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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  May 8, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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tom brady looks bike the accountant for a mariachi band. james bond musical. everybody was dressed kind of funny last night. jillian: that's all right. have a good day. >> see you. >> we are right now just hours away from learning whether the u.s. will stay in the iran nuclear deal. >> the iran deal has to be killed. it has to be shot in the head because it is bad for america, it's bad for the world and it's bad for our friends. >> republicans ready for battle with critical primary elections in four key states today. is this enough to stop the so-called coming blue wave. >> long time donald trump nemesis, the new york attorney general eric sneiderman has just resigned over multiple allegations of serious sexual abuse. >> i have put in place a zero tolerance policy for illegal entry. if you cross the border unlawfully, then we will prosecute you. >> the first lady announced
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her be best initiative. >> i'm asking you all to join me in providing support and guidance to our children so that we can make a real difference. ♪ ♪ worked hard and played on it. steve: kind of a pink glow over new york city on, this the 8th day of may, 2018. do you know what today is? today is the day after brian kilmeade's birthday. brian: and then tomorrow is two days after. ainsley: what did you get for your birthday. brian: my family informed me the dogs were walked before i got home. steve: the children or the dogs? brian: the dogs are big but they are nice. they don't pull that much. ainsley: your children walked the big dogs or the big dogs go out with them.
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brian: we can't go out in solo. we go out in pairs. had a small opportunity to look back at my life it was rewarding to have dinner at 8:00 and get ready for the morning show in the middle of the night. the big conversation was the iranian deal. ainsley: conversation amongst your kids? brian: yes. talking about disarmament. steve: most kids are looking at their phones. if they are talking about the iranian deal. that's fantastic. do you know what the kilmeade kids were saying yesterday, tomorrow at 2:00 in the afternoon, meaning today, the president will announce what decision he has reached regarding this. and keep in mind, you know that our european allies are bracing for a withdrawal. it sounds like the president wants to withdraw the chances of keeping it sound very small. but the administration thinks this is a fresh start on nuke issues and it would give the president a lot of leeway. ainsley: he has signaled that he wants to pull out
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and he ran on that unless charges are made. he doesn't trust iran. molly hemmingway was on last night. she agrees with that she says if you are going to pull out, we need to have a plan. listen. >> obviously it's a bad deal and obviously barack obama could have gotten a better deal. and one of the things that's ferrari frustrating about it u.s. gave a lot at the front end with the hopes that iran would have more to provide at the back end. the question is, you can agree it's a bad deal, but what happens now? and what happens if the u.s. departs but iran and europe stay together? are we going to do secondary sanctions? what is the plan after this? it might be better to have some kind of construct around iran than no construct even though i think it's hard to say this is anything other than a very bad deal. brian: one thing it is, it was sanctions relief. what they used is the money to help take over syria. they were already influenced now they basically have the country to align lebanon with missiles pointed right
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at israel. israel has seen the build up of rockets over in syria. so, they have the wherewithal to do it. what's happening is the money is going into these terror things and not to the iranian people. they are beginning to rise up. you have the european allies saying what molly hemmingway is saying. we don't love the deal either. at least they are not spinning centrifuges. you want to leave it and try to make it better. there is another way forward, and i don't think it would really anger any of the president's base, that is, look, the european allies came here. the president wants to show he is listening. you guys want 60 days. i made it clear to you. go improve this deal in 60 days. if it's not done, if you can't get the iranians to buy, in then, in turn -- by the way the iranian's complaint about us is we have not opened up our markets and pushed our banks to invest there. we have also told others not to do that, fine, let's say we pull back and a lot of the investment of course they get rid of the
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ballistic missiles and do reduction in terror activities. give them 60 days. let's call their bluff. in the meantime we tell the europeans to get behind us when it comes to these iranian trade gap that we have. ainsley: do you trust that they will do that. brian: the europeans or iranians. ainsley: iranians yelling death to america. look at benjamin netanyahu proved they lied to us by showing pictures and our intelligence agency says it's true. brian: right. steve: if the deal went away not only would the united states have to worry about the aggression in iran from the region over there, they would have to worry about the nuke problem as well. don't be surprised if the president pulls out at 2:00 this afternoon. then again, don't be surprise fed does exactly what he did with daca. during the campaign he said daca is a tissue deal. gonna change that going to fix it. make it better. how many times did we hear him say the iranian deal is a terrible deal. you know, we should get out of that so, doubt be surprised if he gives -- you
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know what? let's go to stakeholders, europe, congress, give them 60 days? brian: you like that idea give them 60 days. steve: i think donald trump doesn't want to appear as a guy who goes out and blows things up. brian: like the paris deal. steve: he wants to appear to be a negotiator. he will negotiate with europe. he will negotiate with our congress. and he says look, i gave them six months, three months, whatever. they didn't do it. we're gone. that way he could still appeal to his base. i tried to fix it i gave them a chance. it didn't work out. ainsley: doesn't make iran mad a dangerous country. brian: they are always going to chant death to america and rouhani is going to stay in this deal even if we don't deal with the europeans they are not going to put the sanctions on, even if we do. russia and china are not going to put the sanctions back on even if we do. it would be interesting to put the pressure on everybody else and not on us. ainsley: right. let's move on to other things that you are talking about around the dinner
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table at brian's birthday party. the president's poll numbers, at least on issues, is going up. this is a cnn poll. and the numbers are climbing when it comes to the economy, foreign trade, immigration, and handling foreign affairs. we'll read some of the numbers for you. steve: absolutely. what's interesting is it regards all those things. six in 10 say that things in the country are actually going better. you look at the metric and it starts a couple of months ago and slowly but surely apparently the country appreciates or values what the president is doing. they like what he is doing as the numbers go up. ainsley: when it comes to the economy we are at 52 percent of you like what he is doing with the economy. that's up 4 points. foreign trade, 43%. that's up 5 points. immigration 40%. that's up 4 points. and handling foreign affairs tops 40% first time since last april. brian: guess what else that's like, reuters, the rasmussen poll and if you are listening on radio, that's basically just shows
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up 4 points the economy trade up four. foreign affairs up four. and his numbers are through the roof when it comes to handling north korea specifically on a different poll. steve: look at the bottom number was immigration. speaking of immigration, yesterday the attorney general of the united states, jeff sessions, was both in arizona and also southern cafe california. and he made it very clear what has happened in the past regarding other administrations and immigration on our southern border, that's all changing. there is a zero tolerance now if you break into the country illegally. also you will be handled differently when it comes to seeking asylum. here is the attorney general. >> the department of homeland security is now referring 100 percent of illegal southwest border crossings to the department of justice for prosecution. i have put in place a zero tolerance policy for illegal entry. if you cross the border unlawfully, then we will prosecute you. if you smuggle illegal
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aliens across our border, then we will prosecute you. if you are smuggling a child, then we will prosecute you. i have sent 35 prosecutors to the southwest border and moved 18 immigration judges. steve: sounds like a protester got pretty close to him on the stage. ainsley: you could hear him in the background. steve: headline in a lot of the papers today the attorney general announced that the department of justice would separate children from their parents he made it very clear. if you come into this country illegally, and you bring your kids, we're going to separate you because that's the way things are going to happen going forward. if you don't want to be separated from your kids, don't break the law. it's that, he said. ainsley: back to those poll numbers. you look at this country and everyone talks about how divided it is. if you watch some of the mainstream media, everybody says they hate it, they hate
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it, they hate it if you look at the polls, it's more positive ratings from democrats. 40% of democrats think things are going well. that's up 25% since february. brian: right. and i just think when it comes to border security, it's not really a red or blue issue. i have think it's pretty much red, white, and blue. in terms of what is going to happen on our border, a lot of people get up in the morning what does the president think, what does john kerry think or what does nancy pelosi think. chealsz manning is running for senate in the great state of maryland, made it clear if elected would work to abolish the ice department. abolish our borders. restructures the prison system and everybody should have a basic income. brian: how do you beat. that is she going to run unopposed? ainsley: you have to keep in mind, the 30-year-old leaked
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700,000 secret military documents to the world. steve: meanwhile, have you keith ellison one of the democratic party leaders was seen at may day rally and parade in minneapolis on friday. he's wearing that t-shirt which we dropped the banner right there. if you can translate. you know that says i don't believe in borders. which is interesting as well. so there seems to be a common theme between those two democrats. no borders. brian: not just any democrat. second most powerful member of the dnc. congratulations. keep that going. ainsley: let us know what you think about that. actually, let's let brian do the awkward toss. brian: no awkward toss. this is unbelievable news. breaking news and the new yorker broke the story. jillian: absolutely. this is quite a story. get you caught up on this fox news alert right now. new york attorney general eric sneiderman a vocal advocate for the me too movement resigns over assault allegations. four women accusing him of physical abuse in an exexplosive new yorker report. in a statement schneiderman
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says serious allegations, which i strongly contest, have been made against me. they will effectively prevent me from leading the office's work at this critical time. the investigation into the allegations is now underway. brand new charges expected for the man accused of shooting a florida sheriff's deputy in the head. deputy william gentry dying from his injuries hours after he was shot, responding to a fight over a cat. the nine-year veteran of the force served with his brother, a detective. >> his brother has already stated that he lost his hero. and that's the same fate for a lot of us, we lost one of our heros. jillian: suspected killer joseph ables convicted felon with a history of violence towards police. president trump's pick to lead the cia heading to capitol hill for a final round of meetings before the final confirmation hearing. gina haspel meeting with the committee. some are concerned about her background in the agency, including her role in
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interrogation program. in a tweet, president trump called haspel the most qualified person for the job. well, did you see it in the met gala stir ago controversy as celebrates pope. angel wings. many on social media think the fashion went too far. but cardinal timoth dollan arch byrne shop attended and gave his approval for the event. others roasting tom brady for this versace suit. tom brady looks like the accountant for a mariachi band. what do you think about that? brian: that's an interesting combination. ainsley: i thought the costumes were beautiful. they are works of art. do you know how much time and energy they put in this. steve: they are you a in all the papers. brian: what about wearing the texas. ainsley: it's to the the
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theme. steve: voters are about to head to the polls in ohio. what issues do people care? todd piro having breakfast with people in ohio. you will hear from him shortly. brian: that'sethat's todd and te are people.
