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  Campaign 2022 Fmr. President Trump Holds Rally in Wilkes- Barre Pennsylvania  CSPAN  September 4, 2022 5:00am-7:00am EDT

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this live coverage on c-span. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2022] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪
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[cheers and applause] ♪ [cheers and applause]
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>> [chanting] usa. usa. fmr. pres. trump: well, thank you very much, and hello, pennsylvania. hello. [cheers and applause] i am thrilled to be back in this incredible commonwealth with the thousands of proud, hard-working american patriots i have gotten to know so well. [cheers and applause] two months from now the people of pennsylvania will fire the radical left democrat and elect doug mastriano as your next governor. [cheers and applause] and you are going to say, my friend oz, oz, he is a great guy
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, to the u.s. senate. we will and the nancy pelosi political career, the biden political career. we will ended to -- our country is going to hell. this election is about skyrocketing inflation rampant crime, crushing gas prices. millions and millions of illegal aliens pouring across our border. race and gender and documentation, perverting our schools, and above all, this election is a referendum on the corruption and extremism of joe
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biden and the radical democrat party. if you want to stop this destruction of america, you must vote republican. you have got to get out and vote. as you know, this week, joe biden came to philadelphia pennsylvania to give the most vicious, hateful, and divisive speech ever delivered by an american president. vilifying 75 million citizens, plus another probably 75 million to 150 million, if we want to be accurate about it, as threats to democracy and enemies of the state. you are all enemies of the state. he is an enemy of the state, if you want to know the truth. the enemy of the state is him and the groups that control him,
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circling around him do this, do that, joe. i think philadelphia was a great choice to make the speech of hatred and anger. his speech was hatred and anger. by the way, the next morning, he forgot what he said. you saw. [laughter] i ask him, i did not think i said that, did i. i feel like the red lighting behind temperament like the devil. but philadelphia was a great choice because the city is being devastated under democrat rule, devastated. i hate to tell you. we love pennsylvania. i went to school in philadelphia. what is happening to philadelphia. working for workshop last weekend in philadelphia. 14. -- 14 people were shot last week and in philadelphia. 14. whoa.
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that is a lot of fake news. [booing] wow. they will go out and check the facts. four people were killed last weekend. at one point last month, seven people were shot in the span of just 71 minutes. philadelphia. this year in philadelphia, it has already seen more than 1400 people shot, including numerous, beautiful, little children. last year, the city set an all-time murder record with 560 homicides. it is on track to shadow that record again in 2022 nobody has ever seen, other than some other democrat-run cities. armed robberies in philadelphia are up 62%.
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doug, you have to take care of this. you have to take care of this. [cheers and applause] and oz will send you the goods. oz, send him the goods. you know what the goods are? lots of police officers. that's what the goods are. [cheers and applause] just recently announced, retail theft is up 59% from last year. there have been more than 750 carjackings this year. anybody have a nice car? because you will not have that long. more than tripled the average for 2010 to 2019, and it's heading way up, heading up in other cities run by democrats also. instead of trying to demonize half the population, biden and congressional democrats should focus on the killing and the
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bloodshed in philadelphia and in every other democrat-run city in america. [cheers and applause] where record death and destruction is taking place every single day. biden thinks making america great again is bad for our country. do you believe it? that was in his speech. maga. he says we have to stop maga. i don't think he knows what it means. make america great again. we have to stop making america great again. he things making america great again is a threat to our country. no, making america great again is great for our country. [cheers and applause]
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there is only one party that is waging war on american democracy by censoring free speech, criminalizing it. you see that happening. disarming law-abiding citizens. issuing lawless mandates and unconstitutional orders. imprisoning political protesters. that is what they are doing. rigging elections. weaponizing the justice department and the fbi like never ever before. [booing] and raiding and breaking into the homes of their political opponents. i wonder who that could be? republicans in the maga movement are not the ones trying to undermine our democracy. we are the ones trying to save our democracy. very simple. very simple. [applause]
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very simple. [applause] the danger to democracy comes from the radical left, not from the right. not from the right. [applause] this november, we will stand up to this rising tyranny of sickness, lawlessness, and death, and we are going to take back our country. we are going to take it back. [cheers and applause] [indiscernible] [cheers and applause] [chanting] >> usa! usa! usa! fmr. pres. trump: there could be no more vivid example of the very real threats to american
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freedom than just a few weeks ago, you saw it, when we witness one of the -- [indiscernible] [no audio] -- in american history. the shameful raid and break in of my home at mar-a-lago was a travesty of justice. [booing] that made a mockery of america's laws, traditions, and principles before the entire world. the entire world was watching, and they are shocked. they are shocked. south american countries, numerous of them, their leaders said, can you imagine if that was ever done in our country, what the united states would be
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saying about us? the biden administration invaded the home of their chief political opponent, who was absolutely destroying him and everyone else in the polls, i hate to tell you. [cheers and applause] even including the republicans, but we love the republicans. on a phony pretext, getting permission from a highly political magistrate, who the hand picked late in the evening, just days before the break-in, and trampled upon my rights and civil liberties, as if our country we love so much were like a third world nation. we are like a third world nation. [booing] they rifled through the first
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lady's closet drawers, and everything else. [booing] and even did a deep and ugly search of the room that my 16-year-old son. [booing] leaving everything they touched in far different condition then it was when they started. can you believe it? the fbi and the justice department have become vicious monsters, controlled by radical leftist scoundrels, lawyers, and the media who tell them what to do -- you people right there -- and when to do it. [booing] they are trying to silence me, and more importantly, they are trying to silence you, but we will not be silenced. right? [cheers and applause]
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[chanting] >> usa! usa ! usa! fmr. pres. trump: we will never stop speaking the truth. we have no choice, because we are not going to have a country left. the people and malice of this demented persecution of you and me should be obvious to all, and it is. even media companies that are pretty far left have come out and said we cannot believe this is happening in the usa. we are being assaulted by the same movement, the fbi and doj,
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that a few years declared ago that no reasonable prosecutor would prosecute hillary clinton after she set up an illegal server to hide her family's pay for play schemes, full of classified information, allowed it to be plundered by foreign hackers. you know that happened. and then deleted, acid-washed, 30,000 emails. think of that. 30,000 emails. and what else did she do? with the hammer, smashed her phone systems to smithereens, after receiving the highest level of subpoena from the u.s. congress. [chanting]
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think of that. think of that. yet now these same people, the exact same people are sending the fbi storming through the home of their number one political rival. it is a disgrace, a disgrace like possibly never before. our country has never seen anything like it. they talk about documents not being properly stored yet they go in to take documents, dump them on the floor, stage a photo shoot, and pretend i had done it, like i put them all over the floor. they took that back, after a lot of prodding, then they put out for public consumption a picture , which is seen all over the world -- this is what they do. it is cold disinformation -- called disinformation. these are very dishonest, sick people.
