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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  November 7, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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they are doing. the only question is whether the businesses stay there. >> they will. david: we appreciate you staying there and watching us. "evening edit" starts right now. president trump: it's no great secret. a lot of administrations make changes after mid-terms. for the most of part i'm very, very happy with this cabinet. there will be changes. nothing monumental. i don't think it's more than most of administrations. liz: president trump ousting attorney general jeff sessions. on the russia probe, he said i could fire everybody now, it's a disgrace. what it means for the mueller probe and the democrats' push against trump. we have a market reaction whose stocks are popping on the
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sessions news. it was president trump who won last night as the gop got an historic and rare pick-up of senate seats. both trump and nancy pelosi holding their press conferences today as nancy gavels in as the democrats storm into the house, both calling for unity. but these two gladiators are ready to fight. jason chaffetz is here in studio on what you can expect. democrats winning back the house by campaigning hard on healthcare. the republic karnes incoherent message under cut president trump. the president had to do a heavy lift of two rallies. former cke restaurant owner andy
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pusser in joins us. pppp -- standee puzner joins us. welcome to the show. purchase watching the fox business tonight work. let's get to pedestrian ward lawrence. >> we knew attorney general jeff sessions would lose his job in the weeks or days after the mid-term elections. not hours. weren't last hour, attorney general jeff sessions leaving for the last time the department of justice. the employees around him giving him an applause as he gets into his car to take off. in his resignation letter he said at your request -- he said we have open wraitd integrity and lawfully and aggressive think advanced the policy agenda
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of this administration. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein was at the white house. his advisors say it was not to resign. >> i think the department of justice does many different things. they are the cheefd law enforcement agency of the country. they coordinate all the u.s. attorneys and law enforcement officials. obviously this department of justice has done a fine job frost sciewght doctors and pharmacists and nurses and shutting count dark web. putting it to the ms-13 gangs. prosecuting transnational criminals. i assume the deputy attorney general is helping out there. chuck schumer says we have to
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protect the russia probe and he's calling on congress to act if the president fires bob mueller. matthew whitaker has been named acting attorney general. he'll oversee the russia probe. whitaker wrote an article saying the russia probe already overstepped the bounds going forward. he's acting attorney general of the united states and overseeing that. jeff sessions now at home tonight. he is without a job. liz: the election results. a lost races are still too close to call. reporter: in the senate, the mississippi race is a runoff. neither person made it to 50%. in florida we are look at governor rick scott and senator bill nelson. there is a recount going on there. just 30,000 votes separate those two. governor scott leading in that. in arizona, just 25,000 votes.
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on the house side, there are some tossups. the democrats have control of the house. i was in virginia detective 7. -- virginia district 7. they wanted the retore civility to the presidential office and see the president put in check. these are independent voters that i talked to. the house going democrat. there are still 17 races to be called. liz: a lot of head scratching in the media how the polls did not pick up the republican voters. they were surprise the andrew gillum lost, and beto o'rourke, and heidi heitkamp. reporter: the president campaigned tirelessly. they did well in those races he
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helped boost. a big pickup for republicans on the senate side. a disappointing night for the senate there. liz: it will be an all-out assault from probes into his tax returns to jump-start the russia collusion probe. there is also threats tostein subpoena the president, personal cell phones. a number of them are reportedly unprotected. but president trump is ready to go warning quote. two can play at that game. let's bring in jason chaffetz. former chair of the house oversight committee. >> the democrats are still the partist resistance movement. going into 2020, they will do anything and everything they to be probe every single aspect of everything. what i'm concerned about is they
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cannot use these for fishing trips. they have the subpoena power and they have the gavel. but you can't go on fishing trips. there has to be evidence of wrongdoing before they dive into these things. liz: jeff sessions' replacement is matthew whitaker. he has said, mr. mueller, you are doing a fishing trip trying to get into the president's personal finances. there is a red line you are crossing that's wrong. whitaker said last year the way to undercut the mueller probe is not to give it the budget and it will shrivel up and go away. >> in this mueller probe i knead think you need to let it run to its conclusion. i think director mueller needs to be gone it sooner rather than later.