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no one's born ready for it. but first things first- timcall trugreen,ed. america's #1 professional lawn care company. millions of homeowners like you trust us to give them a lawn they can live on. start your trugreen lawn plan today for only $29.95. brian: president trump taking on john kerry ahead of today's iran announcement. he is the one who created this in the first place. this in response of the secretary of state shadow diplomacy on the very badly
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negotiated iranian deal. he was the one that -- save the obama era deal. the best of luc bulk of the neg. here to explain cia officer and radio talk show host buck sexton. buck, this seems to be a violation of the logan act, which is never prosecuted. this is really out of line, isn't it? >> i think the former secretary of state and he needs a reminder that he is in fact former is wrong on every conceivable level here. i think he is wrong on the substance, which people can disagree on but the iran deal has some fatal flaws in it. it has from the start. ballistic missiles, the sun set provisions, some of the sites that do not actually get inspections. we can disagree on that. that all said, there is also a bad faith element here. you can only have one secretary of state, one administration at a time. and for a former secretary of state to step in here, brian, and act like the shadow secretary of state really undermines the authority of the people who
3:19 am
are supposed to be engaged in these kind of negotiations. you can't help but think that john kerry is coaching the other side here. and then as you mentioned the logan act brings in a legal aspect of it. look, we all know, it's been repeated a lot. the logan act has never been used to prosecute anyone. it should not be used to prosecute anyone. it's unconstitutional if it's challenged. that said, brian, why do we all know what the logan act is? that's right. there was a whole lot of discussion about it when it came to general flynn the incoming national security advisor for trump. the hypocrisy here is jaw-dropping. in one case it's a big deal. in this case a more egregious and obvious violation of the logan act, it seems like there are contradicts on this. and we want to know why. brian: flynn was about to get the job. kerry is out of a job. >> correct. brian: number two, met with the eu foreign policy chief. he has met with macron of france. he has met with the german
3:20 am
president and met twice with the iranian foreign minister. all to keep this going. can you imagine how the -- any bush official felt like secretary of state rice president obama decide to pull us out of iraq therefore creating isis kept his mouth shut. what did sis kissinger do as we abandoned vietnam? how did he feel about that. he kept his mouth shut. if asked he would respond but not lobby other governments. here is what the kerry spokesperson had to say. he believe it's important the nuclear agreement that took the world years to negotiate remain effective as countries focus on stability in region. he said trump is only going to be in power a couple of years. >> this is something we expect from the taliban to have a shadow government in place. not from our own former secretary of state. brian: gotcha. >> this is really beyond the pale to. have meetings like this, this is not casual, this is not someone who is just talking. brian: gotcha buck.
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>> he is negotiating from the other side of the table. brian: buck sexton, thanks. we will find out more about it at 2:00. this american making desperate plea after american flag belonged to their son was stolen. you will meet them. and a quiet interior from which to admire them. the lincoln spring sales event is here. for a limited time get 0% apr on the lincoln mkx. plus get $1000 bonus cash. the first survivor of ais out there.sease and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight. ♪ with expedia you could book a flight,
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3:25 am
into effect in the state of utah later today. it changes the definition of neglect, parental neglect to allow children of sufficient age and maturity more independence. the question is what does that mean? all right. ainsley? ainsley: thank you, steve. a desperate plea from the family of a fallen marine this morning after someone stole his sentimental flag. that flag was draped over lance corporal joe jackson's bed before he went out on his last patrol in afghanistan and was killed in action in 2011. the flag also signed by every single member of his platoon and two of them have died. three are amputees and several others were hurt and are dealing now with ptsd. jackson's father and marine corps veteran sean marseau joins us now. >> thank you, good morning. ainsley: i know everyone fighting for our country
3:26 am
pays such a dear price. tell us about your son joe. >> he followed in the line of myself. i served in the marine corps. his grandpa served in '68 with a great grandpa jumped into normandy: it's in his blood line. he was a strong man. ainsley: only 22 when he lost his life fighting for our freedoms. i posted a story on facebook and it got our attention. you posted it on friday and on monday it was shared 40,000 times. it was about the flag that we mentioned in the intro that was stolen that was over your son's bed on his last patrol. tell us about this flag and what it means to you. >> i use this flag as a talking point to at love people. kind of the ice breaker when i'm talking to young vets. they can -- see that they have lost people in battle, too. and what it does is they can
3:27 am
relate. it helps them open up a little bit. all the people that signed it were from all nationalities. no religion, no government affiliation. just small town america. what that flag, why it is so important to us, because it was joe's and around the guys that he loved. that's basically what it was. ainsley: so, what happened to the flag. >> we have a memorial -- as a matter of fact, we just had the anniversary of joe's -- when he was killed so we have a memorial every year. and leading up to it i was looking for his flag -- my car was broken into before that, i thought i brought it into the house. then we looked into -- started becoming -- memorial was coming up and i started to frantically looking and i couldn't find it i told my life. so we went through the memorial after that. i kept looking and i said oh, no. it was in the truck. because that day we were
3:28 am
going to -- i actually was going to take it out to get framed. i was showing another vet. and it got, i believe it got stolen. it must have used it to bag their stuff up that's how we lost it. ainsley: sean, when you realized that, i'm sure your heart sank. what were your emotions? >> first off, i was very upset. i mean a rage. and then disappointment because i lost it and then just a last ditch effort. friday was a last ditch effort. it was just, please. ainsley: tell us the area where you live and how we can help as viewers. >> well, i live in washington. central washington or the acumanda reservation. that's why i said just share. if you can share and it bring it out to your local police department news
3:29 am
station, newspaper, however you can do it. just have somebody turn it in. look in pawn stores. look in goodwills, whatever. whatever second hand store you have that might be there. i know it's a last ditch effort but it means everything to us. it means everything to the 17 that were killed in that deployment. it means everything to all those 190 that were wounded at that time. it doesn't just affect me it touch as lot of people. my family and marines that served with joe. they would like it back. ainsley: sean, joe's story is touching to all of us, unfortunately his life was cut short at 22 years old. what does his service mean to you? >> sacrifice. he is buried honorably as a marine. he was where he wanted to be. he was surrounded by the loved ones that he wanted to
3:30 am
be around. and when he died, he was carried by the metropolitan that loved him. and so i think his service shows the love we have you know, the guy to your left, the guy to your right,. ainsley: a beautiful message. sean marceau god bless your family. >> semper fi. ainsley: more "fox & friends" coming up.
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3:34 am
ache kin son, mike gibbons and dan kiley and jim ren nasty are looking unseat sherrod brown. brian: the battle for governor will likely come down to mary taylor or mike dewine long time congressman dennis kucinich who we used to call a coworker or richard cordray who we have never worked with. but seems nice. brian: let's bring in todd piro. is he talking to some of the voters. is he live at jc's restaurant in ohio. hey, todd. todd: hey, steve, ainsley and brian. great to hear from you. this place recovering from cavs win. they have a lot of energy and want to talk about the issues. let's talk with john. john is in transportation. he voted for president trump. he says he wants to vote for candidates that tout american exceptionalism. why do you say that? >> because i care about the america-out absolute
3:35 am
american dream. and what these folks can do for us and to make sure that we are all safe in this country. todd: governor, you are picking mike dewine because you like the way that he as attorney general was a law and order candidate. for senate you are going for jim renee'sy. this is interesting. because you said he represents home. what do you mean by that? >> when you meet him or talk to him or listen to him speak, he truly cares about the people. he cares about the people of this state. homegrown and he just is is he a unique and great individual. todd: thank you for your time. going to move the chair over here. joel is a contractor. we have a family divided here. we have joel and his grandma dorthy. they are divided on governor. you are voting for mike dewine because of his pro-life stance. why is that important to you. >> i think pro-life starts at the state of birth and all the way through life. so even as how is he trying to help out the opioid
3:36 am
epidemic in ohio as well. i think that's all important stuff. todd: understood. dorthy, i'm going to scooch up here. you are retired and big trump supporter. you are voting for mary taylor in the governor race because it's all about the border for you. why? >> well, the border. i just feel that we need secure borders. we need the wall. we need immigration stopped illegal immigration stopped. and it's got to start with trump. nobody else has ever accomplished it. todd: and with regard to the president, you are both supporting jim renacci. whom the president supported and you say it's all about the key issues of the day. you need somebody in there who supports the president, especially on something like the iran deal. why is that important to you? >> because i am tired of them fooling around with the iran deal it should have been taken care of years ago and it was not. every president has just passed it onto the next one. this president is going to do something about it and i
3:37 am
hope he cancels it. it is a bad deal. and john kerry should stay out of it. he is gone. he was a democrat. and i feel he should not be interfering and something should be done about that to stop him. >> dakota, thank you for your time. we are going to find out about the iran deal 2:00 p.m. today. i promised the grand kids if they let grandma talk to me. i would give them whip cream. more whipped cream for hot chocolate. i promised, i deliver. that's how we do breakfast with friends. back to you. steve: did you take that from new york or pick that up in. >> no, no, i brought this from new york. this is brian kilmeade's collection. i ran into his office. thanks, brian. brian: that's true. i'm a ready whip guy not a cool whip guy. don't give me a container give me a canister. ainsley: he didn't pack that in his carry on. steve: unless he drove. checking out with folks out in ohio all morning long.
3:38 am
in the meantime check in with jillian who joins us live. jillian: good tuesday morning to you and to you at home as well. let's get you caught up on the stories we are following the internet hits back when the war times calls oliver north a gun runner. most infamous gun runners in the world to be president. pointing to arms deal with iran. writing back they didn't know eric holder got the job. the former attorney general remembered for his role fast and furious scandal which put hands in the mexican drug cartels. lieutenant colonel oliver north will join us live at 8:30 a.m. eastern. stay tuned for that go now, that is the urgent warning to thousands of people as lava slowly destroys dozens of homes on hawaii's big island. take a look at incredible time laps video showing the fiery molten rock devouring a car. some people allowed to briefly return home to save some of their belongings.
3:39 am
>> this is my -- everything. [crying] my life here. jillian: the kilauea volcano shows no signs of slow down. socialist movement embraces this message from bernie sanders. >> it's time to take on the 1%. >> the top 1%. >> 1%. jillian: but they may have to be a member of that 1% to attend this summer's socialism conference in chicago. tickets cost up to $250 a person for the four-day event in july and rooms at the hotel where it's being held cost nearly 400 bucks a night. a soldier stuck at the airport breaks down in tears watching his daughter's birth on face time. caught on camera glued to his phone in dallas. a flight delay keeping him from being at the hospital. the person who posted the video says everyone cheered when the baby cried.
