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tv   Faith Matters - Bachs Successor - The Thomaners New Conductor  Deutsche Welle  January 2, 2022 1:30am-2:01am CET

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ah, please listen carefully. don't know how with this to the girl. ah, feel the magic discover the world around you? ah, subscriber to d w documentary on youtube. mm mm. ah,
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ah. you know, an ocean ocean by now, this is johann sebastian bach successor. not the 1st, of course. he's the 18th to follow the great, perhaps the greatest church musician. i and jim and he st. 46 year old andreas clyde is a switzer, which in and of itself is something new for the saint. thomas choristers in the eastern gym and city of like see, in fact, it's a 1st the 800 g history of the boys crime, one of the oldest in europe because it's vicky. so this is truly a lifelong dream of mine. i've wanted to do this since i was a boy and i'm walking for the choir. it mocks the beginning of a new iraq. oh, oh,
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ah me day it st. thomas looks much like any other school in germany. the capitalists and mathematical formulas, a temporarily forgotten. he, in the course as boarding establishment, as the boys had to lunch ah, at this elite school music takes precedence over all other subjects. the admission criteria a tough, only the most talented kids get in each day before lunch time. they seem glorious caroll. oh, be one of the older boys, a pre fate has the privilege of leaving it. ah,
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another tradition. students eat in the same room. the younger boys, my 12 year old maximilian, together with the old attains, like 17 year old natania. the choir mazda is being said light, so was a boy chorus to himself in switzerland, although he doesn't live in the boarding establishment. he enjoys dining here with his cheatam's monument of us helper. my mother was a religious educator, and we always went to church on sundays. to come quite, there was a boys choir that sang once a month, and i told my mom i'd like to join. okay. after that there was no stopping me. you could say i was thrown in at the deep end. they simply told me you're with the 2nd soprano. here's hina, should says, sing to the lord, a new song. and then i just had to start singing. yes,
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the quote i vividly remember the 1st choir rehearsal. at the age of 10, i felt completely out of my depth in ours, but i adapted quickly and i advanced to become a soloist. then i was allowed to sing a few big parts and that inspired me to go down this career path than victory. it korea has brought right so to lapse, seek to leave one of the world's great corners for the young chorused as the swiss conductor signals a new iraq. it's been almost 300 years since. wow, was cancel here, but right says immediate predecessor, also left his mark natania tells us that the choristers were weary of rights as a rival at 1st. this misconduct, i didn't have roots in leipzig, and he isn't a st. thomas alumnus. like many of his predecessors there wakes allah and ja sean riley car. the change was quite radical because mister, i'd say comes from so far away. i think there are 2 very different philosophies by
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mister eliza sets of very fast pace. at rehearsals, he always tries to be one or 2 steps ahead, which means every one is forced to follow suit quickly. i for to, for house design them it and allow ingots phones and ch. name it's a teen on. does it work? clamped and yard. yes, he was chaotic at 1st because we had to get used to it. huh. but it's slowly coming along. now this choir practice? yes, it's time over our scan. this conductor is a stickler. the punctuality i and the group rehearsal involving all the choristers, is an important daily event. the owens in quickly to now close your eyes tightly, finger and move the tips of your fingers. that were vaguely, often at the same time. move your jaw with your eyes closed. keep your hands at
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your sides and move the tips of your toes on the tips. whitson full, andreas, so i say it's not enough for the boys to simply hit the right notes. it's about expression. have the music and lyrics come across to the audience. mama, mama, mama, mama, mama, mama, mama, mama, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, oh, oh ha ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, come to the, to the listeners down in the knave have to say, oh lord, that's beautiful. and then ah, may sneak into, i am sorry i'd ceased i day, i do so much. that's how it has to be. okay. but that will wake them up. start off
