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tv   Richard Weikart The Death of Humanity Hitlers Religion  CSPAN  September 30, 2018 1:28am-1:46am EDT

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watched the changing of the guard and looked at space and i saw my son. i saw a funeral without tears. i saw funeral without god and how sad and lonely. i can't speak for george but let me say two things now. first, thanks for sending us on an unforgettable mission. second, we must succeed in our quest for peace. >> you can watch this and all other programs for the past 20 for your ears. type the others name and the word book in the search bar. at the top of the page. >> we want to introduce you too professor richard, where do you teach and what you teach? >> california state, modern european history.
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i've written six books. >> your two most recent are? >> death of humanity and the case for life and hitler's religion. both of those cannot 2016. >> let's start with the death of humanity. what's the premise? >> over the past several centuries, secular philosophies are very short and i cover a wide range. they undermine the duty leading us into what people say of the culture of death, euthanasia where they are fairly widely embraced. >> when you talk about think that he of life, what's the definition of that? >> the idea that every individual is equal and has a real rights. the opening of the book i talk about the declaration of independence and the way that jefferson phrased, all men are created equal and are -- i focus on two of those issues.
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human equality and all humidities have rights. the right to life. simply looking at the way the secular undermine the idea that human have the right. >> why do you say that secular thought is undermined? how has that happened in your view? >> if you look at the secular thinkers themselves, they will admit that it has done that. you look at what they say about issues of human rights in such. we have been talking on both sides, many will admit there are human rights. others will say that, no. there is no god because there is no, nothing transcendent, therefore humans should make up their own rights. makeup their mobile own morality. it includes the rights to life. many of spin out to issues such as abortion, euthanasia, they will argue that some people are
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not equal to others and so call -- many other. they are only valuable if they are is a certain. >> they aren't all equal? they will admit that human equality goes along with their viewpoints. i show how that secular thought over the past century. >> how you show that? >> looking at their own works and what they said about these issues. many of them admit that it is the implication of their view. i don't claim the all of them was that in fact, what i do try to show is that many of them contradict themselves be heard they do at some level, think that human life has you value. their philosophy claims that it doesn't but they will say -- let me give you an example. it blew me away when i was
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working in the book. one of the most famous philosophers, british philosopher of the early 20th century, he said quite forthrightly in his philosophy that humans were insignificant, even paul them parasite's. he made clear that human rights have no meaning, no transcendent purse press and he also claimed that morality is just a motion. a feeling that we have. but then if you look at his personal life, he how is an absolutist with his daughter. she actually says that he was an absolutist and -- >> what is that mean? >> he did believe that there were objective morality. he went to jail for campaigning against nuclear disarmament. why was he against that? he believe that life had value. so what his philosophy said
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doesn't have meaning or purpose or significance and he couldn't live that way. i tried to show that in my book. >> you talk about eric paragraph, who is that? >> he is a professor of ecology at the university of texas and a number of years ago, he gave a talk where he was receiving an award and at that event, he said it would be a good thing if 90% of the population would be obliterated by ebola, he was hoping a bullet would go airborne. this would take out 90% of the population. he things we are way overpopulated. this is a graphic example. this is extreme. the kind of way to dehumanize,
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percolated into our society. he backed off once this came out in public, but i actually downloaded somethings from his website before he was able to do any damage control and he actually had evaluation on his website that said he said this in class. that he wanted 90% of the populace to be up liberated. he was saying we should do something to actively kill people. his philosophy leads to in a direction that is dehumanizing. >> what is the effect of the enlightenment and the reformation on our thinking about life? >> he had a bigger impact in particular about the value of human life. part of the reason for that was because even though people in the mainstream and lightman, thomas jefferson was in an enlightenment, he wrote the declaration of independence about saying inalienable rights
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but in many of them believed morality, that there was a god who created things got things started and such. however there is a a radical and lightman at the same time. they tended to discard those ideas, leading into the dehumanizing philosophies that i discussed. one figure for example, julian, a french materialistic figure. he read book man the machine. he thought of humans as a machine. seeing human life as not anymore valuable of anything else. >> how do you see man? >> i see us as being created in the image of god and thus having value in ourselves. not instrumental values, some say we had value in what we can do, if you are a singer and others we are talking about in theory. because they are created in the image of god.
