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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  September 26, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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in this life or the next. >> martha: that is a quote of the night, right? any excuse to see that. tucker carlson is coming up next. tonight at 9:00 bill o'reilly joins sean hannity for an exclusive interview. see you back here tomorrow night, back in new york for "the story." ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the battle over nfl players in the national anthem continues. over the past couple of days and array of media figures and political elites have demonstrated why they are often called talking heads rather than thinking heads as they repeatedly argued that the president's attacks on those millionaire athlete protesters were both scary and bigoted. watch. >> he came proverbially as close as you could possibly come to shouting at a rally the n-word. >> you tell me which of those children's mothers are a son of a b, that is racism. >> come copper nick in alabama
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as a son of the b word, -- >> you don't have to agree with them but that's not really the point here. no american gets to tell another american how to express their love for this country. >> tucker: did you hear that? no american gets to tell another american how to express their love for this country. if only that were true, but it's not true, not even close. it's disingenuous nonsense. the same people lecturing you about free speech would be the very first to call for your job if you dare to stray from the approved script of acceptable public discourse they so assiduously maintained. they are the word police, they demand control over what you say and think, if they could care less about free expression or individual conscience much less about the first amendment. if stop insulting us with his garbage it is lying. if you don't believe it, consider what would have happened if the flag had been different.
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imagine a professional athletes were protesting the mexican flag, which if anything is more potent symbol of inequity in institutional racism than our own. imagine players sitting in protest at the mexican anthem. with a be lauded as heroes on cnn? are you kidding? they would be denounced as bigots and fired if they persisted. if american elites are more comfortable attacking their own country than others for the simple reason that they love it less. that's the story here. of course the president's tweets have been incendiary and ham-handed, they almost always are. but how remarkable that our ruling class, the most privileged group in human history, whose job it is to run this country, is willing to dismiss our national symbols as evil and illegitimate. that is supposed to be so entirely acceptable and good and unremarkable that the mere act of criticizing it is a sign of bigotry. no country could continue with elites this corrupt and stupid and normal people recognize tha
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that. scott bolden is the chair of the national bar association's political action committee, he supports the nfl players protesting the flag and he joins us. thanks for coming on. >> thank you for having me. >> tucker: so what would the reaction be from all the wise people on television if players were protesting the mexican fla flag? i'm serious. >> i understand. the one they would be denounced. >> i got you, but your premise, the american flag or the mexican flag, in my opinion, and my legal opinion, it's just all wrong and misguided. these players are not protesting the soldiers, the anthem or the flag, there protesting police brutality, social injustice and america's reaction to it and the fact that it persists. if you don't believe me -- >> tucker: how do you know that? they haven't said that. >> they certainly have. they have repeatedly. >> tucker: i was at the game on sunday night and the raiders, almost every single player sat
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for the national anthem. that is the colors were presented. not one of them give a speech there or on twitter. all i know is i watched this is, or after the game, they didn't explain themselves. he protested the american flag and the singing of the national anthem. >> that's not true. they love the flag and they love this country. they love this constitution is much as possible. >> tucker: how do you know? >> i listen to them. them linking arms with the owners and showing unity, donald trump drove that narrative because he thought that he wanted them fired. what happened is, even his buddies who own teams linked arms with those black and brown ballplayers. >> tucker: and the white ballplayers. >> and the white ballplayers to too. >> tucker: there are a ton of white players sitting out the national anthem on sunday night. >> exactly. >> tucker: it's not inherently racial issue. i'm sorry, it's just not. >> they are supporting lack
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players and those black players whether it's call in kaepernick or someone else, they are protesting social injustice and police brutality and the fact that it's not been addressed by this president and others. >> tucker: how about this, okay? why not say that? these are some of the most powerful people in our society, they have the loudest possible megaphone, they can tell us what they think. >> you are not listening to them. they do say that. >> tucker: i'm in the news business. >> clearly were not listening to it if you don't think that's what they're protesting. >> why not just say it? here's the truth, we fly the flag, we sing the anthem, we do all the silly civic rituals because we don't have a lot in common otherwise as americans. we are not -- it's the issue. when you start attacking national symbols it raises the obvious question, which is why are we all united as one? what do we have in common? i'm serious. >> your premise is fundamentally wrong. we are never going to agree on this issue or this interplay.
