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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 18, 2020 3:00am-6:00am PST

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of changed their regulations on the size of crowds. but, either way, i'm glad this is recommende remedy remedied ak forward to sees those wreaths on my buddy's grave. jillian: thanks, joey. >> the state of georgia's uncovered another 2700 ballots. >> what is going on here every american should be concerned. >> incumbent on all of these officials involved to approach this with seriousness. >> what we have here is evidence of coordination between twitter, google and facebook, which is why we took action against these modern day robber barrons. >> social media was supposed to been people and having a voice. >> president trump is keeping that promise to end wars. >> forces, their size in afghanistan will be 2500. >> how dare governor brown think she is going to send the police
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in to people's homes for having a thanksgiving meal with their family. this is a travesty. >> after wreaths across america was briefly canceled, president trump tweeted it will now go on. >> knowing that each year someone walks up to my brother's grave stone and places that wreath there. i don't think i can express how meaningful that is ♪ eall knock the edge around 5:00 ♪ steve: yep, one big country, we are. and "fox & friends," the number one cable morning news show in this country big country. this is freezing here in new york city on this wednesday, november 18th. it's actually 34 degrees or 32 degrees and we have got a freeze warning, ainsley. ainsley: it's november. getting very close to thanksgiving.
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christmas is right around the corner. we are all excited about that. we will be talking about the restrictions. certain states have all these restrictions saying you have to limit the amount of people in your houses and one state is saying if you have people over in your house you have to wear masks inside, brian. brian: right. people in new york would be complaining about the weather but everyone left. so when they come back they will be really angry. steve: gone south. brian: 2700 uncovered vote run covered in another georgia county. unbelievable. what's the excuse this time, griff? griff: well, they have got an excuse for it human error. a lot of election news. this time in fayette 2755 votes. floyd county missed 2600. dave sterling the director of election operations explained what happened this time. >> this is a slightly different situation from floyd. these were scanned votes that are on a memory card where floyd where a box of unscanned votes.
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griff: there's more. yet another county kayleigh mcenany weighing in. listen. >> there is reporting that in a third county in georgia in walton county they have found the same issue, a memory card that was not registered with votes and, guess what? these votes favor president donald j. trump. what is going on here every american should be concerned. griff: it's unclear exactly how many votes could be added for president trump by georgia's secretary of state brad raffensperger says it's unlikely to overturn the results. in michigan the largest county there wayne county reversed course certifying their results two republican canvas members voted against this wow michigan just refused to certify the election results. having courage is a beautiful thing. the u.s.a. stands proud. after a second vote. certification was approved and secretary of state jocelyn
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benson tweeted back at the president wrong again. in pennsylvania, the president's attorney, rudy giuliani headed into court yesterday leading the fight against certification there. as pennsylvania supreme court lawsuit over poll observers being denied adequate access to counting. meanwhile the president has fired top cyber security chief chris krebs who was in charge of election security calling it the safest in american history. the firing drew bipartisan backlash yesterday on capital hill from federal reserve adam schiff to senator ben sasse it. will be interesting to see what kayleigh mcenany has to say about it coming up talking to you guys at 8:00. brian, ainsley, steve? steve: all right, griff, thank you. very thorough report. thank you very much. so in pennsylvania the supreme court there said essentially that that judge on november 5th was wrong. they didn't have to have people as close as 6 feet. the only requirement is for the onliers to be in the same room and they certainly were.
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also, and kayleigh said in walton county there were votes not uploaded looks as if that total there is 225. so far in georgia, what we know now, it looks is unlike joe biden his lead has been cut by 500 but nonetheless, the president trails him by 13,000. so, ainsley, going forward, the big question is, are we going to make any changes? because as we have seen, there are some discrepancies. ainsley: biden is still ahead 13,000 votes there. but newt gingrich made a good point last night he was saying look, this is about january. this is about elections going forward. he said the state legislature there needs to get together on monday. they need to make sure these problems in that state are fixed. he's not happy with the governor. he's not happy with the secretary of state. and he is saying the election in january, on january 5th, those twin senate races, the runoffs are so important because that means either the republicans are
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the power in the senate or they don't. and democrats would have the power in all three -- well, in two of the branches, executive and the legislature. so, i thought that was an excellent point. ben domenech also piggy backed on that. and he said this is about elections. in a few years we will be talking about the next presidential election. they only serve four years. listen to this. >> it's not is unlike this is the last election we are going to have. we are going to have an elections in 2024. we might have a significant role for mail-in ballots then. i think it's incumbent upon all of these officials involved to really approach this with seriousness because we need both parties to feel is unlike the issue here were adjudicated in responsible ways. that they had a transparent approach at the end of the day and could be confident in it. >> what we all have to look at here is what can happen going forward. we have an election in nevada that's going to get redone this cycle because the vote was so close. 10 vote difference that they don't have confidence in the election.
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i certainly went through that in florida in 2,000 when it was a 500 vote difference. every election should lead to learning how to do it better for the next election and no one should fear questions. steve: brian? brian: yeah. absolutely. i mean, he is 100 percent right. we are better as a country. most people if you look around excuse me you can have observers in every single battleground state or every state. if you do want to have an observer, it would be great to know you can observe being 6 feet away is probably, according to the experts, 6 feet away you can actually see what's going on. or if you are behind a wall it's not going to work. it is just taking up space and checking a box. but, here's the thing. i think for the president of the united states, while he continues to fight on and this is probably going to be the end of the week for pennsylvania if they don't produce something. i think in the country's best interest if he starts coordinating on the virus and starts coordinating with security with the biden team and just brief him. on the virus we are going to be
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able to get this out as soon as two weeks. we need to coordinate on the transportation and implementation and he will see how thorough the planning has been. so we don't drop the ball in a little while. meanwhile, let's talk about what happened yesterday. if you had to work yesterday and missed some of the fireworks it was certainly impactful. it looks is unlike everybody agrees there is going to be changes. the ceo of twitter, facebook all agree that there needs to be updating to section 230 as well as the overall rules about these social media groups that have not been updated since 1996. but, when senator josh hawley took the stage, it wasn't about asking questions. it was about trying to get answers. the answers were were you guys coordinating? google, facebook and twitter? on one respect for security and also on the same page, mysteriously, when it came to suppressing certain things with the trump pain. campaign. listen. >> does facebook coordinate will policies or efforts in any way
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with google or twitter? >> we do coordinate on and share signals on security-related topics. but i think it's important to be very clear that that is distinct from the content portio moderatn policies that we or the other companies have. >> is it your testimony that you do not communicate with twitter or google about content moderation. >> we do not coordinate our policies. >> what we have here is clear evidence of coordination between twitter, google and facebook. we have evidence of facebook tracking its own users all across the web. this is both totally unacceptable and totally predictable because it is exactly what these tech companies have done to the american people and to congress for years now. brian: but i think they are going to get something done. i'm tired of people seem just venting, senator cruz was awesome yesterday, too. they have got to move and go forward. they agreed there has got to be a regulatory framework. i'm talking about the social media groups as well as the congressmacongress and the reguy
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framework. they would also is unlike to see transparency. we is unlike to tell everybody exactly what we're thinking about when we decide to knicks you or freeze you out. and i will finally add this. senator lee never got any answers to why an anti-biden ad was stopped because of abortion views that joe biden had? why did you stop mark morgan i know you apologized later because he said something about the border patrol and why did you stop the "new york post"? i know you said you were wrong. guess what in the damage was already done, steve. the course -- horse and the cow was out of the barn whatever rural reference can i use because you were with future farmers of america. steve: i was president. brian: i think these guys were saying i accomplished our goal. our guy won. enough to woe maybe we will reform. ainsley: and the election is over. steve: brian, that dog don't hunt. brian: that's a good one, too. steve: what was different about yesterday is that josh hawley and the senators there on the republican side of the senate
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judiciary committee, they actually had a whistleblower from inside facebook. so when josh hawley was talking to mark zuckerberg, he was saying hey, tell mee about this program task you use to coordinate projects? he said the names of some other programs and nobody had ever heard of before. and at one point zuckerberg very uncomfortable said i never heard of it. never heard of it. you know what? i can't talk about that right now which is very, very sear curious. facebook told fox business that task has been used as a company wide to do list and the company has been public about working with other companies and organizations to address security concerns. does that mean coordinate? because it sure looked is unlike it yesterday. brian: anti-trump stuff. steve: i was going to say ainsley, in fact to your point earlier, brian, when you mentioned mike lee the senator from utah who is going to be with us a little later on he said why did you -- why did you suspend mark morgan from the cbp
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just before the election where he was talking about the border? and he -- mr. jack dorsey said oh, it was a mistake. just is unlike with the "new york post." oh, we reverted it. and then mike lee said there is one thing about these mistakes they always, ainsley, seem to go one particular direction. ainsley: well, what happened, the reason all of this came to light is senator josh hawley he got a tip from a former facebook employee. steve: a whistleblower. ainsley: as you were talking about tasks. he says yeah, there is this coordinated effort between all three of these social media companies and they all coordinate censorship. well, the heads of these social media companies were grilled yesterday and both of them for twitter and facebook said no, that doesn't happen. in fact, jack dorsey, the problem is do we trust that they're actually going to fix the problem? no, i don't. because jack dorsey said yesterday, he said i am sorry that we did. this we made a mistake but, hey, the election is over. steve: they have been saying it forever. ainsley: exactly. it was a hunter biden story. then he says we fixed it after
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24 hours. brian: that's not true. ainsley: if you ask the "new york post" it's not true. they still blocked the "new york post" site. they wouldn't allow them to use twitter. so they corrected it to -- he says we corrected it within 24 hours. all they had to do was delete the story. they couldn't even get into their account. the "new york post" said they were going to keep the story out of because they had no problem with it. why would we take down a story we believe it's censorship. we believe our story. we are going to stick by this story. they finally gave, in twitter did two weeks later. that's why the ceo of parler is saying come over to our site because we're not going to regulate what you say. we will let people read your post and let you decide, you, as the reader, decide whether or not you believe the story or not or if you want to see other sides of the story. then can you google the other side of the story so that they are not controlling what you at home are learning. steve: we have options. brian: yeah. ainsley: exactly. brian: even in the most sincere approach it's definitely a challenge. what is hate speech? what is free speech?
