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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  July 27, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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we agree. we will see back here tomorrow night. busy night, right? 7:00 tomorrow night, tucker's life next from el salvador with attorney general jeff sessions. good night, everyone, . ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." we are life from el salvador, and unfortunately cannot do the whole show from here. i wish we could. there are technical limitations. there's a bad delay, thunderstorms, i don't have a teleprompter, something happened to my necktie. so laura ingraham is going to take over the show in just a minute. we are grateful for that. the news seems to be happening back at home. did you see what anthony scaramucci said of his coworkers? the new white house medications director lit up reince priebus and a bunch of other people in the white house. how do i know this? because we are in a van outside the presidential palace in
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el salvador and about nine people texted me and everyone in the van was reading this like a golden retriever, mouth open, panting with shock. they remind me, and maybe this avenue, of the sunday afternoons were youtube takes over your life. if you happen to type in "fat kid falls off bike" treat yourself. you will spend hours. he will not be able to turn away. it's humiliating. it's buffoonish. it's totally pointless. it is changed to nothing, and yet it's a spectacle that somehow is irresistible. it may be related to this. i guess the only point i would make is that none of this, as amazing and unprecedented and compelling as it is, will rate as meaningful if the administration achieves the things it was elected to do. speaking of which, we are here for two reasons. one, to do reporting for serious redoing next week on ms-13 which is the priority of this administration.
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getting back at the world's most dangerous street gang, many of whom were at the united states. but also to talk to the attorney general jeff sessions who is down here meeting with officials. we caught up with him this morning, and because it was in the news, asked him about his recent spat, a one-sided spat, the attacks he has received from his boss, the president of the united states. here's what jeff sessions said when we asked him. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> tucker: you've seen the president's criticism of you. do you think it's fair? >> well, it's is kind of hurtful, but the president of the united states is a strong leader. he is determined to move this country in the direction he believes it is to go to make it great again. he has had a lot of criticisms, and he's steadfastly determined to get his job done and he wants all of us to do our jobs, and that's what i intend to do. >> tucker: he has said again and again in many different
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forms that you should have acted differently, should not have recused yourself from oversight in the russia investigation. do you agree? >> i understand his feelings about it. this is been a big distraction for him. tucker, i talked to experts in the department of justice, people trained in that. i am confident i made the right decision, the decision that is consistent by rule of law. an attorney general who doesn't follow the law is not very effective in leading the parent of justice. i think, with 15 years in that apartment, having served in that great department, knowing the integrity, i believe i made the right decision. >> tucker: use of the criticism was hurtful, and the president has made it clear that he doesn't want you to run the department of justice. will you continue? >> he can make that clear any time. i serve at the pleasure of the president. if he wants to make a change she can certainly do so.
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i would be glad to heal in that circumstance, but i do believe that we have made some tremendous progress. i can feel the movement. we had a 25% increase in prosecution of criminals with gun just this last quarter. the first real quarter that i've been in office. we had prosecutions are going to be up, production is gonna be up, not a single new united states attorney on board. we are going to laded the department effectively. he believes we should end of the lawlessness of immigration. so do i. we've already seen a 50% reduction in that period were stepping up prosecutions across the country. they are dealing with this transnational criminal organization, a direct executive order he gave to us. so we are stepping up, particularly this ms-13 gang,
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criminal violence out there that is all over our country but also meeting here today to work with the local attorney general here who is making great progress. i think a partnership that we've had for several months now has helped encourage him and support him in his bold efforts that are hurting ms-13 right here in el salvador. that kind of thing is what's exciting to me. we've achieved in many ways more than i thought. at this point in time. >> tucker: can you tell us anything about the criminal investigation into intelligence lakes? leaks. >> i have not been happy with the past prosecutions and investigations. we've taken a number of steps. tucker, we will have multiple -- will have a press conference next week, but we arty have multiple numbers of prosecutions compared to last year at this time. we are stepping up those cases,
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it cannot continue. people need to go to jail. if we can make cases, they are going to jail. that will be our advocacy, which we have been working on before. the president has every right at the department of justice to be more aggressive in that. we intend to. >> tucker: did you have any conversations on the calendar with the president? >> out of the gets on the calendar yet. i believe that i understand his mission. i understand his goals. that's why i supported him for president. i share his beliefs that we've got to do more about crime, more about illegal immigration, more about gangs and violence, and it's an honor and a pleasure to be able to lead that effort. >> tucker: mr. attorney general, thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: the headline from that conversation, the attorney general will remain in his post, he says, until and unless he is explicitly fired by the president. he said he was wounded by the
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president's attacks on him, but he did not apologize for not recusing himself from the russia investigation. he said the rule of law gave him no choice. he also said that he has not spoken to the president and has no scheduled plans to do so. the bottom line is unless something unexpected happens, jeff sessions is not resigning and will remain attorney general. a little news here this morning. jeff sessions was in the country, as we said, as part of his plan to help the el salvador and government to help cut down on ms-13. about a quarter -- the demographic ties between the two are huge, and unfortunately there are a very large number of ms-13 numbers in the united states. this is meaningful for americans. there was news of a bigger rest of gang members today. the attorney general met with his counterpart, the salvadoran attorney general, we were there as part of what happened.