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they have cited. >> tucker: why sit for the national anthem it if it has nothing to do with the national anthem, with the national symbol? why not read a piece or give a speech -- i mean it, i would say that's a fair thing to be mad about. >> you can't define how i exercise my first amendment were these players. and when i'm not defining -- >> but you are. you were telling meet when, where, and how i can protest. my right to do that. >> tucker: don't even go down that -- that's beneath you. it's beneath you. >> no, it isn't! >> tucker: night after night i defend the first amendment, free expression of attempts by the left -- are not attacking their right. >> so i don't have to sit -- i don't have to stand for the national anthem then, right? >> tucker: of course you don't have to stand for the national anthem. but you should. >> i'm not arguing that governmt should intervene, i'm arguing
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that decent people should behave a certain way and if you care about this country you should express it by the way you behave in public, especially if you're famous. that's what i'm saying. >> let me ask you this, if i were to stand and do jumping jacks during the national anthem would you find that disrespectful? if i were to raise my fist and stand would you find that disrespectful? >> tucker: i would and i will tell you why because it's intended that way. they are waging an attack on the idea of america that is illegitimate and fundamentally corrupt. my point is that, that should be legal and is protected by the first amendment -- >> exactly. >> tucker: i hope that you are out defending milo. of course it is the perfect country! >> police brutalize young black and brown men. they do? >> tucker: they do! >> let me give you a statistic, almost every african-american in this country has a bad experience to report about the police. when they call the police they are not protecting or serving, they're doing a lot more than that. >> tucker: i actually think that's a valid conversation to
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have an accident many times on the show and i'm one of the only conservatives i know was willing to say i think police brutality is something we should discuss varied >> and protest are not! >> tucker: they are attacking the flag in the country and i'm just telling you that when the richest people in a society decide the country they are supposed to be running is corrupt it falls apart. if that's all i'm saying. we want to acknowledge that? >> this country is corrupt, you would agree with that. it's an imperfect union that has been even more imperfect for black people and brown people. >> tucker: does that mean -- it is that the message they're sending? >> america is doing their part in fixing and correcting and working with people of color to make this country better. >> tucker: i'm just wondering, i didn't expect to go down this road to but i didn't know you were going to uncork racist sentiments like that on my show. >> tucker: race matters, it always matters. >> tucker: i wonder if you feel a little pinch of conscience to make a generalization based on race about an entire group of people you don't know. >> it's what i see and what others see. >> tucker: if you want to flip that around you would be bounced
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out of here and your job in about 10 minutes. >> not at all because i have a first amendment. let me tell you how i know -- let me tell you how i know i'm right. people of color live with racism and racial oppression every day in their community. >> tucker: 's but it still a decent country -- white america -- i wonder why. >> i have been offended by the police. >> tucker: you are wearing thousand dollar cufflinks, don't give me the victim card. >> race is the tie that binds us, economics separates us. they have spread me out in front of my georgetown home. >> tucker: you are diverting -- >> that happened to you but you can relate to it. >> tucker: so because i'm what you are saying that i have no voice in this conversation. you are fundamentally unreasonable. a racist one because you are dismissing the position of someone on the basis of his skin color. >> i'm dismissing you because of your experience or lack thereof.
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>> tucker: you know nothing about my experience. >> have the police ever brutalize to, ron fully stopped to? 's bridge on the ground? >> tucker: a million-dollar lawyer having the stock. i'm trying to ask a veritable question. i don't deny, as i've said five times that this country is flawed, it's deeply flawed on questions of race, obviously and the police brutality is something that needs to be addressed, i believe that. >> and we are not addressing it. >> tucker: however, you are making a larger case that the country itself is a rotten place and my point is for a rich guy like you to say something like that because you have benefited, as have i, as have lots of people like us from this country, to dismiss the whole thing, an entire portion of the population as a moral, disgusting actually. >> you are putting words in my mouth. what i'm saying is we live into americas, one black, one white. >> tucker: don't give me that! are not going to listen to this garbage. where do you live?