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>> another book that you've written is hitler's religion. did adolf hitler have a religion? a traditional religion as we think of it? >> nontraditional as we would think of christianity which was the traditional religion at the time. >> there was a smorgasbord of religions that were available at the time. >> pantheism is the idea that nature is god. so the whole cosmos is the same as god. hitler was a strong tradition of pantheism in the journalism. going back to the romantic movement of the '90s and. after that, pagel was arguably a pantheist, many interpreted them that way at the time. there were many other german thinkers that were really gone pmp is them as well. hitler interestingly, was a
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shrewd politician and as we all know. part of his politics was not to alienate people in fact he even said this forthrightly, he said that we need to make sure that we alienate religions because a prominent, a politician who had been in the earliest 20th century, named gail, had alienated the catholics by leading a movement. free from rome. he wanted to get the people out of the roman catholic church. that has led his political movement into a tailspin. so he said we need to avoid that. hitler was very careful not to alienate people over the religious views and try to present himself's, a religious chameleon. he tried to blend in wherever he could. so there were times in many
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websites that will promote this view, hitler actually did say at one point that he was christian, he called christ jesus his lord and savior and such. so there is -- a public pronouncement, there were times which he did claim to be a christian. if you look at his private statements though, that wasn't the case. let me give an example. hitler with his right hand men were in prison in 1923 to 24 for their involvement of the. some of the inmates had a conversation about his religion. hitler talks to them and said i have to play a religious hypocrite because of the, not alienate them. hitler was forthrightly in private, dismissing christiani christianity. there is evidence of this. hitler's diaries, some people
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dismiss the table talk. the english translation is not reliable. that has been shown to be the case. we have a german addition, that's what i relay on. the table talks were times when hitler was, during world war ii was in his bunker or other places where he would be in his headquarters where he had monologues that he gave to generals and others of his entourage that were around him. these were recorded by his secretaries and then later, now we have been published. the english translations are based on a perhaps fraudulent, we are not sure exactly, they are not reliable and i don't use those. but the germans once we have, two editions of them, if you compare them which i have, they compare pretty closely for word. but again, you don't have to rely on those.
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there were diaries, which we discovered a few years ago. they were rediscovered after they were stolen after world war ii. so there is a lot of evidence, behind the scene. >> has chancellor and his, what was his relationship with the catholic and lutheran church? >> he knew that most germans were a part of the protestant church and or the cap cover church. so he was, he tried carefully. it's pretty clear if you look at the actions, relation to the churches that he was trying to dominate and control as much as he could, as far as he could with out being too popular. they put out recently, hitler's compromises where hitler -- hitler was dominating and did what he wanted.
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he knew how far he could push a lot of times. in terms of that. he didn't want to alienate people over persecuting the church is too hard but he did want to undermine the position as my as he thought he could get away with. so especially once the war broke out, he tried to tread carefully and alienate the german public. on the other hand, he made clear that he was trying to wrote their influence. one example, chaplains in the military, hitler didn't cause the military to stop having chaplains. by the way, the air force did not. they were under the nazis, the head of the german air force. they had a longer tradition. they hitler ordered that they be sent out the front lines and
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this has been referred to as the rear riot order. based on an old testament where david had sent uriah to the front lines to be killed. that's what hitler was wanting to do. he wanted the chaplains to die off in the world. that's just one example. there are other ways where he threw up roadblocks and undermine their influence in a variety of ways. >> and we've been talking with richard about his books, the death of humanity and hitler's religion. book to be. >> tv is on twitter, facebook and insulin. follow us for videos and pictures. as we celebrate 20 years of nonfiction, authors and books, we want to hear from you. post your favorite book tv moments in the last 20 years, using the # book tv 20. >> to be honest, having a child hasn't inspired me to make
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it won't stop the seas from rising or went from blowing. it won't save miami. once the system starts falling apart, all those ones and zeros in your bank account will evaporate. he will be revealed for what it is and not especially useful, you rock. >> you can watch this and other programs online. >> hello. that was loud. my name is aiden and i work at the library. thank you very much for coming tonight to talk about this. necessary and timely book which you are going to hear a lot about in a few short minutes.


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