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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  July 5, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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sergeant, officer, thank you for sharing your story with us. i'm sure houston very lucky to have you. thank you for joining us on "risk and reward." "making money" with charles payne starts right now. charles: stocks ending the taylor as the british exit vote rears its ugly head with serious fear man gereing from the bank of england. senator bob corker is being vetted as a possible vp candidate. hillary clinton is campaigns in florida today. and she was joined by president obama and put on the pom-poms providing the energy the democrats have needed. f.b.i. director jim comey said
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found her to be extremely care less, he will not tremendous charges against her. >> in looking back at our investigations into the mishandling or removal of classified information, we cannot find a case that would support bringing criminal charges on these facts. charlesr. charles: f.b.i. director james comey said he wouldn't recommend charges for hillary clinton. donald trump tweeted moments after the announcement, the system is rigged. general petreaus got in trouble for far less. very, very unfair. as usual, bad judgment. does today's announcement them clear the path to the white house. joining me now to discuss, tammy
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bruce, morgan ortegas and matthew whitaker. this is one of those things when comey starts off it seems as if he sets the stage for her to be indicted or at least to ask for criminal prosecution. saying that it didn't have to be intentional, and unless going on to lay out a litany of mistakes hillary clinton made showing arrogance and indifference and putting everyone at risk. then he comes to the conclusion it was not enough. what do you make of it? >> he used the term "extremely careless. to me it sounds like extremely negligent. i think there was a criminal case to be made and for whatever reason, he said this wouldn't cause him to recommend it. but that being said, it calls into question pane f.b.i. director who steps out and says
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a prosecutor should make a prosecution decision. charles: he talked about extremely careless. and he used "extremely negligent." i thought this would be another word game we get all the time from the left. what is is? it wasn't gross negligence. but it came close. i spoke with america's mayor rudy giuliani and he thinks they are all the same. if that's the bar for criminal prosecution, then that should have been the case today. >> i would agree. jim comey set out intentional was the bar. but the statute has gross negligence and extremely careless seems to be the same standard. he made a criminal case against hillary clinton but was unwilling to recommend her over to the d.o.j. charles: he says she sent and
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received emails in areas with sophisticated adversaries. in odd -- in other words she put people's lives at risk. >> she wanted to email with her staff with people she trusted without having those records accountable to anybody. what happened as the f.b.i. director said today was a careless lack of regard for national security secrets and information. there is not a person watching this television show and i don't think there is a person in america today who would think that if their name wasn't clinton, they would get away with this. people are disillusions when this sort of thing happens when you feel like there are triewls for the children tons, and rules for everyone else. charles: the statutes regarding the classified information.
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he said no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. >> this is about potential evidence. it's like being potentially pregnant. either you are or you are not. a lot of weird words he chose to use. he was looking for words to make it different. this is what's interesting. we have a reformation going on. this action confirmed why everyone is so politically upset and why donald trump is the nominee. this is in fact par for the course. this ways we have come to expect. and the problem for hillary clinton is she may have escaped this criminal prosecution. but the american people will likely indict her in november. she is probably the best candidate the gop can be against. she is more easily beat than a joe biden. and she is now -- this is just the beginning. this is not the ends. this is the beginning. and it confirms to anybody on
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the fence or independents. it confirms the ruling class, the rule of law does not apply to them, and we have had enough. charles: hillary did dodge a bullet. but in the court of public opinion, she had the trip on stair force one. the campaign with president obama who laid it on pretty thick. but even then people are questioning the timing of it. how did he know, the f.b.i. came out just in time. a lot of coincidences lined up. >> i think it was an awfully bad day for hillary clinton it was a political, not a legal indictment. maybe i disagree with all three of the panelists, i found james comey rigorous in his prosecution. giuliani came fought against comey's decision not to indict.
