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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 6, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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that's tree-ist. >> but dehasio said yes. >> he is one of them. he is a tree. "special report" is up next. bill in for bret. save me. >> bill: i am trying. a fox news alert. house republicans now calling for second special prosecutor after leggalleged abuse from th fisa program. we will talk live with two men in a matter of minutes. first, though. breaking news from the white house. president trump is losing another one of his key advisors. chief economic aide gary cohn is stepping down. coming on a very busy day with a
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possible break through on a nuclear north korea. john on the north lawn. >> the only surprise is that it did not happen at 5:30 on a friday. we are into tuesday. another high-profile departure for a white house that has seen a lot in the last several weeks. the president hinting more are to come. gary cohn was the president's right-hand man for economic policy in this country. he is stepping down. the white house said he will stay on for a few more weeks transitioning to a new economic advisor. we don't know who that will be. white house officials say this has been in the works for several weeks now. cohn wanted to get tax reform done and get regularatory reform done. he was with the president for 14
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months. he accomplished what he wanted to get don and it's time to do something else. the white house is playing down the notion that cohn is leaving over a strident disagreement with the president and other top advisors or the issues of tarrifs against steel and lou pinella. -- aluminum. the president talked about a 25% tariff on steel. cohn thinks it's a bad idea. he is on the verge of losing that debate. the white house saying that cohn would not leave over something like this. he had disagreements with the president in the house and not about to pack up and leave just because of a single issue. the president, though, glowing things to say about gary cohn. leaving on good terms. the president said: he is a rare talent.
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cohn. >> cohn globalist and president with america first. then the episode last year when the president was slow off the mark in responding to the violence in charlottesville. cohn took strong exception to that expressing his displeasure with the way the white house reacted and doing a big interview as well where he was critical of everything that happened. this is another big piece of news on a day when there was a huge piece of news. word from south korea that north leader kim jong-un may be willing to sit down with the united states and talk about ending his nuclear program. >> thank you very much. thank you. >> president trump is not ready
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to call it a break through but he is optimistic that the offer on north korea to end its newark program may bear fruit. he made a joke when asked what brought north to this point? >> me. [laughing]. nobody got that. >> the president took credit for the harsh sanctions that he said helped bring north korea around. he said the u.s. helped make the recent south korea olympic a success and had praise for north korea participation. >> i thought north korea was terrific. they came out and went into the olympics with good spirit and did well. let's see if we can carry that over. it may or may not. it's a very tenuous situation. it will be interest to see what happens. >> president trump said we will see what happens with north
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korea. former u.n. ambassador bolden believes the promise of talk is a ruse by the north to buy time. >> the only thing north korea is about is getting deliverable nuclear weapons and they are close to achieving an objective they have been after for 25 years. why do they want to talk now? to divert or attention and get across that finish line. >> the threat of punitive tarrifs on steel and aluminum was high on the agenda. levine carrying a message from the european union that any american tariff will be met with penalties against u.s. goods made in republican districts like motorcycle, jeans and bourbon. >> the european union has been tough on the u.s. it makes it almost impossible to do business with them but they send their cars and everything else back into the united
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states. they can do whatever they would like. if they do that, then we put a big tax of 25% on their cars and they won't do it long. >> how do you avoid a trade war? >> we will have to see. when we are behind on every single country, trade wars are not so bad? do you understand what i mean? we are down by 100 billion dollars, the trade war hurts them. it doesn't hurt us. we will straighten it out and do it in a very loving way. a loving, loving way. they will like us better and they will respect us much more. >> when asked how forceful the message he carried to the president was the prime minister deflected. >> i fully understand and respect the president's view that we have to look after his own country. the country you are leading. i understand that fully. that's my task as well. but for me, leading a small country, depending on open
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trade, the best way for us is to do that with others. >> president trump weighed in on recent staff changes at the white house. his tweet this morning that i still have people i want to change always seeking perfection. >> there will be people that change. they always change. sometimes they want to go out and do something else. but they all want to be in the white house. so many people want to come in. i have a choice of anybody. i could take any position in the white house and i will have a choice of the ten top people. >> it's ironic that president trump knew gary cohn was on the way out the door. so much for all of the talk that gary cohn was going to replace john kelly as the chief of staff. there was some thought among people at the white house as soon as there was a cabinent vacancy gary cohn could replace
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that person. he was so well thought of at the white house he could filled a number of different cabinet positions. gary cohn will lose the argument over tarrifs because the president indicated that he is going to go ahead with the punitive tarrifs on foreign aluminum and steel. >> is his resignation immediate? >> no, he will be here for a period of about a few weeks at least. i assume he will probably stay on until the president has a candidate to replace him. >> thank you, john roberts. edhenry is here with me tonight. what strikes you about this move? >> the president is absolutely right. i have covered a lot of white house, democrat and republicans. there is always turnover. this white house can't seem to stay out of its own way. they have some good news to talk about. john's report about north korea, most of the media laughed at
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this president and mocked the rhetoric about "fire and fury" and the tweets and little kim and all of that. yet, north korea is backing down. this could be a major foreign policy development. now gary cohn will overshadow that. think about last week. the president was working with leaders in both parties. rolling up his sleeves. dealing with school safety and gun control and that is overshadowed by hope hicks headed out the door and tied to the russian investigate. the economy has been raging. after the tax cuts victory that gary cohn had a lot to do with. that overshadowed by rob rosenstein of poverty and spousal abuse. john allen muhammad keeps getting more and more power. he is the last man standing. that's going to be interesting.
