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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 2, 2020 3:00am-6:00am PST

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jillian: thank you for having us. stay with fox news all day as we preview tomorrow's elections. todd: can you believe it? tomorrow is here. right now we pass it off "fox & friends" live from liberty state park. go out there and make it a great monday. we will see you back here tomorrow. ♪ ♪ >> we now have just one more full day left in the 2020 campaign. >> 94 million people have already cast their ballot. >> biden says is he running as a proud democrat. i'm running as a proud american. is that okay? [chanting u.s.a.] >> it's time to stand up. it's time to take back our democracy. >> he is the only politician i have ever seen who said we will raise your taxes. you are supposed to vote for him. [boos] >> we can put an end to this presidency that is from the very beginning sought to divide us. >> sleepy joe biden has spent 47 years outsourcing your jobs.
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we can't let this happen. >> we cannot afford four more years of anger, hate. and division. >> with your help, we are going to keep on working. we are going to keep on fighting and we are going to keep on winning, winning, winning. [cheers and applause] [chanting four more years] ♪ ♪ ♪ brian: all right from. liberty state park. we are coming to you live and be here the next three days. we have been lucky enough to be hosting from this location yesterday. they did an incredible job making this "fox & friends" friendly and fox friendly. it is the best view in america of new york city. it almost -- at this park have you got to check this out. not only historic necessary
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selled between ellis island, the statue of liberty and of course the freedom tower right over our right shoulders it's a great tribute to 9/11. this was the horrific view when those buildings were hit and eventually fall. steve, i guess you knew. this i never was here before. what a tribute to those who lost their lives. steve: just about 50 feet to the north of where we are sitting is new jersey's official tribute to 9/11. what's interesting about where we are today and that is not a picture. that is our picture window. brian: we're going to take a picture and use this. steve: what's stunning about the location we are at, is we are about 100 feet away from, right behind the camera, which is pointing that way, is the central train station. and because, brian, you mentioned we are right at liberty island and. ainsley: ellis island. steve: the people who came to the united states to make this their homes would then ferry over here. get on a train about 100 feet from where we were and go
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somewhere in america to start a new life. ainsley: that's amazing. including my family members. brian: ours too. ainsley: this is where they came. steve: there is the center train station. brian: my mom was telling me her family was supposed to go to argentina and the boat went to connecticut instead. okay that worked out. ainsley: changed the trajectory oof your life. will. brian: argentina would have benefited. ainsley: who is the captain of that boat? we need to thank him. president trump and joe biden making their final pitches to the voter, campaigning across battleground states today. brian: nationwide, nearly 94 million americans have cast their vote. we have a team of reporters covering the campaign across the country all morning long. steve: first we're going to start with "fox & friends weekend" co-host pete hegseth and will cain. they are having breakfast with friends all across america. so, let's start with you, pete, you are in minnesota.
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pete: over at osteoat lynn's restaurant. good morning, everyone, how are you doing? [cheers] pete: exciting crew here. election one day away. minnesota right in the crosshairs. the president has been here a bunch. the vice president here recently as well. and, you know, it could be anyone's ballgame. this is a state with lockdowns and riots. a lot at stake and hear from the voters. helping people during covid-19. right back to you. ainsley: is that a philadelphia eagle emblem on your shirt? brian: you don't want to do that in philadelphia. steve: standing by in minnesota we have pete and now let's go to will. where are you? will: he better not have eagles emblem this morning. i am in philadelphia in bucks county about 30 miles outside of
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philadelphia. this is the battleground state and this might be the battle ground county. i'm at the eagle diner in warminister. enthusiasm this morning? [cheers] they think it's going to be the difference in this elections by the way. i will be talking to them this morning about what they think is coming on tuesday and what the issues are that are most important to them here in pennsylvania, guys. brian: will, thanks. cowboys and eagles didn't get along and will is a big cowboy fan. griff, i am sure same speaking positively for steve and ainsley. griff, what do you have on tap today? griff: listen, i'm here in biden's hometown of wilmington where he has waged unprecedented campaign, brian, ainsley and steve. good morning to you. will has got a good pointed. pennsylvania is the state, perhaps more than any other that could determine the outcome. that's why biden's game plan today is just blitz pennsylvania. he has got two stops in the
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pittsburgh area one of which will be accompanied by his wife and lady gaga. the race in pennsylvania tightening. biden leads by a little more than 4 points in the latest real clear politics average. a few weeks ago he was leading by 7. now, when he was in philly, yesterday, he hammered the president over the pandemic. but he did make that gaffe whering ay the of delaware blue hen's jacket logo talking about the eagles. here is what happened. watch. >> i know philadelphia well. i married a philly girl, by the way. [horns beeping] >> by the way i got my eagles jacket on. griff: the gaffe by the way didn't stop the eagles from beating the last night. the president hit four battleground states and five rallies today pennsylvania michigan final one in grand rapids by the way same spot he
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ended the trail in 2016 in washington, michigan yesterday he made the case that a red wave is coming. >> i'm not just running against joe biden. i'm running against the left wing mob. we are leading all over the place. you know we are supposed to be leading after the big -- the great red wave is going to come over the next little while. it's coming. it's building. going to be a wave like i think and this is far beyond the last one. talking to the reporters on the ground north carolina shot down a report that he would be prematurely declaring victory if he is leading on election night. however, he also indicate they'd intends to mount legal challenges to ballots being counted after election day, specifically mentioning the state of pennsylvania. brian, ainsley, steve? ainsley: all right. thank you so much, griff. yeah, the president had so many rallies yesterday. five of them. five today. four the day before.
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so many -- hitting so many states. i don't know how he does it and how he has the energy to do it. last night i woke up in the middle of the night and still speaking in florida. he was a little bit late to that event. i was watching at like 12:15 in the morning and he was still speaking. brian: he looks great. ainsley: we watched air force one take off yesterday morning during our show. i don't know how he has the energy. he said joe biden is going to raise your taxes $4 trillion. he is the only candidate i have only seen who campaigns saying i will raise your taxes. steve: right. ainsley: marco rubio was out there stumping too yesterday introducing him before the crowd and we will get to soundbites of marco rubio talking about socialism and what his family went through in cuba. brian: here is the president's closing argument. some of it. >> we win florida. we win the whole thing. our opponents want to turn america into communist cuba or socialist venezuela. [boos] >> and we are not going to let that happen.
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our opponent's agenda is a war on workers. a war on faith. and a war on our police. biden says he is running as a proud democrat. i'm running as a proud american. joe biden is a globalist who spent 47 years outsourcing your jobs, opening your borders, and sacrificing american blood and in endless foreign wars. they are all coming back. they are all coming home. our great soldiers. brian: the president is contrastincontrasting two. is he rolling in joe biden not on his a game and what you are going to get when he goes there and also pointing out jont might be posing as a moderate but the people around him are all radical left. i think it's fascinating that joe biden is going to choose to go with lady gaga or shall i say jill biden when she was mocking in a video for the biden campaign i guess mocking a trump
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voter wearing camo and drinking beer. good luck trying to win people over in pennsylvania doing that. we have been watching this campaign over a year all sorts of candidates and the candidates have made their argument. we know where they stand on everything by now. what it comes down to and both campaigns griff indicated that the biden people realize it comes down to turnout in pennsylvania. that's exactly the same thing for the trump campaign as well. because, over the last four years the trump campaign and the republican party have built the strongest get out the vote machine in republican history for instance, in pennsylvania, the republicans have a 1 million voter advantage. they feel. if they can get those people out, donald trump wins pennsylvania and will win the presidency. brian: those 1 million first time voters. steve: and includes super voters. people who show up and vote every time. in michigan, they have got a
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400,000 person advantage. in wisconsin it's slimmer. it's only 50,000. so it's all about getting out the vote and that's why the president is doing these pep rallies for america which is how steve cortes, one of his advisers, described it last night, watch great american renaissance. can you see it in the rallies if you compare the events that joe biden is having versus trump's convenience. trump is inspiring leader and stating pep rallies for america and encouraging great citizens of this land to embrace this economic revival that is afoot and believe it can continue and accelerate into 2021. we think the momentum is going our way largely because the economic momentum is going our way. and we believe that is by far the number one issue on voters' minds and we have the most compelling value proposition to offer there on economic prosperity. ainsley: we have heard republicans say we don't like the way he tweets. we don't like some of his
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manners where we know where he stands and there is an article this morning in the pittsburgh post gazette that talks all about this. is he unpresidential, crude, uncrind not a good man. steve: endorses him. ainsley: that's exactly right. and they endorsed barack obama for the last two elections. but he said we can separate the man from the record. a lot of people love his style but there are those that talk about his record. economy, precovid. 401(k)'s. unemployment black americans lowest it's ever been under any president in either party. talks about his trade relationships. keeping his promise to the supreme court. that the united states has achieved energy independence. my point is you know where he stands you know what you are getting if you vote for him. if you vote for joe biden do you get the progressive party or moderate democrat? bernie sanders had a zoom call with the squad talking about progressives and where that party is going. listen to this. >> we understand that electing
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biden is not the end all. it is the beginning, okay? and i think as a result of the work that all of you have done, biden's proposals in this campaign are a lot stronger than they were in the primary and his proposals are stronger. do they go as far as as we would want? no, they don't. we are not giving up on our agenda. you know and i know that at the end of the day, the only way that we're going to provide quality care to every man, woman and child in an affordable way is for medicare for all. we ain't giving up on that struggle, snrrt we are going to introduce medicare for all. we organize our people to make sure that biden becomes the most progressive president. ainsley: he is not even hiding it. he said this is just the beginning it. doesn't go as far as we want but we are not giving up. steve: that energizes the super left part of the party to go out and vote tomorrow if they haven't already. brian: republicans on the fence and saying to himself i don't like his tone or i don't like
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the drama every day. keep in mind first one complaining in may in next august when you say wait a second, what are all these legislative -- what is this leftist agenda that all of a sudden joe biden is signing up for and shrugs his shoulder what do you want? that's just the way it is. they have more momentum in the senate and more momentum in the house i'm going to have to go along with it. and those republicans who whether it's the lincoln project or anybody else, conservatives horrified that's what's going to be jammed down their throat. shear senator marco rubio. listen, i know what it's like. my parents are from cuba. they escaped. they brought me here. you've got to understand what you are getting with joe biden. >> one of the things that unites so many of the people here are you have come to this country because you lost your native land. and you lost it to something called socialism. we are not going to bring to this country the things that people flee. now, i know what they are going
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to say, not all democrats are socialists. and it's true. not all democrats are socialists. but all socialists are democrats. the best election to the ones that are clear choice. this election is a clear choice. it will never be a socialist country. brian: marco rubio, while people thought he was one of the most talented republicans out there. you saw it. he is very much in his element talking about cuba and venezuela. this president, who started off with such conflict with marco rubio gave that senator from florida so much power and responsibility down south including when it came to trying to revitalize the economy after the pandemic he said what have you got, marco? what about this ppp thing -- ppe -- ppp i should say. okay i got a program. he has been energid by the president. he desperately wants him to win. steve: he was with the president. the president a rule breaker. he went past the curfew you are
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supposed to be done by midnight. not done. one thing about bernie sanders. we have been talking about how he and elizabeth warren may wind up in a biden cabinet. there is an item in axios today that says the biden team is considering a ban on u.s. senators in the cabinet. which would get bernie out thereof and elizabeth warren as well it would block chris coons and amy klobuchar and others. have you got to wonder if that's just a trial balloon because if people think if joe biden is elected and bernie sanders becomes secretary of such and such, that would be. brian: labor. steve: that is a step too far for me. for them to float this particular story the day before the election, it looks like damage control. they are saying hey, can you vote for joe, you don't have to worry. brian: in case you got that zoom call misinterpret it. elizabeth warren will never be picked. they will lose a senate seat if they put warren into the cabinet. ainsley: marco rubio that story is so touching because we have done so many stories.
