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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 2, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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when blm protesters broke into macy's, but when someone goes on fox to complain about the lockdown's, show up in force. we'll be back tomorrow in the meantime, from new york, sean hannity right now. >> sean: all right, tucker, by the way, need a place for you and your family on christmas. i have a hideaway bunker, the government g will never find us. you are welcome to join me. >> tucker:r: man, that sounds like fun. christmas in the bunker. hai'm there. >> sean: it' what we do have the government didn't tell us what to do? everyone has assessed the risk. of course, we have to protect p the sick and the elderly. we are doing that, and people hopefully will listen. whatly you have a place at our christmas table, the whole family. speak to you thank you, sean. >> sean: tucker, thank you. welcome to "hannity." this weekend, the president is going to hit the campaign trail.
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sean, we need to. balance of power in the u.s. senate. it is at stake. make no. mistake, critical to senate runoffs. democrats upped their usual tricks. now a group founded by stacey abrams under investigation tonight for trying to register out-of-state voters and eligible voters, even apparently dead voters who had we will have a full report tonight. later, james o'keefe joins us foree an exclusive interview. brand-new tapes. never seen before. supposing more corruption, more dishonesty, more abuse of bias at fake news cnn. oh, humpty dumpty's network. tonight's exclusive tape is far beyond anything you've seen before. we will also bring you the very latest from the protests that tucker was just showing in staten island where that former bar owner was arrested for refusing to close his pub during the pandemic.
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but first, unlike the media mob, unlike big tech companies, we don't censor the president on the show. we never will. l.they didn't fit obama and the mob. no, they didn't do anything. they protected him. they lied about russia, the advanced conspiracy theories. on this program we got it all right. we've been vindicated. we dug deep for three years. we've been exposing biden family, financiall corruption since 2018 when secret empires came out. 2018, we started. the mob, they covered it up all through the election and beyond. we petted obama, they helped him hide. they now ignore real whistle-blowers. i thought they loved them. they hadad celebrated one anonymous hearsay whistle-blower as a great, courageous patriot. we've got to praise and admire, protect all of these whistle-blowers that come under the penalty of perjury, have signed legal affidavits. ii want to talk about that.
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we don't want to cover them. they don't want to interview them. we will tonight exclusively coming up on the show. we start with the president of the united states, donald trump, who has an important message about november's election. may be the most important speech. let's go to part of that speech. >> we used to have what was called election day. now we have election days, weeks, and months. and lots of bad things happen during this ridiculous period of time. especially when you have to prove almost nothing to exercise our greatest privilege. the right to vote. as president, i have no higher duty than to defend the laws in the constitution of theef united states. that is why i am determined to protect our election system which is now under coordinated assault and siege. for months leading up to the presidential election, but we were warned that we shouldes not declare a premature victory.
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we were told repeatedly that it would take weeks, if not months, to determine the winner, to count the absentee ballots, and to verify the results. my opponent was told to stay away from the election, don't campaign. we don't need you. we've got it. the selection is done. in fact, they were acting like they already knew what the outcome was going to be. they had it covered. and perhaps they did. very sadly for our country. it was all very, very -- >> sean: we will post this all on yeah, we remain independent. we are not going to follow the mob. we never have, we never will. the present is right. we have a duty to investigate every legitimate claim of fraud and abuse. every american should be shocked by what we heard to the core from witness after witness these last two days. wewe told you. remember kaylee mcelhinney came on every night since
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election they are called legal affidavits under the penalty of perjury. that is actuallyhe called evidee in aac murder trial you have a eyewitness. that is called evidence. that testimony can bring a l.t. verdict. coming up, we will bring you more allegations from credible whistle-blowers who will join us and have comere forward to share their first-hand account. we will let you decide. this includes several poll watchers, pretty spectacular and scary stories.l also tonight just moments ago we heard even more compelling testimony from the state of michigan starting with these remarks from the trump campaign attorney, rudy giuliani. take a look. >> everything i am presenting to you i am presenting with a lawyer. these are the words of other people. and in your case in the state of michigan, people who are citizens of the state. who observed voter fraud. i must say, observe fraud on what i would consider -- i would also consider myself an expert
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on prosecuting fraud. i would consider a massive amount of evidence. and they alleged mass shooting particular on the part of the democrat party of detroit. >> sean: the mayor's claims -- severally eyewitnesses, whistle-blowers coming forward, sharing alarming accounts of these irregularities in the state of michigan. includinghi this poll worker frm detroit. take a look. >> basically what they were doing is entering all of these ballots so they can count those ballots. that's what i thought. but they were not following the procedure. and also backdating. >> the supervisor you originally had -- did you observe her coaching voters t to coach for biden on the democrat ticket?