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here is a bite from the attorney general of the net states meeting with his counterpart here in el salvador. announcing the arrest of a large number of ms-13 gang members. >> ms-13 represents one of the most violent, not really the violent, such organization. it is a top priority of mine and the department of justice. we've already produced quite a number of indictments in recent months. of ms-13 in the united states. we are going to continue to do that. together, i believe we can weaken this violent, dangerous gang that is threatening your country and our country. >> tucker: you can see we are doing the whole show from down here, and we've been busy. we interviewed and ms-13 member this one who claims to have killed 25 people on behalf of
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the gang. he explained in some great detail how ms-13 member's get the united states illegally. to sum it up in a word, " "easily." a lot of people just come from jail full of ms-13 detainees. we will have a lot more on that next week as our series continues. we know there's much else going on in the news. we going out to our friend laura ingraham who is going to take away from here. thanks, lara. >> laura: thanks, tucker. tucker will be back tomorrow, and in the days ahead will show more about america's deadliest criminal gang, and our series hunting ms-13. never reaction to we are joined by house speaker newt gingrich. newt, what's frustrating is to watch sessions down there in el salvador, he's doing the work and advancing the agenda that donald trump won so startlingly on and successfully on in november. he's very gentlemanly, very genteel, he's hurt by the
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comments. that the natural response. compare that, this interview that scaramucci gave to the new yorker that is filled with expletives, trashing steve bannon who has been carrying the conservative populist banner for years, loyal to the president. trashing reince priebus who's been working really hard in the administration, regards to what people say about how effective he is. that's just a study in contrast and another example of an administration stepping on its good news and message. a lot of my radio listeners, it's very frustrating. >> i think it is frustrating. first of all to distinguish the two, in the case of sessions and the president i think the president is very deeply pained by things like his son-in-law and his son being taken into a witch hunt. which is what it really is. in that sense you are seeing a man who is thrashing around because of the pain level. but you notice, i think sessions
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has taken a very mature approach. i think sessions is doing a great job at the justice department. virtually every one of trump's values at justice are being honored by sessions. in two or three months that will probably shake out. today soap opera, yesterday's, is unfortunate because, you know, trump is trying to do a lot of really big things. he's actually getting a lot of big things done. the soap opera blocks you from seeing the big things. they had this huge victory on deregulation, repealing 16 regulations. but how can you see with this kind of a soap opera going on? they had a relatively good statement today about the tax cuts, they want to move this fall. those are vital to the economy, which matter to every american. of course this totally is drowned out by the soap opera. my advice would be let's go back
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to remembering the white house should focus on actually solving real things, and people should work together and recognize that the primary opponents are outside the white house, not inside the white house. >> laura: is this not about the people of the country? this is about america. and americans. we need happy americans. ronald reagan always understood that. i was go back to reagan, maybe that's not fair, but i came to washington in 1987 to work for president reagan. the idealism and the resolute nature of the way he went about his business, he wasn't perfect, had some scandals, but in the west wing it was a sense of, even with rivalries, a sense of purpose. there is a sense of being in it together. when it's such a public feud versus keeping it inside the family, and scaramucci is out there saying i'm a straight shooter, well, yeah, sometimes these fights are better settled behind closed doors rather than
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the public. i'm sorry, but to go after steve bannon and say he's there in the white house until 11:00 every night, or wherever he is because he is trying to build his brand. bannon does need to build his brand. he's trying to help the country and help trump. i think this, i'm sorry, i like scaramucci, i think is very talented, but this episode is humiliating to the president. i think it ultimately humiliates him. it does not serve the coming occasion of this agenda well. i'm probably going to take them off by saying it, but i said out of deep love and affection. he's not helping his agenda at all. >> it raises the question about what a way made by commit occasion? >> laura: what is a clean occasion director's job? what was pepe cannon's job? >> first of all, most medications directors are on television. most are directing -- >> laura: he says he doesn't want to be on tv. he doesn't want the limelight. he made that point in an interview. in an interview. >> that's right. most medications directors who are successful spend their time
