russian interference as he goes back to contradicting his intelligence agencies and calling this all a big hoax. but he was warned, wasn't he? >> yeah. he was, an yafrment he seena. he seems to forget that. intelligence agencies sat down with him and briefed him in august of 2016, you know, shortly after he had secured the nomination for the republican party that they were concerned that the russians were attempting to meddle in the election. so this is contradictory. it's a contradictory statement on the president on a number of points. very important as you point out that he is once again suggesting that his intelligence agencies don't know what they're talking about as it relates to. this but also the fact he is blaming all of this on president obama and acting as though president obama is the only one who knew about this potential problem when he himself was briefed on it very specifically in august of 2016. >> ryan nobles.
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thank you. i want to bring in our cnn legal commentator jim shultz and our national security analyst and former secretary at the department of homeland security. i want to start with this new tweet from the president asking why obama didn't do something about russian election attack. but at the same time, saying it's all a big hoax. james, how can the president continue to defy the unanimous conclusions of his own intelligence agencies? >> i think senator lindsey graham said it accurately this morning in his television interview when he said the president frequently con flats the issue of collusion with that of russian's meddling in the election. i think what the president is getting at today is the collusion issue. he denied the collusion ever occurred as it related to his campaign. that there hasn't been any evidence shown. that he's not a target of the investigation, that there has been no showing or any evidence that there was collusion. on the other hand, there is all
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kinds of evidence and everyone agrees in the intelligence community that there was meddling by the russians in this election. and i think senator graham said it perfectly today. the president needs to be bullish with russia as it relates to sanctions so they know this is not tolerated by the united states. >> julia, do you share that take away from the president's tweet? >> i don't think the president is allowed to be confused over a year of his presidency. a 5-year-old can figure it out. i think people like lindsey graham and i understand jim are trying to support and respect the law enforcement intelligence agencies for what they found and also rightfully defend america's democratic system in the election in 2018. but there is no reason now to believe that the president is confused. this is purposeful. and the reason why it is purposeful is because the evidence just continually gets damming.
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you have benign to collusion. we're not at collusion yet. some people do think that we are. but every piece of evidence since this administration started is heading in that direction. it's heading in the collusion direction and there is nothing that trump can claim about confusion that undermines it, the fisa release last night is just additional proof that fbi was investigating someone close to the trump campaign although he no longer was part of the campaign at the time, carter page, and i should just add in the document potentially four others. so at this stage i don't think it's confusion. i think it's a way to obfuscate his potential guiltiness. >> or maybe sensitivity. if the president is too sensitive to separate collusion and meddling, is our safety at risk, juliet? >> yeah. i think it is. i want to focus for a variety of reasons. one, of course, it's just really hard at this stage to look at trump's behavior towards putin in russia and view it in anything but nefarious light.
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i don't think any rational person can look at what is going on. i don't just mean russia. i also mean trump undermining the eu and nato and others. there's no reason except for i think a bad one for the president to lean so clearly towards putin and then from someone from the home land security perspective, the elections in 2018 are literally a heartbeat away at this stage. the fact that the president cannot see the vulnerabilities as related by the secretary of home land security herself is, i think, is a dangerous zone we're entering. >> jim? >> i think the president in a tweet is con flating. i don't believe he is confused. i belief he is conflating the two. we can leave it there. to say the eu and how they treated the eu, he wanted the eu to pay their fair share. that's what he went in there and d he didn't do anything out of the, you know, he did something that other folks were not willing to take on. the united states should not be shouldering this burden.
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they need to celebrate the release of the warrant application. and we laid out some of the findings and it was ryan nobles. but he's been tweeting and proves his campaign was spied on, that the fbi acted inappropriately. but senator marco rubio, a republican, a lawmaker, currently in congress said that's just not the case. >> yeah. i don't think they did anything wrong. they went to the court. they got the judges to approve it. they laid out all the information and there was a lot of reasons unrelated to the dossier for why they wanted to look at carter page and carter page is not a key member of the trump campaign. the trump campaign said that. >> he said trump's tweets are not supported bha is in that warrant application. it is 412 pages long. do you think the president read it? >> i looked through it. i have to tell you, there wasn't much to look through. it was largely redacted.