3:17 am
brian: did i them for hispanic. ainsley: families lived in cuba and businesses taken away. all their money gone. their bank accounts drained a dictator wanted to take tall. he even said last night. he said we got on rafts. risked being eaten by sharks. we risked our loves ones and entire lives we are not going to bring though country what we were fleeing. that's why so many will behind. brian: and venezuelans. got out in time. steve: tomorrow is the day america votes. today is the final day of early voting in some states. still ahead on this monday, americans casting early ballots in record numbers. is could these results provide clues as to how the rest of the country is going to vote? a breakdown in those numbers in key battle grounds as we know them coming up next. ♪ ♪ ok, just keep coloring there...
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♪ ♪ brian: more americans voting early than ever before led by texas, california. and over 93 million ballots already cast. here to barack down where the democrats lead for republicans political reporter for "the washington examiner" emily larson. emily, does this number astound you, 93 million? >> it is record-breaking. more americans have voted early so far in this election than ever before. and if you look at just that 93 million number. that's about 68% of the number
3:23 am
of total people who voted in 2016. so, it might be election day eve but the election has already been going on for a long time and we're headed for potentially record breaking turnout in the election overall. brian: all right. let's break down the data in four states. and keep in mind, too. it's expected the democrats more app. to vote early than republicans. let's begin in pennsylvania where 1.5 million democrats have already voted, cast a ballot. 550,000 republicans. significant for you? >> it is a lot more significantly democratic turnout so far. and that is something that is unique to pennsylvania and other states for which we have data on party breakdown it isn't that much of a discrepancy but pennsylvania is a state where their early voting period ended last tuesday there has been a little bit less amount of time for people to vote. and so this is one reason why we
3:24 am
are seeing the democrats and republicans, the presidential candidates in pennsylvania today because it's one of the states where there are still a lot more votes up for grabs. brian: breakdown of in person and mail-in ballots more app. to make mistakes on the mail-in ballot or making something provisional or reject it. let's go to another state that you wanted to take a look at some of the let's take a look at florida. florida has been pretty astounding in the totals. you have almost even. and this is a surprise. 3.4 to 3.3. this is -- this has got to get democrats worried. >> yes, definitely. i have also heard that there is are some democrats looking at turnout and especially minority areas. and it's not quite at the level that they were hoping it would be. so they are really trying to push to get that very last part out on election day. and this is something that president trump mentioned in one of his rallies last night that we usually expected that the democrats would have a lot
3:25 am
higher mail in and early voting levels. and so that could create a red mirage on election night where have you day of ballots counted first and then as the other ballots -- mail in absentee ballots getting counted that could wash that away. but now we are seeing in florida at least in some other states it's not as big of a discrepancy as we were expecting. very interesting pennsylvania attorney general said don't expect a election night. astonishing day. north carolina same thing. democrats barely more than republicans in terms of early voting. 1.6 to 1.4. and they got some extra days, right? >> and one thing to keep in mind about these numbers is that doesn't necessarily mean that all of these republicans and democrats are going to vote for their party. and there is still a significant amount of independent voters who
3:26 am
are counting as well. so, while it's good news for republicans. discrepancy isn't super large in some of these states, it's still not guaranteed that they are that close in actual vote count totals. brian: right. so they might not necessarily do it. keep in mind, too. 97% the number is of those who vote for the president or republican go straight across the line. telling me more than ever before people sickened with their party and arizona is basically a dead heat too. 870,000, 830,000. this is going to be an exciting election. for nibble who thinks the dye has been cast has not been paying attention. thanks so much. >> thank you. brian: pennsylvania one of the key states up for grabs we just discussed. this as joe biden campaigns in the state later today, a major newspaper there just endorsed president trump? our panel previews the must win battle ground state next.
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♪ ♪ i know we will be safe and sound. ♪ safe and sound ♪ ainsley: overnight, president trump ending his whirlwind weekend of campaign stops with a rally in florida. in fact, it actually ended today. because it was after midnight. phil keating is live in broward county with a look at that race down in the sunshine state. hey, phil. >> good morning. a large and late night fervent crowd cheering on president trump at his final florida campaign rally. the rally did not start until
3:32 am
11:45 p.m. and did not end until 12:45 a.m. violating miami-dade county's midnight curfew, which was not being enforced even though the republican county mayor was on hand. last night at the trump rally as you can see people packed together. many maskless. the president at one time told the cheering crowd perhaps after the election he will fire dr. anthony fauci, coronavirus and the economy wanted among the topics he addressed. >> sleepy joe biden will raise your taxes $4 trillion. can you believe it? he is the only candidate i have ever seen that campaigns on the fact i will raise your taxes. this guy. >> we have a president who has given up. i will never give up nor will -- will never wave the flag of surrender. we are going to beat this virus. >> and the scandal scofer over the weekend of this miami-dade mail room with envelopes sitting and stacked and not delivered
3:33 am
for a full week with 48 ballots mingled in all that mail has led to the postal inspect tore say they will be popping into multiple postal facilities in the next few days to make sure nothing like this is still happening. the still valid 48 ballots by the way from that room were delivered to the supervisor of elections office. the latest polling for florida of the nearly 9 million people who voted early shows biden ahead leading trump 48.6 to 47.2%. florida, as usual, an absolute toss-up. and former barack obama, he will be in south florida today campaigning on behalf of his former running mate joe biden. location and time still to be released. back to you. heading. ainsley: heading to georgia i hear. thanks so much, phil. steve over to you.
3:34 am
steve: thanks, ainsley. pennsylvania emerging as one of the most hotly contested battle grounds. pittsburgh post gazette recalling president trump first time backing a republican since 1927 when it comes to the presidency. this as joe biden will be joined on stage by lady gaga when he campaigns in pittsburgh today. what does this say about the must-win state of pennsylvania? well, let's talk to our panel rachel from the conservative partnership institute along with army veteran and yale law school student jeremy hunt and media reporter for the hill, joe con challenge. good morning to everybody. >> good morning. >> i can't hear. steve: let's start with you rachel, the president got that great endorsement from the pittsburgh newspaper. now joe biden and jill biden are going to show up with lady gaga who according to the trump campaign is an anti fracker. so what message does that send to the people of western pennsylvania? >> well, nothing compels rural
3:35 am
voters like seeing someone who has an absolutely nothing in common with them not just in her political views but in her attempts to pander. lady gaga most recently put out a super cringe instagram video dressed in camo drinking a beer because apparently that's what she thinks compels rural voters. she ended up throwing a full beer on the ground which i think offended more people than would think otherwise. steve: there goes good beer. >> last minute attempt to sway voters that i don't think is going to work. steve: jeremy, what do you think is going on campaigns. >> who is advising joe biden? someone is getting paid handsomely to give quite possibly the most out of touch political advice we have seen this year so far. and it makes you think just like talk to a voter on the ground. like what do you want to talk about? i am sure that many voters want to talk about the issues.
3:36 am
they don't want to get lectured from lady gaga. steve: well, joe concha, you know a lot on the political left love the celebrity endorsements and she is a very big star but, at the same time, the question becomes what is more important driving the vote or perhaps having somebody realize hey, wait a minute, she is anti-fracking which, according to the campaign, she is. >> yeah. she signed off on yoko ono's anti-fracking group a couple years ago. let's be clear lady gaga was infinitely better than than a star is born. it's all subjective. pennsylvania is obviously the most crucial state. forget the national polls. ask the 2016 democratic nominee who won by more than 3 million votes, what did that get her? got her a one way ticket back to chappaqua and charredde chardon.
3:37 am
florida, north carolina, arizona, and then pennsylvania or michigan. if the president captures any of those four states all four of those, i should say, florida, north carolina, arizona, pennsylvania, then he wins the election. everything else does not matter. but, again, if you are going to start campaigning with somebody who is against fracking one day before the election in a state you must win to the point made earlier, who is advising the current democratic nominee right now? steve: all right. lightning round. predictions, rachel, start with you. what happens tomorrow? >> well, i think we talked about a record number of votes being cast. i don't think we are going to know instantly. but this race is still very much still in play. pennsylvania suspect for grabs. it's a jump ball. steve: all right. jeremy? >> i don't think we're going to know exactly tomorrow, exactly what the election is going to look like. we will have at least some -- a feeling of what might happen maybe later on this week as the votes roll in. steve: and finally you, joseph?
3:38 am
>> november is going to be a long decade, steve. we're not going to know who won this election for probably a long time. remember, michigan, wisconsin are not even going to start counting the mail-in ballots until election day. the question is in pennsylvania the president does have the momentum but is it too little, too late given all the votes already cast before mr. biden made his comments on fracking, steve. steve: it looks as if the election is going to be so 2020. 2020 has gone so far. rachel and jeremy and joe, we thank you very much for joining us live. >> thank you. steve: meanwhile, you bet. what are voters in swing states saying this morning on the eve of the election? pete hegseth and will cain are having breakfast with friends as you can see right there. pete is with the people and will is just looking at the camera. first, download the fox bet super 6 app. and play the election game 2020 for a free chance to win $50,000 from our friends at fox bet. have you heard about this? pick six possible outcomes then
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watch our coverage tomorrow to see thousand all unfolds. download the fox bet super 6 app. right now to get started. and we will be right back. as president, the first step i will take will be to get control of the virus that has ruined so many lives. what would joe biden do to beat covid? double testing sites so we can safely reopen, manufacture ppe here in america, restore the white house pandemic office,
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instwith vicks sinex saline congnasal mist. for drug free relief that works fast. vicks sinex. instantly clear everyday congestion. ♪ stuck like glue ♪ you and me, baby ♪ stuck like glue ♪ whoa, whoa ♪ stuck like glue. steve: cute little song to start this november 2nd, 2020 live from the shore, the banks of the mighty hudson river. thank you for joining us on this monday. one day to go president trump and joe biden in a fight to the finish to win those swing states. so what do voters think in swing states? ainsley: i'm so glad you asked. we are talking to them live over breakfast with friends with will cain. is he at the eagle diner in war minister, pennsylvania. first we will start with pete hegseth live at lynn's restaurant and catering in
3:44 am
osteo, minnesota. >> that is correct. we are at osteoat lynn's restaurant. i have traveled the country. i have never seen pancakes like this. if you can eat all three in one to be in minnesota. lots of optimism the state could switch. talking to lots of great folks this morning including this wonderful table which we have been chatting with. sir, what's your name? >> nathan. >> you used to be a liberal. >> pretty extreme, yeah. >> you switched totally. what's your take on why trump is resonating with so many people? >> he is not washington, d.c. he is a real person. and you know, he is a man of the people, right? he is not the small creature. he is one of us. and everything he has done. we can all recite the list of achievements but it's why he is doing all those things.
