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Kevin McCarthy
  Speaker Pelosi Holds Bill Enrollment for CARES Act  CSPAN  March 27, 2020 8:01pm-8:14pm EDT

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house speaker nancy pelosi and minority leader at the bill enrollment ceremony then the president signing the bill into law in the oval office. the debate on the house for leading up to the bills final passage. >> nancy pelosi kevin mccarthy delivered remarks for the corona virus relief bill. she treated the house passage of the bipartisan cares actions a clear message we are all committed to protecting america's workers and families as the nation confronts the public health crisis.
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>> [inaudible conversations] >> good afternoon everyone. thank you for keeping your distance from each other. this is a very special day for us it sends a clear message to american people and families gathered in their homes all the healthcare workers to minister to the needs of people who need their help
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through the families who have lost their loved ones we want to send a message our hearts are full of love with them and we are all a family and like many families we all have differences. and what is important to us and america's families are important to us we are so pleased to have passed on the floor this important bill cares and that we want to demonstrate we do care for the american people in every way. the distinguished leader of the house is with us today i'm happy to work with him in a bipartisan way. and then i know our purpose bible yield to the democratic leader some people call him majority leader i call him the democratic leader.
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[laughter] amend that distinguished republican leader of the house. >> thank you madame speaker and happy birthday to you. the american public, we hear you and we are working for you for those on the frontlines of the community we cannot thank you enough more than $140 billion for hospitals not just a necessity of money but for the equipment to make sure to keep you safe and perform your job to every small business that has to shut down and everyone who works for small business, now the resources are there for you. if you own a small busines business, apply for the loan if you pay employees pay rent and utilities, that is not alone that is a grant to have a tax credit to keep employees
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workin working. we will get through this together. and to think so many of you especially those ranking members on the republican side who worked with their chairman and senators. kevin brady, especially, greg walden, patrick mchenry chavez, chavez, griggs, rodney davis bishop, jim jordan, frank lucas mike mccall, kitty merchant phil roe, matt thornberry mike rogers come everybody coming together to make sure we could make this today. as i said on the floor. the virus is here. we did not ask for it. we did not invited or choose
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it. but with the passing of this bill you will see we will fight it together and we will been together i want to thank our colleagues for that type of work and the majority leader for his work today and in the future we can all work together to put america first. thank you. >> i want to join you and although not here right now we will let them fight in the appropriations committee with those important discussions. and the committee that represented her committee on the floor. peter defazio transportation and infrastructure maxine
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waters financial services, veterans affairs, small business, energy and commerce. and the rules committee chair was very helpful to us as was so many other members here. i also want to acknowledge from the house administration and then of course distinguished leader mr. hoyer for leading us through all this discussion that not only we were on course substantively but we had the numbers needed to get the job done today it would not have happened without you. i do want to acknowledge chuck schumer and the members of the senate dick durbin especially with their committees as well. but what we have to do now i
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am encouraged to say we need to do more but in terms of this bill what we are working on right now is to translate a toolkit for our members so any wine of their constituents small business owner or that they know how they can avail themselves of what is in this legislation. it is fair and substantial. we need to do more. i think it's very important we do work for the personal protective equipment so healthcare providers have what they need thank you to the great work of the congresswoman issue. >> and the appropriations committee working in a bipartisan way in the house
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and senate i want to join the leader and acknowledging the ranking member on the committee. with that it is now time for me to sign the enrollment of the legislation to send it over to the senate. there has been a change of plans but they will send it to the president so he can find it as soon as possible so the benefits will be available to the american people. all of those who have gathered for this distinguished contribution. i wish i could have a plan for all of them. [inaudible conversations]
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[applause] [inaudible conversations] >> as i said on the floor.
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[inaudible] >> don't forget. [inaudible] [applause] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] >> what about your time on the floor? >> they did not even give me a