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and they were page ands pages long. so it wasn't 400 pages of information. and i think what wasn't redacted was targeting and thing thez found as it related to carter page were conclusions without the facts because those facts were redacted. it is hard to pass judgement from one way or another from a document that we didn't see what the court saw. but i get senator rubio's point that, look, if the russians are targeting carter page and they believe that he was vulnerable or that there was some vulnerability there, sure, that may be something they want to consider. but let's not forget the one thing that was left out of that application is the fact that the dnc partially funded the dossier which a dossier which the factual findings in that dossier have been challenged time and time again. and, again, conclusions and have not been reliable. >> but actually, that wasn't
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left out of the dossier. in fact, ryan maybe read the quote. but if we missed it, let me read it to you. it says the fbi speculates that identified person was looking for information that could be used to discredit candidate number one's campaign. sure it doesn't name the dnc. >> right. >> it doesn't name anybody specifically. there are not any american names in here besides carter page there they do point to a political agenda as part of that dossier's source. and the other piece there, james, is that that the dossier is not the only piece of evidence to obtain this warrant. >> but we haven't seen that evidence. and we haven't had that available to us because it's largely redacted. it's a far cry from saying okay this was a political document to a document that was funded by the dnc in this presidential cycle. it's just not the same. >> can i just make it clear to
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viewers. i can just make it clear to viewers how big of a deal to release this? and the reason why is because what the republicans have been saying is there is no basis for a fisa surveillance. what we see in this is actually there was factual findings, not just the dossier but multiple ones that focus on carter page and four others. we don't know who the four others may be. that that not only allowed the application but, of course, the renewal that's we keep seeing. the court has to renew these and that's based on facts. i think the other thing that is th -- this is a legal document. >> they were remamade by judgest were appointed by republican presidents. >> that's right. it's the same process that you go before the court as well. i think there is another story here which is just really i think just a shame and sort of
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damning towards the house republicans and nunez and paul ryan. devin nunes tried to create a story that suggested this was all based on the dossier and the fisa application. he knew that was not true when he made the statements. and when the house intelligence committee came out with the report. that to me is -- that is on paul ryan at this stage. if paul ryan could have gotten rid of devin nunes as a head of a house intelligence committee, a committee that wants in my world, you know, the fact that house intel committee is like this is just shocking. you have never seen anything like this. and i think there is going to be political consequences. the legal ones, of course, are harmful to trump. the political consequences are ones that i think paul ryan really, you know, needs to explain it to the american public. why devin nunes lies and then is allowed to be head of what was -- once was a bipartisan committee that looked at intelligence, nonpolitically to
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defend you and i and everyone else. >> juliet and jim, i have to leave it there. thank you so much. really appreciate both of you for being here. the challenges of working for a president who does what he wants when he wants. >> say that again. did i hear you? >> yeah. yeah. >> okay. >> yeah. ♪
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when your car is in the shop. it's kinda like being there, without being there. which is probably better for everyone. that's insurance for the modern world. esurance. an allstate company. click or call. putin is coming to the white house in the fall. >> say that again. >> putin coming to the white house -- >> did i hear you? >> yeah. yeah. >> okay. >> yeah. >> that's going to be special. >> the director of national
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intelligence dan coats this weekend is apologizing for his initial awkward response to the news president trump had invited putin to the white house for a second summit in the fall. in a statement last night dan coats said this, "some press conferen coverage mischaracterized information presented to me. my awkward response is in no way meant to be disrespectful or criticize the actions of the president. i and the entire intel community are committed to providing the best intelligence to inform and support president trump's on going efforts to prevent russian meddling in our upcoming elections." so that may be their goal, but breaking again tonight, the president is reversing course again. calling the issue of russia election interference all a big hoax. joining me now is cnn political commentator and senior columnist at the daily beast matt lewis and associate editor for "real
4:20 pm
clear politics" amy stodard. the president had to issue a clarification for his comments in helsinki and now this it's a hoax tweet? >> this is what he always does though. remember, in charlottesville he said both sides were responsible. then he comes out and reads a prepared statement cleaning it up apologizing. then a couple days later, he reverts back to where he started. this is the pattern. it's the exact same thing. he will end up where he started in helsinki because that was what he really believed. he cleaned it up and read the statement, that's not what he believed. this is where he really is. or at least this is the political instinct. this is the authentic instirvegt. >> did that show trump's true colors and beliefs? >> matt is more than correct. he doesn't say decisions very long. that is an immigration bill on the floor of the house let's say.