3:45 am
is he doing it for my family. for your family. for them. and people know it. pete: sir, you have been in construction. business is booming. what is on the minds of minnesota voters right now when they go to the polls? >> i have just seen they want freedom. they want to be able to live their lives, keep government out of their back pocket and enjoy what they work for and keep what they work for. you know, and the people that i work for they are enthusiastic. they really love the country and they want to stay here. they want to stay in minnesota. it's a great state. i do hope that it goes trump. i think it's gonna. >> me too. pete: it's a great state when it's not locked down. >> you are right. >> right. i go out of state and it's not locked down very much out there. pete: that's true there is a big difference between metro and out
3:46 am
of state minnesota. and the he question whether that reflects on election day. will, i know you got the folks you are talking to as well. we will toss it back. do the best can i with these pancakes. >> will: go have something to eat. i'm at the eagle diner in bucks county, pennsylvania. we have a big crowd here. [cheers. [. >> let me introduce to you a few of them suburban women for trump the media has not been honest with us in so many things, excepted for fox. why would we believe this? i think it's going to be a red tsunami. will: a red tsunami, that's your prediction. real quickly, why do you predict a red tsunami? >> because this man has stood up for us every single day. and has accomplished so much. will: dennis is talking to me about promises. >> promises made and kept.
3:47 am
will: promises made from president trump. >> yes. will: this is irene, violet and carol. they won't tell me your age i'm putting you over under 35. they come here every sunday for breakfast. tell me what your plan is for tomorrow? >> vote. we go in person. will: why is it important to vote in person? , with all this going on i want to make sure that our vote gets counted. comfortable that way. will: these are sisters now. not twins. there is a rumor going around they are twins. they are not. they are sisters. they just like to dress alike. what is your prediction this week? >> trump. [laughter] will: there you have it from the ground, the biggest battle ground state and biggest battle ground county perhaps in this state from the eagle diner. ainsley: so cute. brian: very nice. checking in a with all of them
3:48 am
all morning long crowd begins to grow in those two lovely cities. every time you talk minnesota so supportive of the president and see all the unrest and how everything started there and i have not seen a poll with the president in front yet. within striking distance but never leading. steve: do you trust the polls or does the urelt mat poll come tomorrow and beyond? brian: go out to janice dean she has a look at the weather. janice: are we here? hi. ainsley: yeah. you are on. janice: oh, good. hi. i'm sorry. i apologize. they told me i didn't have enough time but i'm going to do it real quick. cold across portions of the northeast back through the ohio valley and tennessee valley. freeze advisories in effect. good news is we do doo have a system across the northeast bringing light know and rain in the forecast for voting day for tomorrow, things are quiet for much of the country a little bit of lingering snow across the northeast. a new system moves into the northwest. otherwise a really good looking
3:49 am
forecast. back to you. steve: all right. very good. looking forward. brian: cold. steve: thanks, j.d. president trump rallying big crowds in key battle grounds so could this enthusiasm impact down ballot races and ultimately situate balance of power in congress? congresswoman elise stefanik on what she is hearing from voters in her district coming up next. ♪ repair your enamel with pronamel repair. our most advanced formula helps you brush in vital minerals to actively repair and strengthen enamel. so you don't just brush to clean, you brush to build. pronamel intensive enamel repair.
3:50 am
and i want to tell you about my husband joe. i first met joe two years after a car accident injured his sons and killed his wife and his baby daughter. his life had been shattered. but as one of joe's favorite quotes reminds us, "faith sees best in the dark." joe's faith helped him channel his grief into purpose. it gave him the strength to fight hard for other people's families in the senate, and then take a two hour train ride home every day to be there for his own. right now a lot of families are hurting, and i know in my heart that if we entrust this nation to joe,
3:51 am
he will do for these families what he did for ours. bring us together. help us find light in the darkness. keep hope for the future alive in all of us. i'm joe biden, and i approve this message.
3:52 am
3:53 am
>> you have the power with your vote to save the american dream for your children, for your grandchildren. but you have to get out and vote on november 3rd. we must finish the job and drain the swamp. [chanting] >> president trump lighting up the campaign trail making nine stops this weekend alone. and here with how the enthusiasm could affect the down ballot races is new york republican
3:54 am
congresswoman and member of the house intel committee elise stefanik running for re-election in new york's 21st district. good morning to you, congresswoman. >> good to be with you. ainsley: good to have you back. so 14 stops in the last three days. i don't know how he does it. but how will this enthusiasm for the president impact that down ballot race or all those down ballot races? >> it is significant. the energy and enthusiasm is on president trump's side. in my district in rural argyle, new york. we had hundreds and hundreds of president supporters all about. old forge. these are install towns and villages in upstate new york. we are getting more people at our trump rallies than joe biden is getting at his campaign rallies. the energy the president is bringing is at the right time. it's a positive close of this campaign but every vote is going to matter. so we need to make sure that every supporter for the president and republicans on the ticket turn out to vote. we feel great in the north country but every vote is going to matter so we want to encourage everyone to get out
3:55 am
there. ainsley: okay. if you win again, this will be your fourth two year term for the 21st congressional seat. running against cobb. ran against her in the past basically a rematch of 2018. what's your platform? why should people vote for you? >> this election is a clear choice. a choice between president trump and joe biden. my race is a choice between my record of results standing up for lower taxes, protecting our second amendment. supporting our law enforcement versus my opponent tax ted dr. cobb who raised taxes 20 times at the local level. who wants to ban guns and our second amendment and wants to defund the police. very much similar to what is happening at the top of the ticket. she is the number one anti-trump democrat in the entire country. hollywood has funded her campaign but we're going to win. ainsley: i want to give you a chance to respond to her comment. she told us she said i have said from the beginning that i'm running against elise stefanik because of her record. but she chose to tie herself to this president and the president has lied to us.
3:56 am
millions of people have been infected. the economy is in shambles and she has not held him accountable. what do you say? >> i say i'm proud to work with president trump to deliver results. my descricketd overwhelmingly voted to support president trump they are going to again on tuesday. we need to make sure our voters turn out shivment is funded by hollywood. she wants to raise taxes, ban guns and defund the police. they are not the values of the north country. we are going to win. turn out the vote. ainsley: all right. congresswoman, thank you so much. we wish you all the best. >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. coming up we have kayleigh mcenany, newt gingrich, mark steyn, burgess owens and much more. stay with us. ♪
3:57 am
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>> from liberty state park we are coming to you live nationwide nearly 94 million americans have cast their vote. >> it is record-breaking. more americans have voted early so far in this election. than ever before. [chanting we love you] >> this election is a choice between a crippling depression or a historic boom. >> time to take back our democracy. we can do this. >> who is advising joe biden? like many voters want to talk about the issues. they don't want to get lectured from lady gaga. >> if the president captures florida, north carolina, arizona, pennsylvania, then he wins the election. >> cannot afford four more years
4:01 am
of anger, hate and division. >> with your help we are going to keep on working and fighting and fighting and winning, winning, winning. [cheers and applause] [chanting four more years] ♪ got a dream to take them there ♪ they come to america ♪ got a dream they come to share ♪ they coming to america ♪ ♪ they're coming to america ♪ steve: how beautiful is that sunrise over manhattan this morning on this monday, novembe. we have played that song because neil diamond was talking about people coming to the united states of america and the first place they came after ellis island for millions of people was to that train station which facade we just saw and get on
4:02 am
trains and go all across all across america. >> that's how we got there brian's great grandmother got on the wrong boat. brian: the boat went to the wrong place. wake up argentina. ainsley: family was supposed to go to argentina and told us earlier ended up at ellis island or connecticut. steve: still bitter. brian: should get the receipts. we deserve a refund. ainsley: all your dreams came true in that city right there,. brian: brian where they used to work before they were told to go home and do nothing. steve: my people went to the train station and went out west. ainsley: mine went down south. we are a good representation of this country. steve: welcome to the big show. brian: a lot of have you voted already. they say biden supporters have voted -- election day 69% for trump voters 27 for biden. ainsley: most republicans are waiting for the day of.
4:03 am
you heard the three stisz teres that will interviewed at the diner going tomorrow to make sure their voting is counted. brian: at the urging of the president that's the way we do it here. president trump and joe biden making final pitch to voters. campaigning across battleground. the president 14 states in the last two days. steve: well, it's paid off because so far nearly 94 million americans have cast their vote. the big question is how many ultimately will cast votes. will it be 150 presidential? will it be 160 million? a better idea tonal. right now though we have live team coverage. people all over the country trying to figure out the story, ainsley. ainsley: that's right. first, we will check in with "fox & friends weekend" co-host pete hegseth and will cain. they are having breakfast with friends in minnesota and in pennsylvania. hey, guys. will: good morning. pete: good morning. take it away, will. you got a rowdy crowd there. will: i got it first?
4:04 am
all right. we are live here in eagle diner in bucks county, pennsylvania. [cheers and applause] will: it is the battleground state a lot of enthusiasm here for president trump. is there any biden voters here today? [boos] we're going to try to find them if they are here. going to talk to everybody about what they are most excited about. [laughter] pete: will, thank you very much. the overwhelming theme here at osseo at lynn's restaurant don't forget about minnesota. am i right, folks? [. [cheers and applause] it has not gone for a republican since 1972. this state feels like between the lockdowns the riots and the changing political demographics in this state that there is a wave, a red wave coming in minnesota and there is a reason the president has been visiting this place multiple times and a reason why joe biden came once. no reason a democrat should be coming to minnesota this late in the campaign unless they are seeing something internally that it could be in play.