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season season at oh ah mondays nights a fan of historic painful performance. heap stained, faithful to the manner and style in which music was originally composed. it means hardly any proprietor using old instruments and sticking to the school. thus, and new and science, we apply this and how we stress the syllables, for example, to my child demonstrating, ah, her not ah, rather, ah no, to spend me on it. that's what we do now with you. it's exciting and the boys are
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open to at least by the him. taxes are another example. in orange, dim vision, for instance, shuts says in all the scores from it's don't matter which means now and for evermore. but in all modern additions choirs around the world sing yet still nadar thing. why is that? we thing it's tournament up because that's how it is in the original. in the christmas oratorio, we see the word now was said as eat so not yet. so i insist on sticking to the original. oh, good manual. a scuffle is to quiet general any chance. musicologist and chorus to himself. scuttle, pay close attention to any dimensions. oh, quiet legacy looms. lunch. with one figure in the full front. johann sebastian, ha, ha. these are the $21.00 kennedy says be knowing this is the choir that johann sebastian bach once last night. and that it is always played
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a vital and at times leading role in the development of protestant church music. that tradition is of enormous value. and it's a large part of why the quiet itself is so valuable. here it is v artist, of course us altima, secret. so oft law, all the music is so often made boring because it's always sung in the same boring way. so when you sing, i am weak. that means you are crawling on the floor. and when you sing, my soul is terrified. let go scare them all and then hit that full impact. awful. i make this old music exciting with other was martin. ah ah me fish compared to bar and race rights his job isn't lazier. and i his predecessor in the 18th century, he isn't responsible for the boy's entire education. national ex n. o oh
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wow. most of the time i can give his undivided attention to the music. but every now and then he has to read the riot act. ah dent that had a piano. that part should be sung softly young. don't you see piano in all your scores to suck malt? now listen, it is often so some of you appear to be poking your fellow choristers in the back with sharp pencils stuck is talking to me. can that be true? ha, ha ha! because i think we should talk about it that i make i make. i don't mother. if i am also a member of this choir. austin, it's been here. it's all get off the top. what characterizes us so much? oh small. the most important thing in my eyes is community marcus oc, on the sophistic sand, the most important thing for me is respect for one another lifestyle. if you're
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picking some one with a pencil because that's not respect the business thing, and i don't want to see that 50, even if it's been happening here for centuries, and i don't want to see it. okay, now to number 85, please from from office. oh, he takes him i, i. hi stephanie, come oh yeah. oh, nice of you either. if it wishes i, this is an education is an essential part of the job he is on. that's a special component of this position in leipzig. i'm very important to the boys as a point of contact and as a teacher, when it's in a sock, i wouldn't say i'm the center of things, but i'm definitely one of the people, the boys look up to on yet a quick ditch or sometimes the 9 year olds look at me in awe, although that changes, of course, it does keep that then there's puberty where the boys start navigating their way to maturity and i support them in that and making, i'm always there when they need me. and they know that all that vision and that
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respect is important because it's what they give back to me given to and if that human aspect and the respect is there, then you can make great music together. come on. oh, i think that's very important. the civic maximilian has a problem he wants mr. i said to release him from the 2nd half of rehearsal. he has homework soccer and his voice isn't in great shape. plus there's a party plan. oh, you haven't contacted on who's with us. oh yes, we have the concerts to his. i'd say you want to go shopping? yes, yes. okay. then go shopping until they leave high school. the seniors attend st. thomas, the oldest public school in germany. lessons homework and projects have to fit into the boys choir schedule. 1000000 manages this well, and he takes no issue with the new choir master and his fresh ideas.