4:21 pm
but he also does not like to back down. so we all anticipated it after he made that clarification the other day at the white house. it is a tradition of his to -- if he's forced to back down redouble down in the days that follow. >> do you think we will see backlash from republicans on the hill, matt? >> no. i think now they're trying to move on. they dealt with this and had to deal with. this they've been questioned about it. president trump said this. they don't want to stay talking about russia. they're going to try hard to change the subject. i don't know if donald trump will let them. that's the problem. it's interesting. you know, you think that donald trump would want to change the subject from russia. but he likes to bring it back up. he does it oftentimes via
4:22 pm
twitter. >> we heard that sound bite from dan coats. the white house spoke to coats 20 minutes before his appearance in aspen. no one gave him a heads up about this invitation. a.b., can he continue to do his job effectively? >> this is the interesting question. i was really surprised to see him release a statement expressing his apologies about the confusion. i think the apology should be made to the director of national intelligence on monday night of last week after the comments in helsinki when the president name checked dan coats, a serve anlt with an impeccable record, a man of integrity and hung him out to dry, people were questioning whether dan coats that night in the day that's followed could stay in the job and should he resign because of this kind of insult and the fact that president ignores him doesn't consult with him. and they allow him to be interviewed at the aspen seminar and allow him to be stunned by
4:23 pm
news about a followup summit? this is absolutely getting what you asked for. and then he heard chatter from the west wing calling into question whether or not his job was safe, whether the president might fire him for sort of going rogue in his interview with andrea mitchell friday. so he scrambled to contain this by putting out that statement where other people are just fuming thinking that dan coats should walk away. i hope dan coats doesn't walk away from this job. i hope he doesn't lose this job. he's good at this job. he is serving the national strategic interests of the united states of america when the president did not on monday in help sunksinki. what is going to happen to dan coats? >> we just saw the president and first lady making their way back to andrews. they were at the golf resort. the president waved to the media. did a fist pump and said something along the lines of thank you. didn't appear to take any questions. there is a brand new "washington
4:24 pm
post"/abc news poll i want to bring up. only 33% of americans approve of how president trump handled his meeting with president putin. while 50% disapprove. and now we have this invitation for putin to come to washington in the fall with the midterms looming. matt, what kind of problem could that create for a congressional republican? >> well, i think it's so funny. you know, donald trump may be this is three dimensional chess. maybe donald trump is brilliant and it's all going to fall into place for him. it seems to me pretty stupid. i think that donald trump had a real winning issue which was the supreme court. now he's going to -- there are going to be confirmations hearings for brett kavanaugh. i thought he should have picked a fight on. that force democrats in the north dakota, missouri, you know, those trump leaning states to decide whether they're going to pick a fight over the supreme court or not. instead, what does trump do? he picks a nominee that is going
4:25 pm
to sail through confirmation and changes the subject to putin. he's on the wrong side of it. this is a new cold war. and now all of a sudden the republicans are the dupes. the republicans are, you know, it's totally goes against everything. like if you grew up like me watching "red dawn" and the "rambo" movies, the kgb are the bad guys. i don't know what trump is doing here. >> i can tell you congressional republicans made it clear they hope the follow up summit never happens. they're trying to dissuade the white house privately from having it happen and near the midterm elections and letting the president have another private meeting with anybody let alone an adversary like putin. so in their view they're hoping it goes away. we'll see what happens. >> we'll see. amy stoddard and matt lewis, thank you. the president loved the bass teal day military that raparade in paris. now we're getting reports of a spectacle that will happen in washington come november.