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>> yes. when i am entering the ballot, they are telling me to do the number second -- the date to be the second or number four. which date was initial on the ballot, number four to number six. i couldn't do it. >> so how would you describe how they treated you and how you reacted to it? >> they treated me like a criminal. they humiliated me. harassed me. so intimidating. i mean... it was so bad. >> sean: hundreds of people signing legal affidavits. ask yourself, did that woman's testimony -- did you find it compelling? i did you find her credible? credible.r
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did you find her believable? i found her believable. hundreds of them. these are not hearsayl. whistle-blowers, that was a hearsay whistle-blower. courageous, brave, and patriotic. shouldldus be protected. during that witch hunt, the media -- they demanded we all know bravery, that courage. all of the hearsay opinion whistle-blowers. take that one claim, that anonymous person very seriously. you might remember. >> this whistle-blower, why want to say is a patriot because what he did is he said listen, i saw something during my time, right? i have a responsibility to inform. and i'm going to follow the proper channels. >> first, let's applaud them for their patriotism. in spite of the fact that the president of the united states was also the commander in chief has attempted to smear them and
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threaten them. they still have had the courage, i believe they have love of country to come forward and let the american people know what really happened. >> i just like to say to these whistle-blowers and potential whistle-blowers -- you are the patriots. you are the ones who care about thistr country. >> we are not going to disparage this whistle-blower. this is been deemed a patriot by the inspector general. >> i want to thank the whistle-blower for their coura courage. >> sean: phony, faint hypocrisy. i guess it's to be expected. flash forward to the date we will hunofhundreds of whistle-b. first-hand evidence, money signing sworn affidavits under the penalty of perjury. all are putting their names, reputations on the line. they are willing to bravely come forward. but the media mob, the democrats, they want no part. they won't even err it. now, you know, that doesn't
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benefit them politically. that the only reason. just like hillary's dirty russian dossier didn't benefit them. just like premeditated fraud on a pfizer court didn't impact their candidate or their president. just like a real quid pro quo. corruption in ukraine, kazakhstan, china. russia. that didn't bother them either. total, completely ignoring what our very serious allegations of election fraud and abuse. and it's not just michigan. it is nevada. we are now being told that 15 witnesses will be coming for what their allegations in the next day, including claims that over 130,000 votes in that state were counted illegally. now for example, one whistle-blower claiming that over 40,000 people actually voted twice. 23,000 ballots were mailed to out-of-state voters. that's m illegal.
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1500 from people while voting from beyond the grave. and tomorrow, that will be televised. that court proceeding detailing these accusations. we will have all the details here. we stay independent. this comes as a brand-new legal challenge. 40,000 votes in the state are tainted with issues. inadvertently canceling belts, people voted twice, upstate new york and congressional race separated by 12 votes. the republican is leading. hanging in the balance. theyey just turned up today. 11 of those ballots are likely from unregistered voters. that means 44 t new ballots will be counted. wonder if it will lead democrat? mail in ballots with 27 times
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greater than it was in 2016. 27 times. they didn't use the same standards. senator ted cruz pushing for a u.s. supreme court decision to get involved in another aspect of the constitution as it relates to mail-in balloting in pennsylvania. good case, good point. he points out democrats in pennsylvania unilaterally unconstitutionally changed state election laws that are contradictory to the constitution to benefit biden. some of which were counted way beyond the state deadline. in a statement, this appeal argues pennsylvania cannot change the rules in the middle of the game. and don't forget to come up before coming u.s. senator ted cruz successfully brought cases before the u.s. supreme court. that is a serious case.
