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  Presidential News Conference  CSPAN  March 23, 2018 4:06pm-4:33pm EDT

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eastern on c-span. >> government funding was set to expire tonight at midnight. earlier today, the white house, president trump signed the $1.3 trillion omnibus bill that congress sent to the house this morning after the house passed it. the presidents cited that he is unhappy with the bill, including the costs, and won't sign one like it in the future. pence,oined by mike wilbur ross, james nielsen. this is 20 minutes. pres. trump: thank you very much, everybody. we have good news to report. various trade deals are being made with different countries. very long,tiating
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very hard, but very quickly. with south korea, according to bob lighthizer and secretary ross, is close to finished and we're going to have a wonderful deal with a wonderful allied. -- a wonderful allied. we are getting close to it. it was causing problems in terms of him clement and other things. i would ask secretary ross to do a few things -- say a few words about that kid and then we are going to get to this ridiculous situation at took place over the last week. secretary ross? sec. ross: thank you mr. president. we believe we are relatively close to a pretty comprehensive resolution with the south korean government.
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it would encompass, if it goes s andgh, both the 232' broader trade issues. we hope by sometime next week to have a real announcement. thank you, wilbur, i appreciate it. last time we negotiated something like this, and as you know it has been a problem for our country, they get together and they create a series of documents that nobody has been able to read because it was just done. you tell me, who can read that quickly? last eight years, deep defense cuts have undermined our national security. ,f you look it was taken out it's hallowed our readiness, and put america at grave risk.
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my highest duty is to keep america safe. nothing more important. thismnibus bill reverses dangerous -- as dangerous as it has been, as much opposition to the military as we have had from the democrats, and it has been tremendous, i tried to explain to them, the military is for republicans and democrats, and everybody else. but we have tremendous really,on to creating what will be by far the strongest military that we have ever had, we have had that from the democrats. if we take something from the military, they want something -- if we take something for the military, they want something in many ways, are a wasted sum of money. it is bad for our country.
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we are looking for funding in the final fight of some areas. we have got just about 100% of our land back from isis. we have troop increases necessary to accomplish what we have to do. we have a pay increase for our troops. this will be the largest pay increase for our incredible people in over a decade. it increases total defense spending by more than $60 billion from last year. it funds the addition of credit we needed ships, helicopters, planes, tanks, and summaries. we have some -- submarines. we have submarines being built unlike anywhere in the world. someilitary equipment is of the best in the world and one thing you saw in saudi arabia and other countries, saudi arabia is buying hundreds of billions of dollars worth of our equipment. we are getting very fast approvals on that.
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as a matter of national security, i've signed this omnibus bill. there are a lot of things i am unhappy about in this bill. there are a lot of things that we should not have had in this bill but we were, in a sense, , if he wants to build our military, forced to have. but i said to congress, i will never sign another bill like this again. nobody read it. it is only hours old. know --ple don't even $1.3 trillion. the second-largest ever. thatdent obama signed one was actually larger, which i'm sure he was not happy with either. but in this case it became so big because we need to take care of our military. the democrats, who don't believe in that, wanted things to get
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their vote. we have to get rid of the filibuster rules. we have to get rid of the filibuster rules. and go to 51 votes in the senate. if we are going to have really sustained continued success. daca recipients have been treated extremely badly by the democrats. daca,ted to include include them in this bill, a thousand people, and even more. and we wanted to include daca in this bill. the democrats would not do it. they would not do it. situation the omnibus from happening again, i to give me a line item detail for all government spending bills and the senate must end the filibuster rule and get down to