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when he merged from the summit in singapore, president trump declared that north korean crisis had been largely solved. tonight "the washington post" is reporting the president is venting frustration over the lack of progress on reaching a deal. let's talk it over with lieutenant general mark hurtling and former army commanding general europe and seventh army. thank you for being here. was this trump's mission accomplish moment when he went out there after the summit and basically said we have a deal.
4:31 pm
there's nothing to worry about anymore? >> he certainly wanted it to be his mission accomplished moment, anna. it was part of that narrative. it's a marketing tool. but anyone who's a serious korean watcher who knows how the north koreans negotiate and obfuscate and the way they have patterned of engagement with other nations would have second guessed all of this happening. in fact, many of us did. it's unfortunate because that was just a meeting between two people. when you talk about the history and the trends of north korea, there have been multiple other folks who have wanted to have that moment but they soon learned that it's very difficult to do that with any of the kim family whether it be kim jong-un or his family or grand father. they've all been guilty of this kind of actions. >> i think mission ash politic moment, we think back to president obama and what happened with the rock. obviously, that didn't go the way it was planned. but i mean right now as we look at the reality with north korea,
4:32 pm
the president's frustration about the lack of progress is not unfounded. u.s. negotiators, if they cancel meetings, demanding more money, failing to maintain the base channels of communication, where do you see this going? >> you have to remember that the president announced some things that were going to happen that never did. and he continues to do that in several occasions today. you know, you remember right after he said some of the remains of the korean war were dead going to be shipped back home. that hasn't happened at all. and in fact, he didn't say there were going to be. he said they are being shipped at this moment. so it just gets back to the belief of a narrative versus the facts on the ground. and that's what second pompeo has been trying to drive home. where is it going to go? it's going to go a lot harder than anyone in the current administration thinks it's going to go and it's going to be increasingly difficult to get more actions.
4:33 pm
although we haven't had a nuclear test or a missile launch which is true, those things are still have great potential and we have to be concerned about all of that countering some of the narrative that the president has been given the american public. >> i'm going to pivot to another topic. we have this military parade that is coming up this week. cnn areporting this reporting t of the parade is $12 million. that is roughly the same trice price of the canceled drills with south korea. what do you make of it? it is a wise use of that money? >> my personal belief and from stand point of a former military guy who hated parades, i guarantee you, anna, that there are very few military personnel that want to do this. in fact, i would bet good money, i can take anybody to any base in the country and say how do you like parading on a national holiday and you'll get about an
4:34 pm
80% or higher no go vote on that. but having said all that, like you said, this money seems to be about the same as what was going to be used for a korean exercise that was canceled. manufacture us thought that there would be a snap back opportunity to get that exercise back on the books. that didn't happen. we're way beyond that now. but now this planning for this parade started back in february. that's when the president first announced it. i think there were probably many in the pentagon that were pushing back a little bit on it. but unfortunately, when the commander in chief wants something like this, you have to give some options. and i wrote a piece about this that was in u.s. news and said there is a potential for a big, medium and small option. i think what we're going to see in this parade on the -- i think it's going to be on the 10th of november versus the 11th, it's somewhere in between the medium and small. but it's still not going to be anything like he has seen in france or certainly like we've seen in russia or korea or china. >> general hurtling, thank you
4:35 pm
so much for being here. coming up, better than super. that's how russia describes what happened behind closed doors at the helsinki summit. now putin has an invitation to washington. does he have the upper hand on trump? your weekend presidential brief is next. i woke up in memphis and told... (harmonica interrupts) ...and told people about geico... (harmonica interrupts) how they could save 15% or more by... (harmonica interrupts) just calling or going online to (harmonica interrupts) (sighs and chuckles) sorry, are you gonna... (harmonica interrupts) everytime. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. ayep, and my teeth are yellow.? time for whitestrips. crest glamorous white whitestrips are the only ada-accepted whitening strips proven to be safe and effective. and they whiten 25x better than a leading whitening toothpaste.