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there hasn't been any evidence of criminal wrongdoing. certainly nothing tied directly to president trump. liz: the letter was undated it was like a prenup ready to go. the president knew not to launch this before the mid-terms. >> i think there was no surprise. there was a 560-page report from the inspector general talking about the chaos within the department of justice. so many people have resigned, been fired, demoted. possible criminal investigations. and jeff sessions bless his heart has shown no pro pence d s shown no propensity to clean it up. he's terrible at this job. myself and others have been calling for his ouster for a long time. i think he losted the confidence
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of the president and so many people in congress. liz: what's the first probe out of the box? jerry had in letter the incoming chair of the house judiciary. he wants to probe the firing of jeff sessions. what's next? >> they want to go after what the fbi did or didn't do on kavanaugh. i think the democrats have a desire to get after the president's tax returns. liz: there are ways to do it? >> there are four people in the country who have the power to do that two of which are democrats. there noise evidence the president lies or cheated on their taxes. so what moral right do they think they have to get that information. if they think a presidential candidate should be offering his tax returns they should
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introduce that bill and make it the law. but to go outside of the law, that's not justification to get the president's tax returns. liz: you are a book author as well? >> yes, "the deep state" is doing well. liz: president trump and nancy pelosi calling for unity today. the president took on reporters. ed the word is the president does see a tough deal maker in nancy pelosi. he knows the democrats can't go empty handed into the 2020 election with still nothing done. can the president and the democrats get a deal on healthcare? neighbor lowering drug prices. let's bring in the dail the "day caller" right house correspondents. what do you think? do you think healthcare, maybe
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bringing drug prices down, that they can cut a deal here? >> the president today in his presser put it in one of his top three areas that he wants to accomplish. liz: democrats want to raise corporate taxes to pay for structure. that's a no-go with trump. he could veto it. so what do you think? will democrats be spoilers going into the presidential. >> of ded the presidential election. >> i don't think it will be the spoiler in terms of policy demands. the president laid out a stark choice for democrats. he told them you can work me on infrastructure and healthcare or we can do endless investigation and subpoena battles that make
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their way to the supreme court and turn it into a circus. the president acknowledged it will probably be better for me politically because i'm better at this game than they are. he's laying out a zero sum game. you either work with me or we'll have high stakes investigations of each other the next two years going into 2020. liz: president trump tweeted in tall fairness nancy pelosi deserves to be chosen as speaker of the house. he said he was not being sarcastic. >> i think it's objectively true. but i also think it's a trap. there are a lot of people in the democratic caucus who don't want to see her cozy up to him. it's not as nice as it seems. >> every time nancy pelosi
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speaks it's like earned media in the billions for the republican party. there is a cynical ploy for the president some to see her in charge of the party because she was a useful foil for them. she was mentioned by the president in every single campaign' stop. liz: it will be interesting to watch coming forward. thank you so much. you will both be back with me. facebook reporting an effort by russian trolls to meddle in the mid-terms didn't come to anything. they briefed the intelligence committee saying the attempt was uncovered by facebook just before the election and facebook has blocked over 100 facebook and instagram accounts ahead of the mid terms. look out for amazon stock.
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online shoppers are making a choice. they do like walmart for groceries. this is a big deal. new data coming in. it's forecasting all holiday we tail sales as well will top $1 trillion for the first time ever this year. the jury has been selected for the trial of that murderous mexican drug cartel boss el chapo guzman. the trial begins next week. democrats take the house. we know republicans take the senate. what does this mean for your money, the stock market and more? we have that information after the break. don't go away.
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liz: it was called red october. last month was so bad people got panicked. what about gridlock. what does that do to the market? dierdre: it's the best stock
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market rally after the mid-terms. investors know what the government will look like the next two years. clarity is usually pretty positive for investors. one analysis going back to 1946 shows post mid-terms, the s & p 500 rises 17 per where on average. the gridlock you alluded to was the most of likely scenario. most of strategists said it's baked in at 85%. economic issues including cost cuts on drug prices and infrastructure issues. it seems it gave that extra lift to the markets. the wildcard was the u.s. a.g.'s
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resignation. more than likely we'll see an increase in stock market poll tilt in the next few days. liz: terrific reporting there. to what you can expect in the way of policy. we know that democrat socialist alexandria ocasio-cortez this the house. she is hitting out against i.c.e. and more, and she does want single payer healthcare. let's get into it with andy puzder. he's the author of the hitback, "capitalist comeback." the head of the democrat socialist wrote an op-ed saying quote capitalism only works for the rich. this person argued that workers have a right to share in the
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wealth that labor creates. your take? >> people need to remember that socialism has had terrible results every place it's been tried. historically the u.s.s.r. collapsed under its ownweight. venezuela. north korea, cuba. capitalist policies, the policies president trump put in place, reduce taxes, reduce regulations. we have the closest and lowest unemployment rates ever. people with only a high school education. wages are up 3.1%. benefits are up almost 3%. take-home pay is under 5%. we have people falling off snap
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benefits or food stamps. the lowest number of people getting unemployment benefits. arguing capitalist policies don't work and socialist policies do, you have to ignore current events and history. liz: harry truman is talked about that in the 40s. dwight eisenhower was against specialized medicine. ronald reagan said it's bad when medicare came into next the 60s. 123-plus house democrats want it. >> if you wanted the misery and deprivation they there in venezuela, those are the policies we should adopt. singapore is a good example.