3:40 am
adding she shared the moment so people won't forget the sacrifices soldiers make. lindsey eventually made it home to meet his baby girl millie. how adorable is that? steve: technology. >> you feel for him though. steve: thank you, jillian. all right. coming up: two federal judges have dealt blows to robert mueller. one of them wants to know the scope of his russia probe. but the government wouldn't tell him. how significant is that? judge napolitano says that's big. he's next. brian: plus, kevin jackson. we also have him coming. we're going to talk about that. white house budget director mick mulvaney how to save $15 million. new nra president oliver north. he is also a colonel and senator david perdue. one of those people are armed. ♪ ♪
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brian: quick headlines now if the judge would quiet down for a second. a florida woman under arrest after dialing 911 claiming to have some type of medical emergency. turns out jennifer roberts was just thirsty. [laughter] when this arrived she asked for a beer. indiana man busted for drunk mowing. this is way overdue. barry ridges under appreciated neighbor calling a cops as ridge road a lawn mower on to his yard. it's not the first time he has pulled something like this. police arresting ridge last month for driving lawn mower drunk in a grocery store parking lot. no word what is he doing with weed whacker. [laughter] steve: allegedly. brian: we will follow that story wherever it goes. steve: this time the judge
3:45 am
in paul manafort's case demanding to know the scope of the probe accusing it of gunning for trump's impeachment or prosecution. one or the other. maybe both. ainsley: our next guest argues legally this may not be relevant at all. here to explain is fox news judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. >> the government for years has been prosecuting people just to squeeze them, to get information out of them, to testify against somebody who is a bigger target. as reprehensible as this is, because the form of bribery, say what we want to hear and we'll go easy on you, it's a form of as i said bribery. but the courts have accepted that and there is no question that's why they are after paul manafort. they seem to think if they can put as much pressure on him as possible, he will tell them something that they want to know against their real target, the president of the united states. brian: gates folded. flynn folded but manafort has not. >> i honestly don't think manafort will. judge ellis is the first
3:46 am
time to say we all know why you are here. show me the authority you have to do. this because you are investigating bank fraud that goes back a long time. long before donald trump was running for president. long before your office existed. the thing is, they will get that authority. rod rosenstein can write a letter today to make the letter retroactive they will be back to square one. judge ellis done a good thing by pointing out to us this is the way the government works. nothing new to people who used to be on the bench, like me. or watch these things for a living. ainsley: that's nothing new. have you heard a judge tear into a prosecutor like this. >> you are looking like a judge who used to tear into a prosecutor. because when the government is heavy handed, it's the duty of the judge to keep them in place. judge ellis believes in this case going after paul manafort for bank fraud that allegedly happened a long time ago is heavy handed and beyond his authority. will get that authority from rod rosenstein.
3:47 am
steve: that's moving the goal post. the judge made a good case, and that is explain to me why something that happened in 2005, pertains to something that happened in 2016. >> let me tell what you manafort's defense is it's a fascinating defense. all this bank fraud and tax fraud that mueller has indicted him for, he has already been investigated by the justice department, and he was exonerated by the justice department. and guess hot lawyer was that signed the exoneration, a young rod rosenstein. so guess hot first defense witness will be, rod rosenstein, who is mueller's boss. brian: michael cohen they don't like what they see with michael cohen's background. refer to the southern district in new york. nothing to do with the case. what is it muellerens probe. why does dosenned ha off cohen and not manafort. >> because of geography, brian. he does have a grand jury in alex an dea virginia and d.c. he doesn't have one up here. brian: it's not his case. >> michael cohen will
3:48 am
probably be prosecuted by prosecutors here in manhattan. but, when he negotiates for a guilty plea, guess who he will be negotiating with bob mueller. the whole thing, all of it, is tied to mueller's efforts to equities distracts information about the president. he has turned you mentioned gates. gates is his star witness against the president because he knows everything that happened. good or bad. whether it really happened or not in the campaign. brian: let's talk about sneiderman, the attorney general is in a heap of trouble right now. have you an interesting tie. >> i was stunned when i saw this. steve: he resigned last night. >> correct. but, if you read the peter strzok, lisa page emails about the gaggle of fbi agents that hated trump that used to meet and find ways to stifle him, there was one nonfederal official there it was attorney general schneiderman, what was he doing going from new york down to d.c. unless he was
3:49 am
part of some effort to prosecute the president and his people for state crimes in the state of new york where the president's pardon power would not work. and now he is gone. steve: would that be relating to trump university. >> either be related to trump universe where the president, shortly after got elected signed 25-million-dollar settlement or related to some financial dealings here in new york city in his development days. gone. brian: gone? >> yes. i don't know who is going to replace him or where it's going to go. it's a set back for that effort. steve: i think it's up to the legislature now. brian: president predicted he would be gone though? >> yes. ainsley: democrats are lining up to approve the president's pick for the cia. even one of the biggest critics is telling them to get on board. political left has been slamming kanye west for trump sentiments. one is calling the rap ear champion for white freedom.
3:50 am
kevin jackson sees hypocrisy. he's next. ♪ ♪ spring is on. and it's time to get growing. as america's #1 professional lawn care company, trugreen can tailor a plan that turns your ordinary lawn into an extraordinary one. so start your trugreen lawn plan today for only $29.95.
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3:53 am
steve: a writer for the atlantic is blasting presidenkanye'swest's support fd trump as shockingly ignorant. west calls his struggle the right to be a free-thinker and he is, indeed, championing a kind of freedom. a white freedom. freedom without consequence, freedom without criticism, freedom to be proud and ignorant. here to weigh in, ceo of the black sphere fox news contributor kevin jackson joins us from phoenix. kevin, this was quite an
3:54 am
article. it was lengthy in very, very long. but he makes some points. and he starts out talking about how when he was growing up to him michael jackson was a god and later kanye west would be a god until this. kevin? >> oh, i thought you were running a clip. well, look, so michael jackson was a god until he decided to lighten his skin and take on white features. correct? and the guy wrote the song black and white. the guy wrote the song man in the mirror or sang the songs, rather. and so michael jackson was essentially saying let me grow up to be what i want to be. what's interesting about the michael jackson piece of it, he talks about how michael's father ridiculed his nose. he talked about how michael's father ridiculed michael's skin color. michael comes by whatever the pathology you want to think about it honestly. of the idea that michael jackson, who is one of the best entertainers in the world, can't grow up to be
3:55 am
whatever he wants to be. i find interesting. because here's the thing, steve. not too many people in the white community care what eminem has become. one of the most prolific hip hop artists on the planet and nobody cares. how many kids do you think want to emulate lebron james? how many white kids wanted to be kobe bryant or michael jordan or the best baseball player or the best whatever? you know, why did a color limitation theme only for blacks? steve: here is a little bit of the article. he writes west's thoughts are not original. they are the propaganda that justifies voter suppression and feeds police brutality and minimizes the murder of heather heyer. >> again, more of the black lives matter. cops are hunting out black people. the nonsense of the left and particularly the left is blacks who want people to
3:56 am
believe that if you're black in america, have you no ability to change your circumstances or to be whatever you choose to be. and he points to two people, michael jackson and kanye west who have effectively reached the pinnacle. why not point to barack obama and tell us all that barack obama couldn't become because that's essentially where he is at. if he really wanted to do a dissection of this particular subject, barack obama is a perfect example of it. steve: real quickly, kevin, would he have had a problem with council yea west if kanye west support you had hillary rodham clinton. >> of course not. that's what the contradiction is as long as you support the powerful white person who has got the democrat after their name, you're fine. but support donald trump, and it's bad. look, a they are very afraid, steve as you know. steve: kevin jackson joining us from phoenix where it's really early. thank you very much. >> my pleasure. steve: before the top of the hour on this tuesday.
3:57 am
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not cool! at&t provides edge to edge intelligence. it can do so much for your business, the list goes on and on. that's the power of &. & this shipment will be delivered... brian: president trump taking on john kerry ahead of iran's deal announcement. he is the one who created this mess in the first place. >> this is something we expect from the taliban to have a shadow government in place. not from our own former secretary of state. >> polls ready to open this morning as indiana, ohio, north carolina and virginia ahead of the big november midterm election. >> new york's attorney general, democrat eric schneiderman a fierce opponent of president trump is out after being accused of assaulting several women. >> president trump's pick to lead the cia heading to capitol hill for a final round of meetings ahead of tomorrow's confirmation hearing. >> i served with gina for many years. i think very highly of her. i hope the congress does the right thing and confirms her. >> first lady announced her
4:01 am
be best initiative. >> i ask you all to join me in providing support and guidance to our children so that we can make a real best. ♪ brian: that's a guy who didn't return home he lives in new jersey bon jovi. steve: former hairdresser turned rock star. ainsley: no way. really? steve: ran a beauty parlor in new jersey. ainsley: doesn't have long hair anymore. he cut it. steve: i haven't checked in on him for a while. brian: could you check on that find how long bon jovi's hair is. steve: by the way it's toby's our sound man's birthday. brian: i have never met him. he only does the talk in our ear.
4:02 am
ainsley: like god? brian: like charlie's angels ♪ >> do they meet him at the end? steve: i think. so deal or no deal. today at 2:00. you need to be tubeside to the fox news channel. the president of the united states is going to explain warrant the united states is going to pull out of the iranian deal. this is big because most of our important european allies say, mr. president, you are right. it's a stink bomb but don't do it. ainsley: said it's a very bad deal. is he saying that we have given a lot. we haven't gotten a lot in return. right now there are sanctions relief. and that was under the obama era deal. and the president says it was the worst deal ever. so he has until saturday to decide if is he going to extend that relief. the deadline is may 1st. brian: secretary of defense mattis says, i read it three times. he wants to stay in it john bolton dot not. mike pompeo does not want to stay in it. you have the foreign minister of britain coming
4:03 am
over, kind of begging us to stay in it. we had the president of france, germany come over. the leaders of those countries saying we know it's bad. stay in it we have 10 democrats who signed a letter to the president saying stay in it. they voted against it. what they are say something. this we know it's not great. but we gave so much away. released all the sanctions. if we go. we go back with our sanctions, fine. but the europeans are staying with it. china and russia are staying with it because we played our hand already. as condoleezza rice sat here last week and we didn't have to cut a bad deal like this. we had to cut power. steve: after what we heard the president say for the last couple of years we know he thinks it's a terrible deal. it's kind of reminiscent. so don't be surprised if he pulls the plug on it today at 2:00. at the same time, if you look at the parallels to the way he described the diamondback deal when h-daca de. bad policy, if i'm president
4:04 am
i will fix it. he gave congress six months to fix it. they didn't do a good job with it maybe what he is going to do today at 2:00, i know there are shareholders, stakeholders in this. u.s. congress, our european allies, i will give them 180 days. do your best to fix it if it's good at the end we will stay by it if not, we're gone. ainsley: called negotiation. it's not apology tour. his message has been simple every single time he has met with leaders of other countries is this best for america? brian: it never passed the senate. it never got the majority of the senate. ben cardin voted against it senator schumer voted against it the house was not for it what they did is they didn't get the two thirds majority to reject it. steve: to make it a treaty. here is the other thing that's going on at the same time. remember, a year ago, people were suggesting, you know, it looks like michael flynn may have broken the logan act.