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the sequel to the trump-putin summit is in the works. russia is open to a second summit with the u.s. and press secretary sarah sanders tweeted that discussions for that are already underway. the timing for that second meeting, well, this fall as midterm elections loom. this comes as we still don't know what was discussed exactly in that trump-putin one-on-one
4:40 pm
meeting on monday. this brings us to your weekend presidential brief. a segment we bring you every sunday night highlighting the most pressing national security information the president will need when he wakes up tomorrow and here to bring it to you is our cnn national security analyst and counsel adviser. she spent two years in the obama administration helping to prep for the president's daily brief wlachlt is the setup now going into this potential trump-putin meeting in washington? >> well, there are two people that are celebrating post helsinki, that is donald trump, he has given himself extra credit on the personal report card and president putin because the helsinki summit and the host helsinki period have really helped his objective of sowing confusion in the united states. i think he will be hard pressed to find anyone that isn't confused right fwhou what happened. we have no readout about what happened behind closed doors. the director of national intelligence said he doesn't even know what is going on.
4:41 pm
so we're getting most of our information actually from russia or disinformation, in fact. and that helps putin's goal of sewing confusion in the united states and making president trump look less credible. he didn't stand up to president putin in sehelsinki and he wouldn't stand up to putin if he comes to washington. he is bringing the party to the united states to america some time this fall at president trump's invitation. so we have a situation this fall our attacker is walking into the white house and president trump will confront him. we're camming into washington and at the white house. we have a party coming into the white house on wednesday. and trade war.
4:42 pm
he described as a foe. we have a 65-year friendship with the european union. so i think that there is a very packed bilateral agenda for this meeting. it's really focused on trade and not on other key issues like brexit or counter-terrorism. we have a bilateral free trade agreement between the united states and eu. we have steel and aluminum tariffs that they instigated and they have a threat of tariffs against auto and vehicle parts. and i think that president is coming near a very different position than he was a few weeks ago. the eu signed a massive trade deal with japan. covers a third of global gdp. so he is probably feeling like he has a little bit more leverage. but both sides want a trade war cease-fire. no one wants to see more tariffs on auto or vehicle parts. so i think we'll see both sides. president trump and president try to find some way out of escalating the trade war further. >> it's the trade war that has the president calling the eu a
4:43 pm
foe. and yet a lot of people in the national security realm are saying it's really china that is the bigger national security threat here. you were speaking at the aspen security forum earlier this week. what is the assessment of china's goals on the u.s.? >> it is realin' credible at a forum facing the range of threats against the united states. china is the most significant counter intelligence threat facing our country. a cia official at the aspen forum said china is waging a cold war against us. china is our biggest threat. and president xi is very busy the last few weeks. he was just in the uae where he signed a bunch of agreements and deals. now he's in africa. he's going to rwanda the first time a chinese president has visited. and he is really investing time and money in relationships with countries that he doesn't criticize. so the media around his visits is positive. and potentially trying to pull countries closer to beijing and
4:44 pm
away from the united states. >> sam, we packed a lot in there. good information. thank you so much. coming up, candid camera. shocking expose involving an uber and lyft driver who live stream footage after his passengers without them ever knowing. when i received the diagnoses,
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century. only at select local paint and hardware stores. this just in. none of the 17 passengers killed when a missouri duck boat capsized last week were wearing lifejackets. this is according to a source with knowledge of this investigation. authorities say they were
4:49 pm
working on raising the boat out of water tomorrow during severe weather. and among the victims, nine members of the same family. a woman who survived but lost her husband, her three children, and five other relatives says no one ever told them to grab lifejackets. >> when the captain took over, i thought that at some point he would say grab the jackets now. but we were told to stay seated. and everybody stayed seated. nobody -- nobody grabbed them. when that boat is found, although lifejackets are going to be on there. because nobody pulled one off. you don't, you know, you weren't supposed to grab them unless you were in distress which we were. but he told us don't. we don't need them. >> missouri's attorney general says investigators are looking into whether any criminal acts were committed. we'll, of course, stay on top of of that story.
