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Jeff Sessions
  Attorney General Sessions on Immigration Enforcement  CSPAN  May 2, 2018 3:13pm-3:18pm EDT

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give way as well. one form of that has not been responsive enough to popular view. we live in what we call a form of anima craddick -- in a form of -- liberalism. i think one of the many causes of the populist rise is that. the connection is more obvious on the other side. the debates i and some others engaged in and some of you were on the other side of that, whether or not idea of democracy about rights is a cohesive concept.
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>> a discussion -- the scene from the central mexican -- from the mexican-american border. >> today we are announcing that we are adding 35 assistant u.s. state attorneys to the order and we are announcing that we are 18 immigration judges to the border. these are supervisory judges that don't have existing caseloads and will be able to function full-time. it will be about a 50% increase in the number of immigration judges who will be handling asylum claims. thise not going to let country be overwhelmed. are not going to caravan or otherwise stampede our border. people should wait their turn.
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we are sending a worldwide message. make your claim to enter america. >> [indiscernible] >> they are treated extremely well and they fly back home afterwards. to have to goant through this process, don't come unlawfully. it's not my fault, it's not the border patrol's fault when people enter unlawfully. the numbers have been increasing again. it is summer. we want the world to know, particularly our friends to the know, we want them to
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[indiscernible] 1.1 million people lawfully every year. >> more live coverage coming up in just a bit. president trump speaking this afternoon at the national teacher of the year reception. you can see that at 4:30 p.m. eastern. also live on c-span, a conversation about the future of conservatism and the republican party has hosted by the american conservative magazine and "the heritage foundation." , i'm fromeducation idaho, my system worked well, but there were flaws. there were days that if i didn't have money, i wouldn't get lunch, and those were hard days that affected me. i think it really needs to be
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addressed k-12 and idaho. the issue most important to me as public education. we are currently ranked 48th or 49th in the nation. public ending is really in orton for that. -- really important for that. to increase the technical career ladder as well. not everyone needs a four-year college degree. >> washington, d.c. could really help i creating and supporting multimedia infrastructure to help people participate in politics and contemporary society. >> what i feel is an important issue is the positive regard for all. we need to get out there to support people. everybody positive rights should be equal. >> it's part of c-span's 50 capitals to