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very dishonest people. americans are sick of the lies, sick of the hoaxes, scams, and hypocrisy. our opponents have badly miscalculated, this egregious abuse above all will produce a backlash -- that the law will produce a backlash like no one has seen before. [cheers and applause] before our very eyes, our beloved country is being taken over by the very people who turned democracies into dictatorships, and ultimately, ruination. they think they can divide us, but they can't. can't divide us. they can't divide us. [applause] the maga movement is the
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greatest in the history of our country. [cheers and applause] and maybe in the history of the world, may be in the history of the world. in any event, we have no choice. we are trying to save our country, because such bad things are happening to our beautiful, beloved america. we will make america great again. [cheers and applause] i will never turn my back on you. and you will never turn your back on me, because we love our nation. and we will save our nation from people who are trying to destroy it. it was not just my home that was
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raided, it was the hopes and dreams of every citizen i have been fighting for since the moment i came down a golden escalator -- [cheers and applause] in 2015, wanting to represent the people, wanting to stop the massive corruption of our country, and determined to finally end this world put america first. i want to put america first. and we did. we did. we did. there has never been a period of time, both before covid or the china virus as we say, and after covid. from that moment on, i became the enemy of the washington swamp. forte six years, the radical democrat party, rhinos, deep media, deep state -- media, deep state have tried to stop me and you.
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first they fabricated the russia-russia-russia scam. you saw the fabrication. [booing] then we had impeachment hopes number one, impeachment hopes -- hoax number one, hoax number two . and now these people along with some outside scum are at it again with the horrific rate of my home. they just go on and on, and they have to be stopped. we have to spend time on our country but not on defending ourselves against scams. [chanting] >> usa. fmr. pres. trump: thank you.
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think of it, about russia and the robert muller -- no collusion, right? came in, no collusion. that was her decision after two and a half years. i could have told them after the first hour, and they could have because they had the laptop from hell, so they knew everything that went on. i tell the story on rare occasion because it is too sad to tell, but i tell it because it is important. russia-russia-russia was a hoax developed by hillary clinton in a small group around the kitchen table as a way of explaining why she lost an election but a lot of people thought she would win, because the democrats have an advantage in elections so when they lost, hillary clinton and her people and guys
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like adam shifty shift, watermelon head. he is a watermelon head. but no dummy. think of this. think how bad they are. think how evil they are. your fathers and mothers and children of great people, all of the people represented here, think how bad they are. they make up a story that is false. it has now been admitted to be false. the f.b.i. is the last one to tell us that. but it has now admitted in the newspapers, even by the people back there, they will not fight it. think of this. think of this. so they make up a story about russia. just so you know, i was tougher on russia than any president by far. i'm the one that stopped nordstream 2, the pipeline.
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i'm the one that did the big sanctions. i guarantee you one thing, putin was not going into ukraine. i guarantee you that. i guarantee you. nobody was tougher than me. but i also got along with them. that is a good thing, getting along with other countries. it is a good thing, not a bad thing. think of it. so they make up a story, russia, russia, russia, it was made up so when they lost, they could say it was russia. i'm saying what the hell did russia have to do with it? it was russia! ok. so adam shift knows it is a fake story. he made it up with other people. they know it is a fake. i see adam shift go sullenly to the microphones in the capitol building sand stand there so sad and say donald trump jr. will be going to prison because of what he did with russia. now think of it.
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he knows the story is a scam. he knows the story is a fake and he wants my son who is a good kid. he wants my son to go to prison over something that they made up, that they know is a phony story and has now been as they say fully debunked. in other words it was a totally -- and he is standing before microphones with many of those people standing there and they can't get enough saying that my son is going to prison and i then called my son and i said don, are you ok? what is going on? what's going on? think of this if you're a parent. think of it. my son is going to prison on something which is a total hoax. these are bad people. they are trying to destroy our country and we can't let it go on any longer because we have too much work to do. [applause]
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fmr. pres. trump: whether through activist attorney generals, these state attorney generals, if i fly over a state, they send me before a grand jury. there is trump. what can we do? i've been going through this for six years. local democrat d.a.'s, county prosecutors, congressional committees or federal agencies, the radical democrats are engaging in a desperate attempt to keep me from returning to the white house where they know i will clean this mess up again. [applause]
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fmr. pres. trump: they want to stop us from completing our mission to bring back american values, secure america's borders, millions and millions of people are pouring into our country. nobody has any idea where they are from. last month, 129 countries were represented. they are emptying their prisons into the united states of america. [booing] fmr. pres. trump: they know we'll continue to fix america's trade deals. lowered the taxes. the reagan cut. lower regulations created all of those jobs. defend and present our police and the military. we have to protect our police.
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you know our police want to protect us. they are stymied from doing it. we have to protect our police. they know we're going to reclaim our energy independence. we're going to save our second amendment which is under siege. we built our manufacturing base just like i always do. in other words they know we're going to make america great again. you know, we had a different saying because after we did so well, we were all set and we had a statement. remember? keep america great. but after they destroyed it, i would love to do it. but i must say, there is nothing like maga. i don't know, doug. i don't know.
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kag wasn't the same as maga. keep america great. we can't use the words keep america great because they destroyed our country. so we can't keep it great because it is not great right now. our country is a laughingstock. our leaders are a laughingstock. we just sent another $13 billion to ukraine. it angers me more for a different reason. it would never have happened before. putin would not have done it. vladimir, you're not going to do that, vladimir. he knew it. he knew it. he did it. as soon as the election was rigged and it was considered over. i don't know if it is ever going to end. more and more facts are coming out like the f.b.i. with facebook the other day. can you believe it? but you know what? our country, it would have been so inappropriate to say keep america great,because who the
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hell wants to keep our country the way it is right now? i don't. but together we have easily beaten every single witch-hunt in the past. think of that. but the time and the money and the effort it takes and now we will likewise do that in the future if they continue their craziness and if they don't stop. they don't stop. all they are good at is disinformation. they put out disinformation. when i heard about russia was right after i came down that beautiful golden escalator. first lady, i said you will be a great fist lady. she has been a greatfirst lady. they love our first lady. people would come up to me. that was right at the beginning pg. right after the escalator.
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young guys coming up, beautiful staffers. there are a lot of them here now. here, all over the place. they say you won pennsylvania by a lot, sir. that's right. you're right about that. doug, i think at 9:00 in the evening we were 950,000 votes up with 73% of the votes cast. all of a sudden around 3:02 or something the equipment closed down. it all closed down and then you had that massive spike. remember the spike that went to heaven and came back. it should have gone to hell and come back. all of a sudden we were tied and all of a sudden we lost by a whisper. a rigged election. but the people coming up, some of them are here, sir, sir, it is such an honor to meet you. sir, can i ask you a question?
