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Sean Spicer
  Sean Spicer Briefs Reporters at the White House  CSPAN  January 30, 2017 10:08pm-11:08pm EST

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sunday, in depth will feature a live discussion with nick adams. taking your calls, tweets, eels, and facebook messages. culturale all the problems of america right now, this is still by far the greatest country in the history of the world. adams is the author of america, the greatest good. how the greatest turnarounds nation will do it again, and retaking america, crushing political correctness. he is also the founder and executive director for the foundation of liberty and american greatness. dedicated to promoting exceptionalism and combating anti-americanism worldwide. watch from noon :00 until 3:00 eastern sunday on c-span2.
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>> at the daily briefing white house press secretary sean spicer took issue with reports on president trump's memorandum on the administration's national security council. he also spoke about the recent executive order on refugees and immigrants from seven muslim countries. this is an hour. >> thank you all for coming.
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spi the presidentc pledged to support thee canadianr police and intelligence service in any way necessary. : trudeau was extremely appreciative and cautious to drop conclusions on the motives at this stage in the investigation. canadian law enforcement officials are actively investigating this matter. we condemn this attack in the strongest possible terms. a terrible reminder why we must be vigilant and the president is taking steps to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to the nations safety and charity. those injured for
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and are keeping in close contact with officials in canada. quick recapg into a of the events of the past few days. the president had an extremely busy weekends. offollowed up on his week action with a weekend of action. on saturday and sunday he spoke filled some of the biggest campaign promises and met with staff to continue to plan another busy week. we carried out a successful raid against al qaeda in the arabian peninsula which resulted in 14 deaths and capture of intelligence that will counter and prevent future terrorist plots. tragically, during this raid, the life of a brave service member was taken and four were wounded. our thoughts and families are with the fallen american hero and those service members who sustained injuries.
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as a quick recap, on friday, you saw the president's enthusiastic reception at the department of defense for the swearing-in of secretary mattis as our secretary of defense. the president signed two executive actions to protect america from those who wishes to do us harm. his focus on securing our borders and homeland was what the president campaigned on and he is doing exactly what he told the american people he would do. the president will always put the safety and prosperity of our country first and foremost. we kicked off saturday by launching the weekly address which debuted for the first time on facebook live. 11 million were reached by the address online and 1.1 million people engaged. and as of this morning the video was viewed more than five million times.
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this is another example of the president taking his message directly to the american people. on saturday, the president signed three executive actions from government ethics to national security. as part of the president's plan to drain the swamp in washington and return power to the american people, he signed an executive order imposing strict post-employment rules on all federal political appointees and five-year lobbying ban and full-time ban. the president continues to make it clear, if you want to be part of the trump administration, you will be serving the country, not yourself. the president signed a memorandum modernizing the structure of the national security council and the homeland security council. there has been a lot of misreporting this week about what this memo does and does not do. let me walk you through this. there are two issues at hand, one is the makeup of the n.s.c. and the principals committee. and it is the n.s.c. minus the president.