4:05 am
where before the administration, he was negotiating on behalf of the trump transition team on behalf of the united states. it's against the law, according to the logan act. now it looks like john kerry whose fingerprints were all over the iranian deal, it looks like john kerry himself and it sounds like from his spokesperson, is he admitting that he is breaking the logan act. ainsley: he has been meeting with iranian leaders, our european leaders. of the president is condemning for engaging in what they are cawrlg shadow diplomacy. he tweeted about it. the president says the united states does not need john kerry's illegal shadow diplomacy on the badly negotiated iran deal. set one who create you had this mess in the first place. steve: kerry's spokesperson pretty much admitted it and said i think every american would want every voice possible urging iran to remain in compliance with the nuclear agreement that prevented a war, they say. secretary kerry stays in touch with his former counterparts around the world just like every previous secretary of state. so far so good.
4:06 am
like america's closest allies he believes it's important that the nuclear agreement, which took the world years to negotiate, remain effective as countries focus on stability in the region. ainsley: doesn't look good. looks he is sir couple venting our administration dealing with the iranians behind our president's back. do you trust iran? just last week israeli freshman benjamin netanyahu was showing us these videos and pictures that what he found that iraq ha iran has beeo us. steve: that being loose good burning the american flag. ainsley: death to america. brian: told economy was going to get better and money was going to flood. in it didn't get better the money flooded out to rebuild hamas in syria. it's not widely reported. john kerry collaborated with the foreign minister of iran to say, listen, hang in there. and they are going to stay with this deal even if we bow out of it keep in mind
4:07 am
this: john kerry also said a couple of months ago reportedly don't worry about trump is he only going to be there for a couple years. can you imagine if condoleezza rice was walking around europe going to the middle east saying you know, don't worry about us pulling out of iraq. we are going to put everyone back in there. this young president obama doesn't know what he's doing. that's what former secretary of state kerry is doing because he has nothing to do because is he retired now. he has no responsibilities. he is not going to run for president. all he has is his legacy to protect and it's falling apart. steve: absolutely. buck sextons was on with us 50 minutes ago. former cia guy. here is his observation about what is going on. >> this is something we expect from the taliban to have a shadow government in place. not from our own former secretary of state. this is really beyond the pale. and to have meetings like this, this is not casual, this not someone who is just talking to his former counterparts. is he negotiating from the
4:08 am
other side of the table. steve: okay. so john kerry will know at 2:00 this afternoon as will all of us what the president has decided on the iran deal. brian: all right. seven minutes now after the hour. gina haspel begins her nomination process tomorrow. remember, it was a week ago yesterday where reportedly "the washington post" four separate sources and no one has really rejected this where she just made it clear i think you should pull back my nomination. i don't want to be ronny jackson. people have a problem with my role black sites or enhanced interrogation. i don't want the cia dragged through. this well, the white house finally got behind him in a big way and says gina haspel we want you to be the next cia director. let's make this happen. marc short, of course, and sarah huckabee sanders making it happen. steve: there were a couple of cartons of super classified information brought over tout senate headquarters yesterday. so that the senators could actually those with clearance could actually go through and read through her past. that's one of the tricky things because she has
4:09 am
operated off the grid for so long, there is a lot of her personal story people simply don't know. >> people want to know more about her. can trust her. who better to talk to than the people worked with her. former cia station chief. this is what he says about her. >> i think very highly of her. she has tremendously high level of intellectual honesty and integrity and dedication to our mission. the people of the agency think the world of her. she has had all the experience. and, listen, for the past 15 months she has been deputy director. that's tremendous for this administration they know what they're getting. we do, too. she is the right choice. i hope the congress does the right thing and confirms her. brian: every living cia director backs her. here's the other thing, gina haspel has a decision to make. is she going to come out and say yeah, back then that's what i did i regret it now or is she going to say that's what i did, i'm proud of what i was able to get out of the worse of the worse.
4:10 am
i'm convinced i played an important role in stopping the next attack. i don't apologize for the americans who are alive today or not burned alive or had their heads cut off use enhanced interrogation okayed by the previous justifiable department in order to keep america safe. right now you don't want me to do it so i won't. if the law says i should and keeps america safe i will. that's what the cia is supposed to do. steve: everything she did at the time was legal and following instructions. steve: john brennan supports her being the nomination. brian: you can't okay john brennan number 4 at the time at the cia and stop gina haspel. ainsley: she will be the first female cia director. jillian: pretty i didn't know credible. we are starting with a fox news alert right now and some serious news that we're following. new york attorney general eric schiederman a vocal advocate for the me too movement resigns over assault allegations. four women accusing him of physical abuse in exexplosive new yorker report.
4:11 am
in a statement schneiderman says quote serious allegations which i strongly contest happen made against me. prevent me from leading the office's work at this time. take a look at this. back in 2013. the president predicted something like this might happen tweeting quote, weiner is gone, spitzer is gone next will be light weight ag eric schneiderman. is he a crook? wait and see. worse than spitzer or weiner. allegations now underway. five time supported illegal immigrant acquitted in the murder of kate steinle will appear in front of a judge. two counts of illegal gun possession. admitted to accidentally firing the fatal shot that killed steinle on a pier in the sanctuary city of san francisco. he was found not guilty. he was convicted on a state charge of being an ex-felon in possession of a gun. president trump and vice president mike pence will not attend the historic opening of the u.s. embassy in jerusalem. the white house is sending a
4:12 am
delegates including deputy secretary of state john sullivan, jared kushner, ivanka trump, among others. the ceremony combings after president trump moved the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. the road signs for the embassy are now up in the city. president trump will award a national hero with the medal of honor. master chief special warfare operator bring k. slow slow he and his team were attacked by al qaeda forces. he fought the enemy while also helping hurt team members until the mountain top was secure enough to get out. he will receive the award on may 249. a look at your headlines. steve: what a navy seal. unbelievable. jillian: very deserving. steve: thank you very much. brian: jeff sessions says there will be zero tolerance tore illegal immigrants. >> if you cross the border unlawfully, then we will prosecuted you. it's that simple.
4:13 am
brian: the left calls it heartless. the sheriff mark daniels helps guard the border. he called it long overdue. he joins us live next. ainsley: polls just opened in ohio. one of four states holding primaries today. todd piro is in ohio breakfast with friends ♪ you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges. if yor crohn's symptoms are holding you back, and your current treatment hasn't worked well enough,
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4:17 am
>> cross the border unlawfully, then we will prosecute you. if you smuggle illegal aliens, then we will prosecute you. if you are smuggling a child, then we will prosecute you. steve: attorney general jeff sessions laying down a zero tolerance policy at the border, literallily. prosecute 100 percent those who come in to the country illegally. sheriff marc dann els mark marc how do you feel about the attorney general's brand new zero tolerance policy. >> we're excited. i was in a meeting in texas with our partner from border
4:18 am
patrol and other agencies. we discussed. this this brings in a component layer at the criminal justice system at the border where this catch and release and nothing happens there is a message of consequences. if you get caught, there's going to be consequences to that. that's something that has been missing for years on the border. steve: absolutely. also, i understand for the people who come into the country he announced yesterday who are seeking asylum, rather than crossing over, filling out some forms and saying okay, come back in six months or whatever they are going to detain them until the case is adjudicated. >> that is correct. again, i appreciate what they're doing. working on the border for over three decades and seeing this missing component of the criminal justice system, think about this as a federal agent as local law enforcement, sheriffs, that work in this for this quality of life and communities where you get these people that have been caught and nothing happens.
4:19 am
what a motivation dump to these officers. that fills the gap. we are excited about that. steve: one of the things getting headlines today is the fact that part of the policy as well addresses people who bring their children in to the country illegally, and that is essentially children will be separated from their parents. but, yesterday, the attorney general said look, if you don't want to be separated from your children, don't bring your children in to the country illegally. >> and that is correct. the message is strong. the message has action built into it. and it's a deterrent in itself. those smuggle into the country, there's going to be consequences. so they have got to make those hard decisions. do you really want to come here? and we need a secure border. we all agree on that. the communities that live on our border understand that so, again, we think it's the right approach. steve: well it, clearly sends a message that there is a new sheriff in town, pardon the pun right there.
4:20 am
>> no. steve: clearly they are changing the way the immigration policy into the country the way illegals is handled. >> you are exactly correct on that. having a president and having an attorney general who has actually listened to the sheriffs in this country from the national sheriff association to our southwest sheriffs. 31 border sheriffs. this is refreshing to us to see this. where now we are all working in the same mission and that is to secure our communities promote that quality of life. it's refreshing and exciting going in the right direction. steve: sounds like the feds are helping you out in your estimation. sheriff mark dannels thank you very much. >> thank you, steve. steve: you bet. 7:20 in new york city. president trump wants congress to slash $15 billion in spending. where will that money come from? we're going to talk to white house budget chief mick mulvaney coming up. go ahead and let your kids run around outside without you hanging on their every
4:21 am
movement in one state free range parenting just became okay. is that a good idea or is it dangerous? a debate coming up next.
4:22 am
4:23 am
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4:25 am
since the beginning of time where they are allowed to be out of sight of an adult and learn and grow as outcome people. ainsley: all right. so you are for it why are you for it? >> because this is what is best for kids. there is hundreds and hundreds of studies that show that free play, free exploration, being out of sight of parental supervision is not only safe it's also what is best for child development. ainsley: daniel, what are your thoughts? >> i mean, i appreciate the foundation of why people think free range parenting is solid choice but really, i think it's an overrow manhattaoverromanticized view ad can't be supported. take us back in time have a shared earns examine. we can't go back in time it's 2018. different stage of our country and really not cost benefit isn't there. i think the risk that it takes is not -- doesn't support basically the return on that investment of free
4:26 am
choice. ainsley: brings up a good point. whewe were growing up walk to school and walk to home maybe a mile. on the weekends you would leave at 8:00 in the morning and go out and play in the woods and not come back until dark. we are at a n. a different time. don't you worry about the safety of our children. >> no. actually today it is actually safer than it has been since 1963 when gas was 29 cents a gallon. this is the safest time to be raising children by every metric. violent crime is down. abduction is down. disease is down. it is actually safe. and just because there are sensationalist 24/7 media. cable news or social media, that perception does not equal reality. in fact, there is very interesting studies show that children helicoptered or year parented are more susceptible to predators because they never learned to have their wits about them. nets are moral vulnerable. daniel, you wrote the book the assertive parent. helicopter patient something it putting our kids more in danger? >> i think parenting in the
4:27 am
extreme is not a place where i like to land as a parent. i think why do we have to classify a helicopter parent or free range parent. i think meeting in the middle as the a parent and being an assertive parent is what you need to do and look at the optics of your family. certainly if you have a relationship and you trust your child and can you send them out to the grocery store. if that works for your family, that's fine. what my concern is passing legislation and taking government time to rework the semantics of a law when we should be focusing on education, reform, teacher pay and other things that will have a larger return on the investment for that time. ainsley: this just allows parents to have more flexibility. you are not going in goat in trouble if you do allow your kid to go to the grocery store and ultimately it is the parent's decision. next topic, everyone at this one school in new jersey a mom complained that her kid didn't make the cheerleading team. now all the kids are going to make the cheerleading team. what are your thoughts? dana, i will start with you on this one. >> it's a a former high
4:28 am
school administrator at a school that its fair share of national headlines, i would say probably more to the story than we know from the headlines. but it reaches a point where is it worth it? is it worth dealing with the fallout of high maintenance students and high maintenance parents? and is the program the amount of energy and money you are putting into that worth it? so i think i don't really like it. i think it could be an overcorrection. everyone gets a trophy. i'm not really in line with that type of thinking or reaction. but, again, we don't know what's done with on in the years leading up to this decision. ainsley: elm marks last word? >> lazy parenting and lazy school administration. i understand that parents and kids can be difficult, but this is about teaching kids and preparing them for the real world and in the real world not everybody makes the cheer squads. ainsley: we're going to be talking about it i will be talking about it with steve and brian upstairs. send us your emails. this is a topic we have all had different opinions on. thanks so much for being with us. hillary clinton taking a shot at president trump from
4:29 am
nearly 10,000 miles away. listen. >> i am so pleased that i can pull the curtain back in the book on the unprecedented election. the first reality tv election in american history. ainsley: some are asking is hisshe ever going to let go of losing the election? todd piro is in ohio having breakfast with friends we are here with the voters expecting to get some solid sound bites. but the winner of the day was vel. i asked her what her name is belle? she said like the princess? she said no, i amount princess. and she stole my pen. more "fox & friends" right after this. ♪ ♪ done? shouldn't you be at work? [ mockingly ] "shouldn't you be at work?" todd. hold on. [ engine revs ] arcade game: fist pump!