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yeah, what is it? do you not think about russia? no, not really. i know probably less than you know. but i have a lot of common sense how to defend our country and i'll end up being friendly with them and we'll be just fine. then a month later another came up. hello, uncle sam. stand up, uncle sam. [applause] great people. great people. then a month later another young person came up, a little naive and said -- actually it was cute. he said oh, sir, it is such an honor. can we talk for a couple of minutes. can i ask you one question that has been bothering me? yeah, what is it? do you know anything about russia? and then again and again and after about five or six times do you know anything about russia. i looked at my people. my top people that are a little older. i said what the hell is going on
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with russia? what is going on? it was a scam. and we took 2 1/2 years to win. but all of that time and effort and money and the corruption and the people that were in charge of that scam are horrible and they are the same people that we have now. they never leave. they never leave. and if we would have had an attorney general with courage instead of somebody that was afraid to be impeached. sir, i don't want to be impeached, we would have gotten to the bottom of it very quickly. and we have been weight for durham for a long time. please come in and give us your work please. durham, durham, we have got to get durham going here. but this battle is not about me. this is a struggle for the very fate of our rep. our movement isifyinging against a corrupt group of unelected
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tiernts who believe they can wield absolutely power over you with the help of a very willing and corrupt media! [booing] fmr. pres. trump: they think the deep state, not the citizens, should be the true masters of this country. on our watch, we will never let that happen and we will never let it happen even though we're going to be gone, we're going to set this country up so powerfully. we are going to have the country set up properly like it was before covid came in, before the china dust came in and even after we hand it off where we had a higher stock market because we did it twice, but we
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had a higher stock market on january 20 than we did -- think of it, the so-called handoff. i hate to even use the term. it is so ridiculous to have to use that term. we handed it off. the market was higher than it was just prior to covid coming into our country. we did an incredible job. incredible job. but we have no choice in 2022 and 2024. we have to smash the grip of this vile and vindictive political class. we have to rer restore government for the people. [applause] fmr. pres. trump: thank you. and if we do not, our republic and indeed our country, will be
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destroyed and we will never be able to do what is called a comeback. you won't be able to do it. it will never come back again. it is so fragile. you know? it is so fragile. you will never bring it back again. remember in the campaign i used to say if these people get in, we're going to end up with venezuela on steroids. i said it many times. i never thought it was much of a possibility but i never knew people could cheat like that, last week, he's a weirdo. sure, i would love to have dinner. i would love to bring my lovely wife. all right, mark. come on in. sir, you're number one on facebook. i would like to cratchit you. mark zuckerberg confessed in 2020 the f.b.i. went to facebook and the media and gave them the false narrative that the hunter
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biden laptop from hell was russian disinformation even though they knew that was not true. so they went and said it was russian disinformation. by the way, the guy that came in with that stuff just got fired. he perp walked. he was perp walked out of the f.b.i. on friday. but that doesn't help us and the election of 2020 does it? that doesn't help us. they perp walked him because of all the things he did. so many more than we are talking about. the f.b.i. made it clear they did not want the truth about the criminality and influence peddling of the biden family coming out before the election because that would hurt the chances of joe biden, who virtually never left his basement, winning the election. you know, he came to
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philadelphia as you know. i don't know how many people they had? almost nobody showed up. and we have a lot of people. [applause] a lot of people. and we're not even talking about all the people outside that couldn't get in because you have better real estate, right? we have a lot of people outside watching. i hope they are watching. we put screens up outside. you know, this place, i think it holds 12,000 people. it was sold out in about 15 seconds. i said what are we going to do for the people that can't get in? that's why a lot of times i like fields. fields you can just keep having them come. in alabama we had 66,000 people. think of this. outside of houston, texas, we
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had 89,000 people show up. think of it. [applause] fmr. pres. trump: but what the f.b.i. did was corruption and election interference on a scale that we have never seen before in our country. according to pollsters, it made a 10 to 20 point different. not even all of the illegality having to do with the 2020 presidential election scam including not adhering to the laws, rules and regulations of state legislatures which is totally illegal. they just did whatever they wanted to do and frankly, republicans locally that ran things in a lot of states should be ashamed of themselves.
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should be ashamed of themselves. and a guy like mitch mccome, wh- mccome, who allowed this stuff to ham, should be scorned. the election was rigged and sold and now our country is being destroyed by people who got into office through cheating and through fraud. now watch, the cameras will all turn off as soon as i say that. they are not allowed to put that on. the cameras -- they will all turn off. they don't want to hear that. they don't want to hear that. you know why. but republican leadership just doesn't fight because in many cases, they are intimidated and they are afraid. they are actually afraid. republicans must get tougher and stronger and fast. [applause]
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by the way, i'll tell you a guy that fought. that's why he is here today as your nominee. doug mastriano. he fought. he fought. but he was dealing with rinos and all sorts of crap. but doug, you fought like very few people fought. that's really why he is here. everybody saw that he fought. after people figured it out, they all ran on the basis of we're going to stop, but they were not there. he was there at the beginning and the people understood it. so it is a big deal. beth way, i saw a poll today, doug, that you're tied or up one point. just so you know, again, all they do well is cheat on elections and use disinformation.
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so when he is running, he has a big base, and he won by a bottom. he won by even more when i endorsed him but that is ok. he won by a lot. they said this guy shapiro, who is a lightweight. they said he was going to win. he was doing well and way up. they had a big base. they don't like that. what did they do? the one we really want to run again is doug mastriano. that's the one they say every time they have someone that is going to kick their ass, they say the one we want to run against. the one person they didn't want to run against was doug mastriano. disinformation. true. i kept hearing it. i would be out and see the people going crazy for doug, for his incredible wife. but it is true.
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it is true. he was right there from the beginning. day one. he had to fight the republicans and the democrats. he had to fight people. american elections should be determined only by the american people and that did not happen in 2020 and i'm just talking f.b.i. but there are many other things. won't go into it. the mar-a-lago raid was a desperate effort to distract from joe biden's record of misery and failure. the many disasters that our country and the world are now suffering would never ever have happened if i was in the white house. you all know that. all of this stuff would never have happened. you could take the five worse presidents in american history and put them together and they would not have done the damage joe boyden has done to our country -- biden has done to our country in eses less than two
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years. they could not have done it. two years ago, when i was in office, gas was $1.87 a gallon. and we were not talking about going to all electric cars which are twice as expensive. the problem is, a friend of mine wanted to do something for the environment. he went out and bought an electric car. and he made a certain trip -- i won't say from where, kentucky. [laughter] and he is a good person. he wants to do what is well. now we understand it is not so good. he bought an electric car. he made the trip often from kentucky to washington and he made it and he would drive down and put the car away and drive back. he was getting like 38 miles a gallon and was fine and then he goes to hybrids and all the other things he can do. but we wanted to go all electric
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because he wants to save our country. wants to save the atmosphere. he called me and said i'm exhausted. why? he said this damn trip took me forever. i drive for two hours and then i have to have my car charged and in two cases i couldn't find a place to charge it but even if i could it took me more time to charge the damn car than i could spend in it driving. he said it took me 2 1/2 times, please, please, let's get rid of this stuff. please. and you see in california, you see what's happening there where they are going all electric cars. number one, people can't afford them. number two, the batteries are made all in china, all of the rare earth comes out of china. and interesting, we have all the gas and the gasoline. the gasoline when it is refined, we have it all. we don't have any of the other
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stuff. if we did, our environmentalists wouldn't let us take it. it all comes out of china and a little bit of the congo. guess who controls the congo. china. we play right into their hands. i told germany, don't make a deal with russia on the pipeline and thaip said oh, that is so funny. i actually sensed during a meeting with g-7, i said angela, angela merkel, a white flag of surrender. she said why do you send me this white flag? i said if you go into surrender 75% of your energy is coming from russia. if you look back over the decades, russia and germany have not done too well together. when there is a war, when there is a problem, they will just turn off nordstream 2 and you're not going to be able to defend yourselves. oh, that will never happen. well, that was about two years
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ago. the only thing, i never thought it was going to happen this fast. remember i made the speech at thuation and the jer than delegation was all smiling. they thought it was so funny. they are not smiling now. he said it better than me. they are not smiling now. now gas is $5, $6, $7. it is going to be going up. think of it. and they brag because it came down slightly. it came down about 42 cents. we actually had it down at one point to $1.42 but i had to get it a little up. we had to let the oil companies make a little. i didn't want to wipe out the oil companies. one of the reasons for inflation is what this guy has done with energy. energy is all encompassing. it is so big. with the help of pennsylvania, energy workers, did you get screwed or what? remember, i told you they were going to do this to you. he lied during the debate, he
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said no, no, i would never do that. the first thing he did practically was end the keystone pipeline. that was like the first thing he did. and you know, all those workers voted for me but the head of the union voted for -- i wonder -- he ought to be fired real fast. the key phone is pipeline would have been great. a lot of jobs. it would have done a good job. with the help of pennsylvania energy workers under my leadership we had american energy independence for the first time ever. ever. [applause] fmr. pres. trump: and within a short period of time we would have been energy dominant. we would have been bigger than russia and saudi arabia combined times two. and now we're beggars. we're like a beg ar nation.