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>> it seems like the president is comfortable with this process. >> he is. he talked about that at the news conference. look, i like to have arguments. he didn't name gary cohn, but he had gary cohn in the room fighting it out on tarrifs in the last couple of weeks with will the commerce secretary. ross and others carried the day. i am reminded of something his first chief of said. everybody gets excited this president is doing things differently. who cares. he is entitled to do it how he wants. don't look at the process; look at the results. that's the point. this president is getting a lot done. getting to those results it's pretty messy. >> thank you, sir. obviously, trade was one of the big reasons for the cohn resignation. republicans and congress have been pushing back hard. chief congressional
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correspondent mike emanuel has that story. >> congress doesn't have power to stop president trump's new tarrifs proposal so the focus is on asking him to fine-tune it. >> make it more targeted. >> speaker ryan's comments about president trump tarrifs on aluminum and steel and a possibly trade war. >> we want abusers held to account especially china and we want to make sure we don't correct any unintended consequences. >> republicans are worried new tarrifs can have a negative impact on gains in the economy >> there is a lot of concern among republican senators that this could change into a larger trade war. >> senate democratic leader
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chuck schumer said action should be on beijing. >> the president's instincts to go after china are right. china has taken terrible advantage of america. >> a republican senator is a former u.s. trade representative. >> it ought to be focussed on particular products and count countries and not be so broad based. >> the treasury secretary doubled down that there could be fine-tuning for neighboring trade partners. >> in we are successful in renegotiating nafta, those tarrifs won't apply to mexico and canada. >> allies warned to the president today. a new tax on steel and aluminum will cost jobs, increase costs to consumers and force businesses to go overseas. we strongly urge you to reconsider this proposal. >> some are hopeful that push back from outside groups and the markets will get the attention of those at the white house.
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if the president doesn't listen to fellow republicans here in congress. >> more coming up on the panel. thank, mike emanuel from capitol hill. this is another fox news alert with the chairman of the house judiciaries committee. making a request for a second special counsel. that was made with savings. -- jeff sessions. two chairman men are with me now. bob and tray. thanks for your time here. you state matters have arisen. what changed? >> what changed for me there are two dozen witnesses that horowitz would not have access to. let the inspector general do it. mike horowitz has no
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jurisdiction over witnesses who never worked there. when i counted up 24 witnesses that he would not be able to access were he to investigate it, only one conclusion. that's special counsel. >> who is on that list? >> everybody from jim comby to mccabe, sidney bloomenthal. anybody who no longer works for the department of justice or the fbi. state department employees were feeding information to fusion gps. anyone who is not an employee of doj horowitz doesn't have subpoena power for them. >> there was a report that mccabe was the leaker of the hillary clinton report s. that true? >> i don't know. >> you said about the fisa courts. specifically the process was abused. how? >> well, it was abused by a
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gathering of information from a very suspect source, not disclosing that information to the court. in my opinion, getting authority to look into the background of an american citizen's life on questionable circumstances. that's a very serious concern. the fbi is america's premier law enforcement organization. every day thousands and thousands of great men and women keep us safe. investigate crime and prevent terror attacks. but several people at the top of this organization have engaged in activities that are questionable. i think that in order to set the record straight, clear what is going on in the fbi and make sure this doesn't happen again, we need to have an outside special counsel investigation. >> let me read from your letter on the screen. you write there was evidence of bias.