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recognizing that the white house has enormous assets. it is all the cabinet options. it has all of its outside allies. it is spokespersons on various media shows. indications director's job ought to be to orchestrate a strategy to maximize getting what the president wants to get done. if you take, for example, the tax cuts. these are enormously important to the semesters. they may be the key to the 2018 election. they are to be spinning 80 or 90% of their time building that coalition to make sure the tax cuts get there by thanks giving. every time begin to one of the soap operas, you take away energy, you weaken the team -- >> laura: is it demoralizing to the people inside? >> of course it is. if this was a football team and you fight in the huddle, it's not helpful. >> laura: but bobby knight was a successful basketball coach, i have it to be a big bobby knight fan. he humiliated people but he got the best out of them. someone compared him, maybe that's what trump is trying to
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do, because he must've green lit all of the spirit scaramucci wouldn't of done this unless -- i don't know. i hope not. >> i'm not going to draw a line between what scaramucci did and what the president appeared in the lombardi, bobby knight tradition, he's rough-and-tumble buddy forces people to perform. he's prepared to change people. they went through several campaign managers. trump in that sense is very hard to driving. he doesn't think that success -- >> laura: he can change the staff himself. he doesn't have to send out a hit man to bruise up people. >> my advice to people like priebus and bannon is do your job. don't get involved in some fight. to do your job. get up every day, serve the country, help the president. i think that's the order, you serve the country, and to help the president. if the president wants you to leave, you are two corridors
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down. it's not hard to commit to. >> laura: that's sessions attitude. >> he has exactly the right attitude. he's not going to get sucked into the soap opera. he will run the department, and implement the values that they ran up it >> laura: 's or huckabee centers was on martha's show last hour and she said she basically hopes that scaramucci cleans up his act. she was very diplomatic in the way that she is quitting yourself with great grace. speaker congrats. thanks. as we speak, the senate is working frantically to work on some kind of obamacare replacement that could pick up the crucial 50 votes. we will update the proceedings next. hillary clinton has a new book coming out this september. she readied to give yourself any blame at all for last falls election? don't count on it. we will touch on that just ahea ahead. a good clean salad is so much more than green. and with panera catering, more for your event.
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>> laura: this the fox news alert. white house medications director anthony scaramucci has just made a stunning attack on the rest of the white house. promising a wave of firings, and insulting top figures. like, the chief of staff, and steve bannon, one of the top aides to president trump. fox news chief national correspondent ed henry joins us. add to, you know, when i think of the word "medication," it's powerful and it does get our attention, and this is gotten everybody's attention tonight as this pivotal health care vote is going forward on the skinny obamacare which we will get into. scaramucci's brand to the new yorker, stepping on the news
5:21 pm
again. another news day dominated by this spat inside the white house that is heating up. what do you know about it? >> there's that soap opera, the drama happening across town, closer to you on capitol hill. the health care vote is going into the wee hours. that is supposed to be the focus bit but instead, because of this interview that anthony scaramucci did with the new yorker magazine, lashing out, particularly at reince priebus, the chief of staff. by the way, there's a photo circulating on social media from a couple days ago, the president and interview and a photographer showed priebus and scaramucci practically staring one another down from a few feet away. that sort of kicked all of this off, because last night scaramucci was unhappy with what he thought was a leak from priebus to the media. so he called up a new yorker reporter and went after priebus, and bannon, saying "they will all be fired by me. i fired one guy the other day, i have three to four i will fire tomorrow."