4:05 am
so we are going to talk to some voters. many of which have already cast their ballot. a lot coming out on election day and of course we will be eating some yummy pancakes. back to you guys overlooking. ainsley: that's huge. steve: that pancake is the size of a manhole cover only need one. brian: let's go out to wilmington, delaware with the final push on the campaign trail. this guy named griff jenkins has been asked to tell us if joe biden is coming out today and what he plans on doing. griff: is he going to come out brian, ainsley and steve good morning to you. as the candidates make their closing arguments to undecided voters. they are going to -- biden is going to go through pennsylvania. that is what he is focusing on more than any today. and he is in the real clear politics average leading by 4 points. but just weeks ago he had a bigger lead. like 7. the race there is tightening. it's a state that may determine the outcome offed legislation.
4:06 am
biden's stop in western pennsylvania and pittsburgh area. one of them joined by lady gaga. then he will make one stop in ohio as well. here is a little bit of biden's closing argument. listen. >> the truth is to beat the virus we first got to beat donald trump. he's the virus. griff: meanwhile the president continuing rally bananza five states yesterday. five rallies, four states today. all battle grounds, north carolina, pennsylvania, and michigan all states he narrowly won. yesterday he was in michigan making the case for four more years. watch. >> two days from now you have the power with your vote to save the american dream, to save our country from what could happen to it. this country and i have said it many times, will never be a socialist country. griff: also talking to reporters yesterday, guys.
4:07 am
the president shooting down a reported that he would be declaring victory prematurely if he is leading on election night; however, he did tell those reporters that he will mount legal challenges to ballots being counted in states after the election in places like pennsylvania and north carolina. and as we know in pennsylvania, we could be waiting for days for those results. brian, ainsley, steve? steve: it could take a while. griff, thank you very much. and this goes to the point we were making earlier, a majority of republican voters, according and ronna mcdaniel was on tv yesterday and said. this a majority of republican voters don't trust the mail ballot system. they want their vote to count so they are going to show up tomorrow. the trump machine has spent the last four years trying to build up as many republicans to register as possible. and so that is what today is all about. there is going to be so much door-knocking and so many people getting text messages and phone calls to try to make sure that they get out the republican vote or the independent vote or the
4:08 am
democratic vote for donald trump tomorrow. because that will be the key. and that will help them win pennsylvania. which really is the key to the keystone state. actually is the key to donald trump getting four more years of the keys to camp david. the big question is what about the other things that are going on. do endorsements really impact you? for instance today lady gaga going to be appearing at an event in pittsburgh with joe and jill biden. does a celebrate who endorses a candidate matter to you? that's a big question. what about this? what about a newspaper? very influential post gazette editorial board in pittsburgh yesterday for the first time since 1972 endorsed a republican and did was donald trump. they wrote in part under donald trump the economy, precovid boom no time since the 1950s. look at the 401(k) unemployment for black americans lowest it's
4:09 am
ever been under either party. under president trump trade deals have vastly improved and been rewritten. on the map again and appalachian and hourly worker has some hope. they also said that joe biden is too old and they said that mike pence could be president. he's ready but kamala harris is not. ainsley: gosh, her voting record is to the left of bernie sanders. and a lot of people are worried about some of the things that she voted for in the past if we dee funding police she praised the nypd when they defunded 150 million from lapd. and some of the other things that she voted on don't necessarily align with conservatives or moderate moderates ---moderate democrats. if you look at where the president is going. is he all over the map, guys, i don't know how he does. this 14 stops in three days. today is he hitting five cities. yesterday five cities. up after midnight. rally in florida after midnight. day before that he hit 4 cities.
4:10 am
14 in three days. today he's in north carolina. steve: starts in florida. ainsley: florida, north carolina, pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin. and then back to michigan. the first one is traverse city and then he goes to kenosha, wisconsin. and then he comes back to michigan to grand rapids. that's going to be a full day for him. joe biden will be in pennsylvania and ohio. brian: nine races are considered flat out toss-ups. 14 battleground states are listed on that roster. the president feels as though his i have tri is in his hands. that he was why he feels compelled to do things himself and the crowds turn out and reinforce that belief. meanwhile some interesting tactics for joe biden. one to put on a delaware jacket and pretend it's an eagles jacket and think if you can't identify an eagle and you want to be president of the united states, i think that's a problem, personally. and the other thing is add lady gaga to join to you convert pennsylvanians to vote for you is kind of interesting because she mocks an average, i guess,
4:11 am
rural pennsylvania blue collar worker in a video in support of joe biden. ainsley: wearing camo in front of the pickup truck with the beer. ainsley: she also hates fracking and that scares the heck out of pennsylvania that the president is going to get this job and ban fracking. ainsley: earlier she dropped the beer. brian: jeremy hunt one of the people lead off. part of a panel who said who booked lady gaga. >> who advises joe biden someone getting paid handsomely out of touch political advice we have seen in this year so far. and it makes you think just like talk to a voter on the ground. like what do you want to talk about? i am sure that many voters want to talk about the issues. they don't want to get lectured from lady gaga. >> nothing compels rural voters like seeing someone who has absolutely nothing in common with them. not just in her political views but in her attempts to pander. >> if you are going to start campaigning with somebody who is
4:12 am
against fracking, one day before an election in a state you must win to the point made earlier, who is advising the current democratic nominee right now? brian: meanwhile, among other things people are worried, about not only who wins or loses but the reaction in major cities that have seen a lot of unrest like, for example, portland, philadelphia, we know that it's been a problem in baltimore in the past. charlottesville, already taking actions. for example, across the street in new york city, the strategic response group is ramping up for potential post election riots. especially former -- their former resident donald trump wins. on top of that, a lot of people just boarding up -- a lot of people are boarding up windows. steve: well, they are. and one of our producers told us as we look at some of the boarding up that's going on and this is throughout new york city. my daughter's building in washington, d.c. putting plywood on. my family is planning on being outside of the metropolitan areas on election day and beyond
4:13 am
just in case. ainsley: do you think we have to worry about anything dangerous the day after if the vote probably won't even be called until the end of the week. steve: if we don't know, we don't know. and here's the thing. this morning one of the producers told me that they were coming to work at our rural location at 48th and sixth avenue boarded up the disney store which is such crazy message. ainsley: sad. steve: happiest place on earth they have got to board it up. joe biden tweeted this out. he said i will promise you. this i will end donald trump's chaos and end this crisis. meanwhile, dan crenshaw wrote back: trump's chaos? last i checked businesses weren't boarding up their windows because they were afraid of trump supporters. we had on earlier a former new york city -- a former cop at a chicago alderman who slammed those who are thinking about
4:14 am
destruction after an election. watch this from "fox & friends first." >> the hit that we have took that these businesses have taken this summer we can't have it happen again. we can't have them destroyed and looted. this san opportunist's dream right now that this election goes the wrong way so they can destroy this city. i'm so disgusted by. this i want to celebrate the election process with my three kids and the way i was brought up with my father. what a great country we have. and now i have to explain to them why are we boarding up? why are there so many police out there? it's because we are worried if the election doesn't go a certain way that we are going to have civil unrest again. i have never seen this and i cannot wait for it to be over. this is so disgusting. steve: so what they're suggesting. the experts are if donald trump wins, there could be a lot of trouble. a lot of violence and looting. if joe biden wins, is anybody suggesting that could happen? ainsley: we heard some stories of people losing their jobs right now through the all of this and this pandemic.
4:15 am
your paycheck matters. your paycheck is how you afford to live your life. without that it's extremely stressful. my heart goes tout all those individuals. we talked about this at length if we lost our jobs, where would we go and what would we do. they said have three months of savings. we are well past three months of this pandemic. when i see these businesses with the looting and people destroying businesses that moms and dads have worked so hard to build to pay for their kids' food clothing and car payment and the gasoline they put in their car i don't understand it because you don't like the way the election result and did you go and loot someone that had nothing to do with it. brian: i just know you have to ask yourself too when it comes to vote undecideds who is looking to crack down on that and where is this happening? it's under mostly democratic leadership or lack thereof in new york city look at what is happening in chicago. my goodness what an embarrassment portland is. what about seentle in the places have you got to worry about in baltimore. they are democratic run cities. tough understand what you are signing up for when you actually cast this vote. because this is part of the
4:16 am
package. meanwhile with one day until the election is over, what does the path to 270 look like for poet candidates? we have the preview of the potential numbers next ♪ the last dance ♪ let's dance ♪ the last dance ♪ tonight ♪ so really, how are you? oh well, look! that's what we're both taking right now, fanapt. you know it's really been helping me manage my schizophrenia. i used to hear these terrible voices. loser! you're such a failure. you're so embarrassing. i used to feel like everyone was staring at me. but we're doing much better now, right? yeah. fanapt is approved for the treatment of schizophrenia in adults.
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♪ take the tractor another round ♪ plow across the ground ♪ steve: take a look at that view good morning new york city and good morning america. tomorrow is the big day and the fight for the 270 electoral
4:21 am
votes needed to become president. and it's still up in the air. which states will be key to either of the guys winning? who here to break it down emily eakins joins us from the d.c. area. emily, good morning to you. >> good to be with you. good morning. steve: it's good to have you. you know, the trump campaign is confident that they are going to win florida. and that's one of the question mark states, part of the puzzle to figure out who is going to win. ultimately it's going to come down to pennsylvania. both camps are staking everything, it seems like on the keystone state. >> yes. pennsylvania really is kind of the grand prize state in this election. both campaigns really need to win the state, which is rich with electoral votes, if they are going to win. steve: right. but then again, we hear it from the trump campaign they say, you know, michigan, wisconsin,
4:22 am
pennsylvania, those are the three up for grabs. we have swing state ideas. so we will have you fill in the blank what if biden would win how to get to 270. >> for trump he would need to win all of what we call the toss-up states. these are the states, florida, north carolina, ohio, iowa, and georgia. all states that he won in 2016. but polling shows too close within the margin of error to really call it for one state or the other he would need to win all the toss-up states pennsylvania grand prize and hold on to arizona which is leaning biden in this election. but it has voted republican in every election since 1952. clearly within the realm of possibility that trump holds on to arizona. steve: that's interesting. i was talking to a couple
4:23 am
members of the trump team yesterday and they said they feel that they have got arizona in the bag. so that would be interesting to see what happens. now, what if president trump wins pennsylvania and minnesota, then what would joe biden have to do to win? >> so for biden, he would just need to flip one of those toss-up states. just win florida or ohio or north carolina and then hold on to pennsylvania, obviously. and then or excuse me wouldn't win pennsylvania in that scenario but then he would need to hold onto the rest of the rust belt states, michigan and so forth and then he would need to win some of those purple states like arizona and colorado, which right now are trending in his camp. steve: ultimately, what today is all about for both campaigns, emily. they are both trying to convince the people who have not early voted you have got to go out and vote. either today if your state still allows early voting or you have
4:24 am
got to go out and vote in person tomorrow. the trump campaign feels as if they have a one million person advantage, for instance, in minnesota. they feel like they have got 400,000 people advantage in michigan and they have got about 50,000 people advantage in the state of wisconsin. so, if those people show up tomorrow, they feel trump could win. >> it certainly is within the realm of possibility. another important point is biden is under performing in those states exactly. under performing to where obama and hillary were during this part of the campaign. and so i think that is why exactly donald trump is really focusing on minnesota and pennsylvania. another reason is that these rust belt states have a higher share of voters without college degrees. and polling has shown that these are precisely the voters that disproportionately vote for trump over his political opponents. so i think that this is why biden is probably under
4:25 am
performing in these states while is he over-performing in states like arizona but that traditionally have gone republican. steve: that's really interesting. because the biden people have been saying you need to early vote. but now because joe biden is under performing, emily, now they are saying you know what? we said that last week. now we need you to show up tomorrow. >> right. early -- right now the turnout figures are a little bit surprising for the biden campaign. they are finding not as 78 african-american and latino american voters as they had hoped voting early. what they have seen is a surge of white voters without college degrees. and based on past voting behavior of these groups, you know, noncollege white voters tend to trend for trump. and so i think this has a lot of people in the biden campaign worried especially in states like michigan and florida where they are really depending on turnout. so they are waiting for election day to see if those numbers change. steve: all right. great conversation. emily ekins from kato.