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there is evidence political opposition research was useed in court fileings and: do you have evidence that the department of justice was spying on the trump team during the election? >> that's whether you consider carter page to be part of the trump team? absolutely. this whole fisa warrant was on carter page. you would also pick up conversations that carter page was having with others. the answer to that question, de facto is yes. >> do you agree? >> i agree. it's premised on the idea that mr. page was involved with something they wanted to investigate. i think the case that was built for that is highly suspect. >> what is wrong with the ig doing his job? >> nothing. i want him to go ahead.
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he has a couple of tasks. one is to complete the investigation into how the fbi handled the clinton email matter. that's separate. he's looked at more than one million documents. that should be made public. the attorney general tasked him with looking into this matter as well. as trey noted, he can't do the complete job. >> do you trust the attorney general? >> i definitely welcome the attorney general encouraging that aspect of the investigation. i think more needs to be done. i think the way to do that that helps the attorney general and the deputy attorney general and the department of justice and the fbi is to take it outside of those organizations so the american people can see this properly investigated. >> some may suggest congress can do this job. what is wrong with that?
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>> anyone who watched congress over the last 12 months. we leak like sieves. the executive branch investigation the local district attorney or bob mueller there are fewer leaks from mueller than from adam ship. we don't have the tools. we don't have access to a grand jury. we can't grant immunity or compel testimony. he don't prosecute crime. there are 1,000 reasons to let the executive branch or special counsel handle this as opposed to congress. >> you don't know where special leads. you start with a land deal in arkansas and end up with a blue dress. you have no control over that. >> hmmm. you can set the jurisdiction in attorney general sessions appoints special counsel he will set the jurisdiction.
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the only reason mueller can go where he is now, is because that jurisdiction allows him to pursue other matters that may arise. you can limit the jurisdiction. >> there was a suggestion today that if the house phillips in november he would lose control of the issue.flips in november he would lose control of the issue. >> i don't think we will lose control of the house. this has to be done in a more orderly fashion than when it becomes a political football as this issue has in the house intelligence committee and congress. we will do our oversight duties. a more thorough investigation that can get to the bottom of the matter and do it in a way that can result in the fbi's reputation being restored and changes being made is best done with the special counsel. >> when will you get a
3:20 pm
responsible to your letter from the attorney general? >> we don't know but open that's soon. >> will you get an answer? >> hmmm, i don't know that we will get a formal answer. the fact that he doesn't appoint one is an answer. he doesn't owe us a formal explanation. i think it would be wise for him to give us one. we don't routinely call for special counsel. this is unique and compeling. >> thanks for your time. in a moment, should the government spect illegal immigrants to identify themselves in the census. the first primary in the 2008 season is underway. live to texas when we continue. hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer.
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paxton. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> the nation's top intelligence officials say today more sanctions may come against the russian over election interference. >> the sanctions are under consideration. the secretary of the treasury indicated as early as next week he may be listing some of those sanctions. >> that's the director of the national intelligence dni telling a senate hearing the white house is engaged in efforts to prevent russia from meddling in the upcoming election in november. the president added his administration will counter-act anything the russians do in november and beyond. if you were an immigrant in the u.s. illegally would you admit it on a census form? the trump administration has until the end of the month to decide whether to ask that
3:25 pm
question. here's more tonight from los angeles. >> you can't know your country unless your country knows you. >> a simple proposition controversial. >> it's the marginalized population that we need to get to cooperate to get counted. >> from congress to the courts, democrats want one question removed from the next census: are you a u.s. citizen? >> adding a citizenship question will make the census less accurate because more people will have fear of filling it out. >> the census is not just a head count. it's a snapshot of america. >> prior to 1950 the survey asked residents if they were citizens. an attempt to reinstate the ge -- question is drawing fire.