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we gave you -- think of that, we're energy beggars. we would have been bigger than everybody combined. the two biggest energy suppliers combined times two. we were going to be energy dominant and now we're beggars. we gave you the largest tax cuts and regulation cuts in american history. the radical democrat congress just passed one of the largest tax hikes in american history. pulverizing the middle class and now you have the privilege of having 87,000 i.r.s. agents -- [booing] go after you. they have actually been approved. i never heard of this one. they got approved to carry guns so they can go after with guns. they don't want to have guns but it is ok for the i.r.s. it is like an army. can you imagine that was approved. they allowed that to get through. and all mitch mccome had to do
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was -- mcconnell had to do is wave the debt ceiling. manchin folded like a dog. i always said he would. i told you he would. he did. and west virginia was vote -- which voted for me. 45 points. i was up 45 points. west virginia is not happy with joe manchin because he killed cole and they put taxes on cole. clean, beautiful cole. he killed it. i can't imagine he is going to do well. i don't know what the hell got to him. under the trump administration we had the greatest economy in the history of the world with no inflation. biden and the democrat congress created the worst inflation in 50 years. 9.1%. it is going to go a lot higher and now they are making it worse with their imhailstorm plan to wipe out hundreds of billions of
5:50 am
debt for college granlts. think of this. how unfair is it to all of those people, many of you are here, that paid and worked so hard. i saw they were doing a story about pocahontas. that is elizabeth warren. a big strong guy came up to her. a good-looking guy. he looks at her and goes what is going on with this debt? you want to cancel the debt. i've been working my ass off for 12 years he said. i almost got my daughter's debt paid off. i worked weekends 12 years. my neighbor, he is my friend but he hand worked at all. and now the debt is going to be canceled but i worked. this is unfair and then he was not too nice after that. we'll forget what he said but he was not too happy. but you can multifly that times millions and millions of people. they paid for it on the backs of hard-working citizens and they
5:51 am
are raising your taxes. remember this. you don't realize it. you're getting the biggest tax increase in history. it is all disinformation. they are saying under $400,000. you're getting the biggest tax increase in history of our country. so enjoy paying it. you know what it is paying for? things like that.-- taking the g it out the window. it is worse. it is like taking the money and destroying our country. it sets us back. just like germany. germany is back to building and opening its plants because they got so screwed up with their green new energy. they got carried away. windmills all over the place, destroying values of homes, destroying planes and fields. beautiful plains. if you want to see a dead bird cemetery, go under a window some time. it's not a pretty sight. it's also the single most expensive form of energy you can
5:52 am
get. all of those big giant turbines are built in china and germany to a lesser extent. i rebuilt our military including our nuclear capability and hope to god we never have to use it. and the creation of space force. you see what they are doing with iran. it was dying to make a deal. we would've had a deal done with 11 week. now we will pay them hundreds of billions of dollars and they will have nuclear weapons within a short time. [crowd booing] these people are crazy. they can't be stupid. they must hate our country. they must hate our country. they surrendered our strength and wisdom, everything. they turned afghanistan into the greatest humiliation our country has ever shane. i think it was the hope -- most humiliating time that our
5:53 am
country has ever gone through. 13 dead soldiers but they never mentioned those soldiers who lost their legs and arms and face. they were obliterated. nobody talks about them and there were many. we left american citizens behind and we left $85 billion worth of defense military equipment. planes and tanks and goggles. [crowd booing] 700 thousand rifles. ak-47s. we left it all behind. think of this. 70,000 vehicles. there is not a used car -- he used car lot in the country that has 500 vehicles. 70,000 vehicles we left behind. some of those vehicles cost millions of dollars because they are armor plated with six inches of steel. we left it all behind. i built our entire military.
5:54 am
think of it. we left $85 billion worth of military equipment. i saw a number the other day. the second largest arms dealer in the entire world is afghanistan because they are selling. they don't need 700,000 rifles. 700,000. they need 40,000 or 20,000. what were we thinking? you don't take the military out first. remember this. in afghanistan, 18 months we didn't lose one soldier. you are the numbers at philadelphia. 18 months. i spoke to abdul and i said, don't do it. don't do it. after all, that's a different story. don't do it. we are fine.
5:55 am
they said, why is he speaking to the taliban. because that's where the problem was. that's where the problem was. 18 months. biden actually said it a couple months ago. i will say one thing, we didn't lose one soldier in 18 months. they are screaming at him, you don't take it back. you are not supposed to say that because it's good. we didn't lose a soldier in 18 months. they were so afraid. we could have gotten out. i wanted to get us out more than anybody. we should have kept bagram airbase because of china. billions and billions of dollars years ago to build. it's one hour away from where china makes its nuclear weapons. we should have never left without keeping bagram. what a shame. the most humiliating time. i believe putin winton because when he saw the incompetence of that he said, this will be easier than i thought. now we have a war between russia and ukraine with potentially
5:56 am
hundreds of thousands and even millions of people going to die. that would have never happened if i was your president. i promise you. vladimir, you can't do that. can't do it. those beautiful golden towers in moscow. i want to leave them alone please. you can't do it. he never would've done it. he would never have done it. he said, i believe you because you did kill me on nord stream 2. nobody thought that was possible. biden came in and he opened up the pipeline. i ended it. he said, trump was soft on russia. the only one that doesn't think that is prudent. he didn't think i was too soft with the sanctions. the biggest deal they've ever done is nord stream 2. no one heard of it until i came along. nobody ever heard of nord stream 2. we created the safest border in the united states history.