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where do you live? i'm from the city. >> it doesn't matter. >> tucker: it does matter! >> i'm super wealthy. i can't be offended by the police? >> tucker: of course you can be offended by the police. i can't help my race! that's why you can't relate to it, because you know they are discriminating against us. >> tucker: what neighborhood you live in? >> i may live in your neighborhood but you've never been racially discriminated against. >> tucker: spare me! i've been bullied by people from you before, i'm not going to take it from a guy who lives in my neighborhood. what neighborhood do you live in? >> what neighborhood you live in? >> i live in northwest d.c. and i bet you live there too! >> god bless you! >> tucker: god bless you! thanks for joining us. a college football coaching legend, he won a title, jason whitlock is a journalist with fox sports one. jason, that i got a little more intense than i expected --
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[laughter] i just want to make the obvious point that while america is deeply flawed, the country itself is good enough that millions of people from around the world want to come here and most americans are actually pretty decent, why is that such a controversial thing to say? >> it's not a controversial thing to say. listen, i think any rational person who understands american history knows we've made some really tragic mistakes in america and i think if we look around the globe, most countries, most governments, most societies make a lot of mistakes and people get mistreated and that's just a fact of life, that's a fact of the planet's history and will probably remain. america, i happen to believe happens to handle unfairness better than all of our competitors out there and so it's very hard for me to ever want to give up on america,
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demonize america, right off america, i have too many friends and most of them african-american, for members of the police force. the generalizations about the police are really upsetting to me because i know some very good police officers. yes, police officers have made mistakes, but i don't want to generalize about them the way white people generalize about black people. i don't want to be seen as the worst of black america and i'm sure police officers regardless of color don't want to be seen as the worst of whatever what act an individual police officer commits. i have to be honest, i was into that conversation, that was painful, that was hard. i think it represents the division we have in this country. people are struggling to listen to each other and see the good in each other. i'm just really concerned. >> tucker: i am too.
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coach, you coached for a long time. how do you think the coaches and the owners are handling this controversy this week? >> i think it's a real problem and the reason is this. it's a workplace environment. it is just like working with walmart, you are in their workplace, certain obligations to try and please the customers as best you can. i think that there's an awful lot of things that happen in this country but i want you to know i have been unfairly ticketed. if i was given a ticket when i didn't exceed the speed limit because of i was coaching at one school in the patrol officer graduated from the other and he let me know he was bitter about this. if that happens in life. the thing about it, i don't really know what they are protesting, i never see anybody on tv, anybody on twitter, i don't see anybody doing an interview saying this was the reason i am upset, but it does bother me when you go over to london and you neil for the national anthem and you have to stand when they play god save
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the queen. to me that is really not right. if the one thing along this lin line, if you aren't protesting the flag you are picking the wrong thing to do it in. if there's something to be done go do it but don't do it against this country. >> tucker: jason, you know all the players, a couple of them actually smart and well-spoken and have interesting thoughts, i kind of welcome a debate on the staff on the details of this stuff, i'm not afraid of that. i might agree with some of it actually. why aren't we hearing that? why are we hearing players say here's what i think, you may not agree but these are my views? >> because quite honestly, tucker, i believe most of the players are out beyond -- to get in a real in-depth discussion about this, again i'm a former college football player, i identify as an athlete. i certainly identify as an african-american. i love being an african-america african-american. i don't think these guys are
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experts in this cause that they are taking up and i think they are outside their role. they are millionaires, they are celebrities. i would love to see them acquire wealth in the national football league, take that wealth and invested in the causes that they believe in. taking on the role as spokesman, an intellectual leader, is not the probable role for 23, 28, 30-year-old football players. i'm a former football player, i'm not denigrating them. just saying people have different roles, there are people who can focus on this issue 24/7 and this is their life's passion. getting into this racial discussion and getting into these deeper political discussions, it's not a part-time job. it's not something you do in your spare time in between learning a playbook. people are outside their roles, twitter and social media have baited them, the left-wing media has baited them into doing
5:17 pm
things that really are outside their roles and outside their area of expertise because -- and this was what i believe about the left really -- they want black people to take a nonstrategic approach to the problem because they don't want us to really address our proble problem. that's why they are electing football and basketball players to be our leaders. people that can teach us to throw football and shoot a basketball are our racial leaders, the liberal left is thrilled with this. >> tucker: i've still got -- he's taken off his glasses, i really quick want to give you a chance to respond to that. >> if you have experienced social injustice, if you have been brutalized by the police, i
5:18 pm
don't care how much money you make, how old you are, if you want to speak out on the issue and you want to take a leadership role than you want to do that if you are comfortable doing that. this whole idea that a 23, 24, they can't walk and chew gum at the same time, actually makes no sense. >> race is a serious, major issue in this country. so is cancer. if i contract cancer, should i not go to a doctor and someone with expertise, or should i be the leader in addressing the cancer within my body? >> there is no better expert -- if i lived with racism and racial oppression in our communities of color, i'm as much an expert as the next guy. >> okay. >> i'm telling my story. >> tucker: we are out of time, and being told that. thank you, guys. >> thank you. >> tucker: roger stone has been one of the president's potent allies for decades, he testified on capitol hill about russia. he was behind closed doors, he joined us to say what happened there. also talk to the attorney general, jeff sessions coming up.