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work. we have to get a lot of great legislation approved and without the filibuster rule it will .appen just like magic i want to address the issue of border security would check on national defense -- i call it's stopping drugs from pouring across our border, and i call it illegal immigration. it is all those things. national defense are important to words. -- national defense are important two words. by building a wall we are in a position militarily that is very advantageous. subject get off that like to talk to -- ask secretary
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mattis about what we have accomplished. depleted but it is rapidly getting better and in a short time it will be only stronger. i would like to ask secretary mattis if you are. sec. mattis: thank you mr. president and ladies and gentlemen. in 1790, george washington's first annual address to congress, he stated, to be prepared for war is one of the most effective means of preserving peace. as the president noted we just received the largest military budget in history. we have seen years of decline and unpredictable funding and together we are going to see make our military stronger than ever. we are grateful for the american people, for their sacrifices on behalf of this funding. in theur responsibility military to spend every dollar
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wisely in order to keep the trust and the confidence of the american people and the congress. thank you. pres. trump: thank you very much. thank you very much, general. we are working on -- we have worked hard on. we're going to make a long way. a lot of money coming to the border, over a. of time. we funded the initial payment of 1.6 nine dollars and we will $1.6 work on monday -- billion and we will start work on monday. fixing existing walls and acceptable fences, there are areas you have to be able to see and in many cases, it's
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not a pretty picture when you look at you have to be able to see it. we have $1.6 billion for the wall that will start immediately. this is a short-term funding but his immediate -- but is immediate. i would like to ask secretary nielsen in terms of what we done for homeland security and what the bill does for homeland security, thank you. sec. nielson: good afternoon. we support the omnibus in defense of this country. the president says he has delivered on the defense of the american people. this is a 10% increase for immigration and customs enforcement. aviations us improve security with family needed upgrades. we look forward to working with congress on additional needs we
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have. i will say that it is didrtunate that congress not listen to the men and women of vhs. they tell us how and where to build the wall, and they will continue to work with us to tell us where the wall is needed and how it is needed. we also will continue to work with congress to close the dangerous loopholes that the president has mentioned many times and to continue to increase our overall security. and we think those in congress who support the department of homeland security, i will continue to make myself available to them. but we must fund the department and give it's the tools and resources they need that the american people asked us to do. thank you. pres. trump: thank you very much, secretary. many elements in the bill that we wanted.
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just look at a few of them. providing 650 billion dollars for defense spending. there will be nobody that says our military will be depleted like they have been saying over the last -- long. of time. long. --long period of time. just like they did under obama, that will not be happening. will be upgrading and in some cases brand new, nuclear submarines and others. far the mostby earth.l nuclear force on it will be in perfect shape and
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condition and hopefully, praise be to god, that we don't ever have to use it. but there will be nobody that is even close. this will give a substantial to people outside of the military but military related. some of the things we are buying in the military, we have $23.8 billion to secure 34 navy ships. our navy is at the lowest point in terms of ships that it has been over a hundred years. we are adding a significance number of extremely advanced vessels. billion for 90 f-35 aircraft.
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the most sophisticated aircraft in the world. they are hard to find and therefore hard to beat. we have 2.9 billion for a tanker aircraft. the tanker aircraft is very everything.sed on it allows our planes of travel anywhere in the world without landing. dollars for super hornet fighter jets. pos poseidonfor 10 -- 10 poseidon's.
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incredible stuff. $1.1 billion for the upgrade of abrams tanks. million for the cooperative programs with israel and others on various missile-defense systems. we're spending a lot of money on missile-defense. we are offense that has been recently installed and we are him of his money on missile-defense. therehat we have out missile-defense is a very important. we are funding border patrol agents and ice agents. they're working long hours under tremendously dangerous conditions. we are adding large numbers of immigration judges, high-quality judges.