5:57 am
we ended catch and relief. we deported record numbers of illegal aliens, gang members. we built hundreds and hundreds of miles of border wall despite 2.5 years of democrat inspired losses. took 2.5 years to win. you know, we completely finished our original plan for the wall. they came to me, we have some other sections. i said, let's go fast. then we added much more wall. 200 miles. we almost got that finished on top of what we did. i figured that this guy would finish it up and he didn't. not only didn't he finish, when texas wanted to use the stuff that was sitting there ready to be erected, it was going to be erected very quickly and effectively, great mall. it's exactly what border patrol wanted. they want steel.
5:58 am
they want concrete. they want rebar, heavyset rebar. they have to be able to see through. we have to see what's happening on the other. i wanted to give them a beautiful concrete plank but they didn't want that. we gave them exactly what they wanted. it could have been finished in a few weeks. not only didn't they give it free to texas, they took it away and put it in a secure area where nobody can take it. that's just a terrible thing. three weeks was will -- all it would have taken to complete the job. our country is paying a terrible price. i ran twice. i one twice. it's much better the second time. [crowd cheering] getting millions and millions more votes in 2020 then we got in 2016.
5:59 am
you know that. doug knows that. we got millions more votes. i tell people, what a great job you did. i was being interviewed by this fake news reporter. he said, what happened in 2020? i said, we did much better actually. we got millions more votes. we got the largest number of votes of any sitting president in history. they said, i never thought of it that way. i said, start thinking about it that way. rigged election. getting more votes. think of it. there's never been a president that got anywhere near -- we got 10 million more votes than obama got. [crowd cheering] so popular. so popular. they say, he is so handsome. such a great speaker. what does he say. he says nothing. we are leading biden and
6:00 am
everyone else including the republicans by record numbers in the polls. i may just have to do it again. [crowd cheering] may have to do it again. [crowd cheering] may just have to do it again. [crowd cheering] but first, we have to win a historic victory for the republican party this november. among our highest priorities must be to end the nightmare joe biden and congressional democrats have created on our southern border. remember this? we have the strongest border we
6:01 am
ever had two years ago. now we have the worst border. i believe it's worse than any border anywhere in the world. no third world country would let people come into their country the way we have. right here in pennsylvania last year, to illegal alien criminals allegedly brutalized and bludgeoned a man to death on a busy street corner. in chester county, an illegal alien stands accused of grabbing a 33-year-old woman by the hair, pulling her down and onto the ground and stabbing her to death in front of her seven-year-old daughter and her three-year-old son. just a few weeks ago, an illegal alien murderer was charged with shooting to death a 76 rolled man from pennsylvania. he took a walk every morning and this guy killed him for no reason whatsoever. didn't know him.
6:02 am
didn't know him. didn't do anything. just wanted to kill him. the radical democrat congress has turned our country into one giant sanctuary for dangerous criminal aliens. we protect all the criminals. we don't protect our own people. they raid our people. the republican party, we believe our country should be a sanctuary for law-abiding citizens who love america. [crowd cheering] right? if we are going to make america great again, our first task is to make america safe again. we have to have a safe country. [crowd cheering] we have to have a safe country. and you know, i told you before,
6:03 am
i like these better because the air conditioning system. this air-conditioning isn't working too well. [crowd cheering] it's about 100 degrees up here. i'm sweating like a dog. i will call dr. oz. am i ok? he says yes. he says yes. i was on his show years ago. i will introduce him in a second. i was on his show years ago. he did an examination of me. i don't know what he did to show for it. i wasn't even a politician at that point. he said, he's extremely healthy. really a very fine, fit man. he should lose 20 or 25 pounds. i was so angry i didn't speak to him for years. [laughter] he said he was great but he could use a couple pounds. he is great. he's going to be great. under democrat control, the
6:04 am
streets of our great cities are drenched in the blood of innocent victims. much of this crime is caused by drug dealers who, during the course of their lives, will kill an average of 500 american citizens. every drug dealer is responsible. that doesn't include what they've done to families or people who haven't died. they are devastated by what happened to their children and themselves. 500 people. the average drug dealer. i'm calling for the death penalty for drug dealers which will reduce drug distribution in our country on day one by 75%. [crowd cheering] no more blue-ribbon committees telling us what to do. i was setting them up in the white house. blue-ribbon committee headed by socialites. they are very nice people.
6:05 am
they just want a little publicity for themselves. they can't deal with the kind of killers we are talking about. we want the death penalty for drug dealers. you will save millions of lives. we are going to lose 250,000 people i think this year. just to go off for a second. does anyone mind if i do that now? [crowd cheering] is there any better place to be on a beautiful saturday evening than a trump roughly? [crowd cheering] i don't think so. [crowd cheering] i'm proud. i got to know a lot of the
6:06 am
foreign leaders. let me tell you, unlike our leader, they are at the top of their game. it's like central casting. there's nobody that could play the role in hollywood. nobody can plays a role of president xi of china. he's a fierce person. putin, fierce and smart. i will say somebody is smart and the fake news will go, he called him smart. he rules with an iron fist. 1.5 billion people. yeah. i would say he's smart. wouldn't you? so i'm with president xi and i got along with him very well. we made a great trade deal with him. helped our farmers and manufacturers. i really had a great relationship with him. i asked him a question. i said, he's president for life by the way. i called him king. he said, i am not king.
6:07 am
i said, you are to me. it's the same thing. you know that. there's a lot of ships circling taiwan. that wouldn't have happened either by the way. i said, can i ask you a simple question? do you have a drug problem? he looked at me like, what's wrong with you? he goes, no. he's like, what the hell stupid question is that? no. i said, you don't have a drug problem with 1.5 billion people? they make the drugs and send them into our country. that would have been their problem but he was stopping it. now they are sending fentanyl in at numbers that you wouldn't believe. pouring through that porous border at numbers you wouldn't believe. i had them very closed to stop. he couldn't do it. so president, you don't have a drug problem. but why don't you have a drug
6:08 am
problem? we have quick trials. what is that? we immediately catch the drug dealer. we give him quick trial and if he's guilty, which i would say probably they are batting 100% or only 99 -- if the drug dealer is guilty, he is immediately executed. we have no drug problem in china. [crowd cheering] they have other countries like that. singapore. other countries. and if you do that, it's a hard thing to say because calling for the death penalty is hard. think of it. they kill 500 people during a lifetime. i think it's much worse than that. that's always -- only what we hear about. if you didn't get it down 90% from day one, i would be surprised. these committees that they set up, it is laughable.
6:09 am
it's a horrible thing. we would solve that problem so fast. i'm calling on republicans and democrats immediately to institute the death penalty for drug dealers. you will no longer have a problem. [crowd cheering] so philadelphia has become, as you heard, worse than it's ever been. it has become a killing field. a few days ago, a four-year-old boy was shot while getting a haircut for his first day in school. his mother was so proud of him. he was shot. recently a pregnant mother was shot in the head and horribly murdered. her unborn baby was miraculously saved. under a republican congress, we should pass emergency funding to
6:10 am
higher thousands and thousands more police officers nationwide. put violent criminals behind bars and keep them behind bars. also, leave our police alone. [crowd cheering] let them do their job. give them back their respect. they know what to do and nobody can do it better but they are under siege. they don't want to lose their house, they don't want to lose their families. what they do to police officers, what they do to police -- you are always going to have some bad apples but they are very few. we have a country that has become one of the most unsafe countries in the world. think of it. we are dealing with third world nations where they are much safer than major parts.