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>> tucker: roger stone is a long-term republican political consultant, he worked for president trump for decades, he advised the campaign, a number of his campaigns actually. today he testified for more than three hours before the house intelligence committee about his alleged ties to russia and the ties between the trim campaign and russia, allegedly. in his opening statement he accused democrats on the committee of "falsehoods, misstatements and miss impressions." roger stone joins us tonight. no matter what -- that didn't really happen, i've been looking all day for a transcript of this. it took place before a committee
5:23 pm
in the congress. how can i get an official transcript of what happened? >> unfortunately i don't think you'll ever be able to, that's my whole point. the democrats on the committee had no trouble savaging me and the president in public, saying stone knew about the hacking of john podesta's email, i did not. stone knew about the content of the wikileaks disclosure in october, i did not. stone colluded with somebody called two-point oh, ludacris, i did not. if they say all these things in public, stone worked for the kremlin, one congresswoman said. stone has worked for russia, all these things false. if they say these things in public but won't afford you the same opportunity, saying you have to testify behind closed doors and we will release the transcript. >> tucker: i thought the republicans were in charge of congress? >> you would think. the fair, american weight would be allowing you to face your
5:24 pm
accuser in a public forum, to allow you to respond in the same form in which the accusations were made. that's why i said today president trump is absolutely right. this is a witch hunt. this is a scandal without facts or evidence. >> tucker: so you were in a colloquy with a congressman from california and you kind of insulted each other. he, as you say, accused of colluding with the russian government. what was that exchange like today? >> it was pretty intense. the most interesting thing that happened today was i made the case in my prepared statement and in the question and answer period that i do not believe there is any solid evidence that the dnc was actually hacked, never mind hacked by the russians. and the cornerstone of that is that the democratic national committee refused to let the fbi examine their servers, preferring to have a company
5:25 pm
that was paid and directed by the dnc. cloud strike. congresswoman speier actually said that's not true and then congressman schiff agreed with her, to which trey gowdy pointed out that former fbi director called me and a secretary johnsf homeland security had both testified under oath to this very committee that that was the case, which means somebody is lying. >> tucker: i think that is the case, that's what we know as of right now. do you fear getting indicted? >> not at all. >> tucker: do you think paul manafort will be indicted? >> i can't say. i'm not aware of any wrongdoing by paul manafort. i most certainly have never colluded with the russians. i'm a trompe l'oeil list. i still think donald trump has the potential to be a great, transformative president, and i think all of this is an effort to destabilize and delegitimize his presidency but they are empty-handed.
5:26 pm
they have nothing. >> tucker: really quickly, if this were a democratically controlled congress, do you think there would be hearings like this into a democratic president? >> absolutely not. this is an excuse, they have to come up with some excuse as to why hillary clinton spent $2 billion, add the support of the old media, the mainstream media, had the support of the new media in the sense that yahoo and google are rigging their algorithms to their benefit and she still lost. she got outworked, outfoxed, out campaigned by donald trump. just don't want to accept it. >> tucker: i tend to think that is right. roger stone, thanks a lot. attorney general jeff sessions has a new enemy he says, authoritarians on college campuses. suppress free speech, they must now wrangle with the justice department. he warns us to discuss his plan to protect free speech next. ♪ what started as a passion...