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the idea is that the chairman of the joint of staff is to remove this utter none cease. to be clear, the memo lays out if there is a principal's meeting that is outside their scope, a domestic issue that doesn't pertain to the military, they aren't required but welcomed. certain homeland security issues may not be military issues and will not be in the time. we called several outlets who were misreporting the topic to better inform them about what this memo means. let me walk through this real quick. this is the 2001 n.s.c. stand-up memo and 2009 memo and then this one is the -- the 13 here as
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well or 2017 right here. this is the language that -- the language that consists of the national security team, the director of the central intelligence and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff shall also attend n.s.c. meetings, that is the identical language in 2017 as it was in 2009 when's bauma drafted his, veer bait im, identical. the makeup of the principals' committee is as exactly as it was in both 2017, as it was in 2001. we add the word also. i think it's pretty clear if you look at all three of these, that's what it does. to be clear, the memo -- just yesterday, we called that out, starting with the membership with the n.s.c., the language that is part of the president's memo is identical to the language from president bush in
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2001. the only thing that's changed in this is the addition of the director of national intelligence, as a position that didn't exist in 2001. for what it's worth. same as obama except for the word also. as you can see from the very language here and i will give you 2017 on the principals' committee. this is the principals' committee in 2017 and this is the 2001 principals' committee. it is literally 100% the same. 2001 and 2017 are identical. so this idea there has been a change or downgrade is utter nonsense. with respect to the joint chiefs in particular, the president holds chairman dumford in the highest regard. the suggestion that he would
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downplay in matters of national security reveals a fundamental misunderstanding of the tremendous respect that the president holds and the chairman himself and the joint chiefs as a whole. as a record, someone tweeted out where was the c.i.a. in this? the c.i.a. isn't part of the n.s.c. since the d.n.i. was sworn in for the first time in 2005. the president has respect for director pompeo and the president will amend the memo to add the c.i.a. back into the n.s.c. i know there was a tweet yesterday from the former national security adviser that said where is the c.i.a. out of everything. i would like to remind the former national security adviser when the memo was drafted in 2009, i don't see the obama administration including it in theirs. it is president trump who is including it in the n.s.c.
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after the d.n.i. was named and sworn in in 2005, we are the administration that is adding it back into the n.s.c. it was the obama administration that didn't have it in. to answer the former national security adviser's tweet, the c.i.a. was in ours and wasn't in theirs. with respect to over the -- moving on to, the president signed another memo when he was at the department of defense instructing the joint chiefs of staff to deliver a plan to defeat isis. it must include a recommendation to changes of any rules of engagement and other policy restrictions that exceed the requirements of international law regarding the use of isis, public diplomacy, information operations and cyber strategies to isolate and delegitimize
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isis, identification of new coalition partners in the fight against isis and policies to fight isis and its affiliates, mechanisms to cut off support including financial transfers, money laundering, the sales of art, historical facts and a detailed strategy to rebusly fund the plan. this memorandum is a profound statement that the president's clear objective is to destroy and defeat isis. this is not only a necessary step for america's national security but a humanitarian imperative. if isis is left in power, the threat it poses only grows. it has attempted to develop chemical weapons capabilities and maintains recruiting home-grown terrorists. the united states must take decisive action and the president is taking the necessary steps.
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over the weekend, the president also held constructive phone calls with the head of government from australia, france, germany, japan, russia, saudi arabia, south korea and the united arab emirates. i reafffirmed our interests throughout the world. the safety of the american people and security of america's homeland continues to be the president's top priority. his outeach is a critical step in turning the page of the failed foreign policies of the past eight years. he did all this in the face of extreme obstructionism from senate democrats who are holding up 17 leads that require confirmation. 10 days into his term, president obama only had seven people and president bush had four. senate democrats think they will be ok with continuing business as usual and confirming nominees, they misunderstood the message this november. the truth is, these cabinet
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members are qualified and will be confirmed by the senate. and democrats know this. so it's time to stop playing political games. the office of the u.s. trade representative sent 12 letters notifying the nations to the transpacific partnership that the u.s. has withdrawn from the agreement. the next step in fulfilling the president's campaign promises to get our country out of unacceptable trade deals. the president will continue to negotiate better trade agreements and increase american wages and reduce our trade deficit. the white house office of intergovernmental affairs is making sure that all lines of communication are open. as of today, the white house has
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made contact with all governor'' offices in every state and territory in deep and dive conversations have taken place with 32 governors. outreach efforts have touched 22-50 states attorneys general and 16 speakers of the house, the leaders of the 10 largest finally recognized tribes and leaders of the largest counties and municipalities. all have expressed enthusiasm on working with the white house on issues impacting their local communities and families. the office is preparing is preparing for the national governors' association meeting at the end of february which the president plans to host a dinner. he started his day with a breakfast and listening session with small business leaders. a list of attendees is available. it comes on the heels of meetings that the president held last week with top business leaders and union leaders. he has made it clear in his first week in office, through executiver orders and he is committed to working.