6:11 am
think of what i said. in afghanistan, we didn't lose one soldier in 18 months. i just read off numbers in philadelphia. if you look at atlanta, i have a district attorney who is after me for a perfect phone call. yet it's even worse proportionately than chicago for killing. but the district attorney -- trump made a phone call because he was challenging the election. so they are after me for a perfect phone call. you would be proud of me. just like the call to ukraine was a perfect call, the one in atlanta was a perfect call. perfect call. yet atlanta is even worse than chicago proportionately. restoring safety to america starts with defeating the democratic street -- extremists in pennsylvania. your state's democrat candidates for senate john fetterman is the most dangerous ever. he's the most dangerous democrat
6:12 am
, seeking to join congress this year. one of the most french far left freak shows ever to see collection for any office. i've watched him over the last couple of years. i said, you've got to be kidding. i don't know conor lamb but i thought he was maybe a decent politician. you know, he campaigned as a middle democrat area and he was doing commercials that were so good for me that people thought he was a republican. i like conor lamb. federman got it and he got it in a landslide. this guy is a disaster. he comes in with a sweat suit on. a dirty sweat suit really disgusting. i'm a clean freak. i'm a clean freak. i don't like those dirty sweatsuit. they are disgusting. federman may dress like a teenager getting high in his parents basement but he a raging
6:13 am
lunatic hell-bent on spurning hardened criminals out of jail in the middle of the worst crime wave in pennsylvania history. he wants everybody out of jail. by the way, he wants to get rid of your police. federman is defund the police marxist who is just pulling the wool over people's eyes, who literally said that if he had a magic wand and could fix one thing, he would end life sentences without parole for murderers, cop killers, rapists, and other monstrous criminals. that's what he said. [crowd booing] he wants them to get out of jail . let's put trump in jail. let's get these murderers out. put trump in dio. trump is no good. he works is asked offer this country. his position on the pennsylvania board of pardons, federman has released a record number of
6:14 am
dangerous criminals back onto the streets. many of which have created horrible, atrocious crimes. he supports setting loose one out of every three inmates in prisons. he brags that his goal is to get as many criminals out onto the street as quickly as possible. federman supports taxpayer-funded drug dens and the complete decriminalization of illegal drugs, including heroin, cocaine, crystal meth, and ultra lethal fentanyl. by the way, he takes them himself. that would mean death and despair for every community in pennsylvania and every community in the united states of america. compare that to president xi of china. federman supports deadly sanctuary cities and he signed a
6:15 am
pledge to ban fracking which would demolish almost a million jobs in pennsylvania. i told him. i told you they were going to do that, pennsylvania. you did listen to me because i won pennsylvania by a lot. [crowd cheering] i can only hope -- hold accountable the stupid people that counted the votes. did you ever hear the statement? i believe it was by ledeen. did anybody here? people would say it was less sophistication. i like the way they say that. he said, the vote counter is far more important than the candidate. that turned out to be true. the vote counter is far more important than the candidate, said by limning. while federman wants to raise your taxes, he is spoiled and entitled socialist loser who
6:16 am
leeched off of his parents money. until he was 49 years old. on top of it all, he is too cowardly to even show up and debate. a very nice man. he is very nice. he knows that his positions are totally indefensible. in all fairness, you need somebody that will be out there and ripping it for you. otherwise you will lose out to all the other senators that will bring back money to their states , etc.. always will do it. federman is running against the man i've known for many years. i told you i had a real problem with him. it was false. was he wrong? and who is with our maggot movement all the way. he's with us all the way. some people thought, maybe this was a controversial thing.
6:17 am
i know him very well. he's a guy that gets it done. he's a good person. his wife is a fantastic person. i like her even more than i like him. [crowd cheering] so i would like to ask dr. oz to step forward and say a few words. he's been an incredibly successful man on television and medicine. he knows what's happening. he's going to work and fight for pennsylvania. thank you. >> pennsylvania, we have one question, one important question that we need to answer by november 8, are you ready for it? is the country headed in the right direction? if your friends say yes, take away their car keys they should
6:18 am
not be driving. in that condition people need to stay home. we have a big problem, the country has dramatically turned in the wrong direction, i am the person for change. [applause] i will make change based on our family values here in pennsylvania because i believe in the american dream, i am part of the american dream. i believe in hard work, because that's what americans do. i believe that we can have safe city -- safe city streets. i believe we can have a secure border. and i know people in this audience have been hurt by fentanyl. most importantly, i believe in
6:19 am
each and every one of you, and so should you. god bless you. [applause] >> we have a great record of endorsement all of us together. close to 99%. i endorse that guy, and i'll tell you the truth. he is going to be a phenomenal representative of pennsylvania. you have to vote them in. great guy. and lisa, thank you very much. for what you have to put up with lisa, thank you. they spent -- so you know, they spent $50 million trying to destroy that man. $50 million like it was water
6:20 am
and they didn't come close. that guy is tough and strong and he loves the state. this november you also have to defeat the far left democrat candidate for governor, shapiro. who was so much like federman except he is half the height. which is fine. we don't want to tell height jokes, we can't tell jokes today. not wait jokes, height jokes, i've got them covered. he is a disaster for this is the -- he is a disaster for this state. that is the man who had a base like i do, you don't want to run against him. it's so powerful and strong. you don't want to run against
6:21 am
them. and the attorney general he presided over, the complete disintegration of law and order and letting gangs and criminals run wild. a at the numbers that i just talked about in philadelphia. -- a look at the numbers i just talked about in philadelphia. nothing will stop these -- from continuing. schapiro supports sanctuary cities, he sided with marxist anti-american blm and antifa and he is a vicious hater of free speech and a hater of the second amendment. he is knocking to let you have a gun to protect yourself. schapiro was also using his office to shut down your children's schools and force masks to be strapped to your children's faces, doing on imaginal -- unimaginable harm.
6:22 am
he supports unrestricted abortion on demand right through the ninth month. think of this. you know where i am. i believe in the exceptions. he supports it right through the ninth month and beyond, do you know what means, -- what it means beyond? after the baby is born. president hillary clinton would rip the tv out of the womb at any time and if the baby is out of the room, he is there too. just talked to the doctor. by the way, the states will make the decision. and in pennsylvania i have a feeling that that decision be an
6:23 am
interesting decision. he wants to let things happen that no civilized person would allow. they don't allow it in other countries. no one would listen to these two twisted sickos who believe in killing and dismembering babies up until that time, that time that schapiro is running against a fearless patriot for pennsylvania workers and values. doug mastery on now, -- doug mastery on no, who was -- mas triano who was with me from the beginning. i remember him, he -- there was no problem in pennsylvania, there was no problem. there was massive problems.
