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Kevin McCarthy
  House Minority Leader Mc Carthy Holds News Conference  CSPAN  July 3, 2020 3:56am-4:11am EDT

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we need a balanced view of history. we are here to talk about economics. we will take one more question in the back. reporter: where is the treasury department on sending stimulus checks to families? are you guys going to be doing that anytime soon? or decide whether the treasury department has to do it? secretary mnuchin: was the question on stimulus checks? reporter: mixed status families. parents of american children, people who are married to undocumented -- is americanion citizens should get the payments. that's our focus. if people are here illegally, they are not going to get economic payments. but let me just say we are very focused on part of the next
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cares act, we are going to see if we need to put direct payments. worked very well. thank you, everybody. reporter: how about aid for state and local governments? secretary mnuchin: we'll consider that. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2020] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> this fourth of july weekend, president trump is at mount rushmore. tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern. in washington, saturday at 6:45 p.m. eastern for what is billed as a salute to america celebration. watch live on c-span, online at, or listen live wherever you are on the free c-span radio app. >> house minority leader kevin mccarthy talks and answers
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questions about policies. mr. mccarthy: good morning all. on this saturday, we will celebrate america's independence. make no mistake, america is the greatest country in the world and will never apologize for it. we will always celebrate and champion the values and freedoms we have fought for the last 244 years. america is more than a country, it's an idea, an idea that is so powerful, it will give shipyard workers in poland to rise up. it would make a wall that divided two germanys to crumble and become one and make 30 years ago more than one million students come to the square to build a goddess of democracy in the symbol of the statue of liberty and give one man the
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strength to stand in front of a tank knowing the outcome of his own life. but with the belief and the craving of freedom that he would rather live with freedom than die without. today, those in hong kong are doing the same. it is a great responsibility for america to you maintain. there is no other country like us and we are all equal. conceived in the rudy and dedicated to the proposition that we are all equal. this 4th of july every american should pause for a moment to thank god they were born here, but also double the commitment regardless of party that you bind yourself to pass that freedom and guarantee it to the next generation. i have a portrait of frederick douglass in my office, a man
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who was born into slavery and fought for his freedom and became the first african-american adviser to president lincoln. frederick douglass had this to describe america, every man has his chance. if he cannot be president, he can at least be prosperous. in this respect, america is not only the exception to the general rule, but to the social wonder of the world. unfortunately, some on the left are encouraged by the silence of democratic leaders including the speaker of the house are trying to erase our story and want to erase our history. whether it is a monument of slaveln freeing a democrats no longer view the , richness of our country's history worthy. not only do they want to erase our past but radically change the way we live today. the mobs the democrats encourage
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to destroy property and threaten and sometimes even attack innocent citizens. i will be introducing legislation to withhold funding from states and cities whose leaders fail to uphold the law. the mobs that the democrats encouraged suppressed speech and because it is a distraction, but their agenda can skate by unnoticed and a supplement to the radical movements in the streets. but as we saw yesterday, republicans are fighting back. congressman peter defazio tried to pass an infrastructure bill that china would control our -- control things as critical as our electrical grid. we called him out and won the vote. we won the vote even though they had every advantage not just having a majority but even those who want to stay home and get a paycheck will give their vote to nancy pelosi. today's jobs report is more
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confirmation that this administration will get us on a path to a great american comeback. 4.8 million jobs created just month, smashing every economist's expectations. many have stopped believing this is the greatest country and may want to erase everything that has made america exceptional. but i have not stopped believing in america and i'm willing to bet that every day hardworking americans believe the same. whether they are the first generation or the 10th, they still believe this great nation as well. this july 4th i celebrate this incredible nation and while some of my colleagues will not, america across this country will. i'm so thankful that god made me an american and i feel privileged to have that honor and i believe we all must uphold the basis of why this country
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was created and strive for what all have said, to create a more perfect union. thank you and let's open it up. reporter: i want to ask you about the jobs numbers. there was a significant decline in unemployment this month but places are starting to shut back down a little bit. beaches are closing the fourth of july weekend. is there concern heading into july and what is congress going to do about another coronavirus package? mr. mccarthy: we just added 4.8 million jobs. we were watching before when people thought we would lose 8 million and we created some before. we are watching this v come back. we are rebuilding, renewing and restoring this great nation. we will look at another package. unfortunately if you look at , what the democrats produced it mentioned can business more than cannabis before
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it mentioned jobs. thankfully that went no further. i have been meeting with leader mcconnell and looking at a package by the end of the month that would deal with liability protection. for small businesses, daycare cares in schools opening again to have to be protected. we want to make sure if people are still hurting that the president wants checks back out to them. want to make sure looking at p.p.e., the millions of jobs we saved even though speaker pelosi held that bill up and held it up again when it ran out of money. those are the things we will want to have happen. we will continue to build on successes. we have gone from a few million to four million. even though we had to battle a virus we didn't invite nor create but a country from a faraway land lied to us about but the freedom of america is more resilient and will come
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back stronger. reporter: do you think president trump is losing to joe biden? mr. mccarthy: the poll numbers looks like it is challenging but i believe joe biden hasn't laid out a case why he should be elected. when i look today -- >> where you satisfied with what president trump set about the second term? mr. mccarthy: he will be rebuilding, restoring and renewing a country's greatness. we are watching today the exact answer 4.3 million jobs. , if you ask joe biden how to create those, he would say you need a magic wand. this president has proved he can build a greater economy than ever before. that is what he is doing right now. this president has warned us not even as candidate trump but citizen trump the fears of what china would do to america. and he stood up to them. whereas joe biden didn't stand
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up to china and gave them almost everything and we are watching what has happened because of that. we are watching this president doing what individuals want. his campaign will begin shortly after the 4th of july and the ideas and power of the ideas will come forward and he will be re-elected. >> will you feel safe republican -- attending a republican convention? mr. mccarthy: yeah. representative gabbert is calling for a congressional investigation, is that something you report mr. mccarthy: yes. ? any soldier missing i would want to know exactly where they are missing. [indiscernible] mr. mccarthy: this is in a select committee. i don't take the appointment to intelligence is something you
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just select somebody. i would interview a number of candidate and see who is best in the field. there are positions of committees that have to also fill in there and i will look into that but we will do it shortly. [indiscernible] mr. mccarthy: we look at state and local aid, i personally would not like to see this money go to governors but to cities and counties. what i'm watching in my own state that the governor is using it almost as ransom and not delivering what congress has asked him to do. the governors are taking a percentage off the top and try to handle their own mismanagement. i would like to see money go to them for the time period that covid was a challenge. and you have watched the treasury has put out to make sure the first responders can already get that money.
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we have already appropriated and there is still money sitting more than $150 billion. , [indiscernible] mr. mccarthy: last bill you had to have 500,000 or greater to apply. i would like to wipe that away. i think the money would go directly to where it's needed if cities and counties apply directly and show the accountability of what the need is. i hope you all have a wonderful 4th of july, thank you for coming. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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discord could influence campaign 2020, with ethics and policies reporters.political watch c-span's "washington journal" at 7:00 eastern this morning. -- be sure tohe join the discussion. collin said it was possible to have a vaccine at the end of the year. dr. collins was joined by the anddirector, dr. redfield, the biomedical advanced research and development authority. this is just under three hours.