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the vice president hosted a breakfast with king abdullah at the naval object serve tower and the president expects to greet the king. the vice president thanked the king tore his efforts in advancing peace and stability in the middle east and reafffirmed the united states' commitment to jordan's security and economic development. they discussed events in the region including ways to defeat isis and promote a political solution to the syrian conflict. the vice president welcomes the king's views on potential changes involving the embassy in israel and the united states is in the early stages of this decision making process. the two leaders discussed how to make progress towards a comprehensive agreement between israel and the palestinians. the president and king agreed on strengthening u.s.jordan relationships and pledged to stay in close contact.
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the president signed an executive order controlling regulatory costs. it directs the director to issue guidelines for every one new regulation, two existing regulations in an agency be eliminated. we are calling it one in, two out. the cost of regulations finalized must be no greater than zero for each agency. and beginning in 2018, each agency will have a cost cap set by the director of o.m.b. beyond which can not issue regulations. this is the stirs step in the president delivering his promise to slash bureaucratic red tape. under the president's leadership, the federal government would no longer punish americans for working and doing business in the united states. over year, overregulations costs billions of dollars and reduces the wealth in every american
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household. this will help the economy get back on track and create 25 million new american jobs in the next decade. it's worth noting that this order is perhaps the most significant administrative action in the world of regulatory reform since president reagan created the office of information and regulatory affairs in 1981. a few administrative notes. i'm pleased to announce that prime minister netanyahu of israel will visit the white house on february 15. it is crucial to the security of both our nations and the president looks forward to discussing strategic, technological and military and intelligence cooperation with the prime minister. tomorrow at 8:00 p.m., the president will announce who he intends to nominate for the supreme court. and it's interesting to some tweets have come out against these unnamed individual. i would take a few questions.
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reporter: president trump asked the prime minister to join him. when can syrian civilians expect to receive this support? >> mr. spicer: it is an important note that there is such agreement with how we address this problem and seeing it across the spectrum. it's important we have stability in the region and the idea this was an idea of mute tall discussion and agreement, when we talk about stability in the region, we will have continued discussions but the first step of getting both sides on the first page was a great step forward. reporter: the president stayed today in that on-camera session about how the market has run during the last couple of months. today, it happens to be a big market drop since october and one of the unsernlts is that tax
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reform might not get done this year. my question to you is, can the administration commit to major tax reform in 2017? mr. spicer: it's a two-way street and you have seen a commitment to fight on behalf of small businesses. it can't underscore how important it is. since 1981, we haven't seen anything of this magnitude to address the regulatory impact that small businesses face. we are going to continue to work with both houses of -- to develop a comprehensive tax plan and there is eagerness on behalf of congress to do that as well. when you look not at the ups and downs of a market, but consumer confidence and market indicators, the trump indicators brought confidence back to traders and investors and job creators and look at the number of individuals, the small businesses, the large
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businesses, the auto makers all coming in and saying i want to be part of your effort, your agenda to make the country better, to bring jobs back here. i think it's a positive sign, not just on the ups and downs on one day, but the overall commitment that businesses have to want to work with this administration, to add jobs, to create better jobs, to add benefits to find out how the president can ease the regulatory burden. there is a process being undertaken to unleash the american economy and the approach he is takeing not with large and small businesses but the energy sector, how do we unleash america's resources, and how do we do that to create good-paying jobs and get the economic boon to come out of it. reporter: two questions, how
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important is national security information to you? you are saying they are at the table -- mr. spicer: that's not what i said. i don't think i can underscore this enough, what we're saying, nothing has changed. the director of national intelligence and the chairman of the joint chiefs are part by the n.s.c., full stock. what we have done is make sure on issues of homeland security and domestic policy they are always welcome to attend. 100%. however if the issue is on pandemic flu or other domestic type nates that don't involve the military, it would be a waste of time to have the chairman of the joint chiefs to come over. to talk about downgrading is a misreading. it is a disservice and if you took time to read it, you would see it.