6:24 am
he said labarre wouldn't let me go after anyone, he wanted to run. others wanted to run. the one guy who supported in election -- supported election integrity and supported me from the very beginning, doug mastriano. he came to the white house with a group of people and he was fighting like hell, it was up hill battle because the democrats didn't want to hear anything. you had bad rhinos, someone needs to explain to the rhinos why they do it. he is going on to fight for you
6:25 am
in the state senate, became one of the most respected people in the senate, probably the highest -- hardest fighter. he was fighting against covid mandates, and lockdowns. he is a true champion for election integrity and tough as hell on a thing called illegal immigration. he wants people to come to the country legally. as your governor, he will crack down on violent crime, and covid mandates. protect pennsylvania oil and gas workers. right now, enjoy your job because you are not going to have it longer. defend your jobs, rights and freedom. doug is joined by an incredible person who i also got to know. we were in a fight with a lot of
6:26 am
sick bad people. thank you very much. she was a big part. she is a great partner to a man who will become one of the greatest governors in this country. doug, please come up. please come up. [applause] >> oh yeah. [laughter] [applause] >> i love it. thank you mr. president. pennsylvania loves you, america needs you. thank you for your leadership. thank you for paving the way for people like me and everyone you see out here to be able to fight
6:27 am
for freedom. thank you for leaving by example -- leading by example. pennsylvania is a keystone state. on eight november we will take our state back i storm. that's right -- back by storm. that's right, we are going to do it. we are going to be the state that people want to raise their families, on day one we are out of the regional greenhouse gas initiative. that's right. we are going to do it. oh yeah. on day one we are no longer a sanctuary state, joe biden can have his illegals. we will drop them off at his beach house where he spends all of his time anyways. he can have them. on den -- on day one there is no mask requirement and no covid
6:28 am
javert requirement. we are going to walk like three people never before. pennsylvania, this is where the light of liberty was lit. it is something near and dear to both of our hearts. we are going to fight like hell for voter integrity and we are going to start voter id. that's right. [applause] the left, my opponent is to dangerous, extreme and radical for pennsylvania. he cannot define what a woman is. he's nuts. that all ends on eight november.
6:29 am
pennsylvania, the key to our nation starts with us. let's not forget, in 2001, you were a champion on 9/11, 2001 he was. todd beamer, and those people on that flight took action, what did they say -- pennsylvania, let's roll. [applause]
6:30 am
[cheering] >> doug said a lot. in a few short sentences, one of the things he said, was a voter id. the democrats don't want voter id. it's interesting, the leadership, the people want it. 91%. but the leaders don't want voter id. the only reason you don't want voter id, because you want to cheat. when you're at the democrat national convention, the last one, they had them like billboards. pictures, fingerprints, everything. you couldn't get in. dear member this guy schulz, starbucks, he is either very good or very very bad.
6:31 am
i thought with his legs, he wouldn't be able to stand up. schultz, he just announced, unions are trying to take over starbucks but he will not under any circumstances allow mail in voting because it is evil, and corrupt. the process can be corrupted. when he was running for president spoke for two days when he figured out he couldn't win. when he was president, -- when he was running for president he was talking about mail and ballots. now that he is the president of the company, he doesn't want any mail and ballots for unions. he says you can't get a fair vote and is easily corruptible. when will people get smart and get rid of this mail-in voting, it's killing our country. you will do it. we are also joined tonight by
6:32 am
the next congressman of pennsylvania's eighth congressional district. thank you, very much, jim. good luck. i hear you are doing well jim. these guys will help you a lot. thank you, jim. radical democrat socialist, matt cochran -- who says he's all aboard -- all on board for the new -- green new deal. what a waste for that administration. the green new deal, why don't you just throw that money out the window. he absolutely believes in defunding the police and votes with biden 100% of the time. everybody get out and vote for jim. also with us, our pennsylvania
6:33 am
treasurer, a good person, a good woman. stacy. where is stacy? hello stacy. thank you, stacy. great job that you're doing. a threatened of mine -- a friend of mine, a warrior, great job. thank you dan. and also fred keller, fred stand up fred, what a great guy thank you for all your help. he comes to our defense, he gets out there, the two of them. a woman who is with us who is very stylish and very shy. doesn't believe to -- doesn't believe in using guns to protect
6:34 am
yourself. no. she did than add -- she did an add, she said anyone can come to my house. but he might not get out of my house alive. i said, i think i like her. marjorie taylor green. [applause] >> a man i'm very proud of, he has a tough race, but i'm very proud of them. because you have a rhino governor, his name is larry hogan, i think he wants to run for president.
6:35 am
i said look in the mirror first, it's not gonna work. he's a real rhino. he doesn't want this man because , this man is all for our country, his name is dan >> and he beat larry hogan's candidate by like 10 points. with my endorsement. he is doing fantastically. dan, congratulations. and larry hogan. this is my fault, i'm sorry dan, larry hogan is not to support you because i am supporting you. i hope you do well and we will be out there helping you.
6:36 am
a friend of mine who is a great person, woody johnson and his wife. where is woody, he's shy. they own a small company called johnson & johnson. i wanted peace of that company. great job. i love you both. the patriot freedom project, what a job they do, where are you. stand up. what a job. we all appreciate it. with the help of everyone here today, we are going to fight for pennsylvania, we are going to win for pennsylvania this november. one of the first things we will do is and upper parents right. it's time to finally and completely break the laughs corrupt education cartel.
6:37 am
can you believe, 10 years ago. can somebody stand up. i can believe i'm calling myself a politician -- i can't stand politicians. can you believe 10 years ago, a politician would be standing up saying we are going to defend parental rights? it's about as basic as -- but it's what we have to do. they are unhinged mark says military -- unhinged marxist manipulators who are putting -- at a young age. parents will be able to opt out and send their child to their religious homeschool school of their choice. in addition we will get critical race theory out of our schools,
6:38 am
and out of every part of our state and local government. just like i did. we had it out but i put it right back in. -- but they put it right back in. we will also have men out of women's sports. you know those stories that i tell? i love to tell those stories. you want me to? mr. walt, stand up. this is mr. irving q walt. it is so ridiculous, and it's not politically correct and a lot of people are afraid to talk about it but i am not. men's and women's sports. you have this swimmer, i met her . she is a high quality swimmer. she's gonna break the record, she swam like held. she looks to the left and she
6:39 am
sees all of those great athletes that she's been fighting for years. she looks to the right and sees a massive human being. 66 or something -- six foot six inches or something. he has a wingspan like will chamberlain. and she thinks i've never seen them before. and the race started and she was severely injured. she was civic -- she was burned -- wind burned, he swam by so fast that the wind burned her. he broke the record by 35 seconds. she wanted to break it by 1/8 of a second, he broke it by 38 seconds. that's one that no one is going
6:40 am
to catch i don't think. and then you have the weightlifter. she's gonna lift 213 pounds. that's a lot of weight, do you think i could lift 213 pounds? i don't know. she got up and she was going to break it. they put a half ounce, i half ounce, and she's going to do it. [grunts] she couldn't do it, she was ashamed but she couldn't do it. they call it a person in a man's body. this is supposed to be politically correct and i hope it is because the fake news will be very rude to me. very road. -- very rude. so they asked, have you lifted
6:41 am
before? he says not too much. dating, that's the end -- ding, that's the end of that record. teachers should not be allowed to teach transgendered to our children. we will stop left ring censorship and restore free speech in america which we don't have. we don't have free speech. sign up for truth social. is anyone on truth social? it's hot. it's much better than twitter. twitter's not doing too well. frankly, if we didn't have truth we wouldn't be able to get the word out, we get the word out fast. the radical democrat party is against gone -- against god,
6:42 am
guns, the constitution, voter id, and are founding fathers but other than that they are quite good. the only way they one is by cheating an election. how can you be against all of those things and before some of the things that they are for and be considered a 50-50 party. they cheat like hell and elections all over the country. everywhere the republican party has a chance we must pass universal voter id, citizen confirmation. no drop boxes by zuckerberg and these people. and ultimately, we need same-day voting with only paper ballots. same-day voting. same-day, paper.