4:26 am
emily, thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: all right. meanwhile, straight ahead on this monday, as president trump and joe biden make their closing arguments. what will ultimately sway those still on the fence? and how many are still on the fence? come on. a panel of undecideds coming up next. ♪ ♪
4:27 am
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4:31 am
♪ ainsley: that's where we're live at liberty state park, jersey city, new jersey. we are happy to be here. the election is tomorrow. president trump and senator kamala harris both making last-minute pitches to voters in north carolina. mark meredith is live in fayetteville where the president will hold his first of five rallies today. hey, mark. >> ainsley, good morning to you. president trump has plenty to say on the campaign trail this past weekend. he focused a lot of his message on the pandemic and why he is against any other potential lockdowns for the coronavirus really trying to draw a contrast to former vice president joe biden. >> long dark winter. he said that and i said we're going to deliver the greatest american come back in history. >> one thing we also heard from the president as he was making those multiple stops in north carolina, georgia direct appeal to black voters. this is what he had to say when he wants them to focus on his
4:32 am
message the last four years. >> if you look at what we have done just quickly, criminal justice reform. prison reform opportunity zones with tim scott. historically black colleges and universities. >> not to be out done the democratic vice presidential nominee kamala harris was also campaigning in the south this weekend. really trying to bring out the black voters who have traditionally supported the democratic ticket. >> joe biden knows we need to deal with the racial disparities. not only in our healthcare system. we need to deal with the criminal justice system. >> holding a rale around noon in fayetteville, north carolina. supposed to be here thursday bad weather postponed it. ainsley i thought you would appreciate it. we looked at the schedule the president is due back 1:30 a.m. tomorrow morning at the white house. full day of campaigning. about the time we get up for work. ainsley? ainsley: it's unbelievable, mark.
4:33 am
i don't know how he does it. mark, thank you so much. with one day until election day. some americans are still undecided. what will ultimately sway their votes? "fox & friends weekend" co-host jedediah beally joins us with a panel of undecided voters. hey, jedediah. jedediah: hey, ainsley. thanks so much. that's right. i'm here with caitlin singleton from wisconsin who voted for hillary clinton in 2016. doug in ohio wrote in former governor john kasich last election and nick from north carolina who supported libertarian candidate gary johnson. welcome all three of you to the show. the undecided voter one day away. you guys are the talk of the town. all right. let's start with you, doug. so, at this point, who are you leaning toward, why, and what are you hoping to hear. what are you hoping to hear push you into that candidate's spot for election day. >> i think both candidates had compelling stories. i think joe biden in particular has had a compelling story with his advertising campaign. what i ended up doing was making a list of what my values were
4:34 am
when it goes to the ballot box. and it included everything from judgeships to how we handle israel. military strength. and at the very end, what i decided to do was eliminate the politics of personality and get right down to the history of these two individuals and how they voted and acted while in the white house. and at the very end what i have actually decided is based on my values is the republican candidate is voting right in line with what is important to me. jedediah: okay. and, nick, you know, what's fascinating about your story is it says that you are 50/50 right now. so a lot of people sitting at home saying how could you be 50/50 with one day left. tell us what makes you at this stage late stage of the game feel like you are still on the fence and are you leaning at all a little bit more one way than the other? >> yeah. i think my first thought is when i was watching the rallies this
4:35 am
past week was what are the candidates doing? yesterday in my eagles fantasy league i managed to come from behind and snag a victory from the jaws of defeat. i think that could easily happen in this election where one of these candidates blows what they think is a seemingly insurmountable lead. biden last week's georgia rally i'm joe biden jill biden's husband and kamala's running mate you think i'm kidding don't you. while belittling laura ingraham for wearing a face mask at his rallies. who are these candidates trying to convince in the bases are very solid at this point and have been for some time. so for biden to make what to him must seem like some innocuous about my greatest trepidation is he a trojan horse to a senator with one of the most liberal voting records in recent memory or for trump to kid around when it comes to covid could
4:36 am
ultimately result in my bringing my lucky coin to the election booth and saying where it's heads or tails. jedediah: lots of issues on the fence. you will have to decide you have got 24 hours to make that decision. i'm sure you will make it. caitlin, fascinating, actually. yeah. go ahead, quickly i just want to make sure i get to caitlin. >> yeah. i think the bottom line is, jed, you know, do not assume that your candidate has got this one in the bag. get out there and vote. jedediah: yep, absolutely. i think that's a message that we are all elm bracing. caitlin, your story is fascinating. you are a democrat. you voted for hillary clinton last time around and now are leaning toward president trump. how strongly are you leaning in that direction with just 24 hours to go and why are you leaning toward president trump this time around? >> sure, yes. did i vote for hillary in 2016 and have ever since i was able to vote voted democrat. this time around i am leaning towards trump strongly.
4:37 am
i say 90% leaning towards trump. i don't think there is much that will change my mind between now and tomorrow. i do plan to vote on election day. obviously the last day. i think his policies for the most part are what has pushed me towards looking at him more closely. you know, from where i was last year to now is a complete 180. i think it shocked a lot of people. i think the reason i haven't cast an early vote is just the pressure that there is on people or on conservatives in a city like where i live in middleton and near madison which is very liberal. there is a lot of pressure to vote blue. and you know in the workplace, in the personal life and so, i think that's what is making me wait until the last minute to vote. but mostly his policies that have affected my family in good way over the last four years. we have benefited greatly.
4:38 am
so -- >> jedediah,. jedediah: yeah, quickly because we have got to wrap. >> i think she nailed it on the head. what it came down to me the republican candidate in particular, we need to mitigate the suffering that this country is feeling right now and we need to decide on who is going to brings recovery back the quickest. jedediah: yeah. it sounds like two out of three of you are leaning strongly. nick, we're still going to wait for you but you got one day to decide. so for those who don't believe there are still some undecided voters out there. here they are and i'm sure there is lots more like them. about 2%. i think there might be more though. thank you all for joining us today. we really appreciate it. back to you, ainsley. ainsley: all right. thanks so much, jedediah. former super bowl champion burgess owens is in the fourth quarter of his congressional bid and he is seeking to bring home a win and he joins us with an update. but, first, download the fox bet super 6 app. and play the
4:39 am
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4:43 am
♪ brian: former president barack obama heads to georgia to rally voters ahead of the election. steve: in the peach state they have become a surprising battle grounds in this year of 2020. ainsley: jonathan serrie is live in atlanta where president obama will be speaking. >> hey ainsley, steve and brian good morning. the president will be holding a parking lot rally on the site of what used to be fulton county stadium before it became a parking lot. it will be a democratic get out the vote rally after nearly three decades as a solidly red
4:44 am
state. georgia has suddenly become a battleground. that is drawing 11th hour visits from both campaigns. yesterday, democratic vice presidential nominee kamala harris and president trump held rallies in the northern suburbs. >> two days. can you believe it? two days from now. we are going to win this state again. and we are going to win four more great years in the white house. >> you are going to decide who is going to be the next president of the united states. and so i am back in georgia to thank you for all you have been doing. >> that's just a taste in this highly competitive race in the battle ground of georgia. brian, back to you. brian: all right. thanks, jonathan. meanwhile former super bowl champion burgess owens is in a bid to be -- to get the utah's fourth district against incumbent congressman ben mcadams who upset mia love last cycle. burgess joins us now with an update on the race.
4:45 am
burgess you got into this politic thing. were you expecting the negative coverage you got from the press in utah? >> actually, first of all, brian, good to talk with you again. >> i have enjoyed the process. i thought it would be more fair and balanced to be honest with you. i think this is a good year for all of us. the americans recognize what we have been up against for a while. all we want is not to have the bias coming at us. and now that we are seeing it i think lot has come out this year that lot of different ways. we the people will triumph because we do best when we are fighting for our culture for sure. brian: look. you didn't think you would be in hostile territory in utah but 53% of coverage vote favorable topics. most of your positives you only got 41% of positive stories on you. they are trying to label you as too extreme. extreme what? >> well, that's the thing. that doesn't work here in this
4:46 am
district. this is a district that reflects the values that grew up when i was a kid love of god, country and family. yes, he had -- my opponent had 60% of positives. zero percent of negatives. i had 30% negative and 30% positive. what it comes down to is really the messaging and the message of hope and positively making sure that our country is moving the direction that we believe in is really going to get it done. i feel good about it by the way. like i feel good about our country overall. we are waking up, brian, as nation. nothing more scary to the left when we wake up and find out we are in a fight to save our cull trure anculture and country. brian: you use the word scary. i think it's news rejected your ads. you wanted to pay for ads and they kicked the money back to you. >> yeah. thaand the other one is the trib and the "new york times" what
4:47 am
they're all about. it is unfortunate. again, it's a wake-up call because americans need to know across the board if they are getting good positive non-biased information. and we are seeing across our nation that we have to fight for that something we have to do and we will do that once we get past this process. if i can just say, this brian. all we have to do is get the house and senate and our presidency back. next four years we will start seeing true, balanced reportingt allowing we the people to support those newspaper outlets that really do tell the truth. i'm looking forward to get to that process. it's eye opening for us for sure at this point. brian: i'm sure you are inspired by the exboss al-davis who said just win, baby. find a way to overcome it and so far about a point up in some of the latest polls. going to be a nail biter to the finish. burgess owens, thank you so much. >> i'm so proud to be an american and black american on top of that. it's a great time for all of us.