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what is putting people in danger? i get it. but they clearly went over the line this time with a goal in mind. now, according to the prompter brain is supposed to read i assume it's brian? should i go with that joel, you know how i love that you can put bryan just don't write brain since second grade. ainsley: brian named his son after him but he spelled it a different way because he gets so sick of reading brain. brain, and every kid would mock the brians who got spelled brain i will talk with it more in the break with my therapist: what americans can and cannot do isn't this great even inside their own homes. steve: in the state of pennsylvania starting monday people are required to wear musics indoors at all times even inside their homes when people are visiting and they can't social distancing. in the state of delaware. that right there joe biden's home gatherings with more than 10 people are banned and, in
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fact, we heard, ainsley, joe biden said he was going to restrict his guest list. brian: fantastic. guess i'm not going. ainsley: what if you have a huge family? oregon taking it one step further limiting indoor and outdoor gatherings to six people total from no more than two households. brian: can't even play tag. ainsley: what if you have a big family though and what if you have been in your house with your big family or what if you -- is unlike what if you make the decision. some people are making the decision to still try to do it safely, wear the mask. we heard charles payne yesterday talking about this and he said he hasn't seen his grand kids. he was talking with them through glass that started back in march. he said i'm fed up with it and sick of it. we are going to do it safely. i can't live my life without seeing my grandkids. steve: here in new york because we were telling people that cuomo said you can't have groupings of more than 10. then have you got to plan accordingly. yesterday, the mayor of new york, bill de blasio said, you
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know what? we're not going to crack down on families. we're going to crack down on big groups. speaking of big groups. tootie smith a newly elected oregon board chair had this to say last night with tucker carlson about the hypocrisy of what is going on where leaders say one thing and, yet, they don't really follow through on others. >> this is a travesty that's happening in our state. how dare governor brown think she's going to come out, send the police into people's homes and arrest them and fine them for having a thanksgiving meal with their family? while, at the same time, she allows reuters and anarchists to destroy downtown city of portland. that's hypocrisy. brian: yeah, i would say. so also yesterday senator dianne feinstein walking around through senate chambers without a mask on which is probably not good for her own health being
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advanced age you would think she is in that danger category. steve: senator grassley tested positive. brian: yeah he is 87 years old. ditched singing, jot this down, ainsley i don't want to have to tell this to you again no. singing no, loud music, and no alcohol because it impairs judgment. not only okay we already agree weed should not be driving but now we can't even be our w. ourselves because we can't trust ourselves if we drink alcohol we might break a rule. so, those are the oppressive rules that going to straighten out america. keep in mind, they are not saying lock down. this is actually lock down to the tenth power. so, best of luck. we will see where this goes. meanwhile talking about big tech press claims over -- revealing how society is manipulated by google and facebook. why he has no doubt they coordinate. ♪ ♪
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♪ brian: social media ceos griltd on the hill over a whistleblower's claim that facebook, google and twitter accord natal with their censorship believe me there was a lot of other stiff too. this is a big one. here to react the documentary of the creepy line which explores the influence google and facebook have on public opinion. here is matt taylor. frame it out. the things we are seeing now we are seeing for the first time you discovered a while ago. how do they coordinate? >> look, these companies have basically certain types of
3:23 am
culture. certain people who work there. so, they have certain leanings. and what they have done is they have made themselves the arbiter of truth. so they pick and choose information and they think their bias is some kind of moral high ground for the user. do you remember when these platforms used to be fun? they are no longer fun. what they are is shaping the universe. they are picking with you should believe and should not believe. and this is very dangerous. especially if you look at the case with say "the new york post." you are talking about a tech -- a tech company not even just a big one able to shut down a real news source. and, imagine, these companies have power. remember, the news was supposed to be the ones who kept everybody in check and they can shut them down. not just for a day but for months, months and months and months and they can silence the press. brian: matt is they apologized after the election is over. we shouldn't have done that
3:24 am
meanwhile joe biden got no questions about the most controversial thing and we still have unanswered questions and they were only hauled in front of congress to do that and they played a delay of game. when you talked about coordination, you discovered it. we watched it. here is. so exchange between senator josh hawley in missouri and the facebook ceo. >> will you provide a list of every mention of google or twitter. >> senator, that's something that i can follow up with you and your team after. >> will you commit now to providing a list. >> senator, again, i would be happy to follow up with you and your team. >> will you permit information have you logged. >> senator it would be better to follow up once i have had a chance to discuss with my team. brian: thing to do less about behemoth companies how to coordinate when it comes to coordination. and we know one objective in the fall and i think find it hard to believe democrats in the senate don't realize it. and it's to hurt trump. that are your thoughts when you saw that exchange? >> look, you know, we said it
3:25 am
two years ago in our philemon. we said if all of these large companies wanted to get together and pick the president, they could shift votes. that is what our film is about. that's what we looked into. and, in fact, after the 2016 election, we saw internal leaks from google saying that we'll never let this happen again. that came out of the ceo's mouth. the thing is they have coordinated their efforts to make sure that donald trump is not reelected and they did a very good job. the thing is it was so blatant, too. this wasn't -- it would be one thing we talked with it being silent, manipulative and under the radar, this was in our face. again, to shut down the "new york post" and to basically blot out the hunter biden story to not even investigate whether it's true or not, this is dangerous going forward. you won't hear the truth anymore. brian: people are shadow banned and you can't prove it don jr.
3:26 am
in particular over and over again these stories don't get retweeted and don't get looked at and in the end they accomplish their goal. the president goes more votes than anyone else and so he did joe biden evidence got more than the president. we knew about this in 2016. they were embarrassed because the trump team worked social media and helped them get that victory and they tried to rectify the situation. they say they want regulation. they where to get it, i hope. matt, you are were ahead of the curve on this. matthew taylor we will have you back. appreciate it? >> great. thanks to be here. brian: pandemic won't cancel wreaths across america after all. the executive director says it might look different but the mission is back on, awesome. trelegy for copd.
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♪ jillian: good morning, welcome back. we have quick headlines for you now. overnight nevada's governor declaring a state of emergency as the pine haven fire intensifies. strong winds fueling the flames near reno. the fire spreading to homes as hundreds more are in its path forcing people to evacuate. help to fight the flames coming from across the state. so far nobody has been hurt thankfully and the cause is under investigation. a final salute today for a murdered houston police officer. sergeant sean reis sean reos wad down on his way to work. friends co-workers honored him and his four children left behind. police identify the extreme person of interest in his killing. investigators say jason vasquez was seen talking to the suspect after the deadly shooting. ainsley? ainsley: thank you, jillian. in a whirl winds of events the trump administration coming to
3:32 am
the defense of wreaths across america calling for their christmas wreath playing event to get back on the schedule at arlington national cemetery after originally being canceled because of coronavirus. joining us now is the executive director of wreaths across america karen worster, hi, karen, good to see you again. >> hi, thanks for having me on. ainsley: you are welcome. on monday arlington national cemetery said canceled no wreaths across america because of corona. how did you feel and how did you change their decision? >> well, it was a gut punch. and we knew there will to be more information than we had work with them to make sure we had the safe wreath placing to comply with all the covid regulations. people outpouring was phenomenal
3:33 am
from all over the country from so many people that were just devastated and we finally, the next morning, we were able to get in back in touch with them and sit down at the table. and we were so pleased that they were open for discussion. i knew that there were people jumping to try to turn this around at all levels. and my efforts are concentrated on working with the staff there at arlington. they were very open to try and make a change. you know, their decision was not based against wreaths across america very much based on protecting the people that work there in the area that's highly infected and also making sure that their mission was just to have the respectful burls of our fallen heros there at arlington national cemetery. it was a good coming together of the minds. in the background people on your network with speaking out i was
3:34 am
by the travis manion foundation last night because we work with so many other organizations and i didn't hear until after that the president had commented. my work cemetery secretary of the army had made a statement everybody came together happy outcome we have the oopportunity of working across 2500 locations and under the guidelines all over the country just to keep people safe that we'll be placing wreaths to remember, honor and teach. so now i get to go back to work and hoping people will join us. especially for arlington still need sponsorship and people can go to wreaths across and get on this mission with us because yesterday the voices from all all over the country show what it means to us. i just want to say i quoted
3:35 am
general, who was the show the other night and he said that as veterans it's important to live up to the legacy. and that's what's important for all of to us do to not only live up to the legacy but to use examples is unlike these across america's mission. so we hope people will support us wreaths across ainsley: okay. karen, thank you so much. i'm glad it's still going to happen. you could take every other row. let someone lay out the wreaths and go back and do the other rows. it is outside. it can be done safely. i'm glad the president weighed in on this and it's back on. i know you are not a political organization. you want to honor those who have fallen. >> absolutely. ainsley: go to wreaths across thank you for what you are doing. >> thank you so much. thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. i think they are looking for volunteers still, right? >> volunteers watch for the website and they will talk about the numbers of volunteers allowed. ainsley: okay.
3:36 am
good deal. go on her website wreaths across, thanks, karen. as president-elect joe biden begins to fill white house positions. progressives are pushing back on his pick saying some are unacceptable. sean and rachel campos-duffy are here to react next. here's to the duers. to all the people who realize they can du more with less asthma thanks to dupixent, the add-on treatment for specific types of moderate-to-severe asthma. dupixent isn't for sudden breathing problems. it can improve lung function for better breathing in as little as 2 weeks and help prevent severe asthma attacks. it's not a steroid but can help reduce or eliminate oral steroids. dupixent can cause serious allergic reactions including anaphylaxis. get help right away if you have rash, shortness of breath, chest pain, tingling or numbness in your limbs. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection and don't change or stop your asthma treatments,
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3:41 am
cedric richmond will not help the president-elect usher in the most progressive democratic administration in generations. steve: sunrise movement says some of these are a betrayal. joining us is former republican congressman from wisconsin sean duffy along with fox news contributor and fox nation host rachel campos-duffy. good morning duffy clan. >> good morning. >> good morning. steve: it's good to have you. so, sean, let's start with you. we are hearing from progressives that these appointments that joe biden has announced so far, that's not what they voted for. they feel betrayed. >> but we have to remember, steve, that joe biden said he would be the most progressive president in american history so, the socialist and progressives believed him and so they want to control all of the appointments. but i think what they believe is if they cry loud enough right now, that is the way they are going to get bernie sanders into the secretary of labor position and elizabeth warren as the secretary of the treasury. that's what they really want.
3:42 am
can i make just one last point on that, steve? steve: please. >> cedric recidivism monday republicans are so happy he's out of the house. is he a pitcher for the democrats in the congressional baseball game. every republican is thrilled that he is going to go. >> was he sean a college ball player? >> he was. ainsley: that's true inside baseball literally what happens behind closed doors in congress. so, what do you make of that because we reported earlier this week that there were reports that leaders were saying house leaders were saying to joe biden's administration no, don't you think you can take our men and women because we need the majority right now democrats have 219, republicans 204. rachel? >> well, i think that, you know, cedric's seat is probably pretty safe if he were to go it's probably going to be taken by a democrat. one never knows in this cycle.