4:50 pm
such a heartbreaking story. what would you do if you found out your ride share driver, if you were taking uber or lyft was live streaming video of you during your trip without your knowledge? a driver for uber and lyft has been suspended for doing just that with hundreds of passengers. it happened in the st. louis area of missouri. the driver installed dash cams in the car to record passengers and then stream the this is a crazy story. what do you know about this particular incident? >> what would you do? i would be horrified. i feel like i'm a technology reporter and i should know that sometimes privacy is dead to a degree. since it has happened in missouri and this driver talked about streaming hundreds of rides on a video platform called twitch and a lot of these people
4:51 pm
had no idea they were being live streamed. the key here is that most drivers -- this driver didn't mention most passengers that they were being live streamed. we reached out to lyft and uber. both companies say the driver is no longer allowed on the platform. lyft says the comfort of the community is a top priority. uber says this is troubling and against community guidelines and talked about live streaming. i should mention that it is legal for a lot of drivers, you are able to report people for safety reasons. now, in missouri it's not illegal to record without consent. it varies in different places. it will be interesting to see because i think a lot of us go into our uber and lyft thinking
4:52 pm
i know we have our personal conversations, but the last thing we are thinking is that we can be live streamed. i think this is eye opening. >> i never thought about whether i am being recorded or caught on camera. laurie segall, thank you so much for that. coming up, a reversal of the reversal. president trump flips the script and calls russian election interference all a big hoax. or. lightens hair up to seven levels. féria is ammonia free with conditioning oil. never dull, never flat. live in color. live in féria extreme platinum by l'oréal paris. (vo)have to happen?idn't i didn't see it. (vo) what if we could go back? what if our car...
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i'm a small business, but i have... big dreams...
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4:57 pm
pruitt. cnn and others reported that pruitt had staffers alter and scrub his schedules, a possible violation of laws. this smoke and mirrors approach to transparency may still be alive and well in the trump administration. as sarah gannon reports the latest offender is interior secretary ryan zinke. >> reporter: when he wants you to know what he is doing he knows how to get your attention, riding a horse to work, raising a flag to show he is in office. the interior secretary notorious for public stunts has been keeping his schedule discrete. a cnn analysis has found about a dozenin dozen incidents. leaving the public in the dark about meetings with lobbyists, lawmakers and groups with business before his department.
4:58 pm
cnn found vague terms like personal or hold used regularly and in one instance describing a meeting with a federal contractor. >> it is important for cabinet secretaries to keep accurate calendars. he works for us, the american people. >> cnn compared e-mail conversations between zinke and his skej skejular. that same month his itinerary notes a meeting but a briefing packet we found notes two lobbiest is were present for a firm that represents a lawsuit
4:59 pm
against the department. the committee that oversees the department wants an investigation. >> the kind of entitlement sense that they brought into the positions, i'm not going to worry about these ethics issues, that doesn't apply to me. hell with them, they shouldn't get the calendar, i can meet whoever i want and nobody needs to know about it. >> particularly given secretary zinke's checkered history on ethics, the many allegations, it raises the question is there something to hide that is forbidden that he is engaging in under our federal ethics laws. >> reporter: an interior spokes woman said it is common for events to be cancelled the day of which is why something can be referred to in an e-mail or briefing and not on the calendar and said the department
5:00 pm
complywicomplies with all rules and strives towards transparency. we haven't been given the secretary's schedule in a year. these calendars are available a long time after the events occur and only after someone files a freedom of information request, a blog that ryan zinke keeps hasn't been updated in nine months and he is wrracking up t investigations now facing a dozen federal probes looking into his actions. you're live in the cnn news room. thanks for being with us. breaking news tonight, president trump reversing course yet again on russia's election interference. he tweeted this a short time ago. president obama knew about russia before the election. why didn't he do something about it? why didn't


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