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but how does donald trump handle this tonight? watch how he counter attacks and goes in. this is a big challenge for hillary clinton. she has a 20% deficit against donald trump on honesty and trustworthiness. charles: donald trump released a statement titled "donald j. trump's statement on the rigged system." he said the f.b.i. confirmed 100 peoples had been deemed classified. and clinton's lawyers cleaned the server on other emails. people have little faith in any large institution anymore. this is what we see across the
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atlantic. a rejection of the establishment. >> james comey is everybody slobbers at his feet. every moment was political. for 13 minutes he laid out the indictment. then --ing this is what's shocking to people. what he laid out even i thought they would not do a felony and it would be a misdemeanor. but not even that. we are looking at a framework that confirms the problems here. and obviously we know the attorney general makes the final decision, not the f.b.i. this press conference was unprecedented. he said he spoke to no one. why is he laying out his position when the woman who makes the decision isn't present. i think this is to give her cover and confirmed the
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politicalization of the entire process. charles: today former rivals campaigning side by side. >> i'm here today because i believe in hillary clinton. and i want you to help elect her to be the next president of the united states of america. that's why i'm here. charles: there was no mention of the email scandal. david, i have got to tell you, president obama laid it on thick today. i'm not sure hillary clinton can carry the enthusiasm at the next event by herself. >> i agree. he's the natural like her husband. obama reminds us she is not as effective a campaigner as we democrats would like.
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but he is the best surrogate out there. one of many, bill clinton, michelle obama, and donald trump needs a few good surrogates himself to be successful. charles: he has a lot out there working on his behalf. we spoke earlier that some of the never trumpers that you know, today was the turning point for them, they are all on board now. >> i think people were totally disgusted to continue to see this corruption in washington. but one point i would like to make on the president. i was not surprised and i don't know if this is an deem it our system. i was not surprised hillary clinton wasn't indicted today. what i was surprised is how forcefully the president came out for her. i understand why he's doing it. he wants to keep his legacy and the only way he can do that is through a democrat presidency. but i think he tarnished his
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reputation by coming out so forcefully for her. he said when he came into office that he would have the most transparent administration in history. i really think he's diminished his stature in history by embracing such a failed candidate and up a flawed candidate. so i'm disappointed that the president and the democratic party for the past year failed to put up anybody that could be a credible alternative to her. now they are forced to put their arms around somebody and say yay, our candidate isn't going to jail. charles: some people on the gop side wish all the republicans would do the same for donald trump despite their differences. >> the republican party and democrat party, we have seen it play 0 it in the primaries. there is a battle for their very soul. jim comey did not give hillary clinton a gift today. what he did was dispel a lot of
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positions she took in march. you watch, jim comey, his reputation will be improved as we head into the fall and the case is made as to whether or not hillary clinton can be trusted and the person to make that case ultimately will have to be donald trump. charles: megyn kelly has an exclusive sit-down with house speaker paul ryan. coming up, more of hillary clinton and the f.b.i.'s recommendation not to pursue charges against her. we have former arizona governor jan brewer next. we has something to say about it. i guarantee. you guy's be good. i'll see you later
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in theaters july 8th. >> seven email chains concerned matters classified at the top secret special access program at the time they were sent and received. any reasonable person in secretary clinton's position or the position with whom she was corresponding about those matters should have known an unclassified system was no place for that conversation. though there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes of the handling of classified information, our judgment is no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. charles: that what you f.b.i. director james comey stating the bureau would not recommend criminal charges in hillary clinton's handling of classified information. former governor of arizona jan
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brewer with me to discuss. a lot of people thought perhaps there would be this sort of a decision. but the way it was laid out it felt ironic in the sense james comey gave all the necessary point you would need for an indictment. >> when i was sitting there glued to the television set. i was just totally shocked because all the statement he made in regard to accusations and the things they discovered in that investigation. the whole world today was shocked to see hillary let go the way she was. unfortunately i thought it was a bad decision to have director comey release that information. i thought it would come from loretta lynch. the bottom line,. charles: we all know that the law says very clearly that it's
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willfully and knowingly, and carelessness and recklessness trumps it's. it's outrageous. charles: ted cruz issued a statement saying director comey reworded a federal statute an has come close to saying negligently handling cl information is not a violation. >> it's high government officials named clinton. we deal with rules and regulations and they are even forced. basically what happened today, hillary clinton and bill clinton in my opinion are above the law. it's a terrible showing of justice in america. i mean -- so if you are -- if you move forward and you are
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charged with a criminal offense or misdemeanor. then all you have to do i say you were careless or reckless. they rewrote the law. that doesn't make any sense to me and it certainly probably doesn't make a lot of sense to everybody else. charles: in the meantime donald trump has been chipping away in more recent polls thatshowed him saw hillary clinton's lead in half. do you think he has the momentum now, even with the mainstream media pounding on him, do you think this is starting to put some wind in his sails? >> i do. i think people are realizing what they are dealing with in this election. if they want to continue with this kind of administration, somebody who can look you in the eye and lie to you and get away with it and not be accountable. what kind of person is she? it's unbelievable. when the f.b.i. director lays
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everything out very clearly. then to say, no charges because there is not a prosecutor. are you kidding me in why didn't you give it to the prosecutor to determine that. charles: it seems like such an amazing series of events from the meeting on the tarmac to the meeting over the weekend, then air force one comes and picks up hillary clinton. it's all very convenient. appreciate your thoughts tonight. governor brewer has been tossed up as a potential vp candidate. the tweets are heating up for hillary clinton and donald trump. we have the break downfor you in all the possibilities. stick around. can a toothpaste do everything well?