3:43 am
it's been kind of crazy. but, yeah, their majority is pretty slim so they're right to do. this look, there is this tension between the globalists who funded this campaign, the biden campaign and so, of course they want their -- they are saying the administration they want their people in there and the socialists. we are going to see that tension i think in a biden administration for years to come. there are some things that they agree on, namely environmentalism i think in a lot of respects the corporate world is definitely on board with that you will see this tension throughout. brian: congressman, i wonder what it's is unlike now if you have 197 seats. that's when you left. you don't have much power and no one is talking to you. if you have up to 210 seats and there are so many people. there is so much rumbling on the democratic side, tell me about the strategy to having an impact when you are barely the minority? what changes? >> republican also have a lot more power because as you know, brian, whether you have a massive majority you can lose
3:44 am
five, 10, 15 members and still pass bills. if you only have a 8 person, 5 person, 10 person majority you have the socialist wing and the moderate wing and oftentimes they can't find, you know, a pathway forward motive if she is speaker is going to have to go to kevin mccarthy to pass votes gives republicans more power. brian: mccarthy can go and try to get some moderates on the democratic side and do something. he has a lot of leverage. >> that's right. steve: all right. rachel, let's move on. at harvard, reportedly, students are circulating a petition essentially to punish people who had worked in the trump administration. they don't want these people to come on campus and speak or attend or teach there. how does that strike you? at college you are supposed to get both points of view, ultimately. >> it strikes me as very communist.
3:45 am
and really truly that is the instincts of aoc and so many of the socialists in her party. it's very troubling to me that this list is being passed around or was started by the students themselves. and this tells you what's happening in our country. we will not remain a free country if we don't teach our children american history, about our rights, about our constitution. these children are being indoctrinated from elementary all the way up to their marxist professors at harvard university because we have not instilled these values. i will tell you one of the saddest things for me that will be lost if donald trump is not the president moving forward, is that we will lose that 1776 project which, as a parent, i think is probably the most important thing we can do. and i know, brian, you probably agree with me. history is so important. brian: it's under attack. >> it's under attack and this is
3:46 am
what we are getting. remember, harvard is supposed to be our best, our brightest. this is what they are coming up with. frankly that list should probably be turned over to an ag because it's discriminatory. >> by the way, half of america voted for donald trump. they don't want to hear half of america's viewpoint at harvard? by the way it cost 50 grand a year to go to harvard. they want us to pay for that college education as american taxpayers? no way are we going to do that. ainsley: rachel, i wanted to ask you quickly because we are almost out of time about covid restrictions. you are a family of 11. don't come to new york. steve: that's too many. ainsley: many come to new york for thanksgiving breaks. they are recommending only 10 in your house. you would have to leave one of your kids. steve: our sean. ainsley: i guess one is at college. what do you think about the restrictions. >> you know sean and i have come from reality tv. we have gotten together we will vote someone out so that we can have it.
3:47 am
the other problem we have is that they said no alcohol. i don't know how they expect sean and i to put on thanksgiving for nine kids and get without alcohol. brian: exactly. >> they also said no singing. no singing is very good for my house because i can't sing very well. brian: the last wisconsin question should the president write a $8 million check and do recount in wisconsin is he down 20,000? >> i think he should. i don't know how much progress going to make. we have to look at that election. funny business happened. the president should absolutely explore it. >> i'm 100 percent for it, too. brian: someone give him 8 million and we will find out. ainsley: that's a lot of money. steve: duffy's, thank you very much. good luck nextweek at thanksgiving at that big table. >> you got it. steve: straight ahead the fda has authorized the first at home covid test that you could do yourself and you would have the results in your living room in 30 minutes. what do you think about that? would it be reliable?
3:48 am
we'll talk to that woman dr. nicole saphier coming up next. new advil dual action with acetaminophen fights pain in two ways. advil targets pain at the source... ...while acetaminophen blocks pain signals. the future of pain relief is here. new advil dual action. dear 2020, you had your time. (sigh...) now, it's our time. time to get away to a place where we can finally be free. free from boundaries... ...limitations. even virtual backgrounds. today, we break free. ready to break free? plan your future getaway with norwegian cruise line.
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i decided that i wanted to go for electrical engineering and you need to go to college for that. if i didn't have internet in the home i would have to give up more time with my kids. which is the main reason i left the military. everybody wants more for their kids, but i feel like with my kids,
3:51 am
they measurably get more than i ever got. and i get to do that. i get to provide that for them. steve: welcome back. big news this morning for covid-19 testing. the fda has given its stamp of approval to the first rapid coronavirus test that
3:52 am
quarterback taken at home. the single use disposal unit delivers results in about 30 minutes and costs about 50 bucks. here with reaction fox news medical contributor and author of that great book make america healthy again dr. nicole saphier. good morning to you. this is great news. >> good morning, steve. yes. >> it's going to make things much easier but you still have to get a prescription for it. >> yes. so, lucera alliance test is the first at home test that you will actually be able to get your results from and there is another big point of this that's different than the other rapid test. this is actually a molecular test moving closer to that pcr it amplification of the viral genetic as owe poise to the assay ant again test that the other tests are. we talked about those rapid tests before and they have a high false negative rate. this one the lucera in the data
3:53 am
they submitted to the fda compared to highly sensitive pcr test agreed with it 94% of the time positive tests and 98% of the time with the negative cases. that's great news. assuming at the end of the full clinical trial these numbers stay the same, this is an extremely accurate test. but as you mentioned, you do need a prescription for it so it's really for people who are suspected to have covid who are greater than 14 years of age. you have to call your doctor. they get a prescription and whether you get it from your local pharmacy or directly from the manufacturer, we still don't know yet. unfortunately, right now. it's only going to be available in the local areas where the clinical trials are being run, northern california and in the miami-dade counties. they are saying it probably won't be available for general use until spring 2021. i have a feeling if we keep pushing them we can probably ramp that up and get it a little bit quicker. steve: going to be easier to find out if you have it. ultimately it's better not to get it. and next week is thanksgiving and ultimately nobody wants to
3:54 am
wind up going to somebody's house for thanksgiving and winding up with coronavirus. there is a survey that's out that says a third of americans are planning a big holiday party which is kind of scary, given the fact that 20% of them say that they won't turn away people with symptoms. and so you have got some great tips and i'm going to go through them real fast. minimize the number of households together. have guests bring their own food. >> avoid interstate travel. if dining indoors, open the windows and watch intake which easier said than done. and wash your hands. why, doctor, why should people bring their own food our use their own utensils? >> i do want to say limit alcohol. i don't want no alcohol. i don't want sean and rachel blowing up my phone later. when it comes to bringing your own food. one of the biggest things, you know with communal eating is the sharing of the utensils and while the virus tends to be spread more easily aerosolized within the air, you can still
3:55 am
get it from transmission meaning from touching something that's been contaminated and eating and put things in our mouth. i get it. thanksgiving is my i love to have a glass of wine with my turkey the bottom line is by restricting the amount of households you have together it's going to lessen the transmission. all about risk strategy right now. it's not is unlike an onion all or none. safe ways to be together. do what can you to lessen the spread of this illness. i know we are all tired. i'm tired of this as well. i want to get together with all my friends and family not a good idea right now. limit the amount of people. feel free to virtually connect with anyone possible and just know this time next year we are going to be in an entirely different situation. maybe we can have thanksgiving in may. sometimes people do christmas in june or july. i'm going to maybe do thanksgiving again in may. steve: we hate to have big brother to tell us what we can and cannot do in our own house. my wife and i have thought a lot about the risk factors. we will wind up celebrating
3:56 am
alone and zoom in with our kids which we only have 15 seconds left but i think a lot of people are going to do that. >> you know, they have to do. if some people aren't able to quarantine for 10 tore 2014 days before coming to your house, it's probably just better to virtually connect. steve: is unlike you said next year will be next year and it's going to be something 20 celebrate. dr. nicole saphier, thank you very much. >> thank you, steve. steve: you bet. straight ahead on this wednesday. senator mike lee joins us in a couple of minutes. also kayleigh mcenany, pete hegseth, candace owens and the pioneer woman ree drummond. you are watching "fox & friends" from new york city. ♪ ♪ and keep costs down. let's end the year enjoying more. ♪ you are all i need baby baby to get by ♪ lyou can crush ice, make nismoothies, and do even more.
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he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ usaa >> the state of georgia's hand recount uncovered another 2700 ballots. >> what is going on here? every american should be concerned. >> it is incumbent upon all of these officials involved to really approach this with seriousness. >> what we have here is clear evidence of coordination between twitter, google, and facebook, which is why it is time we took action against these modern day robber barrons. >> social media was supposed to be about the people. it was supposed to be about people having a free voice. >> president trump promise to put a stop to america's endless wars. president trump is keeping that promise. >> our forces, their size in afghanistan will be 2500. >> how dare governor brown think she is going to send the police
4:01 am
into people's homes for having a thanksgiving meal with their family? this is a travesty. >> after wreaths across america was briefly canceled, president trump tweeted it will now go on. >> knowing each year someone walked up to my brother's grave stone and places that wreath there, i don't think can i express how meaningful that is ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: ainsley, i think you need to put your microphone on. ainsley: sorry. that sound bite from the lady who lost her brother. wreaths across is such a beautiful organization and you are looking at new york city where it's very cold and
4:02 am
there are new restrictions for for thanksgiving. we are all excited and celebrate next week. you probably don't have to go to work. you are going to cook a good meal but you are restricted in some states as to how many people are allowed in your house, brian. brian: buy disposable utensils. get a paper bowl. have some people over and then do not sing. do not drink. keep it under 10 and you can avoid jail time that's what we're hoping for. that city, i just saw the stat. 300,000 people have left new york in the last 8 months. 300,000 have left the city. that's incredible. steve: for a variety of reasons. so, nonetheless, you know, people are making a lot of decisions about how they are going to celebrate thanksgiving next week. the whole point is to be safe, to be safe. they are putting the facts out there. you have got to make your own decisions. meanwhile, let's turn to griff jenkins for the last 10 days or so, he has been talking a little
4:03 am
bit about the count and the recount where are we today in georgia, griff? >> hey. good morning, steve, ainsley and brian. a lot of election news. in all the battle ground states starting in georgia. thapsd again. another county. this time fayette county, some 2755 votes were not tallied. this, of course, after we learned on monday floyd county nearly 2600 weren't counted. dave sterling, the director of election operations in the peach state explained. watch. >> reasonable you have the audit is because human beings are going to make mistakes you find those mistakes and correct those mistakes as you go. in this case when the margin is so narrow every little thing matters. >> and georgia's voting was continued. there is yet another county. kayleigh mcenany weighing in. >> there is reporting that in a third county in georgia, in walton county, they have found the same issue, a memory card that was not registered with votes and guess what?