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they have a system that uses competition to lower prices and lower costs. they have the lowest percentage of gdp, and some of the best healthcare results in the world. we shouldn't be looking at countries with failed healthcare system. medicare for all, medicaid for tall, you can't pay 32.6 trillion dollars for something. that's doubling federal spending. and we can't even couple with the cash to cover the spending we are doing now. liz: the critics are saying why rip apart the whole system and have complete government take over of everybody's healthcare? we see employer-provided coverage plummeted to 57% of overall plans. communist china does not have what the democrats want.
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the government fully paying for healthcare. >> they really don't have any idea what they are talking about. representative alexandria ocasio-cortez. she is is a woman who came on tv and said she believed the unemployment rate is low because people have multiple jobs. the unemployment rate doesn't measure the number of jobs, it measures the number of people with jobs. she doesn't know -- i know bernie sanders doesn't grasp economics at any realistic level and it's a problem. liz: what's your take, again, the polls were wrong. the republican voters simply were not being picked up in the
6:25 pm
pools. you have to wonder how this is effecting the media debate about policies. republican voters talk about policies. the media was full on hating trump. the republican voter not picked up in the polls. people are surprised andrew gillum lost. they are surprised beto o'rourke lost. they are surprised joe donnelly lost. >> with all the negative media coverage of president trump and republicans and their policies in general. when you have somebody calling a hispanic family in florida and the husband or wife answers the phone, the odds they will say i'm going to support the republicans. people generally don't respond favorably to questions about whether they support republicans or president trump. it's called social
6:26 pm
responsibility bias. it's what messed up the polls with hillary clinton and messed up the polls with this mid-term election. don't look at the polling. listen to the candidates. we have only had an economy like this once in my life. liz: the republicans did have an incoherent message on healthcare. thanks for coming in. just like we have been saying right before the mid terms it will be about and it was about the economy, stupid. remember james carville said it. healthcare, the number one pocketbook issue. it did help fuel the democrats to a big victory in the house. later in the show. marijuana stocks popping after jeff sessions resign. we'll show you which ones are really moving. can business is climbing.
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liz: voters were worried about how to pay for healthcare it was polled as the number one issue going into the mid terms. many republicans either had an incoherent message or they ran away from the subject. that gave democrats a wide open field to get back into tour in the house. let's take it up with lee carter. what's your take on how republicans seem to be softening to obamacare. voters, too. >> it was the number one issue
6:32 pm
for voters going into the mid terms. but 52% of americans still want to repeal and replace obamacare. there is a chance for republicans to say we have a better idea. let's get something done. it's getting more and more popular because there is no alternative out there. people are going to the doctors, saying it's getting more expensive, and they are blaming it on the republicans now, not on obamacare. liz: how come they couldn't keep tour with the economy and immigration and the border? what happened there? >> i think generally there are too many lawyers in congress. they don't how to you who to sell things. there is one good marketing person. president trump. he knows how to sell.