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>> tucker: universities across the united states, hospital administrators and violent protesters have made it difficult, sometimes impossible, for dissident students to say what they think in public. it's annoying, the question is is it also illegal on public emphasis? today attorney general jeff sessions announced a plan to intervene. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> tucker: what is the problem you're speaking to to address with this? >> too much suppression of free
5:31 pm
and open speech on college campuses today. particularly conservatives being silenced in many ways. controversial speakers are being blocked. you have the veto by the heckler, who threatens to protest and disrupt the speech so the college may withdraw the speaker's invitation so they won't be a disturbance. these kinds of things really threaten the entire educational system in my view, the integrity of it. we have a heritage of free speech, it's in our constitution, it's deeply embedded in our whole approach to life and we need to push back so we are going to push back. some of these actions can be a violation of civil rights. our first amendment rights in the country to speak. sometimes those rights can be impacted, the department of justice will take what steps we can to make sure that these zones, these colleges don't create limiting zones for free speech. >> tucker: i can think of many occasions where the government
5:32 pm
has moved in to curtail free-speech rights under the woodrow wilson administration for example, people sent to prison for protesting the war or whatever. can you think of other examples of the justice department moving into ensure free-speech rights? >> i'm not able to remember that, tucker. i just don't remember any situation in which we've gone to a point where speech is threatened. but i will say this, back in the civil rights days, a lot of areas in the south attempted to silence voices that were against segregation. that was a time that the federal government in many ways spoke and i think spoke on free-speech issues too. it's an important issue, the trends have gone oddly, don't you think you make a time when what we had a universal recognition that people should be able to express themselves freely and openly to a time whek people from having the voices
5:33 pm
heard. >> tucker: what can these private institutions, many or most of them, what can the federal government to? >> focusing primarily on the public institutions. 33% of public institutions have some sort of speech codes that constrict freedom of speech as i think most people would define it under the first amendment. this is a troubling trend. the first amendment applies to public colleges and university and of course private colleges. we want to call out and talk to college presidents, deans, faculties, fact like trustees to say make sure that you are not discriminating in any way against people's right to speakr discriminating against them academically or otherwise if they have the courage to defend their beliefs. >> tucker: what sort of action are you prepared to take if they ignore you? speak >> we can intervene and py file lawsuits.
5:34 pm
we will be intervening this week filing a statement of interest with the united states government. entitled in a case involving construction of free speech that we believe is important and we will be filing a brief to the court explaining why we think this is an important national rate. >> tucker: you are hearing a debate arise this week about free speech in the wake of the presidents demands the nfl fire players who protest the flag and other symbols of the country. do you think that his remarks contravene the spirit of the first amendment? >> absolutely not. the president of the united states has free speech. he believes, and i believe, that people should take a moment before football game and stand on the national anthem is played. what's wrong with that? it's not political, it's not an affirmation of trump or hillary clinton or any other agenda. it is simply an affirmation of respect for the united states of america and this great heritage of freedom and for these
5:35 pm
football players, prosperity, that they have. i think that's a perfectly appropriate thing for the president to say. they have a right, we have no legal case to condemn a person, a football player who doesn't stand. the owners may have rights to deal with the employees on the football field. so i think they have all the rights every american does to speak out, they've got access to the internet. if they have all kinds of ways to express their own opinions, t i think every american, no matter what their views on the issues, should stand for america, should salute the flag. i think otherwise we don't have the kind of nation that is healthy. that we need to have to be strong and be able to have contentious debates within it. >> tucker: what you think it's about? why do you think that some of the most successful people in our society would be taking a public stand against symbols of
5:36 pm
the country itself? >> first my thought is they haven't put it through. they haven't realized that what they are doing is actually meaning the country, not some politicians that they disagree with. not some issue that they feel strongly about. how is that the right way to express such a view? you should be able to articulate your view, advocate your view, defend your view against people who disagree. that is what america is about, not demeaning the country for which we are all blessed to live, in which we are blessed to live. i think it's a big mistake. if they haven't bought it through, maybe they haven't been taught properly in their universities and colleges about what this means and why historically nations are important. they function. nations are how people are
5:37 pm
governed, how their lives are affected. we need to be loyal to the great nation that we have in my opinion and standing up for the national anthem is certainly not too much to ask. >> tucker: attorney general jeff sessions, thanks. >> thank you. >> tucker: republican party is is making ms-13 and issue in the state of virginia's gubernatorial race, democrat say it is racist scaremongering. a latino activist tells us if he agrees, that's next. and the wolf huffed and puffed... like you do sometimes, grandpa? well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe.