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charles: donald trump aides are claiming the highly anticipated announcement could come as early as next week. he will appear with tennessee senator bob corker in a north carolina rally in a few moments from now. also on the short list are newt gingrich,en in * governor chris christie and jeff sessions and joni ernst. i was filling in on your rules. chris stirewalt said none of the above. he said it will be someone we would never expect. >> i think he will look to the midwest. joni ernst. he has to win ohio, michigan.
6:25 pm
joni ernst is a great pick. she is a former general, a senator, she has great relations on the hill. what i like about pence, he's a former member of congress so he brings congressional as welling a governor experience. charles: i think i was the first one on his network to say she had the chance to win the senate. but donald trump criticized elizabeth warren for not getting a lot done. you don't get a lot done in your first term as a senator. pence was a little lukewarm. but he did go with cruz over donald trump. you are closer to the campaign. what are you sensing? >> there is not a negative with pence endorsing cruz. so there is a positive.
6:26 pm
i think all these names are great. i strongly believe we have an unusual candidate who fills the role at the top of the ticket. the reason you pick a vp is to be the attack dog. we know how good donald trump is. charles: one or two of those swing states particularly along the rust belt. >> i think pence does that. and newt gingrich does that, too. even joe biden says he respects newt gingrich. if you contrast the republican bench of vps and the democrat bench. the republicans have so many experienced people and the democrats are grasping at straws. charles: i heard cory berke and julio castro, elizabeth warren to get that enthusiasm from the
6:27 pm
far left. how do you see that changing out. >> i think it down to three frontrunners. elizabeth warren, but they had good electricity on the campaign trail. tim kaine, but i'm not sure it brings enough charisma. sherrod brown is a good pick because of what he does for ohio. charles: if you win the white house you wouldn't want to take away a key senator. a lot of people are saying we were hoping donald trump would consider a woman. the trump campaign said we don't ander like that. if someone is qualified, they are qualified. but would that be something that could counter the domination they have seen in the polls? >> i think there is possibly a surprise pick coming out of donald trump.
6:28 pm
the person i think i hear about the most who would be an awesome pick is susana martinez out of mexico. i know they have their history and they have been talking over the recent couple days. i think she would be a phenomenal pick and put a lot of energy into the ticket and it would counter hillary's strength with women. >> i think elizabeth warren would hurt the ticket. elizabeth warren stands against everything hillary stands for. warren has been railing against wall street, hillary clinton is dogged by wall street. charles: they don't actually have to get along. charles: susana martinez. >> interesting pick. they have had issues in the past. it would be like a governor pence. charles: i think it would be
6:29 pm
better than pence considering on you acrimonious that encounter was. president obama's war on coal continues and the largest coal company in the country may have to lay off 4,000 people. he's telling his employees if nothing else, voted for donald trump.
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>> 's the one.
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>> charles: the largest producer of coal in the united states announces that it will lay off more layoff more than 4,000 employees. president obama predicts certain doom for the industry back in 2008. >> if someone wants to build a coal power plant it's just that it will bankrupt them because they will be charged a huge sum for all of that greenhouse gas that is being admitted. >> charles: a third of it is still being admitted by coal. the jobs have plummeted in the last four years so chemical industry even survive the way it has been kennedy continue to generate american workers. joining me now murray industry -- energy ceo, robert murray.
6:34 pm
they were potentially laying off 4,000 employees. this war on call has been promised it has been lethal more than i thought what can be done to turn things around? >> first of all, i want to say that i want to appreciate being on this afternoon. the coal industry markets volumes had been cut in half since president obama. it is 4 cents a kilowatt hour. the wind and solar in solar power that hillary clinton abdicates his 26 cents a kilowatt hour independence and 4 cents a kilowatt hour from the american tax payer and that is why she in march said i'm going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. these manufactures of windmills and solar panels kicking back a tremendous amount of money to the campaign.