3:26 pm
how the trump administration scheme threatens american democracy, eric holder argues the president is using the question to scare minorities. robbing blue states in the redistricting. the census determines how many congressional seats each state receives and how federal funds are distributed. >> should we include people who are in the country illegally for representation? no, we should not. >> 1 in 6 households are asked the question on the long fall but the department of justice wants it on the full census. congress has until the end of the month to decide. >> back here in washington, a resolution to roll back regulations in moving through
3:27 pm
the senate. stocks were up. the dow gained 9 points. s&p 500 up 7 points and the nasdaq picked up 41 in trading. today up next. the first primaries of the 2018 mid-term election season are underway. live to texas. first though, what some of the fox affiliates across the country the country are covering. in nashville the mayor pleaded guilty and resigned from office. and her body guard also pleaded guilty. in west virginia in an agreement to end a teacher's strike they will receive 5% raises. all state workers can get the 5%
3:28 pm
pay boost as well. and this is a live look. portland from fox 12. the big story: the oregon governor barred convicted domestic abusers from buying and owning ammunition. the first legislation passed since the florida massacre. many high school students cheered as brown signed that bill on the steps of the oregon state capitol tonight. that's a live look outside of the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. your brain changes as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. afi sure had a lot on my mind. my 30-year marriage... 3-month old business... plus...what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital,
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>> ♪ >> america election headquarters the first primary voting happening in texas. that's where democrats hope for a big turnout. casey is live in dallas for a review of what happened today. good evening. >> bill, good evening. 30 minutes before the polls
3:32 pm
close here in texas, there is at least one democratic candidate on the ballot in every single one of texas' 36 congressional districts. 26 of those races are contested. the state of texas hasn't seen this much blue since the early '90s. it comes at a time when 8 sitting members of the texas house are not seeking reelection. most of them republicans. most texans today talked about the big u.s. senate race. the democratic front runener today's primary hopes to steal the seat from republican ted cruz. cruz is seeking his second term and blames the momentum democrats are enjoying in texas on the "liberal hate" of president trump. the former presidential candidate told fox news he thinks republicans stayedwide will be just fine as long as
3:33 pm
conservatives show up in force in november. many voters said donald trump had zero to do with their decision. they are on board with draining the swamp. they don't feel like the people's best interests are at heart with the status quo. >> i have seen the actions of incumbents and what they are doing. frankly, i am not happy about their decisions. i am focussing on people who are new and have new ideas. >> so, while no upsets are expect in some of the largest races on the ballot today, those for the governor of texas, state attorney general and things like that, analysts do however expect some state house and senate seats to flip from republican to democrat. how many we will have to wait and see. >> thank you live tonight in
3:34 pm
dallas. a week from today, there is a special congressional election in pennsylvania. it's considered a major indication of how republicans will fair in the fall in places won by president trump 2 years ago earlier. molly is in pittsburgh with that story. >> [cheers and applause]. >> in pennsylvania once red southwest corner democrats are surging with hope that a young, congressional candidate will score an upset victory winning a seat held by the gop for 15 years. the special election is a toss up between conor lamb and his opponent. >> joe biden. >> former vice-president joe biden campaigned today for lamb. >> [cheers and applause]. >> good to be home. >> conor lamb has been a man of character since he's been a kid.
3:35 pm
>> he greeted president trump in january. >> listen to me you are in trump country. >> [cheers and applause]. >> sporting an nra jacket, saccone vowed to be the president's wingman in washington. president trump's recent quotes helped him win in 2016 and also an issue in this race. >> president trump is tried to balance this back out. >> china has been making cheap steel and flooding the market with it. it's not right. i think this is a long overdue. >> lamb has proven his fund-raising prowess vesting saccone by 4-1. outside money is pouring in keeping this race competitive and blanketing the air waves with ads. voters head to the polls next tuesday. >> a federal watch dog said that
3:36 pm
the white house counsel violated federal law. the office of special counsel unrelated to mueller's loss said that conway violated the hatch act twice. said he advocated for roy more. the white house did not comment on the report. it's up to the president to issue a decision on that. in a moment the panel on the resignation of president trump's chief economic aide. breaking news continues tonight on gary cohn. prudential asked these couples: how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to,
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> will remain in the administration? gary cohn. i said i hope so. if he leaves, i will say i am very happy he left.