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oh yeah, awful. and he's very open and relates to us. well, i yeah, we'll contact olds. of course when you get a new choir master, you immediately make comparisons with the old one on mr. hides it is a can't or like all the others and all, he has his own ideas and he does his job and i don't expect anything else from him . a lot and job. oh, shelton. amazon is mom maximilian priority right now is his geography homework. although maximilian seems church music week after week, he tells us he isn't religious. my uncle was a pastor at saint thomas church, but i'm not too involved in the christian faith myself and i'm not baptized or anything on it. and we all the tal fossil of number their own preference is either us fione admission criteria that are
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a boy's commitment to music uncle from and his talent does talent to young's mist ops. he's not whether he comes from a christian household household to common or is christian and religious himself that will not occur since i'm on hand on can i play? maximilian is a great goal scorer. he's also a fan of se fryeburg. the club in his home town, his family moved to leipzig said that maximilian could join the scent tool. mesquite only boys are admitted. is that still keeping with the times? oh, absolutely. i can is absolutely and it, and it, because a boys group functions completely differently from a mixed group. mr. cooper. i'm not saying this in a positive or negative way, but it's our experience that a group of boys works very differently when girls join them was hoping i saw
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christmas singing and solo torn together with the girls choir, which is a really good choir says on it in fact, our daughter sings with them, the thought i think of thumb it on been earth. and when the girls were there, the boys were like roosters. and we saw them posturing that most of his nun, when the groups are separated on everything as much calmer open catherine synthesis, villa rica for loft. i read one last shot on goal and then it's time to go friday afternoons. a hectic in the boarding establishment. the boys that used to sing in the church in just a few hours for all $100.00 of them. this means a visit to sabina fog law, the seamstress who takes care of the scene as wardrobe. the older boys wear suits and ties and the younger boys before their voices break. whereas silas, it
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a so called keel blouse. oh, i see that he can take it. i've lengthened it for you. thanks. have fun. does she expect a new choir master to change things up and introduce more modern costumes? kennedy enforcing i can't imagine that it, madame his young rouse easily, updating would certainly be a possibility, but the keel blouse is the signature look of the st. thomas choir. so it would prompt a huge debates with you and him. some of the suits aren't ready. that's because today is one of the 1st performances in al home while he can't find it. no, not here. someone took it, no idea. you were on my list. look over 19 pandemic,
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greatly disrupted the choir shit. jewel ne maximilian gets lucky and finds his keel blouse straight away. the concerts are important to him, especially when it comes to performing works by his favorite composer by water rehearsal. what's important to me about bah, is the music and the tremendous music and the beauty of it. and oh, it's outstanding loans. actually, it's incomparable. it's very important to me. owns well, what? and it's also important that the choir looks good to the sailor. suits require more attention than the boys every day where ah, the parents of the younger boys isn't left to chance. the adults don't interfere either. instead, the boys have to present themselves to the older members in this room. this is another of the centuries old rituals. ah,
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the checklist includes clean fingernails, doc, socks, impeccable blouse. oh, top, bottom, ah, the domestic loose is a kind of prefect. he has an exacting eye. that doesn't let any irregularity slide his assistance, keep him meticulous record of the role cole. then your 1st time right now my 2nd document. did it all go? well, getting ready? yes. did your mentor help you? i did it myself. that's great. ah, once older boys pass inspection, they head off to saint thomas church, but not by bass. they cover the one kilometer root on foot. this nautical parade
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several times a week is part of leipzig, cityscape ah . assurance there is on us. why is it something very special and naturally causes a bit of a stir? i also think that's probably the whole purpose of these close owns. it's a good feeling. i must say 0. i'm good is isaac. does anyone ever approach you? yes. often why? so what did they say? i wrong i to last. they say ah, you're from the saint thomas choir. it's great to see you or something. hello, everyone is very nice off. i live on snack. does that make you proud?