6:33 pm
republicans don't know how to drive a message home. republicans have promised how many times. give us the house, weul wheel repeal obamacare. give us the senate, give us the white house, and they still didn't do it. liz: the president is trying to be a leader and fix things and get things done. >> to get something passed, you need a whole crowd. in last year's senate we had so many disparate republicans. we barely got mr. kavanaugh through. liz: with the economy, the messaging got complete lire lost. >> i don't think they talked about it enough. but it wasn't picked up. the president talked about the economy almost at every rally. and yet the major networks, cbs,
6:34 pm
nbc, abc, covered it for less than a minute go going into the election. it's partly the fault of the networks and partly the fault of the president. he also did something that was newsworthy that would cause everybody to talk about. it will be the immigration thing. it will be birthright citizenship. liz: the reporters can choose to report on both, right? coming up. we are going to take you inside the race in kentucky. millions of dollars spent on a hotly contested house right. we have republican incumbent andy barr. later in the show be marijuana
6:35 pm
stocks are in rally mode after three more states say yes to legalizing it in some form. and attorney general jeff sessions resigns. stay there. >> the democrats won the house last night with a 27-seat gain. that's nowhere near a blue wave. and they lost big in the senate.
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but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. liz: let's get to the story about who is dominating the governor's mansions. the republicans just barely winning in florida. democrats flipped 7 governor seats last night. it could play a big part in
6:40 pm
shaping the 2020 presidential race. gerri: big changes to the number of gubernatorial offices held by republicans. 7 seats flipped from republicans to democrat. 7 is more than the average of state governor offices that typically change hands in the mid-term. several midwestern states, one of which, michigan trump turned in 2016. but the governor's races that may have the biggest impact in 2020 are three that didn't flip. all three staying in the gop column. in florida * rick desantis narrowly defeated andrew gillum.
6:41 pm
a republican governor should go a long way in helping deliver the sunshine state in 2020 which trump won in 2016. in ohio. attorney general mike dewine defeated richard cowe courdray. in iowa, governor kim reynolds, the republican defeated fred hubbell in a toss-up contest that hinged on local issues including healthcare and the economy. iowa is first in the nation caucus state. big changes there. and they will be meaningful in the 2020 election. liz: joining me on the phone,
6:42 pm
kentucky congressman andy barr. he won in a hotly contested race. a lot to talk about the blue wave that wasn't. it just wasn't there. what's your take? >> it was more of a green wave in terms of money flooding into all kinds of congressional districts. this was a very competitive race because this is a competitive swing district that was represented boulevard me by democrats. i defeated an incumbent democrat to come to congress in 2012. and it's and very politically diverse district. i have the privilege of representing a district that looks like the country and its diversity. there is a liberal urban core, lexington, kentucky. then there is some suburbs which
6:43 pm
include a lot of moderate swing voters, moderate republicans, soft democrats. and then there is a ring of conservative rural voters outside of all of that. so it is a picture of the entire country. and we focused on the fact that we represent everyone to the best of our ability. even those who may disagree with our votes. we are very accessible. and then we focused on the results. we kept our promises and did what we said we were going to do. we produced policies that resulted in a booming economy. we focused on the opioid epidemic and reformed the va. i think that made the difference in the end. liz: the president has to be the hardest working president in
6:44 pm
modern times. what was the significance of having president trump come to campaign for you, especially when it comes to the potential fence sitter's, the mad rats who may not have voted for him. how did they react to president trump in your district? >> in a diverse district like mine there are some vote horse may not agree with the president's personality all the time. but for others voters they were even enthused when i invited the president to come to my district. when i'd told my all me up constituents, look, he is the president of the united states. i'm going to invite any president to advance the interests of the people. my district. we welcomed the president bawls with this president we have been able to deliver results. a booming economy. we are getting the job done in
6:45 pm
terms of fighting opioids in kentucky. the policies are work and people are better off. we were very happy to welcome the president to madison county. liz: congratulations on your victory and thank you so much for joining us. up next, judge andrew napolitano is here on the fallout of jeff sessions firing. and he'll talk about the booming marijuana pot market it's seeing nothing but green. we are coming back in 2. i think it will fit. ♪ want a performance car that actually fits your life?
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liz: turn general jeff sessions ousted. he'll be replaced by acting a.g. attorney whitaker. he has criticized mueller's attempt to do a deep dive into the president's personal finances. let's get to judge napolitano. what's your impression? >> the president can fire any
6:50 pm
cabinet member for any appropriate reason. but not i want him to stop investigating my friends because it might lead to me. so we don't know why jeff sessions was fired. but he can only be replaced in one of three ways. according to federal statutes. by the next person in line, rod rosenstein, the deputy attorney general. by a human being in the justice is department who has been confirmed by the united states senate for the job he now has. or by a recess appointment made when the senate is in recess for 10 or more days which hasn't happened in years. my argument is the appointment of in whitaker is not a lawful one. if the purpose of the appointment was to starve the mueller investigation, that
6:51 pm
would be an illicit reason for appointing i am. where this is going to go, we don't know. liz: you don't think whitaker stays? >> i don't think he has been lawfully appointed. i don't think he has the authority to go in the building. liz: chuck schumer says he should recuse himself from the mueller probe. >> congressman nadler will be doing a lot of investigations. some politically motivated and some in the sense of morality and the constitution. but i believe senator schumer is correct because of the things whitaker has said about the mueller probe in the past that creates a conflict. so the quiet period ended today. liz: what are we going hear from the mueller probe?