4:48 am
brines brian you got it. i hear you. thanks so much. burgess owens. we contacted the news for a statement and invited ben mcadams onto the show. have not heard back either one. pete hegseth having breakfast with friends in minnesota. we will check in with him next. we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ usaa
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♪ oh, baby, baby ♪ take a chance ♪ old enough to dance ♪ dance the night away. brian: one day to go until president trump and joe biden are in a fight to the finish to win those swing states. what do those voters think? steve: well, we are talking with them live over breakfast with friends. pete hegseth is live in minnesota which today is land of 10,000 pancakes. pete? pete: absolutely. the biggest pancake you have ever seen, steve. i know it's making you jealous. we will get you back out to the diner eventually. i know you want. to say meantime enjoy that skyline fantastic. great to be here at lynn's
4:53 am
restaurant osteo. a lot of voters planning to vote on election day or maybe a day or two early including jim and carla. i promised her i would get it right and then i got it wrong. you are in the construction business. voting today in early but in person. you are supporting the president. what's on your mind when you go to the ballot box? >> we need mr. trump back. we need open. keep everybody rolling. he has done a great job in the last four years. pete: you got a ppp loan, that benefits your business? >> yes, it did. pete: if i could ask you, the lockdowns, what kind of impact have they had on this state? >> well, it's sad for the children and more or less our children and our grandchildren. and also this country. we want them to be back in school and you know have things back to normal. a healthy environment for all of us. pete: 100 percent. amen. i'm glad your business is going well. enjoy voting today. appreciate it. now i bring to you this family right here.
4:54 am
mark and give me your name again. >> cathy. >> and lexy is the manager. this is mark's wife. they own this restaurant. they are fantastic and been amazing to us all morning long. when i came in we are chatting this morning you were talking about the impact this ppp had on you. >> we would not be open today if it were not for trump and the ppp program. we are here today because he has done a lot of good things for minnesota. the economy is booming again right before the pandemic hit. we were just going oh pandemic hit it. hurt us all. would are coming back and coming back super strong. better than ever. pete: did you something really cool during covid, too. you fed almost all the elderly here in osteofrom your restaurant. >> we wanted to do our part. my wife had an idea. we fed 15,000 three meals meals to the local seniors here. all the people in as os se.
4:55 am
>> we love it. pete: how is minnesota going to go on election night. >> minnesota is going to go red. i see it. people are doing the big long parades down the streets. they are voting for trump because he is bringing our economy back. we have trust in him. we have faith in him. he is doing what's best for america. pete: there you go from lynn's restaurant here in osseo. that's the final word for this hour. back to you guys in new york city. ainsley: gosh, feeding other people. that's wonderful. go and support that diner because clearly he and his wife are good people. thank you so much, pete. ainsley: katie pavlich, deroy murdock and mark steyn all coming up in the next hour ♪ ♪ find your rhythm.
4:56 am
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with the annual medicare enrollment deadline coming, go to or call right now. your insurance market place. healthmarkets. find your fitscore and get your answers today to get the most out of medicare. call the number on your screen or go to call now. ♪ >> from liberty state park, we are coming to you live nationwide. nearly 94 million americans have cast their vote -- ainsley: it is record break. more americans have voted early so far in this election than ever before. >> we love you! >> this election is a choice between a crippling depression or a historic boom. >> time to take back our democracy! we can do this! >> voters want to talk about the issues. they don't want to get lectured from lady gaga.
5:00 am
>> if the president captures, florida, north carolina, minnesota, then he wins the election. >> we cannot take four more years of anger, hate, division. >> with your help, we are going to keep on working, we are going to keep on fighting, ask we are going to keep on winning, winning, winning. [cheers and applause] >> four more years! four more years! four more years! ♪ i was born free ainsley: 8:00 here on the east coast. last night if you were watching the president, he was speaking after midnight, and he's hitting the road at 9:30 this morning. yes. steve: did you see that? ainsley: look at this.
5:01 am
steve: that's the statue of liberty. ainsley: yes. we're at liberty state park. we were broadcasting here yesterday, here again today, and it's just gorgeous. steve: and kid rock welcomes us to hour three. brian: yeah. joe biden will be in beaver county, pittsburgh. beaver county and pittsburgh as well as cleveland. and then he's going to call it a day. he's going to call it a campaign. and the president's going to be finishing up working all day, north carolina, pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin, and then he's going to end like he did last time, over in grand rapids. i'll never forget, they said the only regret was not going to that one more visit in minnesota, and i'm wondering is he that close in minnesota, because he wants to put minnesota, new mexico as well as new hampshire, and the question with that might be where his victory lies. state of steve well, it all comes down to tomorrow, election day. we've been talking about november 3rd for a year,
5:02 am
tomorrow's it. president trump and joe biden making their final pitch to voters with campaign events in a number of battleground states today, ainsley. ainsley: nearly 94 million americans have already cast their votes nationwide and, brian, that's 68% of the total of 2016. brian: unbelievable. we have a team of reporters across the country, with e begin with griff jenkins live in wilmington, delaware, with the final push for joe biden. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. good morning to you. brian, you really hit your, put the nail in the -- hit the nail on the head there because, you know, it's such a contrast, the two campaign styles. the president, rally after rally after rally, biden so limited. with we expect biden will blame trump for the virus, with we expect trump's arguments will paint biden as a socialist. almost entirely in pennsylvania with one stop in ohio, but the race is tightening.
5:03 am
look at the real clear politics arrange here, just over four points. now, it's going to be interesting because when biden led by seven, it looked a little better. now it's this push of biden's closing argument yesterday here in philly. watch. >> president trump is terrified of what will happen in pennsylvania. he knows the people of pennsylvania get to have their say, if you have your say, he doesn't stand a chance. [background sounds] >> reporter: meanwhile, the president continuing the rally machine. five rallies, five yesterday, five rallies in four states today, north carolina, pennsylvania, wisconsin and michigan, all states he narrowly won in 2016. yesterday he was in michigan warning of what could come if you don't vote for him. >> two days from now you have the power. with your vote to save the american dream, to save our country from what could happen to it. this country, and i've said it
5:04 am
many times, will never be a socialist country. >> reporter: and the president tangling with reporters. remember, biden doesn't take many questions, the president takes a all of them, and he shot down a report yesterday that he will be prematurely declaring victory if he is leading in the polls on election night. however, he did say to those reporters that he will mount legal challenges of ballots being counted after election day and specifically mentioned the state of pennsylvania. brian, ainsley, steve? steve: that's right. okay, thank you very much. speaking to the trump campaign, they say they are actually polling ahead of where they were four years ago, which is great for them. something else that they have done over the last four years is they've tried to build, essential lu, the strongest ground game in republican party history. and so that's why they've been doing the door knocking, they've been going out, registering people to vote. we know biden has been outspending donald trump 3-1 on
5:05 am
tv, but it all comes to getting out the vote tomorrow. it's interesting, the democrats were not doing any knocking on doors or anything like that until mid september. then over the weekend on saturday they knocked on 3 a 50,000 -- 350,000 doors, they made 2 million calls and sent out 1.5 million text messages because joe biden realized -- they've been looking, obviously, at the polls -- things are tightening. they don't want to say we blew it, we should have done some door knocking, so so they actually are doing it as well and are trying to get out the vote. once again, it looks like both campaigns are focusing on one spot in particular, and that is pennsylvania. ainsley: yeah. i think are they getting nervous? steve: wouldn't you? ainsley: because the candidates themselves, joe biden is doing the exact same thing, you've got donald trump all over the map, and now he's adding -- steve: right. joe biden didn't have any events until recently. tomorrow we're going to go to ohio and pennsylvania. ainsley: he's doing pennsylvania
5:06 am
at least twice today and ohio as well. that was added. he's going to be with lady gaga, kamala's going to be with john legend, barack obama florida and georgia which is very telling, maybe they're worried about those states, because he brings in a big crowd by his face. when you vote for biden, what are you voting for? are you voting for the moderate ticket or for kamala's ticket? bernie had something on twitter yesterday. >> you understand elect aring biden is not the end all, it's the beginning. and i think as a result of the work that all of you is have done, biden's proposals in this campaign are a lot stronger than they were in the primary. does it go as far as we would want? no, we don't. but you know and i know that at the end of the day the only way that we're going to provide
5:07 am
quality care to every man, woman and child in an a affordable way is through the medicare for all. and we ain't giving up on that struggle, all right? we're going to introduce medicare for all. we've organized our people to make sure biden becomes the most progressive president. ainsley: okay. we heard him called a trojan horse, but they hid the people inside the horse before they took it in the city gates. that is an obvious message. this is just the beginning, just get us into d.c., get us elected, get biden elected, and then we'll go more progressive. brian: yeah, it's going to be chaos. the vice president agrees with bernie sanders. they want m.d. care for all, which -- medicare for all, which we all know was rejected by people, i have to push joe biden with all his problems forward, and now the agenda's going forward. the other thing to keep in mind too when it comes to pennsylvania, what has democrats freaking out? number one, the looting over the
5:08 am
last two weeks, the flat out chaos. that plays to donald trump, why? he's against that. who's running that city? democratic mayors. who wants help? they do not want help. democratic governor has locked down that entire state. that plays to the president of the united states and also comes to the fact that the president is selling it effectively and, i think, rightly, that fracking is going to be under the microscope, and it's not going to expand, and it's not going to be on federal land, and who knows what's going to happen from there? would you actually vote for somebody that's threatening to destroy your louvrely hood? can -- live -- livelihood? the fact that he will go from town to town and county to county and spread out across there. the monopoll has the president -- monmouth poll has the president trailing by seven. almost all of these pollsters have the president trailing
5:09 am
there. steve: they absolutely do. ainsley: the hidden voter. steve: well, you know, and we've heard so much about that. i can't tell you how many people i've met on the street -- socially distanced, of course -- you know, i don't believe those votes, i don't believe those polls. ainsley: right. steve: a pollster called me, i just hung up. ainsley: or i live in new york, don't tell anyone i'm voting for trump. steve: miller thinks president trump will get 20% of the black male vote and 40% of the latino vote. and what worries the democrats rights now is the lower turnout of black voters in philadelphia, which is pennsylvania, and detroits which is michigan. let's bring in kayleigh mcenany, trump 2020 campaign adviser. we tried to get ahold of you earlier, we were having trouble with transmission. i know today's the closing argument, but really what you're trying to do is you know you've got a great ground game. you're just trying to get all the people who you think are on
5:10 am
the trump team to show up by tomorrow. >> yes. and we have no doubt about that. look, steve, when we have these rallies and you have literally 45,000 rsvps, that should tell you something. we have a ground game. we turn out voters. you have democrats who have made the biggest miscalculation in modern american politics by not knocking on doors. they didn't start that until mid september, hiding in the basement. president trump will prevail on election day voting and beyond. ainsley: all right. so where will you all be on election night, tuesday night? if he does win, are you all going the to be together celebrating? >> yes. we'll be there at the white house in d.c. this president has earned a second term. you have a choice, voters have a choice, the dark winter that joe biden has promised or morning in america again. you've seen the optimism of president trump on stage. you see joe biden who is promising us a dark winter with
5:11 am
ahead. i believe voters will endorse the hottest economy this modern history that president trump is bringing back once more. brian: so a lot of people making this story a big deal that the president kind of kicked to the curb, and that is that he's going to declare premature victory, he's going to call a press conference, and he's going to say i won. has anything like that been drawn up? has anything like that been talked about? >> no. what that is is that is the joe biden crowd knowing that they are on the brink of defeat making things up and peddling it in the process. this president's prepared to win resoundingly. we believe that we're actually going to pick up states. the numbers are looking good. i'm here in miami-dade county right now with we had historic republican turnout at the poll. the trafalgar poll has predicted five times including last night that he will win michigan again. that is a fake news story because they know the numbers with that.