6:43 am
france just had an election, big country, 35 million people. same-day vote. all paper ballot. the election ended that 11:00, that was it, nobody walked away complaining. here in pennsylvania, people -- pennsylvanians are violating your constitution and encouraging widespread abuse of mail-in ballots. and your radical left supreme court overturned a decision by an unbiased lower court. republicans at the state legislature need to get to work immediately -- to pass act 77 by a constitutional amendment. they must do it immediately. we are just months away from the most of it -- most important
6:44 am
election in american history. they can cheat a lot, but once you get to a certain level, it gets hard. this is the year we will take back the house, senate, and america. we are going to take back america. [applause] and in 2020 four, most importantly, we are going to take back our magnificent white house. -- and in 2024, we most importantly we are going to take back our magnificent white house. more pennsylvania factories foraging more products stamped with those beautiful words, made
6:45 am
in the usa. made in the usa. we will shut down biden's border disaster, reinstitute our remain in mexico policy. do you think it was easy to get remain from -- remain in mexico from mexico, but i got it. i said if you don't give it to me you will pay big tariffs on your cars. they said we will give it to you. we will and catch and release. we will end chain migration. we will end the visa lottery. we will clampdown on illegal immigration just like we did less than two years ago when we have the safest border in our country's history. we will stop the -- we will stop the crime rave -- crime wave. we will not take legal protection away from our police.
6:46 am
these maniacs want to have the police officers go out and hire lawyers so they can defend themselves. we won't do that. we will restore law and order in america, and we were override -- and we will override governors who do not respect the law and order. we will protect innocent rights. we will defend our constitution. we will defend the second amendment. we will proudly oppose the judeo -- we will proudly impose the judeo-christian values of our nation. we will restore patriotic education to our schools, and we will teach our children to love their country, on our our history and to always respect our great american flag.
6:47 am
in conclusion, our make america great again movement is by far the greatest political movement in the history of our country. together, we stand up against some of the most menacing forces , and vicious opponents that our people have ever seen. we must defeat the second sinister people within our country. but no matter how corrupt and powerful the radical left democrats are we must make them much less powerful. we will never allow anyone to forget that this nation does not belong to them. this nation belongs to you. [applause]
6:48 am
this is your home, this is your heritage and our american liberty is your god-given right. from allentown to johnstown, from harrisburg to pittsburgh and from philadelphia to scranton pa, we stand on the shoulders of american legends who blood out there blood sweat and tears for our freedom. american founding forwarders -- america founding fathers declared our independence. where george washington led his men on a daring mission across the delaware. and where are union was saved by the immortal heroes at gettysburg. this is where strong pennsylvania minors,
6:49 am
steelworkers forged the greatest nation in the history of the world. [applause] now we are a nation in decline. we are a nation that is failing. we are an nation that has the highest inflation and over 50 years. and the stock market just finished the worst first half of the year since 1872. likewise, we are a nation that has the highest energy cost. we are no longer energy and or energy dominant as we just were to short years ago -- two short years ago. we are a nation that is begging
6:50 am
venezuela, saudi arabia and many others to please help us, joe biden says. if we have more liquid gold under our feet than any other country in the world. we are a nich and -- we are a nation that is consumed by the radical renewed deal -- green new deal. even though it will lead to destruction. a nation is surrendering all over, but particularly in afghanistan leaving behind dead soldiers, american citizens and military equipment. we are a nation that allowed russia to devastate a country, killing hundreds of thousands of people. it will only get worse.
6:51 am
it would have never happened with me as your commander and chief, and for four long years it didn't happen. never happened. in china, and taiwan is next. we are a nation who has weaponized its law enforcement against the opposing political party i before. we have a fbi who won't allow election changing facts be presented to the public and a department who refuses to investigate egregious election fraud. and we have a president who is cognitively impaired and in no condition to lead our country and everybody knows it. we are a nation that no longer has a free and fair press, fake
6:52 am
news is all you get, and they are truly the enemy of the people ♪ we are a nation where free speech is no longer allowed, where crime is rampant like never before where the economy has been collapsing. where more people died of covid in 2021 van did in 2020 -- if he ended 2020. we are a nation that is allowing iran to willed nuclear weapons. they are being allowed to in china. they are building a military to rival our own. just two years ago we had china, north korea, and russia in check.
6:53 am
perhaps, most importantly, we are a nation that is no longer respect did or listen to -- respected or listen to around the world. we are a nation that in a lot of ways has become a joke. we are a nation that is hostile to liberty. we are a nation whose economy is collapsing, whose deliveries are not coming, and whose education system is ranked at the bottom of every single list. but we are not going to let this continue. two years ago, we had the greatest election that we have ever had. but it was taken away from us. we weren't allowed to use the power of the people to make america great again.
6:54 am
two years ago, we also had greatness like no one had ever seen. soon we will have the greatness again. ♪ [applause] ♪ hard-working patriots like you built this country and its hard-working patriots like you that we are going to save our country. we are going to stand up to the radical left lunatics and rinos and we will fight for america like no one has ever fought before. there is no mountain that we cannot climb. there is no summit that we cannot reach. there is no challenge we cannot meet. there is no victory we cannot have.
6:55 am
we will not bend, we know will not break, we will -- we will not break, we will not yield. we won't give in or give up we will never back down. as long as we are confident and united, the tyrants we are fighting do not stand even a chance. because we are americans and americans kneel to god and god alone. my fellow citizens, this incredible journey that we are on together has only just begun. it's time to start talking about greatness for our country again. we are one movement. one people. one family. and one glorious american nation. with the help of everyone here
6:56 am
today, and citizens all across our land, we will make america powerful again. [applause] we will make america wealthy again. we will make america proud again. we will make america safe again. we will make america great again. thank you very much. god bless you all. thank you pennsylvania. thank you. [applause] ♪
6:57 am
♪ ♪
6:58 am
♪ >> on monday, president biden campaigns. the democratic nominee in the 2022 races for u.s. senate and governor on a labor day event at
6:59 am
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