quote quote
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[laughing]. come here, gary. are you happy? >> yes. >> i think he is pretty happy. >> yes, i am happy. how is that? >> gary cohn hopefully will be stayed for a long time. that was in camp david 2 months ago. gary cohn is leaving the white house in about 3 weeks time. put out a statement and here's part what have is read: >> we have a statement from the president as well that reads: all of that newsbreaking one
3:41 pm
hour again. michael needham in heritage action for america. an andy walter and eli lake. we had a different topic prepared but this is the topic of the hour. michael? >> it's interesting. it's been talked about as happening for many, many months. it was still surprising when it happened. gary cohn has been part of a fantastic team and tremendous accomplishments like the tax cuts. and rolling back dowd frank. gary cohn has been there at the president's side with a remarkable record. it's important for the president not to roll that back with tarrifs or other policies in
3:42 pm
recent days. >> i believe they had a good relationship. he drew the line on tarrifs. >> yes, he drew the line on a number of things. he was upset about the pulling out of paris accord. he was not a big fan of that. then there was a dramatic break with the president on the president's reaction to the violence in charlottesville with cohn saying, i was thinking about resigning and penned a letter of resignation but will stick with this administration. but i disagree with the president saying there was violence on both sides. the tarrifs issues divided the president's economic team. he was arguing against more tarrifs or any tarrifs at all. that's not particularly surprising to see that he is on the other side of it. i agree that it's surprising it was today. but i think we all knew whoever
3:43 pm
won the war on tarrifs was going to stay in and who lost would leave. >> it appeared that gary cohn came from the left side of the aisle when it came to politics. gary cohn is siding with republicans on the hill with the tarrifs issue. that's driving a wedge between republicans in congress and the president who said i ran on this. >> the president ran on a lot of things he didn't do. it doesn't mean it's a good thing to embrace an economic policy from 100 years ago. i think it's bad for the constituency. a lot of prices will go up. gary cohn comes from goldman sachs. that's something that both left and right and neither left or right. it represents the center of american politics. this is a significant blow. i think it shows a fracture of american politic in a deep way.
3:44 pm
the fact that so many republicans in congress and a lot of democrats in congress are uncomfortable with the tarrifs policy. the president has a lot of authority here. >> the west wingitself, over the last 13.5 months, on-screen we will put the numbers and faces who were in the west wingare gone. i count 19 in less than 14 months. this tweet from the president on white house chaos is interesting too: >> michael? >> well, it feels chaotic today. if you look over the last 14 months, it's been a white house that has stormed and come together and come together. it works better when the team is
3:45 pm
working together. washington needs strong executive leadership. congress 535 people with different ambittions need an executive branch that says let's go forward. we have seen this in the past. i am sure the white house will come back together and operate in a more normal fashion. >> he said if people leave, i have plenty of people to come right through the door. he said we have had plenty of talented people who want to work here at the white house. >> well, we will see who takes the place of the national economic advisor. look, the chaos is part of the strategy. it's not a bug in the system. it is the system. this is where the president feels the most comfortable, being in a situation where it looks as if there is no order and he seems to be the most comfortable in that. a lot of people, that's not how they like to work. it is also a very difficult way
3:46 pm
to push strategy. all republicans on the hill want to talk about right now: tax cuts and the economy, period. they don't want to talk about tarrifs or go off on tangents that the president and the white house seem to be unable to focus just on that one strategy. >> chaos in the white house, it's not comparable to any modern president. i think the number of resignations, the fact it's hard to figure out what the policy is, is it its own form of abdication and could worry us. >> on "special report," right after this. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night. hold on dad... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> in order to set the record
3:50 pm
straight, clear what is going on at the fbi and make sure this does not happen again, we need to have an outside special counsel. >> there are 2 dozen witness that horowitz the inspector general would not have access to. the doj can't investigate themselves. let the inspector general do it. i a fan of horowitz but he has no jurisdiction over witnesses that left the department or never worked there. when i counted up 24 witnesses that he would not be able to access were he to investigate it. only one conclusion. that's special counsel. >> that's trey and bob earlier in our program calling for a second special counsel to investigate what they believe is fisa abuse going back to the election of 2016. a lot of political reaction on this. adam schiff the house democrat responded with a statement:
3:51 pm
back with the panel on this. amy walter, you are writing furiously. does this go somewhere now that jeff sessions was called upon again? >> it could go somewhere, but what this provides before the mid-term elections is unclear. whatever the special counsel comes up with and whatever that the congressional panel comes up with, here's what we know. voters will determine how they view these through the partisan lens. talking about the fbi, do people trust the fbi? the majority of the fbi say they trust the fbi but only 49% of republicans say they do which dropped in the last 4 years. two-thirds of democrats trust the fbi. the idea that the fbi is in free fall is not accurate.