5:22 pm
if you want to leak something, he will be asked to resign something very shortly. he is a bleeping paranoid schizophrenic. he then goes after steve bannon, chief strategist. "i'm not steve bannon, i'm not trying to build my own brand off the bleeping strength of the president. i'm here to serve the country. ." in fairness to scaramucci, he says he uses colorful and which, but he will refrain in this area in the future. but not give up the passionate fight for the president's agend agenda. you see the hashtag make america great again. a short time ago martha maccallum had an exclusive with sarah huckabee sanders. watch. >> look, i think sometimes we have a lot of passion. not just passion for the president and the agenda, but sometimes when you have the best people from around the country coming in with a variety of backgrounds, very different perspectives, you may not agree on everything.
5:23 pm
it takes about 30 seconds to make a statement like that. there's a lot more hours in the day, and this isn't something that is all consuming for us or for our staff. the press and the media may make this the focal point of their day, but we certainly aren't making it the focal point of hours. >> we do want to focus on the substance, when you talk about repealing and replacing obamacare, this is a big night for the president and his agenda. you mentioned these so called bill working its way through the senate. it would partially repeal obamacare, that left conservatives unhappy. the insurance industry weighing in saying that their markets will cave. nobody seems happy. the real news is that speaker paul ryan in the last few moments, laura, has said that he would expect stomach except the skinny bill passing the senate if he can get to a conference committee so they can move something for. even though he doesn't like that bill. it doesn't seem like they will be able to pass that, so nobody knows where this health bill is going well they are dealing with
5:24 pm
this other drama. >> laura: on another matter. hillary clinton has a new book coming out in september. but, well, maybe not so much self reflection in it. the book is titled "what happened" and it is coming out in just a few months. it is expected to double down on blaming russia, jim coming, for up seat and defeat, even "the new york times" and plumbing others has been a familiar theme for mrs. clinton this year. even raised the ire of many liberals. remember this june appearance where she said yes it was russia, not her campaign. that was the key reason for her defeat. >> particularly concerned about the role that russia played and the very serious interference that we know they were responsible for in our most fundamental democratic act.
5:25 pm
>> laura: richard advised hillary during both effort president or commence any joins us now. always great to see. >> thank you for having me. such a big news day. i can't believe were not talking about scaramucci. >> laura: at various times she is blame "the new york times," russia, jim coming, and sexism for her loss, talking about her she gets treated differently the way she looks, the way she dresses, courage, et cetera, et cetera. how is this advancing the cause of women being treated equally in the workplace when you kind of give this litany of reasons for why you lost when the fact of the matter is he really didn't run a great campaign, you called a lot of voters deplorable. >> lets wait to see the book, what it says. but let's assume that she does point the finger at russia and call me i think what she is doing with russia -- the president and his heart of hearts does not concede
5:26 pm
what the intelligence community stipulates, which is that the russians influenced what dick cheney called "an act of war." >> laura: there wasn't a single vote changed because of russia, and even obama's own john brennan, i believe, said that, and others. is there any proof -- >> john brennan is not an expert. he was asked a question. >> laura: this is ridiculous. >> laura, do you think anybody's behavior is influenced by that as they run on fox news? if you think that's true, than all the millions of messages that came through in those swing districts in wisconsin and michigan of pennsylvania, how do the russians know who to target without anybody who was an american signaling them? >> laura: are you going to go into 2020 with the rush of the? i try to figure what the democrats -- what's going through your head? you have these blue-collar people in ohio, was concept, pennsylvania, whose lives are actually any better under the trump economy. we are bringing back
5:27 pm
manufacturing, he saw that with the fox condado. dominic we are repealing epa regulations that are putting anchors on small business. movement on obamacare, maybe not some as much as we want, but their lives are getting better. with hillary it's like, well, we lost because of comey or the media, but there's not a whole lot that they have to offer the middle class. blue-collar workers who had their jobs shipped overseas. >> look, the job creation numbers, as you well know, and the first six months of the trump administration are worse than the last six months of the obama administration. there was by far over the last seven years of the obama administration. that's true. i'm just saying, we are subtracting out that first year, which was kind of a nightmare, not it is doing, the collapsing of the economy in the first half of the year. look, the fact of the matter is that we've looked at other retail jobs that are lost relative to fox con, it's not
5:28 pm
close. the job creation numbers right now are pretty lame. >> laura: he had a flat economy for eight years, never had a gdp even approaching 3%, and what hillary comes at you, she points the finger at anybody else. i take responsibility, but. i talked to democrats, i have democrat friends, but they are wanting to turn the page from the clintons paid whether it's the clinton foundation, the pay to play. they wanted over. this opens the store once again. >> usually the candidate who loses moves on. but typically the losing candidate has lost fair and square. typically the winning candidate doesn't threaten to put them in jail, and doesn't try to relitigate on every speech in front of the boy scouts about what happened in the 2016 election. i think she's showing great restraint. i think as far as comey is concerned, the evidence, her numbers went down. i'm just saying. her numbers collapsed by virtue of that.