5:12 am
it's why joe biden finally emerged from the basement and is even going places like minnesota. steve: you know, kayleigh, in normal years it seems like by the end of election night we know who the winner is the next day. but this year given the fact that there are so many early ballots that have been cast by mail and walking in and things like that, a lot of states don't even start counting them until after the polls have closed tomorrow night. the pennsylvania secretary of state yesterday said it could be days before all the votes are counted in pennsylvania because ten times as many mail-in ballots have been submitted as 2016. so during that, that purgatory of waiting for the news on how states turn out, what's the campaign's plan? >> well, look, we we believe that americans deserve to know the victor of the election on election night. if you look back through american history, there is one
5:13 am
election where we didn't know the victor in the 24-hour period afterwards, and that was bush v. gore in 2000, and i don't think that was a pretty good moment for more than politics and the country. we don't belief that voters should have to wait for days on end. we know that's subject to fraud, finding new ballots out there. we've seen multiple cases of fraud as we've moved forward through the primaries, and we believed that the votes should be counted and tallied like it always has, and america should rise to the occasion and count ballots on the day of the election. ainsley: i know the president doesn't get pennsylvania, he has to get michigan or wisconsin can and nevada. yesterday with joe biden said in one of his speeches that the president doesn't stand a chance in pennsylvania. he also said this. listen. >> the people of this nation is have sufferedded and sacrificed for nine months. not more so than our doctors and front-line health care workers. this president questioning their
5:14 am
character, their integrity, their commitment to their fellow americans. it's more than offensive, it's a disgrace. he's a disgrace to say it. we have a president who's given up. i'll never give up. we'll never wave the flag of surrender. we're going to beat this virus. we're going to get it under control. the truth is to beat the virus, we've first got to beat donald trump! [cheers and applause] he's the virus! ainsley: kayleigh, what's to your reaction? he's calling this president the virus. >> well, first, i don't know why he always shouts through his campaign speeches. that is an appalling statement, and contrary to what joe biden just said, this president rose to the occasion. right now when you look at e.r. visits, only 2.8% are covid-related. we reduced the mortality rate but 85%, created a vaccine in record time, by tend of the year. therapeutics that work, the
5:15 am
great testing system in the world. that's what this president did with a novel virus. what did joe biden do with the swine flu? joe biden cut off testing, dud not deliver a vaccine in time and survived through the swine flu because of mere fortuity according to his chief of staff. this president is offering, again, morning in america while joe biden is offering a dark winter where churches are shuttered, workplaces are shuttered and schools are closed down. that's not what the american people want, and we will see that in a mere 24 hours. brian:ed today germany shuts down for at least a month. we know france has shut down for at least a month. everyone has went to the countryside, and i think hours ago boris johnson went from a regional lockdown to a total lockdown. the president says he will not do that. mayor pete buttigieg, who looks to -- if joe biden wins -- have place in his cabinet. said this yesterday: >> if joe biden wins, should another lockdown be on the table? >> well, hopefully it doesn't
5:16 am
come to that because we will see swift action, coordinating with and supporting public health authorities telling us what we can to as citizens without requiring mandates, but everything has to be on the table in order to keep americans safe. look, it should never have been allowed to get this bad. i've been talking to a lot of small business owners especially here in the midwest who are saying, look, even when they're able to open, customers aren't going to come unless they know they're safe. this is one of many reasons why the first rule of virus economics is to beat the virus or else you won't have an economy. and that's got to be the focus. brian: i didn't know there was virus economics, but he says it's on the table. the president's taken the lockdown off the table. he's in power. joe biden's in power, it's on? >> yes. it's not just on the table, brian, that is, in fact, the plan of joe biden. he's said it. he's not just hinted at it, but said it. there you have pete buttigieg, his adviser, admitting it.
5:17 am
we know how to handle covid-19 now. of we know who it affects. we know how to protect our elderly, our seniors, our vulnerable. americans have lost their jobs, their way of life, their wages. we're finally coming back with historic gdp growth under this president. we cannot have a president that succumbs to the virus. we need a president that overcomes the virus, and that is exactly what president trump has done while joe biden will put his hands forward and surrender, lock down your schools, churches and workplaces. steve: you know, kayleigh, election night 2020 is unlike anything we've seen in our lifetime because usually at the end of the night, you're expecting balloon drops and confetti and things like that. instead, you know, there are businesses all across america that are boarding up because they're afraid there could be, you know, if one candidate wins a certain way, suddenly people are going to be so hacked off, they're going to knock out the
5:18 am
windows at the gap or something like that. they are increasing security in portland, philadelphia, ballot porks charlottesville, detroit, janesville, wisconsin, chicago, new york city and washington d.c. what does that say to you about the state of america in 2020 that if a certain candidate is elected or reelected, people are going to, you know, rather than vote to impact change, they're going to try to break a window? >> yeah, that's right, steve. notice what those cities have in common. they are all democrat cities. what are they saying with the boarding up and the civil unrest that they're expecting? they're saying if you don't choose the left's chosen candidate, we will send the left out to attack you. that's as -- joe biden has the power to say stand down to the to mob. will he do it? this is all the proof you need that the election not be given federal power. we deserve the great american
5:19 am
tradition of democracy, of peaceful elections, of accepting the vote of the american people. but the boarded-up windows, the closed-down stores tell you all you need to know about the modern american left. the violence is unacceptable, and they are not deserving of federal powers. ainsley: all right, kayleigh, thanks for joining us. >> thank you, guys. ainsley: you're welcome. coming up, mark steyn is going to break down what he wants to hear from the candidates as they make their closing arguments later today. brian: he has demands. ♪ i know i would want to be -- ♪ ♪ honey? yeah? i respect that. but that cough looks pretty bad... try this new robitussin honey severe. the real honey you love... plus, the powerful cough relief you need. mind if i root through your trash? new robitussin honey severe. strong relief for your severe symptoms.
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5:23 am
♪ ♪ ainsley: as president trump and
5:24 am
joe biden make their final pitches to the voters, what issues could ultimately sway those still on the fence? here is journalist and author mark steyn with what he wants to hear. hey, mark. >> hey, ainsley, good to see you. ainsley: hard to believe the election is tomorrow: it's been a tough year and a big, long election. all right. so what do you want to hear from the guys today, from the candidates today in their closing a arguments? >> well, i don't know whether it's possible, but i'd like actually joe biden to demonstrate that he's capable of being president. steve was talking a couple of minutes ago about pennsylvania this, pennsylvania that, and i'm thinking why has this suddenly become the most critical state in the nation? and the only reason is because it's a 30-minute drive to joe biden's house, a place he can be driven to, yell at cars for 20 minutes as kayleigh was saying
5:25 am
and be driven home to have some applesauce and watch a matlock rerun. [laughter] the issue is he really has to demonstrate that he has the strength to be president for four years. on donald trump's side -- ainsley: well, mark, why is that his strategy? i mean, donald trump is outworking him. the democrats wouldn't even be able to argue otherwise. >> right, right. well,, i think he -- i don't think joe biden is strong enough to be flown all over the country which raises the point, you know, is he, is he strong enough to be flown to a g7 summit? is he strong enough to be flown on a state visit to france and see emmanuel macron? i actually think that's a reel issue, and i would -- a real issue. and i would say as a general rule the fellow who appears to be having a better time on the stump wins the election. donald trump is having a good time. it's a somewhat eccentric time.
5:26 am
no pollster, no focus group tells you to come out and dance to ymca. that's his bag, that's what he wants to do. and it's a good general rule, you can look at clinton versus dole or bush versus gore that the guy who appears to be having a better time generally comes out ahead. and yelling about dark winters as joe biden -- he actually said, this is an actual quote. quote with: america is dead because of covid-19. i think all this, you know, doom and gloom actually, a lot of the democrat voters think they're going to die if they go to the polls because joe biden's giving them the impression that, you know, 30 million americans are dead of covid-19. and if you're a challenger, doom and gloom isn't really the way to do it. ainsley: i know moms want kids back in school.
5:27 am
kayleigh said only 2.8% of e.r. visits are now covid. >> absolutely. ainsley: we'll see what happens tomorrow. >> thanks a lot, ainsley. ainsley: you're welcome. a top democrat is predicting a win for joe biden unless this happens -- >> the only way in my opinion for joe biden not to be successful on tuesday for voter suppression to be successful. ainsley: ari fleischer, katie pavlich and deroy murdock, they're here to discuss this next. ♪ nobody's taking care of -- ♪ oh humans.