4:04 am
these votes favor president donald j. trump. that is going on here? every american should be concerned. >> now, it's unclear exactly how many votes could be added for president trump as he trails biden by some 13,000. but georgia's secretary of state brad raffensperger says it's unlikelunlikely to overturn the results. now, in michigan, wayne county, the largest county there reversed their certifying results first initially two republican canvas board members had voted against it. and it drew this tweet from the president who said wow, michigan just refused to certify the election results, having courage is a beautiful thing. the u.s.a. stands proud. after a second and final vote they approved certification. the secretary of state there tweeting at president trump simply saying wrong again. in the keystone state, in pennsylvania. the president's attorney rudy giuliani headed into court leading the fight against certification there as their supreme court rejected the lawsuit over poll onliers being denied adequate access to
4:05 am
counting. meanwhile back here behind me at the white house the president has fired top cyber security chief chris krebbs. he was in charge of election security. he called it the safest in american history. but the president choosing to get rid of him after he undermined and said that there were not irregularities. honored to serve the firing is bipartisan criticism across capitol hill. we reached out to the agency he led. it is unclear exactly right now, guys who is in charge. we, of course have the recounts in georgia among other races still yet to be called. you may be able to ask kayleigh mcenany at 8:00 when she comes on with you guys if she has more to say about it and what the white house is thinking on it. brian, ainsley, steve? steve: will do. ainsley: we will do that thank you so much, griff. so, joe biden has started staffing up with senior white house announcements and two of the people that he has picked
4:06 am
representative cedric richmond and steve riccheti. furious. unacceptable. say it's fracturing the goodwill he built with progressives. if joe biden continues making corporate friendly appointments to his white house he will risk quickly fracturing the hard earned goodwill his team built with progressives to defeat donald trump. a biden administration built with corporate friendly insiders is unlike steve richetti and cedric richmond will not help the president-elect usher in the most progressive democratic administration in generations. we had sean and rachel duffy on earlier. used to a congressman. he said he would be the moe progressive. socialists and frozens believed him. they want to control all of the appointments. i think what they believe is if they cry loud enough right now. that is the way they are going to get. and elizabeth warren as a secretary of the treasury.
4:07 am
>> there is this tension between the globalists who funded this campaign, the biden campaign and so of course they want their their say in the administration and they want their people in there and the socialists. weave will see that tension, i think, in a biden administration for years to come. brian: i think there will be tension. can you know if joe biden is not doing the right thing suddenly the "new york times" will have a front page story on hunter biden's international business experience and how it's a little bit dicey. trust me. seven minutes now after the hour. let's change gears. if you saw yesterday afternoon and if you were on facebook or twitter or somehow involved with an iphone or connected with the internet, you would have been very interested in some of the exchanges. because it was really about the election and the power of these mammoth companies. they might have been coordinating to stop one party. democrats won't own up to it but
4:08 am
it's true. donald trump's republican party. and now even when they made mistakes they admitted to it but as you know the election is now over. they knew exactly where they were going with some of these pope benedicted questions. and it's going towards regulation and transparency and update in some of these laws for the first time since 1996. here's a look at some of the fireworks. >> are you an expert in voter fraud. >> no, i'm not. >> why then is twitter right now putting purported warnings on virtually any statement about voter fraud? >> we're simply linking to a broader conversation. >> you put up a page that says, quote: voter fraud of any kind is exceedingly rare in the united states. that's not linking to a broader conversation. that's taking a disputed policy position. >> twitter suspended the account of mark morgan, specifically for a tweet celebrating the success of the u.s. southern border wall. >> we evaluated his tweet again
4:09 am
and we found that we were wrong. that was a mistake. >> i understand that mistakes happen. mistakes happen a whole lot more, almost entirely on one side of the political aisle rather than the other. steve: it's kind of funny how that all works out. that man in the last video is utah senator mike lee, member of the senate judiciary committee. he joins us right now. senator lee, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: you know, what was different about yesterday's hearing was members of the senate judiciary committee had a whistleblower from inside and told him about these secret tools that nobody had heard about and the platforms that they use. zuckerberg was asked about tasks, which is a program, a tool used to coordinate. you know, censorship essentially is what you said. but, also, they talked about this program called sentra. and they they asked mark
4:10 am
zuckerberg about sen trap. he said i never heard of that facebook officials were saying yes, that is something we have been using for a while. >> yes. this is just one more indication, steve, the fact that these two social media platform giants facebook and twitter have been offering one thing to the public that is offering to their customers neutral platform where people can have a conversation. they said we do not put our thumb on the still politically we are unbiased and in fact they are offering a very different product than that that violates section 56 the federal trade commission act because it's an unfair or deceptive trade practice. when you offer one thing and provide another that is not the thing you promised, that's against the law. and that's a big problem we uncovered that in great abundance yesterday that's this is going to be a big problem for these two tech giants. ainsley: senator feinstein had a chance to talk yesterday and was talking about president trump's social media and how that
4:11 am
insights violence. listen to this. >> i'm really struck by it that people armed with assault weapons as a product of a tweet could rally outside of an election office. i think it's a serious issue that needs to be considered. and there need to be, once you signal that and people respond to it, it has to be in some way abated or some way pointed out or restructured on the internet itself. ainsley: and your response to her was the only violence i'm aware of is from antifa. what else do you want to say this morning? >> well, yeah. look, you had washington, d.c. full to overflowing with
4:12 am
peaceful trump protesters, people protesting, signaling their support for president trump. and showing gratitude tore for him. not one act of violence was attributed to them. meanwhile, you had people shooting industrial strength fireworks into places where they were eating. you had people approaching and beating up and saying vile things and putting people in physical danger, including elderly people, including women and children. all of this was done by trump haters. by antifa people who couldn't handle the fact that there were people peacefully showing their support for president trump. so i don't know what my colleague, senator feinstein is talking about. but i thought that was. >> anna: inappropriate comment. not one act of violence has been linked to president trump in connection with events surrounding this election. and i think she needs to recant her statement and apologize. brian: remember, senator cory booker who just wreaks of politics didn't want to get to the bottom of this in my judgment. what are we going to do about
4:13 am
the president and his twitter we thought about that executives unbelievable coordination there senator lee i did notice that you brought up the anti-biden ads about abortion. i did notice you brought up mark morgan's account was frozen. sorry about that shouldn't have done that we will look into it. at the end of it i thought to myself i learned a lot but what's going to change? i understand that republicans, democrats, and these executives kind of agree that they should let everybody know about their path towards transparency. what goes into their decisions we would is unlike to know. and we also have a regulatory framework they are asking for an update. last one was 196. what are we going to get? can you guys work together to get something regardless of what they want? what are you going to give them? >> okay. i think we can give a few things. first of all, i think no matter what, they are now headed for a major overhaul of section 230 of the telecommunications decency act.
4:14 am
it is going to subject them perhaps to liability there could be other changes that take them outside of the 230 protection. if they don't stop providing misinformation. if they don't stop lying to their own customers. i also think that out of this, even under existing law. even between now and whenever we can bring about such changes to section 230. i think they have now given more than enough information to the federal trade commission to be subject to aggressive action by the federal trade commission for violating section 5 of the federal trade commission acted. because they have engaged in unfair and deceptive trade practice. so i think there is a path forward here. but, yeah, yesterday they made very clear that they have lied to their own customers. they have lied to their people on the left in order to punish the right and make sure that the left wins. this isn't fair. especially when they speak state sponsored media they are speaking with an air of official
4:15 am
that's not right. american people are not. brian: bent to over other country vietnam and china and oppressive rules, whatever you; as long as we are allowed to advertise there. weave don't care when you do to muslims or your people or screen out what google does. just pay. we just upght the ad revenue. i think a lot of things were exposed yesterday. steve: all right, senator lee, thank you for taking a little time to join us this morning. >> thank you. steve: it is a quarter after the top of the hour, jillian joins us with news about that new vaccine. ainsley: this information just in pfizer says its coronavirus vaccine is 95% effective. of the drugmaker releasing final data results just moments ago saying its vaccine also shows no serious side effects. now earlier pfizer data showed the vaccine was 90% effective. the company says it plans to apply for fda emergency approval within days. big news there overnight, a united nations watchdog report revealing iran is in breach of
4:16 am
its nuclear deal. rioters reports the company is allegedly feeding annual extremely potent gas into centrifuges at its under ground plant in natanz. according to report only store at that location. it would no longer abide by the deal after the killing of kassem absolutely. details after being eawarded the nobel peace prize. the promised land the 44th president reveals for what when he got the news. obama received the high honor to strengthen international diplomacy amid the wars in iraq and afghanistan. now this, a meaningful holiday tradition for thousands of families is back on. president trump tweeting wreaths across america event will happen this year. it comes after the event was canceled due to the pandemic karen worcestershire saying she
4:17 am
is grateful for the families. >> everybody came together for a happy outcome. on december 19th. work across 2500 location. guidelines, keep people safe that he we will place honor. adds still looking for volunteers. a lot of people happy that's back on. guys. brian: we discussed yesterday i any dan crenshaw's take on that really made a difference. i think tom cotton really made a difference, too. steve: thank you, jillian. ainsley: thank you. president-elect joe biden feeling the push from progressives to cancel student loan debt. right? even suggesting that he use an executive order to get that done. former obama economic adviser robert wolf and trump economic recovery task force member steve moore. they are going to debate that next. ♪ come on take a free ride ♪ come on and take a free ride
4:18 am
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4:22 am
♪ it dogs figure in my plan i have laid out in detail the passed by the democratic house calls for immediate $10,000 forgiveness holding people up they are in real trouble. >> it should be done immediately. steve: forgiving student loans progressives are ramping up pressure on president-elect joe biden to forgive student loan debt. senate minority leader chuck schumer even suggested biden should bypass congress and cancel 50,000 bucks of debt per student with an executive order. here to discuss former obama economic adviser and fox news contributor robert wolf screen left and screen right the member of the house economic recovery
4:23 am
task force steve moore. guys, good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. steve: after joe biden said that on monday, aoc said this regarding for giving the loans she said on twitter student loan forgiveness is good. actually we should also push for tuition free public colleges to avoid this huge debt bubble from financially disseminating people in every generation. also she went on to stay is one of the easiest progressive policies to pay for with multiple avenues from a transaction tax to the ultra wealth tax to cover it. robert, she would be hitting you to pay for that. >> that's okay. let's focus on what president-elect biden said because his comments are spot on. he is stating that during the covid crisis hardworking americans are making these tough decisions is unlike rent and food versus student loan.