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yes, a bit, but it's part of our life, so to speak, a little late, and so to long the boys destination is one of leipzig top landmarks saint thomas church in its present form. it dates from the end of the 15th century, but it was significantly remodeled in the 19th century. oh, it became famous internationally as the place where johann sebastian, by what the man who shaped gemini church music like no other musician, to his death in 1750. 0, mass legacy and symptoms crossed his jewel tourists to leipzig as is evident from the gift shop next to the church. oh
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. ready ready for the boys, what's most important is the special fees place. oh, that is on his la. when i started singing here, it was a very different experience than when i just listened to her to sing along with something very special sandals. it's a space that's full of music and is supposed to be full of music there follows ecos owns. and it's wonderful to hear music here and it has a beautiful atmosphere. i was eager cleaned this new machine. oh, hold on. oh, oh oh oh, oh, traditionally have to be re examined. perhaps the choir could all sit perform in
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secular setting like a concert hall on saturday. i like to do box music in church, but i'd also like to perform box mass and be minor. i'd like 6 concert hall, the give and house to bring it to people who might not otherwise come to saint thomas. i think one should be open to that. i was from cell phones on. oh, shoot has always been poured with the sailors. if the st. thomas boys choir and it always will be here they are a permanent fixture in church services. was he out at once really great in leipzig is that we sometimes divide up the gospel so that part of it is read, then part is sung and then the last part is read again. that's not possible in the catholic church which i was brought up in. but those are the possibilities i have here. i've dreamed of them all my life even though the clergy also benefits from
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these possibilities for the recitals on friday evening and sunday services. pastor martin 100 mark can count on the choir week after week. oh, oh, yes, we can hear the classes. we follow the classical, let itchy here because it's a centuries old tradition of the grounds. people. and as a pastor my heart swells, when i sing the liturgical chance here with the children, it's you and they're involved in the brass angle wouldn't offend. although there's a clear religious context to the choir. it doesn't have any concerns about attracting new talent. it remains open. ah,
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ah love, fondness, insufficient vinegar. i think there are few people now in the choir who are actually christian and who believe in god, who limits about i don't think that's a problem of all who went firstly the theological texts often convey values beyond the christian context. and secondly, regardless of the lyrics, when you can always experienced the music as it is independent from the text yard yard, everyone's able to understand that the music is special, that regardless of whether they believe in the words or not, i love that. but i have also seen it evolve in the other direction on that some chorused is experienced in a new way and get baptized precisely because they sing and st. thomas. so it can also be an impetus else. non fun. yeah, my, this is, yeah, i was this one time that really stuck with me. there was a st. thomas student who was in the 12th grade. he was not a member of the church,
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but had been a chorister since the age of 4 or 5. and then joined st. thomas were having, i asked him, how can you sing the mass and b minus the passions if you yourself don't believe and i just can't understand it was can i grew up differently and i was brought up from childhood in the parsonage. and for hope of galactose, this boy said to me, oh mister 100, mark, mark this, you know what? he's wise. i know that when i sing, i'll console the people down there. and there are a lot of people sitting there who believe it. when i do it for them, and i do it with all my hand is f net if it's yet until and i said to him, well, dance to kind of faith though you don't call it that different, but he couldn't or didn't want to take the stamp of being baptized or joining the charge. hoping to last, however, he understood exactly what constitutes christian thanks, left christian club of ah,
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making faith to as many ease as possible and why is able to go into again. 6 it's another goal of the new crew master until he is right. so you know, it's new gross, it's a great joy. and a great honor to be able to work here in leipzig under these professional circumstances took to and i want to take this opportunity to say this is something extraordinary. also given his, ah, ah. c ah ah ah
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ah ah ah ah ah with who lit grammar and a lot of skin just another ordinary work day at the moodle. andries.
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we take a look behind the scenes and enjoy the incredible shows while on the legendary milan ruge in the heart of paris. you romantic movie minute spondee. he's known for his venus sandra, but a tele renaissance genius. but he also had a dark side for years. he painted helm just as masterfully and mysteriously as the poet dantes depicts bought italy's inferno on d. w with
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our data smart devices are embedded in our daily lives tracking i, we're every oh, we headed to a futuristic utopia or a digitized nightmare. the internet of every thing start january 17th on d w. ah, ah ah, this is news live from berlin, south africa says a final goodbye to an anti apartheid here. presidency around post praises the
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