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not only are we adding them in the district level, the federal level, of court of appeals, but we are adding immigration judges at a very high level. disappointed in the 1.3 trillion dollars, nobody more so than me because the numbers so large, we had no choice but to fund our military. because we have to have the strongest military in the world. and this will be by far the strongest military that we have ever had. when you look at all these pages, a lot of that is devoted, a lot, to the military. i want to thank members of congress for working so hard. we can be disappointed in some
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ways, we have to also know that there are a lot of strings pulling everybody in different directions. senators, the republican congressmen and women have been steadfast on their fight for the border and steadfast for their fight on the military. spending $6 billion on various forms of drug control, helping people that are addicted. but thisrrible problem will be a record. suing certain drug companies for what they have done with opioids. we will be bringing the suit to the federal level. the level of drugs that are being put out there and the
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power of this addiction is hard to believe. people go to the hospital for. --can come out drug addict people go to the hospital for a week and come out drug addicts. -- people go to the hospitalin oure looking for medicine that can stop pain without addiction so that people don't become addicted. billion having to do -- going towards fighting opioids and similar issues. we are extremely proud of what we have been able to do when it comes to our military. our military will be far superior than to anybody in the world. you see the players out there, you see what we are dealing
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with. we are very happy with what has happened with opioids. we are very happy with what has happened with certain elements of the border. billion butth $1.6 it starts the wall. money go veryhat far. it's going to go very far. can tell you this and i say this to daca recipients, that the republicans are with you. they want to get your situation taking care of. the democrats fought us. they fought every single inch of the way. they did not want daca in this bill. as you know, daca is tied to the wall. for the major funding. the $25 billion for the wall and other things. i think that we coming up very soon.
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but i want the hispanic community to know, and daca recipients to know, the republicans are much more on your side than the democrats who are using you for their own purposes. with that being said, i want to thank everybody for being here. we are very proud of many of the items we've been able to get. we are disappointed that in order to fund the military, we had to give up and will -- weider, in many cases, had to give up things that we consider in many cases to be bad or a waste of money. but that is the way the system works right now. we have a great country. we are going to have the greatest military we never had. lots of good things are happening. the trade situation we will be talking about next week. we have many trade deals, not only a deal being made on south korea which looks like it is
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hosting finalize, but many other countries are now negotiating or trade deals with us -- fair trade deals with us. we will be rolling them out and part of the reason that we have been able to do that we have these tariffs on steel ends -- steel and aluminum. it shows how unfair some of these trade deals, in existence for many years, how unfairly have been. it will be great for our country and frankly it will be great for other countries and it will be fair and reciprocal. thank you all very much. >> you knew that you had to sign the bill? pres. trump: you will figure it out and about 20 minutes. we looked at it to veto, i looked seriously at the veto i was thinking about doing the veto, but because of the incredible gains that we have been able to make for the
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military, that overrun any of our thinking. >> how concerned are you about the stock market? pres. trump: the stock market is way up. when i came into office, the stock market was much different planet. it is way up. china is going to treat as fairly. they have free reign. they don't have free main anymore -- they had a free reign but not anymore. $500 billion on trade with china. we cannot let that happen. thank you very much. >> if you missed any of the president's comments, we will re-air them tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern here on c-span. other primetime programming tonight, on c-span two, the
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supreme court arguments in the case of national institute of family and mike advocates versus becerra. the case deals with the issues of crisis pregnancy centers and for you each. three, -- on c-span three, >> on saturday we bring to the march for our lives rally. activists marching against politicians for gun violence safety. that starts new and eastern on c-span -- noon eastern on c-span. 1960 eight,ay on american turmoil, the presidential election of 1968 began with a presidential candidates. by the end the sitting president bowed out and barbara kennedy was assassinated. television coverage was dominated by violent clashes between chicago police.
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nixon won the primary. the author of the greatest comebacks, how richard nixon rose to the seat to greet the new majority. barbara perry, director of presidential studies at the university of virginia. turmoil onamerican sunday. >> monday on landmark cases, we explore the case of a petty thief who spent his time in jail studying a lot. what says the state? are you ready for trial? >> the state is ready.
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>> what says the defendant? >> i am not ready. -- would youplease please guilty of insanity? >> no sir. >> why are you not ready? >> i have no counsel. >> examine the case with paul who served with the george w. bush ministration -- paul clement, who served with the georgia we wish ministration and the 43rd solicitor general of the united states. live mondayrk cases at 9:00 eastern on c-span. website has grounds on these cases including links to the national constitution center's, and you can download
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30 minutes podcast at or from your podcast subscriber. justice and treasury department officials announced indictments against nine iranian hackers who have been accused from stealing data from universities on behalf of tehran. this briefing is half an hour. >> good morning. for may decades the united states has led the world in science, technology, research and development. hostile in organizations and nationstates have taken the about success. they increasingly attempt to pr