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i have seen this misreporting about downgrading or upgrading. the language is 100% identical. any misreading of it otherwise is a spread of misinformation, plain and simple. reporter: you are saying they >> so you're saying there at the table? mr. spicer: no. >> there is the table, so how are the -- how important are the ?tatements mr. spicer: unbelievable. mr. madison, on the phone with mr. pompeo this morning. p values there opinion. you cannot say in word how much
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respect he has whether it is oreral madison -- madison pompeo. you cannot say in deeds or action. the first up he made was to the cia because of how much he values the work they do and how much respect he has. final think there is much more he can do to show. sevenn you talk about the countries, the majority countries, talking to formal officials of the administration, they are saying what you are doing is different. much more restrictive. what do you say to that? mr. spicer: we are putting the safety of americans first. we're not going to sit and wait. the president is going to be proactive. not said and wait and see if it will happen again. you will do everything he can to face every potential threat.
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that is key. ?ow do we get ahead of threats how do we keep america ahead of the curve? that is what the president has done, he has made sure every way possible we get down the secure path of putting america's safe security first. theks you suggested over weekend the action taken on the executive order might have been related to specific intelligence that it was necessary to prevent something from happening and any question can be explained in part because it needed to happen right away. ?an you explain that >> i appreciate that opportunity. what we're trying to say is we don't know when the next threat is coming, when the next attack is coming? if you wait, we don't know what
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is happening. i want to be clear the president is not going to wait, he wants to make sure he is doing everything in his power to protect the homeland and its people. not waiting. not saying, look how do we react ? i want to be clear that since becoming president he is he has continued to take steps to make sure this country is as safe as it can be and that we are at ahead of every threat. >> in other words, it was not put in place because of procedures, was what because of specific procedures? all i am saying is that his view in gener is not to wait to get ahead of the curve. timeline.a specific the point is we do not know when that our comes. we don't know when that individual crosses into our border to do harm.
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so the idea of waiting, when you don't know if it could be that night, that next day, that we, the president is not want to wait. he wants to protect the homeland as soon asple possible. reporter: 21 related questions. a number of legal challenges against the executive order. confidencer level of you will prevail legally and what is the basis for that level of confidence? esther spicer: the eastern district of new york is most prominent. we won't even have to prevail. it does not make sense. it deals with people being deported. the action never intended to deport people, and has to do with how we let people in and detain them until we ascertain whether or not they sought to do us any harm. we are talking about a universe of 109 people. are 325,000 people that came into this country in a
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24-hour time. we have to keep this in proportion, folks. this is 109 people being stopped 24-hour time.r a i know everyone likes to get where they want to get as quickly as possible. i think the government did a phenomenal job making sure we process people through knowing people coming in had not done anything that was seeking to keep us -- do us harm. when you look at the perspective, you note the polls are going up this morning. the majority of americans agree with the president. was recognize the steps he taking was to keep this country safe and not look back and say, i wish we had done the following. all of the enforcement and action regarding the executive order is in place and remains
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now. we feel confident if there are any problems we will prevail. this is a national security issue. these seven countries were derived from what the obama administration deemed needing further restriction. we followed through on that as we look through this review, we're going to put a system in place that vets, extreme vets, these people coming into our country that could potentially do us harm. plain and simple. john. reporter: you can't forget things like that. what's the president's response to iran flagrantly thumbing its nose at the u.n. security council, and if i could just finish, prime minister netanyahu, who you mentioned is coming here, is looking to the white house for more sanctions against iran. the speaker: we're aware -- we are aware than a rerun fired that missile. i will try to have more for you later.