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>> tucker: the central american gang ms-13 is becoming a major issue in the virginia of an editorial election this fall. republican ed gillespie released an ad accusing the democrat of enabling the gang by opposing a balance actuary cities. the campaign retaliated by suggesting that his ad was a racist scare tactic because of course what reason besides racism could you have for opposing a murder mystery came? and activist with the the dashs us tonight. as a little confusing, i would think everybody would be against ms-13, which of course preys
5:42 pm
primarily upon emigrants. why is it bigoted to denounce them? >> i agree with you, everyone is against ms-13. in fact, from our opinion if you commit a violent crime in this country you need to be in prison, i don't care whether or not you are a nazi threatening peaceful protesters in charlottesville. it doesn't matter if you are in a gang or what it is, if you commit a violent crime -- go >> tucker: i agree with that. >> the problem with the ad is it's not about that, it's a deceptive add who is so out of touch that he discounts their intelligence. it's not about ms-13, it's about appearing to show latinos with the same brushstroke as the skin and that's a terrible thing. the footage from this ad is from a prison in el salvador. >> tucker: we went to el salvador and interviewed ms-13 members in prisons and there is a massive movement of gang members from that country to the united states, that's
5:43 pm
real. i guess my question is, isn't the hostility kind of misapplied here? who has killed more immigrants, ed gillespie and donald trump or ms-13? >> here's the thing, if you look at what happening in virginia today, we are doing a lot of work in virginia to make sure that latinos turn out to vote. they are upset about this ad, it looks a lot like the willie orton out of the old days. >> tucker: whatever! you can throw around propaganda like that but -- >> it looks like this -- i'm not flocking for him, but i think is fair to denounce a murderous street gang, that is by the way killing el salvador in immigrants, not american ones, immigrants, that's who they prey upon. it's fair to denounce them and say letting tons of people in illegally will increase the strength of the gang, which we know. >> i agree we must announce that king or any gang in this
5:44 pm
country, white supremacist or otherwise. the ad is basically saying that sanctuary cities are leading to these problems, last time i was on your show, thanks for having me that, we talked about the most current brands study to date that say sanctuary cities are much safer than nonsanctuary cities. >> tucker: of the ms-13 members arrested, what percentage were here illegally? i think your point is silly because the majority were. if you see in los angeles and suburbs of washington, d.c. it's not to say that all people here illegally are bad, but when you let a lot of people in illegally you will get some ms-13 members. that's a fact, it's not a republican talking point. >> i agree, we are not suggesting people should be coming here illegally to do crime. we are saying that you have an ad that is blatantly scaremongering and the people in virginia are going to fall for that. >> tucker: why is it scaremongering? should you not be afraid of ms-13? >> what the people in virginia care about or the people around
5:45 pm
the country to her about is we want jobs that pay well. we want a raise. >> tucker: i wonder if non-english-speaking el salvador in immigrants who are really the prey, they probably care about it because their businesses are getting extorted. >> what they care about our attacks. we know this by folks with attack ads and others. we just came out with a big hole, we asked latinos what matters most of them. immigration, surprisingly, it may not surprisingly for some, is number one. number two, people are worried about race relations in the country. part of that is because of these attack ads. >> tucker: i'm sincerely confused. if you are ed gillespie, should you does not mention ms-13? >> ed gillespie is desperate. that's what he's mentioning it. >> tucker: a real answer. am i not supposed to talk about ms-13 because it hurts people's feelings or something? with the protocol here? >> let me tell you, the reason he's talking about it is because it is desperate. i get it, he's bad. >> tucker: what should he have
5:46 pm
said? do you just ignore it? is he not allowed to talk about it, what's the answer? >> here's what's happening, donald trump runs for president of the united states. >> tucker: okay! you're not going to answer my questions, are you? you are not getting -- i'm saying -- ms-13 is a real thing. >> tucker: we are talking with the issues that matter to virginia voters. >> tucker: i'm not sure you'd be taking campaign advice premier. but whatever! >> a great job about the economy, talk about jobs. >> tucker: now you are slacking, i got to cut you off. good to see you. jared kushner is using a private email server. according to news reports, can that be real after what we lears campaign? brit hume here to talk about it and more, stay tuned. u're a rab? im vern, the orange money retirement rabbit, from voya. riiight. and that means...? i'm the money you save for retirement.