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4:33 am
steve: meanwhile the battle for governor will likely come down to republican mary taylor or mike dewine and democrat dennis kucinich or richard cordray. meanwhile, our own "fox & friends" diner correspondent todd piro is talking with folks who are having breakfast at j.c.'s
4:34 am
restaurant in burton, ohio about the big race. todd, what is the issue that people are interested in this morning over pancakes? >> you know, steve, it's interesting. while the focus is definitely on the candidates here in these local races, the issues themselves really are national. you see that filtered down through the local races. let's start with dave. dave is undecided when it comes to who he is going to vote for. the key issue he needs the candidates to be in line with president trump on is the wall. why in. >> well, we just need some form of, you know, check point or who is coming in legally and who is not and the wall at this point in time is probably the best way to regulate. as long as they are coming in legally and going through the process of becoming legal, i have no problem with that. it's just letting everybody in and anybody in.
4:35 am
todd: dave, thank you four your time. richard also undecided on the candidate are in the senate and gubernatorial primary. is he going to be looking for the candidate that espouses the family values that he likes. i will let him explain. what family values are you talking about. >> i have grandchildren, like many people do of course we look back what we were young, life was dinner. i'm concerned about them having the same opportunity and yet not put in boxes and saying have you got to do it this way or do it that way by the government or people telling them that protection of the family value where the family values the family. not discriminated against because of they want to be traditional. todd: really focused on today the iran deal. you want candidates that support the president with regard to the iran deal. what do you want to see happen? >> well, i think it ought to be -- we ought goat out of it. is there a plan b? if he announces today that we're pulling out. i hope we hear about a plan
4:36 am
b. i think that's a lacking part. just talking about getting out, which i'm in favor of but what then? todd: we will see at 2:00 p.m. today. richard, thank you. now we come over to trouble. john is not trouble. john, small business owner. and he actually had some very interesting to say. you said you are staying out of the primaries. you are focused on the general because none of the individuals in the primary really supported the president in a way that you want to see. what do you mean by that? >> i didn't feel compelled either way. i'm a republican. i'm a conservative. i didn't feel compelled either way to vote for either of them. some of them came out and riding the president's coat tails. we will see who wins the primary and see where their stance really is on some of the critical issues. todd: what are those critical issues to you. >> a lot of the stuff president trump ran on for me. border security as the gentleman before mentioned: locally we have an educational issue that's important. i think teaching our kids, i
4:37 am
think family values are important. international security. i think he has taken some steps and some moves at long term that are in the best interest of the country. maybe they are a little hard right now but those are important. todd: john, thank you for your time and belle, thank you for autographing my card where i keep notes about what people are saying. i don't want to show you my notes. i do want to shell you belle, belle, you found that funny, huh? thank you, ladies, back to you. steve: all right. ainsley: she is precious. >> dooddles. ainsley: my daughter loves, belle too. she wears the belle costume all the time. brian: jillian, who do you like? jillian: i like belle. when i was a kid i liked the little mermaid. brian: true story. jillian: you asked and i answered. brian: based on a true story splash. we do have a fox news alert. in just about an hour president trump will call his chinese counterpart for a high stakes phone call. just moments ago, the president tweeting, goat: the primary topics will be
4:38 am
trade where good things will happen and north korea where relationships and trust are building. it comes as chinese state media reports president xi jinping has met with kim jong un. the two leaders met in beijing in march in a top secret visit. latest meeting comes ahead of a high stakes face-to-face summit between president trump and the north korean dictator. hillary clinton is at it again. the failed presidential candidate now blaming a so-called reality tv election and sexism for her 2016 defeat. listen. >> the more professionally successful we are the less people like us. i'm so pleased that i can pull the curtain back on the book on the unprecedented election. the first reality tv elections in american history. jillian: clinton making those comments promoting her book in new zealand. this could be a problem. radioactive weapons grade
4:39 am
plument is missing from a university. while it's too small to make a nuclear bomb. there are fears it could be used in a dirty bomb. idaho state university could face $8,500 fine after researchers reported the material missing since last october. university officials say the sample missing since 2003 doesn't pose a health threat to the public. students mourning the loss of a taco bell on campus with a very special sendoff ♪ taps] >> you a student taps on bugle before the shuttered fast food. not the first first sendoff. a location for a location that burned down. i don't know if i understanding the send-off. steve: people love their taco bell. my daughter sally went to a
4:40 am
wedding down in richmond over the weekend and it was cinco de mayo, at the conclusion of the event before people scattered they brought in like 500 taco bell tacos and it drove them wild. ainsley: i was at a wedding where they brought in the krispy kreme trunk at midnight. just snack. brian: at the end of most of my weddings they ask me to leave. nothing usually happens. ainsley: groom at all of these weddings? brian: no. sorry, weddings i get incited to. 20 minutes before the top of the hour. cbo says april was the best month ever for the u.s. budget. ever. we have been told not to trust. >> they should abolish the congressional budget office. it is corrupt. it is dishonest. i don't trust a single word they have published and i don't believe them. brian: we will see if newt changes his tune. does he believe them now?
4:41 am
we will ask the white house budget director mick mulvaney next. steve: is he formulating an answer. ainsley: plus, melania trump attacked by the left moments after unveiling new platform for children. will they ever stop trying to tear her down? we'll debate that coming up. ♪ ♪ with best in-class towing 2018 ford f-150. best in-class payload and best in-class torque the f-150 lineup has the capability to get big things to big places --bigtime. and things just got bigger. f-150 is now motor trend's 2018 truck of the year. this is the new 2018 ford f-150. it doesn't just raise the bar, pal. it is the bar.
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terminix. defenders of home. i'm about to start the hair, skin and nails challenge. so my future self will thank me. thank you. i become a model? yes. no. start the challenge today. and try new tropical citrus flavor with collagen. nature's bounty. steve: news out of the congressional budget office last month was one of the best ever in american history for the u.s. budget. but, can you trust the cbo? >> never believe the cbo. very important. never believe them. >> i'm not married to their scoring at all.
4:45 am
as a matter of fact, we have 100 people in treasury that do our own scoring and we will have our own assumptions. >> they should abolish the congressional budget office it is corrupt. it is dishonest. i don't trust a single word they have published and i don't believe them. ainsley: white house office of management and budget director mick mulvaney joins us now to react. good morning to you. what is your reaction to that should they abolishes cbo. >> where was my clip bashing the cbo. i have done that a dozen times. counting receipts coming. in very simple where we struggle with the cbo generally where they project out to the future and you will the reports they released this week not the one of the best receipts of the history. single best month in the history of the united states government. that's just counting of money that's coming. in that's usually a pretty solid number. treasury will follow up on that by the end of this week and our guess is those numbers are probably pretty being a rat. brian: had you a mandate from the president. i couldn't know set about
4:46 am
signing the omnibus bill. look at this again and cut some money out. you found some money. $15 billion. where did you find it? where was it and is it enough? >> it's never enough. for me i would have done a lot more if i could have found it money is everywhere quite literally. resend old spending. money that previous congresses have said here department of energy you take this couple of billion dollars. or h.h.s. you take this couple of billion and it never gets spent and just sits there in these accounts. some of this money that rescinding and not making this up is stimulus money from 2011. that simply hasn't been spent yet. it's your money. it's sitting there. and we are going to have to find it looked under every rock that we have been able to. found about $15 million and we hope congress gives it back to the taxpayers. steve: that's one the problems with washington. they wind up giving programs money that they don't even
4:47 am
need and can't even spend. you know the political calculation here. so many republicans, mic, were steamed that the president and the president congress went along with gigantic spending bill. i know you are trying to claw some back before the november election. really, it's just a drop in the bucket. >> by the way, if it passes it's more than a drop in the bucket. it will be the largest rescissions package in history. keep in mind most presidents used to do. this. steve: right. but it's $15 billion out of 1.3 trillion-dollar gigantic spend palooza. >> no question by that why we are at 1.3 i have talked about before. it was the extortion payment we had to pay in order to defend the nation. every time we ask for additional dollar for defense, the democrats say we will give thaw but not defense spending over here. that's how that i that number got as large as it was. we had to do that deal to defend the nation. and where can you find this
4:48 am
membership to save and that's what this is. they used to be bipartisan. chuck schumer has voted for these things before. it will be interesting to see if a bill that is usually a good bill now happens to be a bad bill just because donald trump lives in the building behind me. a good test for the democrats, especially the democrats in the senate. brian: senator schumer says this about your 15 billion. it appears that sabotaging healthcare system to the detriment of the middle class families. now they are going after healthcare dollars millions of children rely on. the chip program. are you taking it from the chip program? >> giving it to greedy corporations that's a standard talking point for mr. schumer. here is the point of the matter. if he would answer a straight question he would admit this. the chip program is not allowed to spend that money. i'm not making tum. spend something not authorized. it would be illegal for them to write that check. another point of the chip program is money that we reserve for the states that we have every reason to believe the states won't ask
4:49 am
for and even if they do there is enough money left over to pay that again, these are the type of things that democrats used to vote for all of the time. many democrat senators in previous years has asked for these type of house cleaning savings. this used to be ordinary course of business in washington, d.c. part of the way you run the government. for some reason, on, this as with everything, the democrats, especially democrats in the senate seem to be wanting to be ostructure and it's extraordinarily frustrating but we will try and get them on the record and see how they feel about this. steve: why couldn't they cut the leaf blower budget at the office. every time we have somebody on the north lawn, that guy comes out. >> but the place looks great, doesn't it? brian: no leaves. steve: mick, thank you very much for joining us live. ainsley: from the great state of south carolina. good to see you. >> thanks, y'all. steve: president trump's pick -- ainsley: next brother pilot
4:50 am
flight 77 which terrorists crashed into the pentagon on 9/11. she has a powerful message for democrats. she is great. if you haven't ever heard her it's worth sticking and for. it's coming up next. ♪ frequent heartburn waking him up. now that dream is a reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? (burke) seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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4:53 am
brian: democrats digs in their heels over president trump's nominee some respects for cia director gina haspel because of her tough stance on terror. tell that debra sister of chuck the pilot of crashed into the pentagon. debra is coming out of one of haspel's feer haspel's feers. debra joins us now.