5:29 pm
and what the russians did -- >> laura: did she run a good campaign? i know you were her advisor, but was it a good campaign? all election night, the campaign was abysmal. >> 5:30 in the afternoon, there was a leak -- >> laura: others did not. great to see you as always. attorney general jeff sessions is in el salvador. his deferment is targeting century city's back home. cap next he will take on a supporter of century cities and the rights of illegal immigrants. coming up. copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way" with anoro. ♪go your own way once-daily anoro contains two medicines called bronchodilators, that work together to significantly improve lung function all day and all night. anoro is not for asthma . it contains a type of medicine
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what? >> laura: the justice department is continuing its war on sanctuary cities. during a press conference today, counting a crackdown on ms-13, i.c.e. director described sanctuary cities as magnets for criminal activity. >> sanctuary city policies will only make a more difficult, if not impossible, for i.c.e. to remove known gang members without the opportunity to commit additional crimes. i said this of the podium a month ago. cooperation is critical. it is often state and local law enforcement, not i.c.e., that come into contact with transnational gang members. >> laura: many blue cities and states are defined. for instance, in california the sacramento bay reports that a million legal illegal immigrand have drivers licenses. we have a former dnc staffer and
5:34 pm
cofounder of k street media. pablo, great to see you. where is the i.c.e. director going wrong here? as far as i can tell, a lot of the crime committed by illegal immigrant's, that is created by illegal immigrants, is actually committed against other immigrants. dominic who, many of them who are here legally. resident, natural born, naturalized citizens. that wreaks havoc on their neighborhoods, on their communities, and makes their world unsafe. so shouldn't the crackdown on criminals in the united states be applauded by immigration activists? eventually makes legal immigrant experience more treasured. >> i think in the end, public safety is everybody's priority. where thomas holman, the acting i.c.e. director, is going wrong is he suggesting a big government takeover of local police responsibilities. you have right now, a situation where local police, they know
5:35 pm
their neighborhoods, they are walking the beat every day. i.c.e. is coming in, they are saying listen, we need you to do our jobs, too. if you find an undocumented immigrant and to detain them and give us a two dead heads up. i.c.e. is not offering them any money to pay for -- >> laura: that's not why california isn't doing it. it's not because of the money. they actually believe -- they want the whole state to be a sanctuary state, i think they believe that this is a moral duty that they have. two of poe's the lawful limitation of immigration policy. it is the law that if you are an alien inside the country, the legal language is alien, for a very short period of time i practiced immigration law, you are an alien in the unit states, you don't have legal permission here. you immediately become a deportable alien. you get due process, then you are out. is there any other laws that we should just say, well, you don't
5:36 pm
have to worry about those, any other laws that we should tell local officials they shouldn't worry about, discriminate and loss for instance? >> i think that immigration law over the course of the last presidency and this one has been fairly nimble in the sense that there is recommendations that get issued by the justice department as to how these laws should be enforced. i note thomas home and in, was often upset with the about administration and the restrictions on his job. the way he's responding, by having no regards for the sanctity of local law enforcement, is appalling. >> laura: so your concern is you're worried about law-enforcement? >> i am worried about local cops. if you think about it, one of the ways that the department of justice is fighting sanctuary cities is by withholding funds, withholding federal funds -- >> laura: they have the right to do that. >> one of the specific revenue streams, the ones that local
5:37 pm