5:28 am
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♪ ♪ >> i suspect that we'll find out in 48 hours how successful suppression tactics have been. that is the one concern that i have. the only way, in my opinion, for joe biden not to be successful on tuesday is for voter suppression to be successful. brian: here to react to that warning is our political panel, ari fleischer, katie pavlich, deroy murdock. your reaction, voter suppression, the only way trump wins is voter suppression? >> morning, bruin. that's an -- brian. that's an amazing comment from congressman clyburn. the gop suppression effort's not working very well. in south carolina they've had, i believe since october 5, 28 days. there's a responsibility on the part of voters, if you want to
5:33 am
get your ballot in, you've got 28 days to do so. you get your kids, your neighbors, your best friend, people from the union hall to get it together the, drive you down to the polls and cast your ballot. and if you can't do that, i don't think that's the quote-unquote racist republicans. brian: katie, in the same interview with martha maccallum, saying i bad african-americans to vote, after all he called omarosa a dog. anyone who would say that, he'll pray for them. any reaction? i think there's a sense of nervousness that the president could get well above 13% african-american voters, especially men if. >> yeah. congressman clyburn's panic to already blame voter suppression that is nonexistent at this point for joe biden's potential loss as a result of african-americans and black voters not turning out for joe biden is very indicative of how the democratic party is feeling
5:34 am
about tomorrow. you know, if the flint, michigan, city council member who is a black man, maurice davis and lifelong democrat, is he also part of this voter suppression campaign? i don't think so. the difference between the trump and biden campaigns are a number of things. of the two big things are the trump campaign has been reaching out to the black community, offering things like the platinum plan, bringing people in to talk about things they care about the most, issues like criminal justice reform and others, and they've had a ground game for months. they had surrogates in these states, swing states especially, campaigning on behalf of the president. the biden campaign hasn't been knocking on doors, they haven't been contacting voters, they've simply been running a campaign of we're not donald trump, and you should vote for us rather than offering policies to places with specific needs. brian: the squad and bernie sanders about how they're going to push joe biden to be the most
5:35 am
progressive president ever medicare for all right away, new green deal right away. what's your takeaway from that? saying the quiet stuff out loud? >> you always have to remember about whoever gets elected president is they don't write laws. they either sign them or veto them. they try to influence them along the way, but no one can count on joe biden to veto the most liberal legislation that congress can assemble and send to him. so when you see the squad and you see bernie state explicitly what their goals are, they're going to have a head of steam. and biden is not very strong. will he stand up to them? will he veto packing the court, the green new deal, if medicare for all? that's the problem you have with a liberal congress, a democratic takeover of the senate and joe joe biden in the white house. the bernies are boosted. brian: he has a running mate
5:36 am
that's going side with the squad, deroy. >> absolutely right. i mean, i see joe biden basically as the gateway drug to even further left ideas and personalities. i know there are some people who have problems with the president's personalitity, and they think he's too loud or brash, but a vote against trump, end up with secretary of labor bernie sanders, secretary of the treasury elizabeth warren, epa administrator aoc, is that going to be worth not having to listen to donald trump's voice anymore? i think people ought to think long and hard about what the consequences would be of president joe biden in the white house. brian: and, katie, that has been the president's message, correct? he's been talking about the difference. whatever you think of joe biden, if you think he's a moderate, it's not going to matter. >> yeah. yeah. look at the compilation of potential cabinet members, you look at senator harris asked a week ago if she would offer
5:37 am
socialist policies to president biden if he were to win, policy positions for the country, and the president has done a good job of making this distinction of a future full of free market capitalism, good, you know, good high paying jobs under a trump administration or a biden shutdown combined with socialist policies which would not bode well for the future of the country. brian: ari, i'm thinking about your column when you say you didn't vote for trump the first time, but i'm voting for you now. you worked for george bush, and a lot of the bush people do not want to vote for him. what is your message to people as they make their final evaluation today or wonder if it's worth going out in the cold if you're in the northeast or midwest to pull that lever, to fill out that ballot? the. >> yeah. i've also got to tell you i think there's a lot of shy bush people who will vote for you. but it is important that you one over new voters, and i do think there was a block of people, conservatives, other people who questioned the president's character who did the not vote
5:38 am
for him in 2016 who he has won their support, myself included, because of the way he's governed. i'll i give you one statistic. the poverty rate just prior to the pandemic was never as low as it's been since 1959. in other words, the president's policies did more to lift people up and help them get out of poverty than any great society program ever implemented, any redistribution of income program ever implemented. so when you talk about who's helped the poor, who's done more to help low income americans, it's president trump and his economic policies, and that's why i'm voting for him. he's delivered, and he deserves re-election. brian: there was only one republican he was able to do what mitt romney couldn't do, what john mccain didn't get close to doing, he broke the blue wall, he smashed it, he took florida, and he took the election with over 300 electoral votes. up until now, the democrats weren't admitting he actually won, now they're realizing what it's going to take to beat him,
5:39 am
and we'll see if the president's rally at the end will actually produce victory. we hope to have you all a back to talk about the analysis and aftermath. thanks guys and thanks, katie. >> thanks, brian. >> thank you very much. brian: all right. meanwhile, coming up straight ahead, will cain is having breakfast with friends in the keystone state of pennsylvania, we're going to check with him shortly. but first, download the fox bet super 6 act for a chance to win $50,000. pick six possible outcomes and watch election day coverage on fox news tomorrow to see how it unfolds. download the fox bet super 6 app now to get started. ♪
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5:44 am
lone star state, will texas actually be a battleground state tomorrow? ainsley: casey stegall is live in dallas as the lone star state set shes early voting records. hey, casey. >> reporter: good morning to you guys. first of all, down in houston a federal judge later will decide whether he's going to support this republican-led lawsuit that argues drive-through voting violates the u.s. constitution. and in's essence, that would throw out about 127,000 mail -- or drive-in ballots that have already been cast in and around the houston area mostly in democratic strongholds. is so over the weekend, the state supreme court denied that request, allowing the votes to count. so now it's up to the federal courts. >> i feel very strongly that a democracy has to represent the people who are in it. and if my vote not counted, that's a missed opportunity as
5:45 am
small as it may be. >> reporter: but texas wrappedded up early voting on friday and, boy, did it shatter many records or compared to 2016. more than 9.7 million people voted here already, and the latest real clear politics average does show president trump ahead here in the lone star state, but by a margin, as you can see, very, very close, about 1.2%. he won texas, by the way, by 9% when he was running against hillary clinton. back to you. steve: all right, casey, thank you very much. let's check in with one of our correspondents this morning, pete hegseth is live in minnesota talking to the folks the day before the election. pete in. pete: good morning. indeed, we are, in the -- currently or has been in the past blue state of minnesota, but a lot of people feel like this could be the year that it turns red, and we're talking to voters in osseo. and i've got a couple gentlemen
5:46 am
here who have been in business and have voted or will cast their vote. you plan to vote on election day, right? >> yes. pete: and you're voting for the president. >> yes. pete: what motivates you so much? >> he gets so many things done. i agree with his policies. he's following through with everything he said he was going to do and just the people that are against him, i don't even understand how they can complain about his tweeting or how he says things. it's all about the policies, especially the taxes. made a world of difference -- pete: in your business? >> yeah, a world of difference. the last two two years are the best we've had in 10, 12 years. the customers that we have, we hear the same thing back from them. it's been really good since trump's gotten in. president there you go. steve, how about you? you voted early and voted for the president? >> yes. pete: what do you see here on election day in minnesota? >> i see a ground swell of
5:47 am
pent-up, untapped voting that i think are really going to move over to trump. and well deserved, of course, because trump is speaking the issues that are important to u.s., to us, and it's critical. donald trump, he says what he's going to do, he does what he says. he's got a great plan to maintain that, to grow that, and he's really going to bring us to the next level. and that's difficult to take us from a great level to even a greater level -- pete: to the next level. >> he's doing it. pete: we shall see. we're going to find out, that's why we're out here today. what steve said to me off camera was it's all about america first, loving our country, and that's what you hear from the diners and voters here. america's a good and great place, and the president reminds
5:48 am
them of that. they want to vote for that. back to you guys. ainsley: all right. well, thank you, pete. well, georgia hasn't gone blue in a presidential election since 1992. could this be the year of the blip? newt gingrich represented georgia, and he's up next. chop salsas, spoon thick smoothie bowls, even power through dough, and never stall. the ninja foodi power pitcher. rethink what a blender can do. ithe first full prescriptionis pstrength non-steroidal anti-inflammatory gel... available over the counter. voltaren is powerful arthritis pain relief in a gel. voltaren. the joy of movement.
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5:52 am
sandra: see the president minutes from now as he makes his way to north carolina. one day from election day, how he's focusing his message. live in moments. plus, senator he's, vice president pence -- harris and vice president pence she spendig their time pennsylvania. chris stirewalt will take us through some scenarios. and maria bartiromo, here we are one day out. come join trace and me as we begin a brand new hour live from "america's newsroom." steve: thank you very much, sandra. meanwhile, president trump and senator kamala harris rallying to win in georgia. over the last couple of days in their final campaign pushes, that particular state hasn't gone blue in a presidential election since 1992. is it really up for grabs this year? let's talk to author of "trump and the american future," newt gingrich. newt, good morning to you.
5:53 am
>> good to see you. how are you doing? steve: we're doing okay. so what have you made of this mainstream media narrative that georgia is up for grabs? >> well, i often talk to senator michelle nun about that because they also thought she was going to be a senator, and she lost pretty badly. two big things over the last -- right now. trump goes to rome, georgia, a town of 36,000, has a rally last night with somewhere between 30-50,000 people. of potentially more people than live in rome. they came from all over north georgia. steve: right. >> so he's ginning up his base. at the same time, the numbers i just got this morning, the african-american community is voting about five percentage points below what it needs to in order for democrats to have a chance to carry georgia. so my guess is it'll be trump somewhere between 4-6%. i think senator perdue will win
5:54 am
without a runoff, and i think that senator senator loeffler wd up in a runoff because there are 22 people in that race, and then she'll win the runoff in january. steve: right. >> i think because of the atlanta airport and all that, the national media has this perennial belief that this is the year for georgia just as think think this is the year in texas, we're going to carry texas by probably 5 or 6%, and we're going to carry georgia. steve: yep. well, the campaign thinks that they're going to one georgia, they think they're going to win florida, arizona, ohio, north carolina, texas and iowa as well. so, newt, if, you know, 48 hours from now we discover that donald trump actually won, what do you make of people in the polling business? because for the last six months, we've been told there was no way donald trump would win. >> well, these are the same people who told you that for all of 2016 -- i said for all of october in 2016 trump's going to
5:55 am
win. you know, you have the guy who runs on election day in 2016 said hillary was 85% likely to win. he said yesterday that biden was 90% likely to win. i mean, these people don't learn anything, they don't pay any consequences. doesn't matter how wrong they are. the people i talk to, people like the democracy institute or trafalgar, companies that actually understand how you poll for conservatives, every single one of them believes trump's going to one and probably win pretty handily. i said yesterday i thought he'd get 324 electoral votes. steve: wow. that would be a jackpot for them. let's see what happens. newt, thank you very much for joining us live. >> thank you. steve: all right. we're going to step aside. live from the hudson, right along the shore. more "fox & friends" in two minutes.
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♪ >> it is a great day to be a live and a great day to go to your phone and download the fox news app. you can watch our channel life. that's what i do when i'm
6:00 am
getting ready. >> just open your camera and see underneath brian. >> you also get steve's menu. >> tomorrow is election day. >> president trump: the vote for biden is a vote for lockdowns, layoffs, and misery. if you want a vaccine to kill the virus, a job to support your family well, and freedom to live your life, then go cast your ballot for a man named trump. >> he lied to the american people. he knew it would -- [inaudible] he went on and on. he is a disgrace. >> sandra: here


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