4:24 am
so when he said is very clearly that's part of a congressional package not an executive order that we should look at something is unlike student loan forgiveness up to $10,000 he has also said we should look at income relief schedule and be clear to both of you guys. we have had an auto bailout, two farm bailouts. we have had a financial services bailout. we have had airline bailouts. we have had small business bailouts there are 45 million people that have student loans. there is 1.6 trillion in student loans. other than your housing mortgage it's the largest debt class. so yes we should be looking at this and thinking about how we can make it better and look at it and restructure it whether it's part forgiveness or part looking at the interest rate or part in income based schedule so there is a lot of things we should look at. so the truth is, what we should do now is president trump should extend the moratorium from december 31st that he has
4:25 am
already had in place and he said he would look to extend. that's the first thing we should do. steve: so stephen moore what do you sty robert's suggestion that these students who have run up a big debt get a bailout? >> well, steve, it's just not fair to the people who worked hard and did pay off their debts now they have to pay taxes to pay for the debts of the families that didn't pay their debts. now, here's the point though and i think robert and i would agree on this. the biggest financial scam in the history of the united states, steve, is how much our universities and colleges are charging middle class families. steve: astronomical. >> outrageous, 40, 50, 60, $70,000 a year. when i went to the university of illinois 37 years ago. the tuition was $1,000 a semester. now it's $15,000 a semester. these are ridiculous. it's outrageous. especially outrageous what's happening now on college campuses where these universities are charging
4:26 am
families, link mine, full tuition to have the kids on campus, lock them in their dorm rooms and they are not teaching the kids. robert, that is unacceptable. here is how we pay off the student loans, one last point. here is how that student loan debt goedel paid off. how about the universities use their tens and hundreds of billions of dollars in endowments to pay help way off that debt. not taxpayers. the universities should pay for it. >> steve and i have talked about this before we are in agreement. did i not say a student loan bailout. steve: we were talking about bailouts steve. >> correct. i was saying there has been bailouts not why not look at it this as well. restructuring when i ran ubs we looked at those types of restructuring. more importantly, steve and i totally agree that higher education is way too expensive. i mean, i think my alma mater is 75 plus thousand dollars now a year. i mean, it's outrageous.
4:27 am
especially where right now kids are learning virtually which you actually -- there should be a reduction in the cost of education. >> absolutely. >> i think that being said, the more important thing is it's 1.6 trillion of debt. it impacts 45 million people. we should absolutely, to be able to think about how we can make it look better. so, for example, maybe we say no one ever pays more than 5% of their income a year and they have over 10 year schedule. maybe we put it at zero percent rates. negative rates that people are talking about. so there is plenty of ways we can go about this. >> robert, can i live with those. there is some wisdom to those ideas. but let's get to the big point here. harvard has an endowment so large, steve right now that they could give free tuition to every student from now until forever and still not run out of money why don't they use endowment
4:28 am
money. >> pick on harvard that's okay. >> not just harvard the other thing to think about is, you know, i have a big problem with aoc saying let's make college free. you mean taxpayers are now going to be on the hook to pay for these $250,000 salaries for these. steve: right. so, steve, it really would be a bailout of colleges. >> exactly. exactly it. bales out the universities because they are flabby, inefficient, nobody ever looks under the hood to see how they spend their money. i mean, it's just not fair to the american taxpayer. steve: good discussion. >> president-elect biden has not supported a wealth tax nor financial transaction tax. >> that's a relief. >> i want to say i know you are touting what aoc is talking about. president-elect biden has not said this. steve: that is a good point. >> maybe she could be the treasury secretary. steve: oh, manual, this could go on all day. >> all day. steve: thank you, guys. good discussion. meanwhile, straight ahead. big tech ceos grilled on
4:29 am
capitol hill yesterday and taking heat over the hunter biden story and that guy at jack dorsey even admitted they were wrong to censor it. what is wrong with that miranda divine next. it's time for the ultimate sleep number event on the
4:30 am
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4:34 am
big tech hearing on capitol hill where jack dorsey admitted it was wrong to sensor a new york report business deals. here to react new york columnist miranda divine. miranda, did they correct it in 24 hours the problem they had with hunter biden's story? >> no, brian. they didn't. they two weeks and that was because even though they knew they had made a mistake that we hadn't violated their hacked materials policy, they wanted to bend us to their will. they wanted us to delete our tweet about the story before they would unlock our account stand off for two weeks we refused to do what they wanted us to do so they did bubbling it. is just a power game. brian: what people should understand is this isn't a story about whether joe biden wanted to frac or not. this was a story about whether joe biden and his family were in a company subservient to
4:35 am
communist chinese government. so, all these things were -- these weren't opinions, they were actually emails. now one media member asked a question to joe biden about it nor did he make himself available and they took the story and they froze it. now they apologize two weeks after the election. that is scary wrong. >> brian, it is really chilling. and the fact that twitter decided somebody in twitter decided that we had printed hacked materials, if they had read the story they would have known that that lop top, hunter biden's laptop came from the computer shop. nobody in the biden camp alleged that it was hacked materials. that was just some monkey inside twitter that just decided that they wanted to bring down that story and they used hacked materials as an excuse. and then they kept it locked for two weeks because it suited them to bury that damaging story to joe biden. brian: senator mazday hirono
4:36 am
always an interesting circus when she gets to speak. she cited media matters as a source to prove that there was no anti-conservative or anti-trump bias among social media outlets. media matters the group that exists just to attack fox. >> exactly. she has no credibility. they have no credibility. she was one of several democratic senators yesterday at that hearing who were actually demanding more censorship not less censorship from these tech guys. and you know, i think that's really the problem is that initially the social media giant decided that they would, you know, rightly stop the dissemination of child exploitation or terrorism material. and then the left divided to demand that that be applied to their pet projects. and chris coons yesterday said he wanted climate deniers, that is anyone that doesn't agree with him on climate change, to
4:37 am
get more censorship. and this is the problem. the social media gods are very happy to bow to the left. every single one, you know, their censorship that happens. it's all about silencing voices on the right. not the left. and, you know, mazie hirono yesterday she actually described fox news as far right. brian: right. someone should check my email and there might be a counter opinion on that. [laughter] brian: lastly, when they said cited examples of you who they are going to act yes, we thought about it before the election how to neutralize queue none and the it's tweets think didn't mention antifa other others problematic. coordinating and plotting and planning against one side. final thought on that and whether this is going to stand as both sides try to get together and regulate these social media outlets? >> well, if it doesn't prove
4:38 am
that they are publishers, that they're breaking the law by coordinating and colluding to shut down one side of politics. i don't know what will make the senate do something about it. brian: miranda divine, "new york post" columnist. thanks so much. >> thanks, brian. brian: the plans to cut troops in iraq by the end of the year "fox & friends weekend" co-host pete hegseth knows what it is unlike overseas. he weighs in after the break. cty at the lincoln wish list sales event. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down, zero due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment. that life of the party look walk it off look
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if ththen i'm not a real potato reciidaho potato farmer.shes, genuine idaho potatoes not just a side dish anymore. always look for the grown in idaho seal. steve: president trump trying to fulfill his promise to bring troops home from afghanistan and iraq before he leaves office. ainsley: fox news weekend co-host and army veteran pete hegseth served in both countries and he joins us now to react. good morning, pete. pete: good morning, guys. ainsley: draw down troops
4:43 am
afghanistan currently 4500. he wants to draw it down to 2500. iraq 3,000 currently. he wants it to be 2500. some are warning of potential ramifications saying it will hurt our allies. what do you say? you have served. >> there all these warnings and considering the amount of blood and treasure we have spent on the sand and streets of afghanistan in iraq, this is the right thing to do. this is not something i would have said you know five, 10 years ago. i have been a very strong advocate of being successful in iraq. the surge in iraq and optimistic about the future in iraq. because they actually have educated citizens, infrastructure, a history of central governance, an economy. they have the seeds to be more or less a functioning country. then you go to afghanistan, there is none of that ak-47s. it's biblical time with ak-47s and cell phone. the human infrastructure isn't there and we have been training that military for two decades. the best military in the world has been training the afghan government and afghan military
4:44 am
to be prepared. if they are not prepared at this point, it's on them not us. it is time that we bring our troops home and we 2500 sounds is unlike a fine number. that's a residual force. you will have capabilities to support the afghan government and the afghan military. same thing in iraq. but ultimately in iraq the iranians are calling the shots baghdad hence why you saw kassem absolutely killed there you can still take strong actions. this is the time for somebody tolls fight. take on radical islamists if it's conditioned based it's not conditions based. conditions say we should not be drawing down. >> we have talked about this and that's a fair point what if the condition you never meet the conditions. >> what keeps us being attacked here that's good enough for me. pete: well, there is plenty of other places around the world where we can will position troops as well and be prepared.
4:45 am
if we have 2500 that's a residual force what's the difference between 2500 and 4,000? some of it is academic at this point. but i think it's the right thing to do. the american people are prepared to turn the page and have you threats is unlike china where we need to be strategically positioned as well. steve: yeah. this friday night, pete, is hosting the patriot awards on fox nation. and you have prepared a report on firehouse designs. we are going to take a look at that right now. watch. we're excited friday night 8:00 p.m. a real awards show not self-important actors awards for playing people. amazing stories you are going to hear. you guys give out the modern warriors award which is a great one. you mentioned it the awards themselves have purpose to it. and take a look at how they were made and what they mean.