police used to buy bulletproof vests. >> laura: you could help enforce the law. 20 people a day are killed by unlicensed drivers every year. the bulk of those people are illegal immigrants. many of them are impaired, many of them have been deported previously, come back to the united states. this is serious, and people's lives are in danger. we always appreciate you coming on. a congressional staff may have stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars in risk to the exposure of sensitive information, but it worked for a democrat, so no big deal. cap next we will discuss the absolute disinterest in the case of imran awan and debbie wasserman schultz. ♪
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>> laura: what happens when a congressional staff with close ties to a top democrat and access to sensitive hard drives gets caught wiring $300,000 to pakistan and then is arrested trying to flee the country? sounds like a pretty fascinating
5:42 pm
story. if you're in the american media, they are not much interested. former dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz kept imran awan on her payroll for months, even as he was being investigated by the capitol police for a host of possible crimes. she even tried to hinder that investigation, but our intrepid press has shown little interest in the story. tony schaefer is a retired u.s. army colonel, and he has been following this case. i watch cnn earlier today, i'm jetlagged, so i needed something will put me to sleep temporarily. i headed on, and the guy, i don't remember his name, but he reported it by saying "there were these conspiracy theories out there about this debbie wasserman schultz staffer." basically just in trouble for some bad checks, bank fraud, he said at the conspiracy theory. implying people like you who have been covering it and looking into it are conspiracy theorists. because this is more like a quentin tarantino movie with
5:43 pm
everything except a gimp, but i think it will show up. look, this is complex, but let me try to simplify. basically debbie wasserman schultz employed five brothers of pakistani origin. at the three times, the salary of everybody else who does i.t. on capitol hill. >> laura: they must be good at their jobs. >> apparently they failed at working at best buy and other places, so if you get fired at best buy you get hired on the hill. what happened is she has employed those folks, and over the past years there's been issues regarding the fact that every other democrat they worked for on the hill fired them. but they were retained by her. it is key here to remember is not about hard drives. this is about the fact that these individuals, during a time they worked for her on capitol hill, and her position as a member of congress. >> laura: three brothers of pakistani origin, which is not a bad thing. >> had massive access to databases to include email about
5:44 pm
members of congress, super user access to the system itself, and most importantly the sensitive information being held by the house foreign affairs committee and other committees they had access to. what this all comes down to is like, okay, you can have all that, but what gets worse if she actually employs these folks to do hideous things behind the scenes. this evidence now that a least one of his brothers was helping her do the bernie sanders malevolent activities, trying to manipulative things against him. that actually helped her do things like voice change calls, they did all other things which -- >> laura: who are these characters? >> then there's evidence that they dumped off into a third database, which being called a breach. that's why the capitol hill police rolled and sang there something wrong here. now the fbi has rolled in and let me give you the big take away here, it looks like a foreign intelligence service may be the recipient of all this. something called the muslim brotherhood.
5:45 pm
spin well, the muslim brotherhood >> let's roll all of this has been going. that's why the fbi is now investigating beyond wire fraud. >> laura: they've been kicking around capitol hill in various capacity, but they essentially were blacklisted by most of the other democrats. yet she gave him a home. very interesting. >> they suspend most of their excess in february, and she kept them on anyway. >> laura: she's just a very nice person. it's a jobs programs over the dnc. >> $300,000 kicked over to pakistan that broke the camel's back. >> laura: the wife is still over there -- keep following this force. after the break, we will have more tucker as he sits down with america's newest wrestling superstar. a progressive liberal. there's nothing more important to me than my vacation.