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>> tucker: if there's one lesson we definitely learned in the last presidential race it's that emails can really matter. a private email server and port security at the dnc are two of the chief reasons hillary clinton is in the white house right now. now the trump administration may have its own email problems. recent news reports say the white house senior advisor jared kushner has conducted official weight house business from a private email server set up during the term transition last december. how big a deal is this. our chief political analyst. if we proud about that. if you are paying any attention for a year and and a half the e thing you learned was you can't do business on a private email server, period. how could this have happened? >> rookie mistake. this young, bright guy who witnesses this all and it doesn't hit him for safeway's people have been participating in politics.
5:52 pm
>> tucker: the locker up stuff didn't penetrate? >> i don't think he participated in any of that silliness. ordinary simple judgment will tell you don't do that. it turns out apparently -- at least it's being said by his lawyers at the material has all been archived so none of it is lost to history or any investigators who might want to see it. we have no reason to believe there's classified material as there was clearly in the case of hillary clinton, her denials notwithstanding. there's probably no harm done here but it's just bad judgment and it makes them all look like a bunch of hypocrites for denouncing her for doing it and then doing it themselves. >> tucker: does this become something bigger? >> i doubt it but it doesn't help. look, anytime you are in a presidency, you've got messages you are trying to communicate. you may or may not have a good strategy for doing it but you don't want it interfered with and you don't want to go into radio silence effectively because of some blunder you made
5:53 pm
that sucks up attention. >> tucker: exactly. there should be a safe at the front door of the west wing for people's phones. there is one actually i think. the alabama senate race today, the primary, in effect the race, we are getting results in the next hour, the president kind of went all in for luther strange, the incumbent by appointment. not clear he's going to win, what is the back story there? >> my guess is that luther strange will establish to the satisfaction to the president and the leadership that he will be an utterly loyal soldier in the senate. in fact, when trump got into it with jeff sessions and his criticism of jeff sessions, which apparently he still gripes about privately, one of the other candidates in the race, mo brooks stuck up for sessions, and alabama and after all and a popular one. >> tucker: barry. >> luther didn't. he said he was neutral, and so
5:54 pm
on. i don't think that was his finest hour but it was absolutely clear example of his loyalty that he was not going to go against trump. looking at him thinking is this going to be a guy if it came down to one vote on health care bill or something, what he go against us? i think the conclusion was absolutely not. judge moore on the other hand is notably independent, unpredictable, somewhat colorful character. no telling what he might do. i think that might be the calculations, it makes sense when you think about it. >> tucker: the phrase no telling what he might do is the last thing a sitting president wants. >> no telling what he might do. >> tucker: i might vote for a guy who ran on that. if not as responsible as i should be. brit hume, great to see you. we will be right back. ♪ d exercise,
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>> got some new economic numbers tonight that are
5:59 pm
interesting to confirm what you may have noticed if you've driven around the country. it shows the distribution of wealth in america is becoming more skewed. the top 20% of zip codes many in d.c. are booming and getting richer every year. the bottom 20% or more than 52 million americans live rural americans live have fallen off the cliff. the people who live there die on average five years earlier than everyone else. even entire counties the life expectancy is falling. that hasn't happened in this country since the civil war. there have always been rich and poor. what's new is the gap between them is growing ever wider every year. the rich now have their own planes. the middle class is wirthing away. look at latin american. it's a crisis. no one here in washington or new york or l.a. for that
6:00 pm
matter seems to care or even realize that maybe because they're doing better than ever. it's a problem. that's it for us tonight. sean is interviewing bill o'rielly in a few minutes. we suspect he has an opening mono log. >> sean: thanks, tucker, always a great show. welcome to "hannity". bill o'rielly is joining us. talking about the nfl national anthem controversy. donald trump and his new book. michelle malkin will join us in a few minutes. first president trump doubling down on his criticism of nfl national anthem protesters by defending the military, flag and anthem and those who keep us safe while the liberal mainstream destroy trump media and democrats do what they always do. they're making this about race when it's not. and that is tonight's very important breaking news opening monologue.


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