4:46 am
>> i'm captain and co-owner of firehouse designed. >> my name is dave burton firefighter paramedic and co-owner of firehouse design. we take retired out of service fire hose and create american flags from those hoses. create some unique designs for people to have in their homes. >> i guess i became a firefighter because i spent most of my life around people who gave their lives in service to others it? >> is our duty, our honor and our courage to be firefighters. >> fox reached out to us they saw our fire designs and they wanted us to create an awar for the patriot award show. >> we actually toyed with a few things and what we came up with is kind of is unlike what you would see if you encased an
4:47 am
american flag but our flag is made out of fire hose. we take the one inch fire hose cut it to the right length and cut the pieces of wood. that's the process of cutting, standing and then staining. ♪ >> once we put it all together sent out to engraving it. and sealing it with a clear coat make it nice and finished. this whole process has been excited for us. we are excited to seat patriots hold our awards and know what they think about them. congratulations have you earned this amazing award and it's a big deal. so congratulations and i hope you enjoy what we made you. >> it's our honor and privilege for the recipients to receive the awards that we have created. steve: those patriot awards will
4:48 am
be given out friday night. watch fox nation streaming on fox nation this friday at 8:00 p.m. thank you very much. good luck see you soon. pete: thank you big night. ainsley: thank you so much. very touching. california's governor breaking his own covid-19 restrictions. he's not the only one. the state's former chairman to the republican party tom beccaro is going to speak out on all the hypocrisy on that coming up next ♪ california ♪
4:49 am
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♪ ♪ ainsley: some california lawmakers ignoring their state's own travel advisory and reportedly jetting out to hawaii for a week long policy conference as their constituents are encouraged to stay home for the holidays. here to react the former chairman of the california republican party and chairman of the rescue california pac tom del beccaro and also -- i think i already said the former chair of the california republican party. tom, thanks for joining us. what in the world? this is so hypocritical. telling everyone to stay home yet they are going on a vacation to maui? >> this has been -- great to see you. this has been a junket for
4:53 am
politicians for years. the lobbyists spend a lavish money and trip to hawaii. and just a week ago an advisory came out and an advisory because the court slapped gavin newsom with an injunction saying you are not allowed to make rules. so it's an advisory not to travel. we're told we have to basically give up thanksgiving unless it's your immediate family and they're out partying in hawaii oh they are having meetings. there is a couple of meetings a day but they are partying in hawaii. ainsley: right. we know how those conferences work. yeah. you drink a lot. you eat good meals. you go to the beach and go to a few classes and check the box and take your family if you can. >> exactly. ainsley: what about gavin newsom he had to apologize french laundry that very expensive restaurant. i hear it's delicious. i have never been but it's in napa valley. he got caught there with too many people eating indoors. he had to apologize. what do you say? >> absolutely. he was there with six couples that's three more families than
4:54 am
we are allowed to be. thanksgiving we are only allowed to have three families of ours. you can't have some stray cousin there he is at one of the most expensive restaurants in the country it is really good but i have never been there. and yet we are supposed to stay home. keep in mind, he was just slapped down in the last election, his anti-uber law was shut down. his cashless bail was shut down by the voters. nevertheless, one party state democrats have pure arrogance going to hawaii. he has pure arrogance going to expensive restaurants and the rest of us, while we are just, you know, plebeian. ainsley: tell me about your fact rescue california. >> getting signatures to recall gavin newsom. the court has extended our time 120 days to get the rest of the time. he extended it because gavin shut us down. rescue gavin newsom his one man, one rule has
4:55 am
to end in this state. ainsley: it's such a beautiful state and i hate to see the homeless problems and the drug problems there. hopefully it can be rescued. thank you so much, tom, for being with us. >> all right. always great to see you. ainsley: thank you, you too. kayleigh mcenany is going to join us live top of the hour. plus we have senator rob portman, candace owens and the pioneer woman ree drummond is going to be on the show today ♪ come on, come on baby now ♪ come on and work it on out ♪ work it on out ♪ well, work it on out to directly engage floors and dig deep into carpets. pick up more on every pass with no hair wrap. shark vertex with duoclean power fins.
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4:59 am
♪ ♪ >> 2700 uncounted votes uncovered in another georgia county. >> human beings that are part of this, they are the weakest link of the whole system. >> i'm literally looking at the tweet from twitter that says your account has been locked. >> remember when these questions used to be fun? they are no longer fun. >> a progressive group is blasting biden's recently announced efforts -- >> if they cry loud enough right now, that is the way they're going to get bernie sanders and elizabeth warren in. >> the trump administration coming to the defense of wreaths across america after originally being canceled. >> the outpouring was phenomenal from all over the country. >> president trump and first lady melania will celebrate thanksgiving at the white house this year, a break from their usual travel to florida. but the tradition of pardoning
5:00 am
the turkeys will continue. ♪ ♪ if you start me up,you start me up, i'll never stop ♪ >> yeah, welcome. we're getting closer and closer to thanksgiving that we're not supposed to be, or that we have all these restrictions on. hoping that law enforcement does not bust into your house. the president of the united states kind of surprising, he is not going to mar-a-lago. he and the first lady and the entire family are going to be celebrating at the white house. so that's interesting. he tweeted that out, melania and the president will celebrate there. we'll talk to kayleigh mcenany about that. steve: we will, indeed. thank you very much, everybody, for joining us on this wednesday. it already seems like it's thursday or friday. it's another long week, right? next week's a holiday week. ainsley: yeah. we've all billion going through so much, but a lot of people get to breathe next week, be with your family if you're allowed to and if you can do it safely and take a few days off from work
5:01 am
and remember what's really important and be thankful. good morning, everyone. let's start with griff jenkins live in washington as more than 2700 uncounted votes are uncovered in another georgia county. hey, what are the details? >> reporter: yeah. good morning to you, that's right. down in the peach state first it was, we were talking about floyd county that had missed some 2600. now it's fayette county, 2,755 votes also not counted on election night. the director of election operations explaining what happened there. take a listen. >> this is a slightly different situation from floyd. these were scanned votes on a memory count whereas floyd a box of unscanned votes. >> reporter: and there is yet a third county, walton county also having issues with a memory card. unclear exactly how many total votes could be added for president trump who trails by some 13,000, but georgia's secretary the of state says it's unlikely to overturn the
5:02 am
results. now, out in michigan the largest county there, wayne, reversed course, certifying results. initially two republican canvass board members were going against it drawing this tweet from the president: wow, michigan just refused to certify the results. having courage is a beautiful thing, the usa stands proud. but after a second and final vote, they approved certification, and the secretary of state tweeted at president trump saying wrong again. in pennsylvania, rudy giuliani heading into court leading the fight against cert fewuation there as -- cert few case there -- certification there. meanwhile, here at the white house behind me yesterday the president firing top cybersecurity chief chris crebbs who was in charge of voter security. krebbs tweeted simply, honored to serve, we dud it right. -- we
5:03 am
did it right. defend today, secure tomorrow. we'll see if there's more on that. it's already drawing criticism on capitol hill. brian, ainsley, steve? brian: thanks so much, steve. kayleigh mcenany is with us today, white house press secretary. this news came as a bit of a surprise when krebbs was fired, he basically feels like he did the right thing. did he have a pattern of things, kayleigh, that both ored the president, or was it just this one? >> the president has pointed out that he made an inaccurate statement. he actually made a few if you look at his twitter feed. but, look, if you say this was the most secure election in american history, as the president rightly pound pointed out -- pointed out, that may be true from the standpoint of foreign interference, but there were three tranches of ballots
5:04 am
found uncounted in georgia, 234 pages of sworn affidavits in michigan in one county alone alleging egregious misconduct9 by poll workers, allegations of fraud in there, we have real questions in pennsylvania. so to say it's the most secure election in american list history, it seems like a partisan a attempt to hit back at the president. brian: so you think he had a political agenda there, was trying to take a shot at the president by saying something he couldn't have possibly proven? >> i don't know if it was a personal grievance, partisan agenda, what it was, but it definitely seem to be animated by something that seemed to go directly at this president and legitimate claims that he's pursuing in court. steve: well, maybe the department of homeland security just couldn't find anything. >> yeah, well, look down in georgia. we have one recount going on right now, just one. there are others that may or may not happen, but there's one going on, and you've found nearly 6,000 ballots not counted. just yesterday we heard about a
5:05 am
california man who planned to cast 8,000 votes in the name of deceased people and others, there's a good article in the l.a. times about that. maybe you should look around at just public news information that's out there, and he can find all the evidence he needs. there are real questions that need to be asked, because we need integrity in our election system. ainsley: if the president doesn't win and joe biden is proving that he is the elected president, what happens with the transfer of power? will it be peaceful? >> look, this president has always said he will engage in a peaceful transfer of power if the facts bar out that way, but the president believes, and so too do many others, that if every legal vote is counted, he will remain president. this president always wants what's in the best interest of our country. brian: interesting, i hear them taking care of the grounds out there. i admire your focus, kayleigh, it's getting a little bit challenging. we understand the biden team is getting concerned because they
5:06 am
want to coordinate on the coronavirus as well as intelligence issues. do you think even if the president ends up finding votes that gets him the victory it would hurt just to read the biden people in just so months down the line if joe biden becomes president he won't be able to say, hey, if i only had those month back, we wouldn't have had these negative things happen? >> one, the administration is doing everything statutorily required for a transition. it is up to the gsa to what we call reach ascertainment for an election. they're independent of us, and they haven't declared that just yet. the former vice president receives an intelligence briefing, he's been getting that for months. and i'd say this with respect to covid, this president has done a vaccine in record time ready to be manufactured, already manufactured but ready to be distributed on a task force that's done an excellent job, a stockpile that was left empty by obama/biden that he's filled up since then. he's left an fur in place
5:07 am
where -- infrastructure in place where covid can be handled, and we believe we will do so going forward in a is second trump administration. steve: and the news this morning, i don't know if you heard an hour ago, but pfizer has said that, apparently, their vaccine is 95% effective. which joins moderna, which is terrific. so we all want -- you know, a lot of people want to get, i think the latest public opinion poll is at least 60% of people want to get that as soon as possible. but we know all across the country, kayleigh, cases are spiking. unfortunately. and this is the week before thanksgiving when families are going to be together, and there are a number of governors who are suggesting, look, you don't need to be in a big group particularly if people are outside your bubble. what do you think of these suggestions and guidelines some of the governors have given in advance of this? because it is a super contagious disease. >> yeah. i think a lot of the guidelines
5:08 am
you're seeing are orwellian. let me start by saying the cdc has put out considerations as we prepare to go about thanksgiving, about socially distancing, wearing masks, doing what you can. and there's a whole link of very good considerations, and in that they say we're not recommending a certain number of people, but we are giving considerations we think you should put in place. the american people know how to protect their health. it's orwellian in a place like oregon to say if you gather in numbers more than six, we might come to your house and arrest you, and you get 30 days of jail time? that's not the american way. we don't lose our freedom in this country. we make responsible health decisions as individuals. of 12506 steve and will the me ask you just one follow-up question, and that is this: you know, nobody likes to have anybody tell people what they can and cannot do inside their houses, but a number of months ago the white house effectively said, you know what? we're going to give the power to the governors to decide what to do. these are determinations by the
5:09 am
governors what is required on the ground in their states. so ultimately, didn't the white house say do what you want to do? >> yeah, of course. it's up to every state to do what they wanted to do, but there are consequences for those states. in new york you've seen just this morning brian noted hundreds of thousands of people who have moved out of the city. so the american people are a freedom-loving people. we can wash our hands, wear masks, socially distance, but we can also decide in our own home whether we can have our family members present at any given time. that is the american way, that is freedom. ainsley: kayleigh, earlier you were talking about the vaccine, and new york's governor, andrew cuomo, is complaining because he thinks they're coming out too quickly. listen to this. >> why is it moving so fast. two reasons. money and ego. the first drug company that has the vaccine, that is big money. you didn't need trump to tell
5:10 am
the vaccine companies you should develop a vaccine. he had nothing to do with it. president, it's ego. on the way out the door, he he wants to be able to say i solved covid because i discovered a vaccine. no, it's all b.s. he didn't do anything, it's the drug companies, and nobody's going to trust him saying it's a safe vaccine. ainsley: you know, kayleigh, who cares if they make money? if a vaccine would save my mom from getting this who has diabetes, who is on dialysis, she has to go to a facility three times a week and we all worry about that, she had a stroke a few years ago, she's in a wheelchair, if that vaccine can save my mom from getting covid because the likely hood of her surviving that pretty low, i don't care if the drug company's making money, i want it out now. >> yeah, that's exactly right. what you see there from andrew
5:11 am
quo know mow e is a very -- cuomo is a very jealous executive. we saw a tremendous amount of pain and loss in that state. this vaccine is possible because of trump-style ingenuity. back on january 13th, january 13th when this novel virus came to our shores, president trump had already partnered with moderna, one of the successful vaccines. what were democrats doing? they were trying to impeach the president over a baseless ukraine phone call. what was andrew ego mow doing -- andrew cuomo doing? who knows? brian: listen, warp speed, you break it down. it's one of the president's finest accomplishments. he got rid of all paperwork and bureaucracy not knowing if thist was going to work or not. that is why the military has already been drilling down on this and is ready to distribute it. for the governor to be selling a
5:12 am
book that no one should buy, it should be how not to handle the coronavirus, is sickening. and for him to sit there and say it's the president's ego is an insult to anyone paying attention right now. >> that's exactly right. we have a saying at the white house, do it in trump time, faster than expected. dr. fauci said this could take up to 18 months. what does this president to? fast vaccine in american history, and it wasn't just found by the end of the year, it was produced in advance where 40 million americans will have a vaccine by the end of the year. andrew cuomo might be unable to recognize it, but that's what a businessman back there behind me in the west wing does for the american people. steve a couple of businessmen were on the hot seat yesterday on capitol hill virtually, jack dorsey and and mark zuckerberg from facebook and twitter, and they were being called on the carpet because apparently the senate judiciary committee had had a whistleblower that said, look, these are the tools that
5:13 am
facebook uses socially to coordinate with the other platforms and censor people. and jack dorsey e got called out about how twitter locked the account of "the new york post" when they were talking about hunter biden's overseas business dealings. and jack dorsey himself said, you know what? in hindsight, we got that wrong. but -- watch. >> we were called here today because of an enforcement decision we made against the new york post based on a policy we created in 2018 to prevent twitter from being used to spread hacked materials. this results in us blocking people from sharing "the new york post" article publicly or privately. made a quick interpretation using no other evidence that the materials in the article were obtained through hacking, and according to our policy, we blocked them from being spread. upon further consideration, we admitted this action was wrong and corrected it within 24 hours. steve: but that's not exactly
5:14 am
right. it took two full weeks because twitter was demanding that the new york post take that down. "the new york post" said, nope, because it's not wrong. and so, ultimately, two weeks later, twitter caved. what did you learn from listening to those guys talk about their businesses, how it is influencing americasome. >> yeah. here's what i learned, is so they apologized for the new york post censoring, and you're right to say, steve, it was two weeks, not 24, 48 hours. i learned that they apologized for commissioner mark morgan being banned. i myself got a public awe polly from instagram. what i learned is an apology in big tech is an admission of wrongdoing against a conservative. at what point is an awe polly an admission? their bias goes sole lu towards president trump, his movements, the half of the country that professes conservative values.