6:52 pm
>> i don't know the answer to that. i do think when he presence a final report and final indictment. mueller's it's been about a year and a half. liz: judge, you are terrific. >> see you in the morning on varney. whris * we'll be right back. stay right there, don't go away.
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. >> this is a investigation where many, many millions of dollars has been spent and there's no collusion. it was supposed to be on collusion, there's no collusion. and i think it's very bad for our country. i will tell you. i think it's a shame. it should end because it's very bad for our country. liz: just hours after that press briefing, jeff sessions was ousted as attorney general. president trump did slam the russia probe declaring it is bad for the country, time for it to end. trump made no secrets, he's been furious ever since sessions recused himself from the russia probe. to the panel, your take on this? >> this was not a surprise to anybody who's been covering the white house. the president has been mad at
6:57 pm
jeff sessions since he recused himself on day one of the investigation, blames him for the appointment of special counsel robert mueller and all of the media stories and the environment that have surrounded this white house has cost him and his staff millions and millions of dollars in legal fees, not to mention how much sheer time of the chief executive has to spend on the probe. and looks that as jeff sessions' fault, and looksa the fat majority in the senate in order to confirm somebody else. liz: let's switch to breaking news for you, al, i want your take on this. clearly senator chuck grassley of the senate judiciary very frustrated. he is now saying his team was briefed by homeland security and the state department on the caravans headed to the southern border. here's grassley saying they are gang members in there, that there are individuals accused of assault and sex crimes. he's saying they are coming from central asia, north africa, throwing glass bottles,
6:58 pm
molotov cocktails and knives. your take on this, al? >> i just read that, i think grassley is giving the president a little cover. liz: sorry, not just cover, is grassley reporting facts? sorry to interrupt. >> i don't know, i assume he's telling the truth. liz: he said he was briefed by homeland security and state department. >> i assume he's telling the truth. i don't believe we need 15,000 military down there. liz: they're not choir boys coming in. that's what grassley is saying. >> that's why we have i.c.e. and customs enforcement. the president has overreached on this. it worked in the midterms but a bit of demagoguery. liz: voters who went for republican candidates say this is an issue, your take? >> immigration is one of the major issues here. part of the people who arrive in asylum are the least vetted people in the united states. they have vetting that occurs after they entered our borders and what's particularly concerning, what the trump administration talks about, if you come here as a family unit and claim asylum, you are
6:59 pm
released into the interior of the country and there's no real documentation check, no background check, and as you've seen with the dhs briefing, it does highlight that one of the dangers of letting in thousands of unvetted people with the current immigration loopholes we have in the system. liz: al, will nancy pelosi and the democrats in the house step up and say, you know what, mr. president? we'll take up your immigration policy change and reform offer he made last year? >> i doubt it, but i hope so. let's get this off the table, an issue for too long and they ought to compromise. build a wall, protect the dreamers and move on. liz: good point, quick, have you ten seconds. >> overall, this shows you how the loopholes need to be fixed and hope the democrats come forward with this because there are children that are exposed to bad people based on this briefing. liz: great point. you are terrific. it is a humanitarian issue and a security issue as well. aland saager, terrific stuff
7:00 pm
from both of you. thank you so much. thank you so much for watching. lou dobbs is next right here on the fox business network. have a good night. . lou: good evening, everybody. our top stories jeff sessions' disastrous tenure as attorney general has ended. sessions today resigned at the request of president trump. we'll have the latest tonight on who replaces sessions at the helm of the troubled, corrupt justice department? and the future of the mueller witch-hunt. sessions allowed to run wild under his watch. also tonight, president trump's tireless campaigning and support of republican candidates turning back the much ballyhooed blue wave, it turned out to be not much of anything at all. thes


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