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reporter: thank you, sean. two brief questions. first, the president of z.o.a., zionists of america, put out a statement following the president proclamation on the holocaust saying that the nation of jews and what they experienced was, quote, painful, unquote. is the president aware of some of the criticism from the american jewish community and does he plan to do anything about it? mr. spicer: he's aware of what people have been saying but by and large he's been praised for it. i mean, the president recognized the tremendous loss of life that came from the holocaust. but i think with respect to, you know, israel and the jewish people specifically, there's been no better friend than donald trump when it comes to
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protecting israel, building a better friendship with israel. you look at what prime minister netanyahu talks about, he welcome this administration, he appreciates the friendship and respect he has shown to israel and the jewish people. but to suggest otherwise, john, frankly, i've got to be honest, the president went out of his way to recognize the holocaust and the suffering that went through it and the people that were affected by it and the loss of life and to make sure that america never forgets what so many people went through, whether they were jews or or gypsies, gays, people with disabilities, i get it but at the end of the day, when you look at the state of israel or the jewish people themselves, there's been no better friend to donald trump, especially after the last eight year the tremendous respect he's shown israel, the jewish people, and to suggest anything otherwise is frankly disappointing. reporter: second question. several n.g.o.'s that have helped people from the countries affected have said they
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specifically have focused on people who interpreted for our military and say they would be affected by this, i believe secretary mattis -- said he hoped to specify that and give people a better shot at that. change? going to be any mr. spicer: that one interpreter on television yesterday said, i love donald trump. we should make sure in those cases we make sure they're helped out but that doesn't mean give them a pass. the obama administration let two people through the iraqi program , in they came to the united states and tried to plan an attack in kentucky. i think that we've got to recognize that people who have helped this country, served this nation, might not be citizens at the time, want to come here, we need to appreciate the service that they've had. that doesn't mean we don't let them in without a certain degree of vetting. that's what we're going to do to make sure, again, the onus is on making sure we protect the american people and that people who want to come into this country do so in a peaceful way. reporter: i'd like to ask you
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him about dodd-frank. president trump said he's going to do a big number on dodd-frank. i want to know what the time frame for the big number, is this legislation that you're looking at teaming up with republican lawmakers on or do you think the big number can mostly be handled through executive? mr. spicer: i think today what you saw is the first step on the path of regulatory relief to our nation's small and large businesses as well. and i think he understands, and i think he understands, especially as a businessman himself and someone who has been in involved in financing, the impact dodd-frank has had on lending in particular and the impact it has on small and large businesses. i think we're going to continue to work with congress on reform and -- we'll have more for you on that at some point in the future. reporter: i'm wondering, do you
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expect to see more on h-1 coming out any time soon and his spokesman has issued a statement. mr. spicer: h-1-b's and other visas, the president will continue to work on. you've seen a lot of action on immigration. whether it's that or spousal visas or other types of visas, i think there's an overall need to look at all these programs. you'll see both through executive action and comprehensive legislative measures a way to address immigration as a whole and the visa program.
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reporter: on the organization, with regard to the president's chief strategist on n.s.c., that wasn't something that existed in obama's tenure. what does that speak about mr. bannon's role within the white house? mr. spicer: let's be honest. david axelrod walked in and out of the meetings frequently by his own account and you alls' account. this is transparent, it shows who is going to be going in and out of those meetings. i think it shows that this administration is trying to make sure we don't hide things, wait for them kind of after the fact. so it recognizes the role he's going to play. steve won't be in every meeting. like axelrod, we'll come in and he'll come ind, and out when needed. i think we wanted to be up front about it, make sure it was stated, so it wasn't a story when he did. reporter: on the strike over the weekend, can you talk about the president's involvement and does
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he intend to speak to the family of the fallen service member. mr. spicer: he was obviously aware of the strike occurring. he was kept in constant contact saturday night of the status of the mission of both the success it had and the tragic loss of life that occurred. we are currently following department of defense next of kin procedures and as soon as it is appropriate, the president will be speaking with the family members. reporter: on north korea icbn, the north korea announced that statesunited intercepted, it would be a war, how do you respond?
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mr. spicer: how do we respond to north korea? we're working thru diplomatic channels on that. reporter: one more. yesterday, president trump called the president of south korea and also they said tissue theyso said [indiscernible] -- what's the statement on that? mr. spicer: there was a readout about that call, i think we'll have further stats but i think the readout speaks for itself. reporter: can you talk about tomorrow night, can you tell us who the pick is? [laughter] reporter: is the pick off the list you've been using? is he 100% sure he's the pick?