5:15 am
ainsley: so, kayleigh, we know the president and melania, the first lady, are going to celebrate thanksgiving at the white house. normally they go down to mar-a-lago. why'd they decide to stay in d.c. this year? >> well, the president's hard at work on covid among other issues, drawing down our number of troops in afghanistan and iraq, bringing our men and women home. he's hard at work, and so he's staying here at the white house, and it will be a lovely thanksgiving for him and the first lady here in the white house. brian: do you think we'll hear from the president soon? >> perhaps. that's up to president trump. you know, sometimes he'll make the decision to come out on any given moment, but i'm sure you'll hear from him at the right moment. steve: thank you very much. meanwhile, the pandemic will not cancel wreaths across america at arlington. the latest on the push to honor our heros, coming up. ♪ muck. ♪ ♪
5:16 am
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♪ ♪ steve: so here we are on wednesday. on monday it was announced by arlington national cemetery that due to the coronavirus they were not going to have this year's celebration of the lives of the american soldiers who served in our nation and to commemorate their headstones at arlington national cemetery with wreaths across america. they said we're going to have to cancel it. well, later that same day the secretary of the army said, sorry, it's on. and 90 minutes after after that the president tweeted this: i have reversed the ridiculous decision to cancel wreaths
5:21 am
across america at arlington national cemetery. it will go on. and, ainsley, it's not just at arlington national cemetery, but it's at 1600 locations across the country in all 50 states, and, you know, they come on our show every year, they're looking for donations, they're looking for volunteers to make this happen because it is a beautiful commemoration. ainsley: yeah. this is one of those stories you hear and you think, no! they can clearly put out wreaths outside safely if they do it in the right way. but then to hear that reversal, june laughs for every person -- jubilation for every person who has someone buried in one of these cemeteries. some volunteer is going out with a wreath and placing it in front of my brother's tombstone, she said you'll never understand how much that means to our family until you go through something like that. and this is a stranger, someone volunteering. we interviewed, as we do every year, the executive director of
5:22 am
wreaths across america, and this is how she reacted, she says, when she heard about the reversal. >> we immediately, as you can imagine, the outpouring was phenomenal from all over the country, from so many, so many people that were just devastated. my efforts were concentrated on working with the staff there at arlington, and they were very open to try and make the change. everybody came together for a happy outcome, and we now have the opportunity on december 19th at 2500 locations. and under the guidelines to keep everyone safe, we will be placing the wreaths. brian: it's too bad the president had to step in and say this is ridiculous are. people can wear masks and gloves. you don't want to take a slight little risk for people who sacrificed their lives to fight for the country through 200 plus
5:23 am
years? dan crenshaw said yesterday: i want to hear why we shouldn't honor the fallen. they don't know what they're talking about just like all these governors, all these local officials shutting down people again, destroying people's livelihoods again. they prefer this bias towards action because they're cowards. as americans we need to be -- we need to hold them accountable. well, the president did, others did, and now it's going to happen. so finally, some good news. if you want to help, go to wreaths across go to that military cemetery near you. steve: it is a beautiful way to honor those who have served this nation. and they're not just looking for money, they're also looking for volunteers. all right. a happy edging to that story. -- ending to that story. meanwhile, black lives matter demanding governor gavin newsom appoint a black woman to replace kamala harris. candace owens will have a reaction to that coming up next.
5:24 am
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♪ ♪ steve: listen to this. costco wholesale is now offering a subscription service for private jets. kristina partsinevelos from our sister network fox business is live at the westchester county airport in new york with more on this. so you can now go to costco e and get a lear jet and a 2-gallon bottle of ketchup. how great is that? >> reporter: i know. i need some toilet paper, oh, hey, how about access to a private jet? this is a citation xl, and this membership is 12 months private
5:29 am
jet membership costs a mere $17,a 500 -- 17,00. you get a $4,000 flight credit, you get a $3,500 costco credit, you also get access to live events. costco did team up with wheel's up which is a private aviation company. they say they're more accessible which means they can access 30 planes, they have partnerships -- 300 planes. you can get access to any private jet within 24 hours, 365 days a year. but there's a catch. the catch is that you do still have to pay for your flight. and this is something that the private jet industry is doing now because their industry was hit quite hard at the beginning of the pandemic because they rely on business executives to travel and, of course, no one's really flying, so now they're pivoting and focusing on those wealthy vacationers. that's the reason why you're seeing the collaboration between wheel's up and costco.
5:30 am
and it's $17,500. if that's too much for you, there's a cheaper option that does not include the flight credit, the costco card, and it's a little bit less than $2,000. and, of course, no free samples. back to you. steve: that's right. the free samples are fantastic. kristina, hop in that jet and fly back to the office. good reporting. thank you very much. brian: california governor gavin newsom facing increasing pressure to fill kamala harris' soon to be vacant senate seat, but he says he still has plenty of time to make a decision. >> no timeline's been established, the process is just beginning to unfold. we are working through the cattle call of considerations related to what's the profile, right choice to replace senator harris. brian: wow, here you go. this as black lives matter's global network calls upon the governor to appoint a black woman to fill the seat.
5:31 am
the author of "blackout," candace owens. black lives matter showing their political power and they want with gavin newsom to pay attention. >> and he will absolutely capitulate because he has no choice in the matter. you know what? i have to say good for black lives matter. they haven't been lying about who they are. they've been clear from the beginning, the politicians may have ignored it because they were using them to further their own goals, but we had them years ago saying they view themselves as marxist. they believe in what karl marx believed in, and that really is by any means necessary. they will take by force. they're basically saying your vote can now do as we say, and i believe you'll see gavin newsom will do as they say. this is what happens when you don't have a spine at the beginning. when they're rioting and looting, and you're calling this
5:32 am
a peaceful protest. you start to manifest this idea that they are in power, and you're just a person in office that will do their bidding. he's going to have to deal with this right way, and i will bet you anything he's going to capitulate and put a black person in office. brian: real quick, president obama's volume one of his two-volume set, he comes out and said the reason why donald trump got in office, i'll just paraphrase, is because a lot of people were uncomfortable seeing a black man in the white house. do you see one having anything to do with the other? >> i think it's despicable that he made that statement. barack obama would not have been in office if it had not been because of the support of white people because we live in a majority white people. if any of that was true, he would never have been in office in the first place, and i think it's abhorrent that a leader of this nation would say something so disgusting about the american people. he's the first president to ever do that, and that's sad that's a
5:33 am
part of his legacy. brian: president trump got 7 million more votes, i'm not sure if it's enough, but he increased 8 million more already from husband last election, so i don't know how he explains that. candace owens, thanks so much. pick up "blackout," it's still a best seller. thanks, andres. coming up straight ahead, johnson & johnson launching another late-stage vaccine trial. one trial participant happens to be a senator in ohio, republican rob portman, live. i'm erin. -and i'm margo.
5:34 am
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brian: all right, here we go. fox news alert just in hours ago, pfizer announcing its coronavirus vaccine, 95% effective. steve: sounds fantastic. also saying the vaccine shows no serious side effects which sounds terrific. ainsley: that does. it all sounds great.