3:52 pm
>> the republican argument has been similar to what the president's argument has been. that is was there spying on the trump campaign toward the election in 2016? i asked trey and here is his response. >> that's whether or not you consider carter page to be part of the trump team. this whole fisa warrant was on carter page. you would also pick up conversations that carter page was having with others. the answer de facto is yes when you approve the warrant against carter page. >> he said yes. chairman an goodlap said yes as well. is that the heart of the matter now? >> well, that's what they are talking about. one of the things to keep in mind they are 2 of the more serious members of the congress out there. gowdy's entire career was in law enforcement. he is leaving congress and leaving politics.
3:53 pm
and getting out of there. when these 2 chairmen call for a special counsel, these are 2 of the most serious pro-law enforcement chairmen in the u.s. house of representatives. people should take that seriously. >> i would like to know whether the judges on the special fisa court which is in secret have in any voiced a complaint now that all of this information is out? a central claim of gowdy and nunes and others was they were not fully informed about this research. i imagine there are judges that would be outraged. what has been their response? it would be nice to know even though they are supposed to view these things in secret. do they feel they were misled? >> the most secretive court in the country. >> absolutely. we opened it up into the public discussion. >> 99% of the cases have been approved by the judge going back to 1978.
3:54 pm
this is the 1% denyed. >> and why. we are diving into all of 2016, there has to not just about whether this involved the trump campaign but also the clinton campaign. were things done through the fbi that also hurt her or where they were biassed against that campaign? if we are going to do a real special counsel has to look at it all. >> and take up the clinton email matter too. >> right. >> i think any special counsel that goes will get into all of those things. we need people to feel confident and have the facts. what the chair men said a lot of questions have been raised. >> on whether or not there was spying in trump tower. the democrat said this. >> we reviewed many triplets.
3:55 pm
-- transcripts. they are explosive and outto be released to the public so the american people know the building momentum and evidence that there is against this administration. >> i call that up because of the tweet the president sent 6 days ago. last wednesday here it is: >> you could argue about the ig, eli lake. the gentleman who sat here trust jeff sessions but this needs to be outside of the perview. >> the inspector general is not a partisan figure in all of this. we will learn a lot from his report on how comby and mccabe handled the hillary clinton matter and other things during
3:56 pm
the 2016 election which should be coming out any day now. that said, the president is his own worst economy. he is politicizing. by tweeting something like that, he is putting undo pressure on his justice department. we need to have an independent law enforcement. he should stop doing that. >> thanks, eli lake, amy walter and michael needham. say carl, we have a question about your brokerage fees. fees? what did you have in mind? i don't know. $4.95 per trade? uhhh and i was wondering if your brokerage offers some sort of guarantee? guarantee? where we can get our fees and commissions back if we're not happy. so can you offer me what schwab is offering? what's with all the questions? ask your broker if they're offering $4.95 online equity trades and a satisfaction guarantee. if you don't like their answer, ask again at schwab.
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we know that when you're spending time with the grandkids every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why we show you exactly when we'll be there. saving you time, so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> before we say good-bye, a recap some of the breaking news over the past 2 hours. gary cohn will leave the west wing in 3 weeks time. the president taking his resignation. all of this on the heels of the division over the tarrifs proposal that is dividing republicans on capitol hill.
4:00 pm
at a have taken a side against it and the president said we will go forward with the tarrifs. also north korea significant news on the nuclear program. i am bill in for bret baier. to martha maccallum and the "story" next. >> martha: we have a lot to talk about tonight. breaking news tonight. >> there will be people that change. they always change. sometimes they want to go out and do something else. but they all want to be in the white house. >> martha: president trump knew what was coming just hours before the white house confirmed chief economic aide is out over odds over the issue with the president wiover tarrifs over steel and aluminum. the president dug in. >> i am here to protect and one


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