4:54 am
debra, she has to get approved, why? >> because if she isn't approved. this will further politicize not only demoralize the cia but further politicize the cia. when that happens, that -- you know, on 9/11, one of the things we learned is that we had careerism, risk aversion in the fbi. and the politicization of intelligence. and. brian: they weren't even talking to each other. >> now we are seeing it all again during this -- their obsession with this very successful program. brian: so the enhanced interrogation yielded results. you say you know this for a fact. >> i know because i looked up the court cases on -- two cases the moussaoui case. detainees black sites used to convict him. that's number one. and number two, in the ghailani case, that was a case here in new york in the southern district brought by
4:55 am
the obama administration and the holder justice department and in those briefs, this is the holder justice department, they said this was a valuable program that saved lives and that you don't have to take our word for it, judge. here's all the evidence. and the judge in the moussaoui case says the value of this program cannot be overstated. brian: had rendition during the clinton years countries with different rules when it came to interrogation. we had enhanced interrogation and we had the high value targets. if you read the books and understand the evidence and see what led to bin laden, it was these programs that led there. so what do you sty people that say gina haspel should apologize for that? >> it will be a dark day if she does that. it will be hard for her agency, the people that work for her to hear that. because that is demoralizing. that is politicizing what they do. let's remember, they didn't break any laws. this wasn't torture. they specifically went back to the doj on four occasions
4:56 am
to get legal authorities to make sure that they were crossing every t. they notified congress they had 65 briefings. 35 for the senate leaders. senate intelligence committee and '30 on the house side. and they even asked them, if you want to help us shape this program, be my guest. what did the members of congress do? what did they say? nothing. brian: including democrats? >> including democrats. nancy pelosi. brian: every active. every living cia director wants her. the cia wants her there the president wants her there. she would smash a glass ceiling if she gets this job. she is deputy now she is acting and she is ready for it. >> i believe if barack obama had nominated her when he was president she would have sailed through without question. brian: it's because of president trump. i have a sense that she is going to get the votes a lot of democrats in red states that know they have to do this. debra burlingame, thank you
4:57 am
so much and thanks for continuing it to fight for the right things. >> thank you, brian. brian: two judges want to know the scope the russian probe. don't we all. oliver north runs the cia. are you happy? i am. ♪ 8 month - seresto, seresto, seresto. . .
4:58 am
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precision machinery and high-quality materials from around the world. nobody else even comes close. now starting at $7.99. gillette. the best a man can get. ♪ steve: deal or no deal. today the president will announce what decision he has reached regarding uranium deals and former secretary of state to step in here, this is really beyond the pale. >> republicans ready for battle with critical primary elections in four key states today. >> a federal judge dealing a second blow to robert mueller's case. >> judge ellis believes going after paul manafort for bank fraud that allegedly happened a long time ago is heavy-handed. >> i put zero tolerance for illegal entry. >> this is refreshing to us. there will be a message of consequences. but there is action of consequences. that is something that's been missing for years. ainsley: nation's first-ever law
5:01 am
protecting free range parents from prosecution takes effect in the state of utah. ♪ ainsley: listen to that song. isn't it the best? i walked in this morning, i was telling all of our amazing producers saying this is the best song. we were blaring it this morning. just everybody is it going to be okay. steve: perfect message for 8:00 in the morning on a busy tuesday. brian: if you want to get your song played, call them amazing producers. fantastic manipulation. ainsley: they're fabulous. we'll have a great song tomorrow. brian: right. steve: tomorrow we'll talk about what the president announces 2:00 this afternoon from the white house. he will let us know after he has
5:02 am
bad-mouthed the iranian deal for a very long time whether or not he will pull the plug on it. ainsley: he has until this saturday to make his decision because may 12th is the deadline. right now sanctions relief under the obama era deal, the president said it is the worst deal ever because he doesn't trust iran with proxy wars, killing american soldiers in iraq and funding money toward terrorism, number one terrorism nation in the world. keep that in mind. brian: they stopped spinning centrifuges now. very small number. ainsley: we think. brian: they covered what they know of what could be a weapons facility in cement. cameras have not yielded any activity in the nuclear program. however the deal is not, is not effective in stopping terror and terror activities. it has fueled a lot of it. they are still using ballistic missiles because it was not included in this agreement. president said, these are the problems with it. europeans say we'll work on it,
5:03 am
get back to you. extend the deadline a little bit. the president has a third way. i will give european allies 90 days to come up with an overlay, even though the iranians said we're not renegotiate -- reopening these negotiations. steve: don't be surprised if he does pull the plug. then again he might because that would be, you know, that would really hack off our european partners. a lot of people in congress, don't be surprised if he comes to some sort of a compromise. essentially does the same thing, i mentioned the approach with daca. during the campaign, look, i don't like this policy. it is not law. fix it. that is what he told congress. in the same case he might say look, the iran deal, it is not good policy i don't like it. it is not law. fix it. give you 180 days, europe
5:04 am
congress,. brian: mike pompeo thinks it's a bad deal, pull out, secretary mattis feels differently. working behind the scenes, according to "the boston globe," other sources, john kerry, former secretary of state is working hard to preserve this deal. championing it. steve: his legacy. brian: his legacy. to the chancellor of germany. president macron personally. he has talked to zarif at least two times last same in new york about keeping this deal. don't tear it up because donald trump is tearing it up. ainsley: shadow diplomacy. he is going behind the back of americans. behind the back of this administration saying i know better. i will try to negotiate, even though i'm no longer the secretary of state. the president is reacting as you can imagine. john kerry can't get over the fact he had his chance and blew it. stay away from negotiations, john. you are hurting our country. brian: totally irresponsible.
5:05 am
you have to be kidding me. did condoleeza rice, did henry kissinger, did jim baker all these people saw legacies unwound by the next administration feel as though they had to get involved? incredible! ainsley: does this happen, once you are out of office are you still allowed to negotiate for your country? >> no. but you can stay friendly you used to work with. that is the case of a lot of secretaries of state. nonetheless it will be curious to see whether or not a number of people on the political right, john kerry is breaking the logan act which they accused michael flynn of. anybody over at the doj looking into that? anybody in the administration go, they're right. why shouldn't we go after john kerry? that would send a message. don't do that. ainsley: john kerry's spokesperson i think every american would want every voice possible urging iran to remain in compliance with the nuclear agreement that prevent ad are with. secretary kerry stays in touch with former counterparts around
5:06 am
the world like any previous secretary of state. like america's closest allies he believes it is important the nuclear agreement which took years to negotiate remain effective as countries focus on stability in the region. brian: if you have an expert test in the area, almost every administration went back to richard nixon, can you help me here. jimmy carter has been asked to be envoy in different administrations. bill richardson was asked by this administration for input because he dealt with them so long. no one asked john kerry, he asked with his european campaign. steve: maybe somebody from the obama administration, hey, john, don't you know people there, why don't you call? at 2:00, you will see it on the channel. also see on all the channels a lot of talk about robert mueller's investigation into was there possible russia collusion. there have been troubles though for the team, the mueller team over the last 72 hours. a couple of court, two judges,
5:07 am
in particular, one said, of the mueller team, hey, what gives you the authority to look into something from 2005 regarding russia and the government goes, we don't know, we can't tell you, it's a big secret. the other case regarding the russian bots, they didn't expect anybody named in that lawsuit to come forward but somebody has, concord management, they said yep, we'll take part in this lawsuit. we'll defend ourselves but the government has got to turn over all the evidence. robert mueller never expected that in one million years. ainsley: judge napolitano was on and we asked him as judge, did you ever do this, did you ever blast a prosecutor, give them your opinion? i did it all the time. he has an idea exactly what is happening in the case. listen. >> the government for years has been prosecuting people just to squeeze them, to get information out of them, to testify against somebody who is a bigger target.
5:08 am
judge ellis believes that in this case going after paul manafort for bank fraud allegedly happened a long time ago is heavy-handed and beyond his authority. the whole thing, all of it, is tied to mueller's efforts to extract information about the president. brian: the president tweeted out, he is the aggressor, the attack dog, i thought rudy would start doing this, the 13 angry democrats in charge of the russian witch-hunt are starting to find out there is court system in place that protects people from injustice. he went on. that is the sense. some pushback. the days of sitting on your hand like ty cobb to urge to. rudy giuliani was going to do that. he took a day off. i wonder if he will still be doing that. you need someone out there marshaling the president's offense. he is not comfortable sitting back watching people malign what he did in order to win.
5:09 am
steve: judges are going, wait a minute, mr. mueller, i don't think you can go that far. we'll keep you posted on that. take you across the river to east hanover new jersey where a mother was so unhappy that her daughter did not make the cheerleading squad, she complained and they changed the rules. ainsley: they said every one who tries out for the team will now become a cheerleader. we don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. steve: the problem some of the girls who made the team they're furious. i did all the work. i did everything required of me. i made the team. now everybody else gets to be on the same squad. brian: if you're on top of a pyramid, someone doesn't belong there, down goes the pyramid. do they still do pyramids? ainsley: they make sure the schools on the bottom, there are bases and little girls on the top. brian: swim team, cheerleading team, there is cuts. that is what high school is. there is cuts. people make it. there are starters. people on the bench.
5:10 am
gives you a part of life. frustrates you. how you react to the down. you talk about making cheerleading team one year around didn't make the next. ainsley: 7th year, i made the team. middle school is it little different. high school, there are going to be cuts, because it is really competitive in high school. 7th grade, i made the team. i don't know how they made the team. my parents told me they weren't sure i would make it. brian: i'm not flexible, whatever. i try out, make the team. 8th grade, i try out again, six of us didn't make the team. i came home you will baaing. my dad said i wish every one could make the team, but they can't, ainsley. you have to give up your spot. you had the opportunity. you need to give up your spot some one else not as strong as you are. steve: what does that teach people of that age going forward? everybody is going to make the team. wait until they graduate to go out to get a job.