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mr. spicer: this individual is part of the list he put out. he maintained exactly what he said he was going to do. but i'm not going to share any further guidance on that, but i appreciate the try. reporter: did you say he? [applause] [laughter] mr. spicer: i said the individual. reporter: following up on the president's statements about illegal immigrants, is he still plans an executive order? and the second followup on your statement about the holocaust statement, last night the republican jewish coalition called it an unfortunate omission that the white house did not acknowledge the jewish mentioni think they did
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antisemitism. could you explain why you decided to depart from bipartisan tradition? mr. spicer: the statement was written with the help of an individual who is both jewish and the descendant of holocaust survivors. to suggest that remembering the holocaust and acknowledging all of the people, jewish, gyp priests, gays, the lesbians.and it is pathetic that people are nitpicking on a statement. i remember we issued a statement at christmas time calling christ the king and many reporters in this room and otherwise started wondering if we were referring to the king as the president-elect. do you know how offensive that was to christians? the idea that you're nitpicking a statement that sought to remember this tragic event that occurred and the people who died in it is just ridiculous. i think he acknowledged the suffering that existed and wants to make sure it's enshrined in the american people's memory so that something like this never, ever happens again.
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and to sit there and suggest that he was trying to single out anything, and a people of which he has shown such tremendous tre respect for and such a willingness in terms of the state of israel to go out there and show the partnership that needs to exist between us and respect. when you contrast that, frankly, a statement a statement, and you look at the actions of the last administration, the iran nuclear deal, them giving palestine an equal footing in terms of the amendment passed by the u.n. security council on their way out the door, to compare a statement that remembers the holocaust with the actions of the last eight years and the disrespect that was shown to israel is unbelievable. where were the questions about the u.n. security council resolution that came forward and the idea of this -- there is a unprecedented step the administration took. where were the questions then?
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crosstalk] mr. spicer: several members of the jewish rate on his staff and to suggest an omission is kind of ridiculous. reporter: i am sure you are aware of this circulating outside the state department taking issue with the executive order. or you aware? are you concerned you are facing a bureaucracy at the state department that may not be working in the same direction you are? and could i press you a little bit on the very first question on the safe zone? president trump setting couple times before the election that he wanted the country not only to be open to this but to support and pay for it. is that the request he made of the king of saudi arabia on the phone call?
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one, weer: on the first are aware of that. this is a procedure that is part of the state department way of letting career officials expressed themselves. obviously we are aware of it. government that any official, anyone who does not understand the president possibly go live in this and what it actually was, again, i think this has been blown way out of proportion and exaggerated. in 24 hours, the 320,000 people onlye are talking about 109. the obama administration identified and and these bureaucrats have a problem? they should get with the program or they should go. this is about the safety of america! there is a reason the majority of americans agree with the president, it is because i understand it has his number one
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priority on duty to keep our people and our institutions safe from attack and the steps are frankly common sense steps the president is taking to make sure we're never looking in the rearview mirror saying we should of done something like this. we did have a conversation about financing as well, yes. reporter: president obama, a statement earlier, said he was struck by the engagement taking place in communities around the country. does president trump have a message for the protesters and a message for the 109 people? beo about the pledge to isis, it has been said he has a beat isis.isis -- does he? mr. spicer: yes.
10:51 pm
he will be meeting with secretary of state, secretary of defense, he has been having that conversation with his advisers. he has tasked the joint chiefs to come up with a end to implement recommendations to make sure we can defeat isis. reporter: message specifically to the families? mr. spicer: it is they shame people were inconvenienced at at the end of the day we are talking about a couple hours. i'm sorry a full-time to wait a little while but i think the rather knowuld much he is not placing a call to someone who was killed it can someone let this country to make a terrorist act. if you wait for a call that we have to have of someone temporarily inconvenienced coming to an airport. when you do talk to some of those people, as i mentioned somewhere interviewed, they understood the president was doing it in the best day interest of the country.