6:35 pm
they depend on those subsidies for the taxpayers to exist. what will happen, is that coal is a solid hydrocarbon and you could only reduce it down to about 30% because solar power is only there at the sunshine and it's only there if the wind blows and we will have a very unreliable power grid indeed, president obama has been the greatest destroyer of low-cost energy in america. i worry about that woman that is at home with children single mother, trying to raise her family with that couple on fixed incomes or that man -- manufacture of a product in the global marketplace because low-cost reliable electricity is being destroyed. hillary clinton wants to continue with obama's policies that put 26 cents a kilowatt hour. they can only it can only go down to 30% because the power
6:36 pm
grid would then be very much destroyed sir. >> charles: i was shocked at how quickly it went from over 50% to a third and today president obama campaigned with hillary clinton and he talked about the global warming and the climate warming and all in all of these things, do you think when it's all said and done that is all a ruse and it's reason it's all about the crony capitalism that backs alternative energy where a lot of people are making billions of bollard -- dollars? >> charles, you're absolutely correct peered the entire global warming hoax ruse, has nothing to do with the china has been building a new powerpoint every week for years and he has c ouroal production and pasts. it is a power grid. if you want to concentrate power in washington dc as hillary clinton, obama in the
6:37 pm
democrats want to do how better to do it than get control of the reliability in the cost of electricity and i put the u.s. epa in charge of it which has no knowledge at all of how to generate and deliver power. that is what is happening. this has nothing to do with the environment it is all politics just like her support of wind and solar is. it's about money and power, sir. >> when president obama came into office now there's less than 50%. good luck in your fight i happen to be a major admirer of you and your story and i think it's great american jobs we should not put them away right now. thank you very much. we will see again really soon. >> charles: i will tell you what you need to know about the market.
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[announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. charles: bond yields continue to plant and gold that continues to soar reflecting what is a perfect storm anxiety. a lot of unanswered questions. they had been calling for this for years. by the way it goes back to 1981. it said for years it's going to crash and you know what the course continues but they say now a kid to go much lower and
6:42 pm
then it says it's actually is actually right. but each section what are we saying? maybe it is not the bottom for our yields. they all rallied higher and some investors are speak sticking with the blue chip names in their effort to find safety. the flip side is the action and the banks. the bank of england got this whole ball rolling downhill this morning when they announced they are going to loosen lending parameters. it will allow banks to lend to businesses and individuals while i worry about these big multinational banks on both sides of the atlantic is the action in the regional banks that raised the yellow flags. regions was more than 4% down. that is some way some stuff peered there was some buying into) it still hinders on-the-job support. i think that it will look for goodness.
6:43 pm
i think right now it would be a creation jobs north of 180,000. it seems like that is a tall order. i could send it considerably higher. all right guys coming up the bank of england easing capital requirements. the lenders say no one wants to borrow. will this actually bolster the uk economy. it would didn't do a lot for us today. ♪
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charles: the aftermath for the departure of the european union the bank of london said to free up banks to lend up more money. there has also been a revolving door of potential british leaders teresa me now appears the front runner but she will have to make it through a very, located voting procedure. mark smith and matthew swift are joining me now. let me start with you. it's interesting in america we judge how the market reacts. in the first two days after that it was calamity. the first two sessions in the history of the market. we started it out very poorly i'm wondering at the bank of england that they can already turn bad. is there any evidence of this? >> know, the bank bank of england is simply trying to
6:48 pm
calm investor nerves which frankly are practically call him because the people that really know the markets recognize th the united kingdom by getting out of the european union has made themselves much stronger financially and economically because they have all of the athlete -- athletes they need. they have all that they need. they don't get bogged down by the anchor called the european union and the regulation and undue burdens. the majority of the uk citizens recognize. i'm very bullish on the future of the uk and i think the markets will be as well once we get through the initial concern about uncertainty which always causes markets to fluctuate in the short run. in the long run we can look for good things out of the uk. charles: i understand everybody been so much surprise because of the polls. there are uncertainties about
6:49 pm
that bond rating agencies who swiftly moved into lower the uk ratings and there was uncertainty among the bank of england which is already initiated a series of things to stop what they already see. they have already seen evidence that this thing is having a negative impact on the economy. >> i don't necessarily buy that. the political process is not always great when it comes to confidence in the economy. you have to let this play out a little bit. as you talked about earlier on it seems like leaders are leaving left and right. everything needs to remain calm which i agree with mark in general. i think things are not quite bad as we have seen we have seen the 2100 go back up to pre- levels but i would pay more attention to 5250 which i think is going to be a longer-term indication of what is to come. the political process does not always instill great confidence in the market. charles: what do you make of that two of the big architects beat kind the leave campaign are out, what happened to
6:50 pm
their? you thought it would be boris johnson if not karachi i understand english politics is very complicated but this one is way over my head? >> when you talk about nigel i think you need to keep in mind as we learn from karl rove a lot of the power and influence are in fact kind the position of power and i think by resigning his position is not disappearing from the public debate he is presumably going to be around talking in the ears of the people in power. someways some ways that is more influential. theresa may is the front runner to be the next prime minister of the united kingdom i think you see a woman who was a leader that wanted to remain in the european union that she has accepted the fact that the british people had spoken and the she has accepted the fact it was time to get out.