5:11 am
will that work out there? ainsley: if you don't make the team, one day become a news anchor. all your dreams will come true. it is a good learning lesson. steve: school board will investigate it. brian: jillian, you got cut? jillian: i got cut from ninth grade basketball. steve: your dad should have complained. jillian: that's okay. ainsley: i feel sorry for the girl. all the other girls are mad at her. jillian: life goes on. we do have serious news, starting with this fox news alert. brand new video showing china's president xi xinping meeting with north korean leader kim jong-un. it is their second meeting in china two months. comes as president trump prepares for a summit with the north korean leader n a few minutes president trump will call his chinese counterpart, president xi. after tweeting, quote, primary topics will be trade where good
5:12 am
things happen and north korea where relationships and trust are building. breaking right now, new york attorney general eric schneiderman, a vocal advocate for the "me too" movement resigns over assault allegations. four women accusing him of abuse in a explosive "the new yorker" report. strong allegations. back in 2013 the president predicted something like this happens. tweeting quote, weiner is gone. next will be lightweight eric schneiderman. is he a crook? wait and see. worse than spitzer and weiner. an investigation into the allegations are now underway. look at your headlines. kind of strange though. that was five years ago. brian: five years ago he predicted it. this comes out he is gone in hours. steve: up to the state legislature of new york to figure out who the attorney general is.
5:13 am
brian: the judge told us he was meeting with peter strzok and lisa page in whole how to destroy donald trump meetings in washington. steve: straight ahead on this tuesday, the ruthless ms-13 gang unveiling a new strategy. 58 howing female members to become americanized. one sheriff fighting the gang in his community says they should be label ad terrorist group. ainsley: no speakers. no problem. what the lacrosse team did during the national anthem. it will make you proud to be an american. ♪ bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night. just call geico. geico helps with homeowners insurance?
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good to know. been doing it for years. that's really good to know. i should clean this up. i'll get the dustpan. behind the golf clubs. get to know geico. and see how easy homeowners and renters insurance can be.
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5:17 am
♪ brian: the trump administration has long vowed to fight the notorious gang ms-13, but a new report in the "washington post" warns that male-dominated gang is americanizing by allowing female members more and more. how serious is the threat? is it in fact growing? our next guest has been combating ms-13 in his own community of frederick county, maryland. sheriff chuck jenkins. since the president has taken
5:18 am
over he has been talking about this gang? >> the threat is growing. we haven't made it fast enough. brian: why? >> well, again i think it is the will to do something. the president has blocked on everything he tried at the border to establish the wall. he is blocked by congress. he is blocked by the justice system. we need to be more aggressive in it. brian: now they're starting to target more and more female members in ms-13. why now? >> number one we shouldn't downplay this to call it americanization. this is buildout after transnational criminal organization. we should take it serious. because these women can be vicious is if not more so than the men. they will be brutal, involved in the criminal activity. most likely. this is new to america. this whole dynamic is new. we need to be more aggressive. brian: right. they go to schools. often times they have jobs, we know that they come from el salavador for the most part. are they converting americans into their gang lifestyle? >> i think we see both
5:19 am
situations. more so, bringing from el salavador young women into the gangs. the gang members had homegirls, their girlfriend. they're pulling them into the criminal activity. again they will be carrying out these acts. what i'm afraid of, we'll take it lightly. law enforcement is not going it pursue it. there will be leniency because of gender, because of children. i'm really worried where this will go if we don't get serious about it. brian: you can handle it from your end. do you feel i.c.e. won't support you or you feel the government won't support you? >> let me tell you this. i.c.e. is very supportive in frederick county. we work with i.c.e. very closely. we're deporting criminals. we arrest them. we're getting them out of the country. i.c.e. is great. the problem is congress. the problem are the roadblocks to president trump's plan. brian: wow, you expressed this to the president? >> i expressed it to people on the homeland security committee. i expressed it through the national sheriffs. i was in a round table meeting with the president several months ago. the president is doing very
5:20 am
right thing he should be doing. we need to get the roadblocks out of the way. local law enforcement needs to get on board. i think we will get there. we need to do it faster. brian: identify where they're coming from, the southwestrd boor, start bolstering it up, now they're getting women. sheriff, thank you so much for what you do? >> thank you. brian: lieutenant colonel oliver north got named the new president of the nra. the media is already calling him a gunrunner? he joins us to respond just ahead. first lady melania trump attacked on the left moments after she unveil as program for kids. will they ever stop trying to tear her down? it doesn't seem to be stopping her. ♪
5:21 am
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♪ steve: it is 8:24 here in new york city on may 8th. we have some headlines for you. first off today, uber will pitch its plans for, are you ready for this? flying taxis. pitch it to the transportation secretary. the cars will fly 200 miles an hour and use helicopter style rotors to take off and land. they could begin testing in cities like l.a. in two years. what could possibly go wrong? it could be a huge moneymaker because americans love to fly. new report shows 23 biggest u.s. airlines made a combined $15.5 billion profit last year. a record. four 1/2 billion of that was from? baggage fees. no wonder. ainsley? ainsley: thank you, steve. the liberal media using melania trump's effort to combat cyberbullying as another occasion to tear her down. >> there are persist is tent
5:25 am
rumors that mrs. trump does not live in this white house and that she lives with her parents somewhere in the suburbs. what do you make of those rumors? >> i make of the fact that just when you think "the washington post" can't get things anymore wrong they do and that is an outrageous and ridiculous claim. ainsley: why is the liberal media so focused on attacking the first lady. here to debate it rnc spokesperson kayleigh mcenany. and jessica tarlov. we're hoping everything went well with your surgery. we're praying for you, wish all the best. how are things going? by the way for the audience you had a double mastectomy because of of the brca gene. >> i am at peace. knowing my chance of breast cancer is zero.
5:26 am
so many strong women in this country and around the world. >> you're so brave. we were saying -- >> so happy to have you back. wonderful you shared your story for all of us. ainsley: really. i will get tested because of your story. thank you for that. you're very brave. let's get to this topic. melania was in the rose garden. she looked amazing as always. her platform is to go after cyberbullying, putting kids first which is a beautiful message. of course she is being attacked by the mainstream media. what are your thoughts. kayleigh, start with you. >> it is incredible. they will sink to know low to attack anyone with the last name of trump. we saw it throughout the 2016 election. they were not just con today sending to melania they were not just rude and petty they were outright libel louse. "daily mail" making up stories about immigration status. remember they said melania would not move to the white house, they make up another one.
5:27 am
if this were woman, any other person with political affiliation, they would be celebrating her. she is immigrant. a strong woman, instead they attack her, tear her down, simply because she has the last name trump. ainsley: jessica? >> i agree with a lot of what first lady said. the first lady is immigrant, she speaks five languages. mocking her accent is terrible. given the fact that her husband is the largest cyberbullier is. her cyberbully guidelines are ripped off from obama era guide. these are things we can talk about without personally attacking her. she is taking on more than average first lady. she has three causes where usually there is one main focus. it will be interesting to what they are. when they go low we have to go high. no accent shaming. ainsley: her approval rating high right now. according to cnn, this month 57%
5:28 am
approval rating. in january, 47%. she has gone up 10 points. that is pretty phenomenal. why is that, kayleigh? >> because people recognize what she is doing. jessica just mentioned her platform has a lot of breadth to it. a loss of aspects. it is a very strong initiative. she has done this by watt which handful of people inner moves. michelle obama had 20 plus staffers. melania can count on one hand number of her staffers. she is doing this achieving so much at record rate. people recognize it. why democrats, she gained among democrats by double digits, gained among women by double digits. people recognize success and rewarding her for it. meanwhile mainstream media, lowest recorded approval rating in gallup history. she is soaring and mainstream media is sinking. >> what do you think about the headlines? they're tearing her down. they're smearing her. asking where she sleeps at night. if she has a house in the suburbs. is it really any of their business? >> no, it is not any of their
5:29 am
business but i would say if this were any other president the same kind of palace intrigue would be going on. we knew very clearly what president obama and michelle obama's relationships were like. they were affection @. the frostiness as it were between melania and her husband is sometimes on display. we saw this with the french visit. with, sorry, with macron how the trumps were behaving. i personally don't like to speculate about these things. you do what you need to do. her priority is protecting her son from all of this gossip and kids more generally. as kayleigh says i like to see where it goes. she doesn't have as many staffers she needs to get it done at the level it should be. i don't want to see anyone mocked for things that don't have to do with policy talk about real issues here and let's move on from it. ainsley: kayleigh, jessica. thanks very much. >> thank you, ainsley. >> thanks so much, ainsley. ainsley: you're welcome. lieutenant colonel oliver north
5:30 am
just picked to head the nra he joins us live next. it is rallying cry of socialists everywhere. >> it is time to take on the 1%. the top 1%. 1%. 1%. ainsley: turns out if you want to learn how to be a socialist, you might have to actually join the 1% to learn how. we'll explain, next. ♪ see that's funny, i thought you traded options. i'm not really a wall street guy. what's the hesitation? eh, it just feels too complicated, you know? well sure, at first, but jj can help you with that. jj, will you break it down for this gentleman? hey, ian. you know, at td ameritrade, we can walk you through your options trades step by step until you're comfortable. i could be up for that. that's taking options trading from wall st. to main st. hey guys, wanna play some pool? eh, i'm not really a pool guy. what's the hesitation? it's just complicated. step-by-step options trading support from td ameritrade
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and back pain made it hard to sleep and get up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid... the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. ♪ >> you're second amendment rights are under siege, but they will never, ever, be under siege as long as i'm your president. [applause] steve: president trump, the
5:34 am
first sitting president to address the nra since president reagan as the organization taps former marine and reagan military aide lieutenant colonel oliver north a fox news contributor until yesterday, as it is brand new president. ainsley: joining us live for his first interview, incoming nra president, colonel ollie north. thanks for being with us. congratulations. how did this all come to be and what are your thoughts? >> well look it, i'm cognizant of the challenge. i'm grateful, humbled by the opportunity. someone said to me yesterday, do you think you're charlton heston? no. he is moses. i'm a u.s. marine. that is a time when you need a marine at the top of the pyramid at the national rifle association. it is under attack. quite frankly i have never seen anything quite like it. they have hacked into almost everything they could. they have threatened officers,
5:35 am
directors, the staff. the harrassment goes beyond simply yelling at people. it includes vandalism. it is slashed tires and broken windshields, things like that. there is no place for that in america. and so my purpose is to, quick reaction force i guess is the best way of putting it. we have a message to get out to the american people. it is straightforward message. the nra was created in 1871 to teach the safe handling of firearms, marksmanship, and protection of the second amendment. very simple. not out to take anything from anybody. we want to help everybody keep their freedom. steve: as the quick reaction force we like you to react to an "l.a. times" tweet regarding your new position. the nra just named one of the most infamous gunrunners in the world to be its president. as a former gunrunner, how do you feel about that? >> well you know, that's the kind of thing that is, by the way gotten to be very
5:36 am
successful. give you another example. the folks who are doing the disinformation campaign, just don't say slanderous thing about me, ask questions of reporters, are you really missing $10 million out of your account? is it true the nra has lost firearms? those are the kind of things that of course our colleagues in the mainstream media are more than willing to ask. the bottom line of it is totally fictional story. brian: all right. >> i'm not even -- everybody knows what i did back in the 80 's for our president. steve: it was iran-contra. you were not a gunrunner. if people don't know the story, google it. we're short of time. brian: a deal was signed in 2015 that would limit their nuclear program. not many people thought it was a good deal. the senate didn't approve it. the house didn't approve it.