10:52 pm
being able to come to america is a privilege, not a right. it is our duty and the president's gold to make sure everyone comes into this country to the best of our ability, is here to enjoy this country and coming peacefully. he takes that obligation extremely seriously. thison, i want to finish question. sure somebody is inconvenienced a little, people experience this all the time sometimes going in and out of tsa. we do so to make sure we're atting on a plane, going to destination, not committing a nefarious act. the safety of our country, of our people, is always going to be at the forefront of this president's head. we have to keep this in proportion. we had 109 people temporarily detained. they are all in.
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they were temporarily detained to make sure the safety of the other 324 million americans was put first. i do not see how that is a big problem. reporter: advocates are saying we already have extreme vetting. it takes 18-24 months for people with refugee status to go through that vetting process so how to you justify making it even more extreme in hand do you plan to add more countries to of terrorists? mr. spicer: it is a 90-day review time. again, i understand that. it is interesting you are talking about adding countries when i keep your questions about too much and too quick. you can't have it both ways. you can't argue we should add more and yet we are having issues. reporter: some of the countries that have problems with terrorism are not on the list. mr. spicer: we are reviewing it to make sure we do it right.
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you don't have to look any farther than the families of the boston marathon and it atlanta and san bernardino to ask if we can go further. they're obviously steps we should be taking and i think the president will continue to do what he needs to make sure this country is as safe as possible. reporter: we were told by top administration officials that they were drafting an executive order. from offices they were not involved. can you say which were involved? you are saying offices were involved. mr. spicer: 135 offices plus territories. , as wast an allegation told you last night, staff from appropriate committees and leadership were involved.
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reporter: thank you very much. two questions. ]a discernible -- indiscernible do you think india will be a member of the security council? think we cando you see in the administration? mr. spreads her: i think very impressed with ambassador hayley spending her first week in new york and she will do a fine job of representing us. reporter: thank you sir. , since president trump's victory to make america great again, my question is both -- how will the vote
10:56 pm
work as far as u.s. relations [indiscerniblend ] mr. spicer: i appreciate that. the relations continue to grow stronger. did the president specifically have to ok? mr. spicer: he did. reporter: and report that the president plans to with draw the paris climate agreement within days, can you confirm? mr. spicer: -- [indiscernible] -- was
10:57 pm
this gracious of the president? mr. speiser: i think the president's speech speaks for itself. kellyanne conway pointed out this morning. are other problems going on in this country. hopeless, jobs. it is interesting that with eight years, everything going on in this country, i do not see too many tears for senator schumer. was 109: you said it people but the associated press is reporting the program 300 arabians,ich christians, jews, and others were coming to austria as a way station to come to the united states and have been blocked from coming to austria. mr. spicer: 109 were detained and they u.s. reporter: but what about the 300 block?
10:58 pm
mr. spicer: that is not what i said. there were 109 people detained in the united states. they were processed through to make sure they were not causing anyone in the united states armed. they were processed through the system. that is what i said, that is what happened. reporter: are you concerned about kickback from many of the ,ountries on the list of seven critical of countries like saudi arabia and afghanistan when we on this soilcks from those countries? react --r: are you acting about their reaction to us? president trump is protecting the united states and its people. if they want to react, it is up to them as a sovereign nation but it is our duty, his duty to make sure the people in our
10:59 pm
country are protected firsthand foremost will stop reporter: the human rights campaign has issued a statement spreading rumors saying that president trump is about to sign a religious freedom order undermining of gb team rights. there are a lot of executive orders, a lot of things the president has talked about and will continue to come fell but i've nothing on that front. reporter: will be 90 day ban be extended and definitely? right now it calls for 90 days to review the seven countries and again at the and of that we will see where we go from there but for right now that is the goal of this. believe youdon't answer this question earlier, what was the reason that president trump decided to move up his announcement from thursday night to tomorrow night ? mistress frazier: because he wanted to.