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>> real estate agent in virginia, by night he is something very different. they call him the progressive liberal. he's a pro wrestler in the appalachian mountain wrestling lane. his unstoppable finishing move, across arm neck breaker called "the liberal agenda." daniel hunsberger joins us tonight. mr. hunsberger, thank you for joining us. you are what in the business they collect heal, and you pick the most terrifying persona at all, a progressive liberal. >> why is the most terrifying? >> tucker: for a lot of reasons. i live in washington, so i can give you answer. >> washington's very liberal. she must be terrified every day. >> deming >> tucker: known as terrified of you when he walked on the street, but when you go
5:51 pm
into professional wrestling settings, you probably don't have that many fans? >> are typically wrestle that's definitely the case. i'm in the bible belt. i'm in coal country, and that it would take too kindly to liberals. you may as well be slapping their mothers. by calling myself a liberal that alone is offensive, and being an outsider as offensive as well. >> tucker: what's different about you, there have always been heals in wrestling, in the 70s and 80s there was the soviet guy, boris or whatever his name was, and then in the 90s and last decade there was the ice is or al qaeda figures. >> didn't last too long. >> tucker: didn't last too long. none of those guys believed in the persona, but you really are progressive liberal. >> the blooded liberal, democrat all the way. >> tucker: i won't bother to ask why. tell me what kind of receptions you get at these events? >> it's a very palpable, heated reaction. i think trump had been the candidate when i started, so i
5:52 pm
decided when he was the candidate for five or six months, and there we are in this small rural town in west virginia, the donald trump chant started then and i've been hearing it ever since. >> tucker: it's just so interesting that as an actual liberal you would become a professional wrestler. you think of liberals, the become life coaches or conflict management specialist or sociology professors. not a lot of them become professional wrestlers, right? >> tucker: i think that might be a stereotype. i think there's a lot of liberals in wrestling. i would say. maybe not where i am wrestling today. but there's independent professional wrestling all over america. we're pretty split down the middle. >> tucker: i don't believe you for a second. you think that there are -- i don't know a ton of professional wrestlers, but you really think that hillary clinton one half of all professional wrestlers in america? >> i didn't have my poll people
5:53 pm
on it. >> tucker: when you want to get the audience fired up, really mad and hates you, a lot, where you go, what policies do advocate? >> politics is only a small part of it. at the end of the day i'm attacking their way of life, which over there is coal, and just pronouncing words differently than they do for whatever reason. >> tucker: what you say? >> i will say appellation instead of, i can't say how they say. holler instead of hollow, is offensive i don't know why. >> tucker: ever go for gun control? >> oh, yeah. not the last time i did it, but one time is very memorable, a guy came out of the confession stand and he was packing heat and rubbed his pistol and looked at me. >> tucker: as you are talking about confiscating his gun? >> ... say, i didn't take his gun. >> tucker: but just like obama did, you wanted to, didn't you?
5:54 pm
>> i do think obama won to take anyone's guns. i don't think democrats are an anti-gun party. i think they are for moderation and regulation, which i don't think that's wrong. >> tucker: they are an anti-gun party that supports laws against guns but they're not against guns? >> he got -- obama got an f from -- i don't think that's reflective of him trying to take away guns. >> tucker: oh, i can't wait to see you wrestle, and i think you've got the greatest and scariest persona of all time. i'm grateful that you came into her studio tonight. i want to wish you luck getting out of here. >> i want to admire how brave you are for sitting at this table. >> tucker: i was about to throw popcorn on you but we are in the studio so i would do that. thank you for joining us. >> thanks rev me. >> laura: will be right back with an update on the senate's ongoing health care vote. be right back.
5:55 pm
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>> laura: this is a fox news alert. two big stories in washington. anthony scaramucci says countless heads are going to roll. possibly including chief of staff reince priebus as he vows to destroy a culture of leaks. steve bannon and reince priebus, an explosive and profane interview with the new yorker. a replacement for obamacare, running into some tough territory though. will they finally create a bill that can hit the 50 50 vote mal threshold? if we do come i you will hear it here first on fox. tucker will be back from el salvador tomorrow night. he is looking very good without that tie, looking very relaxed even though he's reporting on ms-13. you can always follow me on twitter. and be sure to check out my
6:00 pm
web site, get our daily updates. we will be covering the ongoing white house civil war. good night from washington. our friends over at "the five" will be live from new york. >> dana: hello, everyone. i am dana perino and this is "the five." some explosive new development on a white house kerfuffle spilling out into the public. the new communications director anthony scaramucci gave a profanity filled interviewer ir the new yorker. he called reince priebus and expletive paranoid schizophrenic and a paranoiac. and stephen bannon, scaramucci took to twitter following the publication saying i sometimes use colorful language, i will remain in this arena but not give up the passionate fight for


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