5:37 am
clearly this president is not for it. at 2:00 okay, indications are we're walking away from that deal. is that the right move? >> yes. brian: why? >> you want me to lap rate? because the iranians have been, every time their lips move they're lying. the iranians were working with the north koreans until just a few weeks ago on their nuclear program and icbm program. the europeans who simply want to keep things as they are for the trade value, the fact if we sanction them again, we ought to sanction anybody else who does business with them. they will stop the euros from helping to bail them out while they cheat on this program. ainsley: if we do bail, what's iran's response? >> look it, they're threatening to close the straits of hormuz. they're threatening to attack american vessels, transiting up into the persian gulf, they will threaten to do a lot. i think lesson ought to be drawn from what this president has done in the past when he decided to act in the u.s. national interests.
5:38 am
and if i were the iranian leadership, i might follow a little bit of the model what we're seeing happening in pongyang. the ayatollahs can not get away with continuing to make nuclear weapons and continuing to test icbms. brian: europe says they're staying in. iranians, rouhani says they will stay in without us. we'll get out and see if we put sanctions on after that. lieutenant colonel oliver north. congratulations on the position. you will be great. >> thanks, gang. great to be with you semper fi. steve: as he just said he is not moses. he is a narine. excellent. ainsley: we're grateful to all of them. jillian has more headlines for us. jillian: good morning to you as well. go now, the urgent warning to thousands of people as lava slowly destroys dozens of homes on hawaii's big island. this incredible time-lapse video shows the molten rock devouring a car. some people were allowed briefly
5:39 am
to return home to save some of their belongings. >> this is my bag, fully everything. my life here. [crying] jillian: the kilauea volcano shows no signs of slowing down. desperate plea from a fallen marine. after someone stole his flag. it was draped over his bed before he went out on pa before he was killed in action. his father joined us earlier to explain its value. >> it means everything to us. means everything to the 17 that were killed in that deployment. means everybody, means everything to all the 190 wounded at that time. doesn't just me but touchtouch as lot of people. jillian: the flag was signed by every member of jackson's platoon. social movement embrace this
5:40 am
is message from bernie sanders. >> it is time to take on the 1%. the top 1%. 1%. 1%. jillian: but the thing is they may have to be a member of that 1% to attend this summer's socialism conference in chicago. tickets cost up to $250 a person for four-day event in july. rooms where it is being held cost nearly $400 a night. technical difficulties can't stop these patriotic teens a high school lacrosse team turns into a choir when the p.a. system fails during the national anthem. ♪ o'er the land of the free, and the home of the brave ♪ [cheering] jillian: maryland team belting out the star spanning gelled banner before final home game of the season. many in the crowd joining in. got to love it.
5:41 am
steve: they seem to know all the words. jillian: got louder and louder. brian: they could use some practice. great players, playing lacrosse in maryland. steve: comes from here, brian. brian: you're right. i hope to talk to them. steve: look at the crowd outside with adam with the headlines weatherwise. >> guys, gorgeous on the plaza. you mentioned the crowd behind me. folks from minnesota, georgia, louisiana. how do you guys like this new york city weather right now? >> love it. >> love it. >> loving the weather. it has been fantastic out here. we'll continue to be fantastic. look at the maps. temperatures across the country not too bad. not a lot of rain across the country either as we're looking only heavy rain coming down in portions of the northern plains. otherwise things will be mostly clear here. we'll toss it back inside. a chance to make two people really bad. who is your favorite person on fox and friends. >> ainsley. >> i love her.
5:42 am
>> guys getting brunt of it. sorry, fellas. ainsley: tell her, thank you. i love her back. brian: tell them to get out of their please? steve: typical new yorker. get off my lawn! brian: maybe ainsley will come out there. ainsley: i will go out there to say hey to them. brian: they like you. steve: adam filling in today for jd. congress back to work this morning in washington. our next guest wants them to stay through the summer vacation to get stuff done! and pass the president's agenda. senator david perdue from georgia, here with exclusive announcement neck. brian: polls open in ohio, one of four states holding elections today. todd piro decided to have breakfast there. todd? >> brian, we're talking with voters like dan. with all due respect to the brothers in wedding crashers, runs an emerging maple syrup conglomerate. the question becomes will jim
5:43 am
renace lock it up with the republican senate primary? what about the governor race? i need you to lock it up. >> better yet. lock her up. >> more "fox & friends" after this. ♪
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5:47 am
>> well, first of all the nominations are backed up because obstructionism from the democrats. second, we've got the funding we have to do by end of fiscal year. we have 12 weeks and 42 days to get there. we're offering leadership the opportunity to stay here nights, weekends and through the august break to get that work done. steve: we have a graphic. "countdown" to the fiscal year-end. 70 total working days. >> yeah. steve: 55 working days excluding fridays. 43 working days excluding mondays and friday. 12 working weeks at all. next to last one is important one, generally members of congress come in monday night or tuesday and then they're usually gone by noon on thursday. that is the dirty little secret about capitol hill. so you only work a couple days a week anyway. >> they're working in the state but the point we're not voting on funding bills here in washington. the history over the last 44 years, steve, is that congress only voted 2 1/2 appropriation bills per year. that is the average.
5:48 am
we're supposed to do 12. what we want to do is get to work on that to avoid the last-minute disaster we've seen last few years. the way to do that, start talking about that now, put moments on the floor, get these funding bills done now. steve: you know what, senator? you're absolutely right. you regarded the omnibus bill as is a disaster. a lot of republicans and fiscally-minded americans look at the great big spendpalooza as washington run amok. it is good you're trying to do fiscal restraint but stuff needs to get done. what are the odds mitch mcconnell will go, you know what, senator perdue, this is a good idea, let's do it? >> last year we did the same thing. several republican senators gave senator mcconnell and leader agreed. four days into the period we got democrats to agree to 77
5:49 am
confirmmations. we think that will happen this year. even if they doesn't, give spending bills on the floor, actually have debate, put amendments on the floor, get away from last-minute critical period to force this issue. steve: you're calling it time to make congress great again. that is catchy. have you thought about making red hats with that on it? >> red hats. we want it to work again. the way to make it work to get the funding bills done, not do continuing resolution, that really hamstring our military. leads to an omnibus the night before everybody wants to leave for christmas break. steve: that never works out because you wind up spending too much. >> absolutely. steve: senator david perdue, thank you very much much. >> thank you, steve steve what do you think about that should they work more on capitol hill? i think i know the answer. polls are open in the state of ohio. ed to pyro is having breck there. bill hemmer is 12 floors away planning the 9:00 a.m. show.
5:50 am
>> we moved. we're only one floor apart, steve. good morning to you. this is important day today. iran deadline decision. big vote in the heart of trump country. guess who the north korean leader met with today? meet the woman who could lead the cia. why some people have a problem with her. big lineup. join us in couple minutes. see you at the top of the hour. . contact a dell advisor today.
5:51 am
i'm about to start the hair, skin and nails challenge. so my future self will thank me. thank you. i become a model? yes. no. start the challenge today. and try new tropical citrus flavor with collagen. nature's bounty. oto balancendidate for governor the state budgetarties together while making record investments in local classrooms and creating new career training programs. antonio villaraigosa for governor.
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5:53 am
that violent crime went up 18% in san francisco. in la, mayor antonio villaraigosa put more police on the streets and cut violent crime in half. california's police chiefs trust antonio for governor. >> right now check your watch. the polls are open in four critical primary states. west virginia, north carolina, indiana, and ohio. steve: there republicans melissa attkisson, mike givens, dan kiley, jim renacci, looking to
5:54 am
unseat democratic senator sherrod brown. ainsley: the battle coming down to mary taylor or mike dewine, dennis kucinich or richard cordray. what do you you, the voter think? todd piro has been talking all morning long in that area, jc's restaurant in burton, ohio. he joins us right now. hey, todd. >> good morning ainsley, steve, brian, as you know elections are local but issue are national. they impact all of us. we're speaking to voters about the very issues. we begin with lori. she is a social work, she voted for president trump. in this race for gubernatorial primary pulling for mike dewine and jim renacci in the senate primary. why? >> they espouse traditional values we hold here in burton with our families. limited government. control of our own lives. getting government out of the way to develop our small businesses and, you know, have our family values and our faith,
5:55 am
which is very important to us. >> you told me you're looking for a candidate that supports the president and what he is trying to do specifically with regard to the wall. why is immigration so important to you? >> i think immigration is very important. i think our country was built on, with immigration. it made our country great, but i feel like illegal immigration should be stopped because just the people coming into the country need to have, espouse the values that make america great. and be willing to work hard and become americans. yes. >> lori, we thank you so much. we'll go to the emerging maple syrup con conglomerate guy. he likes mike dewayne and jim renacci. why do you like jim? >> i like jim, because he can beat sherrod brown. anybody but brown. >> obviously crucial issues right now, not least of which is the iran nuclear deal.
5:56 am
president trump speaking at 2:00 p.m. today. what do you want to see done? >> i want him to rip it up. how can you expect someone to be openwhen they say you can inspect the facilities, give us two weeks notice to clean it up. get cobwebs out, sweep the floor, all those good things. >> before we send it backs to new york city. this our producer matted leech's final diner segment before he gets to d.c. thanks so much for your help. amazing on the road. thank you very much, buddy. best of luck with the white house team. you guys no matt. brian: he does a great job. steve: we have worked with him all over the country. matt, good luck at the white house. back in a moment. we'll be on the road again. ♪ press brew. that's it. so rich. i love it.
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6:00 am
>> bill: we have a packed show today. welcome. sandra has a day off. how are you doing, julie? >> julie: we're now hearing the district attorney is opening an investigation into those claims for a bombshell report. details allegation schneiderman physically abused four women. he is


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