11:00 pm
reporter: but -- move iter: he wanted to up. he mentioned on friday made the decision to go with it. plain and simple. reporter: the new york coalition -- why was that individual allowed to enter the country? was it a violation of president trump's -- mr. spicer: it is really plain and simple. tuesday, wednesday, friday of last week, can you confirm the president has not received the daily briefing? mr. spicer: he gets it every day. reporter: the news of the travel ban, a recruiting tool. cia director michael hayden said
11:01 pm
the travel ban, he believes it could make the u.s. less safe. when he say to those who believes the travel ban will make this country less safe? this is spicer: let's go back again to what it is. seven countries already identified needed further trouble restrictions. the president recognizes it is his duty and obligation to make sure we keep the country safe. by instituting a process by which we look at these countries period and the process by which they come in and out of the country, think it sense. heck of a lot of i say this respectfully, but i think some people have not read what exactly the order says and are reading it through misguided media reports. when you actually read the report and understand it and how it is working, and again, look at how it works when you talk about the 325,000 people. 109 were temporarily
11:02 pm
inconvenienced for the safety of us all. the process. the point is you can go through it nitpicking but that is why we slow it down a little. is ake sure if it five-year-old, they are with their parents and don't pose a threat. to assume through age or gender or whatever that they do not pose a threat would be wrong. did secretary mattis find out only hours after -- all appropriate agencies and individuals that needed to be part of the process were. everybody was kept in the loop that was necessary. reporter: how well were those departments briefed? you just said yourself the president is willing to act very quickly to keep the country
11:03 pm
safe? is there a lesson to be learned in terms of better preparing the departments that are relevant? mr. spicer: i understand that there are two things to clear up. one is that if we announced this a lot earlier it would of given people plenty of time to flood into the country that would of done us harm so that was not an effective strategy. the people needed to be kept in the loop, where. again, this is overblown. when you look at the context of how big this was and the number it isple that caught up, relatively minor as a percentage of the overall total so when you look at how this worked on a saturday, 109 people out of 325 thousand were slowed down going in. i truly believe it is being blown out of proportion, the extent to which this actually was, for what it did. i think government functioned very well. we major the people coming in were not coming in to do it.
11:04 pm
we major the people going back to a country that was one of anye seven did so without intention of doing this country or its people harm. the screening work well. that is the takeaway. the country worked well as the country is the safer for it. how many of the 109 24-hours have been detained? mr. spicer: i can get you that, to my knowledge i don't think it was that many. basically, those who were in transit during that executive order issue. again, it should almost be a minimal amount because that primary initial wave were the people in transit when the executive order was executed. the rest were not allowed to actually enter backhander going
11:05 pm
through the process through the consulate in regular system so it is actually a pretty easy of ensuring the system works well. reporter: you said respective to the career diplomats who disagreed with signing this cable they should get with the program or they can go. are you suggesting they should resign? president has a very clear position. he is going to put the safety of this country first. he is going to implement things that are in the best interest us of the country. if somebody has a problem with that agenda, then they should -- then, you know, that does call into question whether they should continue in that post or not. the president was elected. i think again, look at the polls . the american people support with the resident is doing. everybody here needs to get out of washington once in a while at go talk to people in america who are pleased that this president
11:06 pm
is taking the steps necessary to protect this country. look, know the president appreciates the people are served this nation and the public servants but at some point if they have a big problem with the policies he is instituting to keep the country safe than it is up to them to question whether they want to stay or not but i think again it you need to understand the goal. reporter: what about democrats who have clearly signified their attention to filibuster his supreme court nominee? mr. spicer: american people wanted change. old, effective leadership. that is why they voted for mr. trump. -- forocrats to democrats to play political games with these candidates who think about this. he met with a bunch of senate democrats to talk about the qualities they want in a judge
11:07 pm
and before they even heard of this judge was, some of them said absolutely no. that jesuit is all about politics, not qualifications. the president has a right to have his nominee taken up. the default is to be, unless qualified, confirmed. now it is going to always know. that is a sad message. they heard loud and clear from the american people and especially if you think about where the democratic party has gone in the last eight years, they have lost seats at every level. they were supposed to take back the senate. they did not. the republicans did very well in the house. we won the presidency. the message came through loud and clear that the american people want decisive leadership. they are getting at. if you are a senate democrat you to wonder whether or not you are getting out of washington enough. thank you very much.