5:38 am
carly shimkus is live with what happens next. >> reporter: hey, that's right, good morning, guys. pfizer will seek emergency fda approval to distribute the vaccine in the coming days. now, the company announcing the big news on twitter this morning saying final analysis of their vaccine trials proved it was 95% effective. this number even more positive than what early data suggested. the company says 170 cases of covid-19 were reported by volunteers in their trial; however, only 8 of those had received the vaccine. the other 1 is 62 had the la ceo. and -- placebo. and pfizer says there was no serious side effects from taking the vaccine. this comes just days after moderna announced its vaccine was 94.5% effective in preliminary tests. both vaccines use similar technology. however, the pfizer vaccine needs to be stored at a much cooler temperature. the company says it has created a special storage unit to help
5:39 am
transport the drug. it's the unclear when emergency approval could be granted, but pfizer says it is on track to manufacture 50 million doses this year. positive news across the board, guys. brian bruin all right. get out the alcohol, we're ready to take it. [laughter] you got it. by, carly, see you in the hall. on the heels of the progress made by pfizer and moderna, a thinker vaccine could soon be on the way too from johnson & johnson. our next guest is one of the participants in that trial. steve: ohio senator rob portman joins us from capitol hill. >> hey, steve, good morning. steve: i know you feel like vaccines are the single most important thing we can do to get the country back on track. you got a briefing. you heard that it was tough to get some people to sign up for this unknown vaccine, so how'd you get involved? >> well, at the briefing that i had from a company in ohio that organizes these trials around the country, i found out that they were having a tough time
5:40 am
getting people to join the trials, and more people gets us quicker to an fda authorization process. so i said, what the heck, should i sign up? they said, sure, and if you'd be willing to go public with it, it'd be helpful to get more people to join. second, they're the critically important next step. we're not going to get through the coronavirus and back to a normal life, i think, until we get those vaccines. i'm for masks, i wear mine, i'm for social distancing and more tests, but we really need to have these vaccines, and this is really exciting news. the other reason i wanted to do it is i had been very concerned about the numbers i've seen on people's willingness to get vaccinated. steve: they're low. >> it's very low. when i got into this, it was at 50. now up to 56% of americans willing to get vaccinated, and we need everybody to get vaccinated who doesn't have a
5:41 am
medical issues because this is going to protect them and their families but also our community. this operation warp speed, public/private partnership is really working. this is a great, innovative way for us to do something that's never been done before, never this quickly have we got an effective and safe vaccine to the american people. so great news this morning from pfizer. ainsley: what did you think of governor cuomo's comments about rushing this? he said that it's all about money and ego. he was concerned with how quickly this vaccine is being administered. >> ainsley, i'm very concerned about politicians who are suggesting that somehow the scientists at the fda are not doing their job. they're impugning the integrity of a great group of americans who have worked day and night to insure we have this vaccine ready. so whether it's governor cuomo or some of my colleagues in the senate who are being skeptical about this and giving people a sense this might not be safe, that is really irresponsible. it's playing with the health and safety of the american people really and playing politics.
5:42 am
so i hope that everybody gets onboard here and, yes, it is the trump administration. but, yes, they've done a great job with operation warp speed. and these are scientists at the fda. these are not politicians. these are the people who to best work in the entire world, and we need to trust them, and we need to help america turn the corner here. brian: senator, no kidding. you used to have the checkbook for the country. you know what the president had to do to get through the bureaucracy, to get the military the go, to get fedex and ups ready to help. and in order to do that, he had to buy the vaccines ahead of time. so talk about how new this is. and you do have to give credit to the administration, am i right? you used to be the omb director. >> yeah. i'm the former director of the office of management and budget, and the bureaucracy is sometimes difficult to get through. what the president and his administration decided to do was to go ahead and spend the money now to gun the manufacture of these -- begin the manufacture of these vaccines even as this were going through the testing
5:43 am
process. and at the end of the day, if they don't get the emergency use authorization from the fda, they'll be thrown away. on the other hand, if they do get through it -- and it looks like both pfizer and moderna are doing very, very well -- then we can immediately begin distribution. it was brilliant, and otherwise we'd be looking at months and months -- steve: that's right. senator -- >> it's a good plan, and it is working. the american people are going to benefit from it. steve: real quick final question. so you got the vaccination. any side effects? did you feel okay after you got the shot? >> yeah. i mean, your arm hurts a little bit, but, you know, it's a very thorough process you go through. you've got to reveal everything about your life, be sure your own doctor, if you have one, is onboard, you've got9 to go through a daily diary for the first week, take your temperature, but it's not hard to go through. and right now i'm checking in every monday and thursday with a health care report. i encourage people to sign up. i mean, i think it's a way for
5:44 am
us all to do a little bit to help here, our civic duty. and when the vaccine's available, because it will be safe and efficacious because of the fda following the process -- by the way, this emergency use authorization process has been tightened up to deal with the coronavirus. in other words, it's even more strenuous than it was before. so i think this is a really great opportunity for us to get back to a more normal life, you know? to get back to work, get back to church or your place of worship, you know, get back to a more normal life that i think everybody's desperate for. steve: absolutely. ainsley: senator portman, thank you so much. god bless you for being one of these volunteers. >> thanks, ainsley. it's easy, and thanks to you guys. you guys are always so upbeat. thank you, take care. ainsley: we try. steve: coffee. ainsley: let's hand it over to janice who's always in a good mood too. hey, janice. janice: good morning, what great news, right? optimistic. well, we had a very damaging,
5:45 am
catastrophic hurricane move into nicaragua yesterday. it is weakened, it is going to move offshore, but, you know, to have two category four hurricanes moving into the same area in less than two weeks is just devastating. and you know what? november 30th is officially when hurricane season ends, but you know, this has been a very, well, not a realistic, normal year when it comes to hurricanes, and we still have a couple of things we are tracking in the atlantic. but for now it's quiet, we'll take it. it's cold outside, my friends. temperatures below freezing in new york, down towards raleigh and the southeast where we have freeze advisories still in place, and taking a look at the forecast radar, still unsettled across the northwest with heavy rain and mountain snow, but otherwise a quieter forecast, and we will take that on a mostly sunny but cold day here in new york. all right, back to you, my friends, steve, ainsley, brian, i love ya. brian: i love that map too. it gives me a sense of earth
5:46 am
which still remains my favorite planet. brian is supposed to toss to jillian, and i'm going to do that now. reporter: way to go, brian. a convicted cop killer loses an appeal claiming that his life sentence was cruel and unusual because of his age. trenton forrest resser was sentenced last year. overnight nevada's governor declaring a state of emergency as the pine haven fire intensifies. strong winds fueling the flames near reno. the fire spreading to homes as hundreds more are in its path forcing people to evacuate. nobody has been hurt, and the cause is under investigation. the fda giving a stamp of approval to the first rapid coronavirus test that can be taken at home. the single-use disposable kit delivers results in 30 minutes or less and will cost about $50.
5:47 am
fox news medical contributor dr. dr. nicole saphier joined us earlier describing its accuracy. >> this is actually a molecular test, closer to that pcr. in the data they said when it was compared to a highly sensitive pcr test, it agreed with it 94% of the time with the positive cases and 98% of the time with the negative cases. >> reporter: that's certainly good news. it will be available starting in florida and california and is expected to be more widely available next spring. those are your headlines, back to you. steve: i think it's $50, but you need a prescription. jillian, thank you. coming up, you know her as the pioneer woman with. rhee drummond is going to join us live to talk about her new book and her favorite quarantine sandwich. she's making it right there. good morning, rhee. you're next on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ (burke) deep-sea driving, i see...
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5:52 am
katie pavlich here on the hypocrisy of some of those calls by democrats. and president trump ordering a troop withdrawal in afghanistan and iraq. come join us live from america's newsroom, top of the hour. ainsley: we'll be watching, thanks, sandra. you know her as the star of the pioneer wombing cooking up delicious -- woman, cooking up delicious recipes from her ranch in oklahoma. but in her new book, rhee drummond is opening up about her marriage and raising kids, motherhood and what life is like in the country. in the book she also reveals a new addition to her family. she has a foster son named georgia mar, and joining us now is the pioneer woman, rhee drummond. hey, rhee, good to see you. >> good morning. how are you, ainsley e? the. ainsley: good morning. i love this story. you reveal in the book about your foster son. tell us about that experience. >> well, yes, that's really the first time that i've introduced
5:53 am
jamar to the world. [laughter] he's been living with us for about a year and a half, and it wasn't something that my husband and i had ever really sought out to do necessarily felt called to do, but the circumstances presented themselves to us, and he's basically been a full-fledged part of our family for over a year and a half. because of regulations with state agencies, you know, i needed to not talk about jamar publicly and also i was pretty protective of him, and i didn't want to just suddenly, you know, put him on my social media and then put him in the public life. but he's 18 now, and he started sort of saying i feel like you're hiding me from the world. [laughter] so once he turned 18, i felt like it was time to share, and he's very happy to have his story told. ainsley: yeah. well, i know that you are so blessed to have him in your family.
5:54 am
but, gosh, he got a great family too. i know he is just pinching himself. this is probably a dream come true for him, a beautiful story. and in the book you talk about your marriage and parenting during corona. share one of your favorite stories with us. >> oh ors gosh. well, see, i was writing this book, when the sort of shutdown happened and everything went down in march. and so, you know, i had sent two girls off, and the boys were really busy we football and school. so i had this nice life for myself where the house was empty most of the day. and so i was writing this book, essays of my life, and then everybody came home, and it was, you know, my adult daughter, my college daughter, my adult daughter alex's boyfriend, my nephew and then, of course, my two teenage boys plus my new son jamar. [laughter] so our house was full.
5:55 am
i have to mention that all of the aforementionedded kids are over 6 feet tall pretty much. [laughter] so, you know, it was -- ainsley: look at that gorgeous family. all right. i know you're making something. what is that? is that a recipe you came up with during quarantine? >> it actually is, ainsley. so i call this sandwich the best sandwich i made during quarantine, but it's actually probably the best sandwich i've ever made. and it's one of those things that feeds a crowd. it's chuck roast, you dump a couple of bottles of pepperoncini in, some italian seasoning, and you cook it down low. so i put it on top of a toasted bun, and i toss it with provolone, stick it under the broiler, and then here's what really makes it the best sandwich i've ever made, i caramelized onions, and i put those on top of the melted cheese -- [laughter] and so my daughter alex, her
5:56 am
boyfriend maurice owe was home during this march/april time frame with us, and i made this sandwich and then he proposed to my daughter. so i'd like to take credit for that. [laughter] ainsley: oh, congratulations! now you have a wedding to plan. well, congratulations. the book is called -- i know, it's so exciting. gosh, you did a great job raising those kids. all right, frontier follies is now on sale. you can pick that up, please go support her career, she's a friend of our show and always so sweet. god bless you. more "fox & friends" moments away. so shark replaced them with flexible power fins to directly engage floors and dig deep into carpets. pick up more on every pass with no hair wrap. shark vertex with duoclean power fins.
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>> when you're aware from the television have the news wherever you go, download the fox news app at your app store. >> sandra: this is a fox news alert. for the second time in 24 hours a county in the state of georgia has discovered more than 2,000 votes that were not counted. good morning, everyone. i'm sandra smith. hello, trace. >> trace: good morning, i'm trace gallagher. workers found more than 2700 ballots on memory cards in fay yet county that weren't found. officials say it's human error. the president's team is claiming there may be more out there. >> the reason you have the audit. you know they'll make mistakes and you find and correct those


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