6:51 pm
charles: that brings me to my point. maybe the establishment is still in charge. if you get the two guys who ushered us through and then the mechanism and the folks behind the scene can usher them out doesn't that establishment still went to a degree? if someone who was against the lead vote. now he's in a position to be in charge. >> to be completely honest i don't think they really have a plan. i think like a lot of people they were very surprised by this vote. i think they have not shown any kind of plan or vision most likely party insiders knocked out boris johnson. i wasn't surprised by the resignation peered over all i think teresa may is someone that the market is certainly going to like because of the establishment. she is being called the next margaret thatcher. think you. this drama will go away anytime soon. this is a drama we all play -- we all pray goes away soon.
6:52 pm
if anyone is safe in the world from the terror group the one that's on the run.
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6:55 pm
charles: isis continues its terror spree during the month of ramadan. in turkey, bangladesh, iraq and saudi arabia. the most -- the most recent attacks have people wondering, is anyone safe from terrorism? the obama administration says the violence around the world is evidence isis is on the run and desperate. what are your thoughts? >> i think that's false.
6:56 pm
but i will admitted weakest part of isis is their aability to defend against grounds forces. their strength is their ability to foment terrorism by attacking anything that has to do with civilian aviation. every time they achieve a success around the world and they are not counters by a counter attack by the military, the more they attract young men from or rocco to india. this is a growth industry for isis. charles: the types of major gains that have been made by our forces and others, taking back large swaths of land, killing
6:57 pm
commanders. the one convoy we saw attacked last friday. are these attacks evidence of a school fate? >> they have yet to strike directly against the heart and the head of isis. that's mosul in iraq and raqqa in syria. what's so amazing is raqqa is only 50 miles south of the turkish border. erdogan has had enough of a stimulus, if you will, to get his military to form a co-there is with the united states and drive from the turkish border to surround raqqa. when that happens and you break the center of gravity and crush the ideological center of isis, the whole system will fail. charles: the ideology is on fire through the internet. the killers in bangladesh came
6:58 pm
from wealthy families. it's not just young desperate men. it's all these guys across the economic spectrum. >> young women as well. i think the propaganda machine of isis is enough that we the -- is a nut we the u.s. government have yet to crack. the propaganda machine of isis is sow sophisticated. you no longer need as a young man or woman to go to the mosque to get cad rallized. today -- to get radicalized. today's radical mosque is on social media. isis has media centers pushing out this propaganda. sophisticated videos. to compel people to come be part of the caliphate.
6:59 pm
i think of course we have had what we call counter i.o. efforts that the u.s. government tried to employ. but it gets to the heart of a bigger issue of what are states like saudi arabia and others teaching in schools and teaching in masks. they are a few steps away from the propaganda that isis is employing. >> it sounds like this is hopeless. its am not hopeless, is it? >> this is why. religion of islam has not always been this violent. for a couple centuries in our past islam was have advanced and much more advanced in the dark ages than europe. there was a time when there was more peaceful rule, and a quest for signs and knowledge. then in 1800s and the 1920s, and this growth of jihadism in the 20th century.
7:00 pm
i think there is hope it can go back to a moderate place. that's why the propaganda they are talking about. we have to preform islam from within. we need the partners and community across america to stop these young men. lou: good evening. i'm lou dobbs. historians may record this as a dark day in american history. not only did f.b.i. director james comey bring into question his own reputation for reason and integrity, but also of the f.b.i. he leads. comey today announced he will not recommend criminal charges against hillary clinton over her use of a private email server when she was secretary of state. in what had been build as a news conference, comey instead read a 14-minute statement and took no questions from reporters.


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