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breaking moments ago, republican lawmakers in pennsylvania called on the state's governor they are to convene a special emergency session of the general assembly focused on election oversight and integrity. we will always continue to bring you these instances of irregularities. we will remain independent. we answer only to the truth. we follow only the evidence, only the facts, the good, the bad, the ugly. quite frankly the way this election was conducted in multiple states was beyond ugly. it's corrupt. it shouldn't take weeks and weeks to count and find ballots had to be can't have uncounted ballots showing up here, there, everywhere. we shouldn't be using voting machines that democrats, the media, and republicans allll criticize. we shouldn'tep rely on widespred mail-in ballots, we shouldn't have elections in perpetuity, we should look at the jimmy carter james baker report after the 2000 debacle.
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seems pretty obvious, but bipartisan election observers ought to be able to watch the vote counting up start from start to finish. that didn't happen. in anyro state. or to share their stories, to poll watchers who are now blowing the we have greg with us, 2020 poll watcher from the state of pennsylvania. and braden was a poll watcher from the state of michigan pet i hope i said that right. by the way, christina cuomo is back with us. we had a hard time getting her last night. christina, let me start with you. you s were yesterday. i want you towi finish. we have so much to say to so many people, so many people commented on your parents last night. >> yeah, it was really interesting. a lot of the hatred that i have received. you know, i have been involved in politics, i have debated politicians on a local network before. i've gotten insults and hate. and i don't really care. but what bothers me is people
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calling me a liar. that is what is upsetting to me. people are just so consumed with their irrational hatred for donald trump. they forget that h they were lol elections asge well. we had john james, we had our congressional races, we had all types of races on that ballot that have also been compromised as well. those local elections in practice even more because those are the people who make direct decisions that impact our day-to-day lives. some people are so consumed with donald trump that they are ignoring these horrible election irregularities. and it is t frustrating. we are just trying to tell people what's happening and they are just calling us liars because they are so consumed with their hatred for donald trump. i have talked to people who say it like -- i'm not going to vote again after this. because they feel like they have no voice, they feel like they have no power.
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this is what's going to happen. if americans don't speak up, we will have a nation where we have no power. our founders created a nation to empower the everyday. citizen. that's whyhy they left europe. they didn't want a monarchy. hepeople are cheering for us to create this monarchy in our nation where we have no authority of citizens. that is going to be dangerous. >> sean: i hope you consider it hosting a show, because i think you'd be great at it to be honest. thank you for telling us. everything you saw and the importance of it. greg, you testified in the pennsylvania legislature here in gettysburg. you talked about usb cards that were uploaded to voting machines that are missing. you talked about how it impacts as many as 120,000 votes. these being uploaded at least 24 times without any poll watcher. can you tell us what you saw?
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>> sure. there was a couple of different components. theypl are used in the voting machines, they come out of the skin is,d they are used to uplod into computers at the counting center. that is how it reported. so those are all supposed to come back with the ballots, with a cartridge, with paper tapes by the election judges. they are also supposed to come into the voting center. what we found which is a bunch of baggies that came in. usb sticks and paper tapes and cartridges all taken apart. it was a destructive process. but 396 precincts reported. the next morning, the day after, the day after, the voting machine i witnessed 24 plus times with 24 sticks actually. uploading votes from usb six. i objected, i saw law enforcement over.
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they said you are in an observer there's nothing you can do. after i finishedld uploading th, they made him update the vote. the difference was 50,000 votes -- that was 50,000. the mail-in ballots, we had to file a court order through the lock project. helped us file a lawsuit. we had to get an order from the judge. he allowed us to get in for 5 minutes every two hours. it took us three days to enforce the order even though it only took an day to get the order. by the time i got there, none of the ballots were counted. we had a universe of 126,000 mail-in ballots. 126,000. we found 70,000 unopened mail-in
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ballots. now, we don't know where they went. we don't know why they weren'ton counted. but we can't figure out why there was 70,000 unopened ballots. so in a nutshell, we had 50,000 usb votes, 7,000 mail-in ballots, and then we had an addition to having that process, all custody sheets are gone down as well. as of today, -- excuse me as of today they were 47 usb sticks missing now we understand that there is 64 usb sticks missing which comprises thousands of votes which are now in question. that's it, they could be >> sean: no, thank you, greg. thank you for telling your sto story. you have also signed a legal affidavit, correct? >> yes. >> sean: you know that if you liey in that affidavit, that's perjury, right? >> that is true. >> sean: let me go to braden. braden, they could. i might have budgeted your name. if i did, i apologies.
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you talked about voter intimidation, how hostile people were to the g.o.p. observers. the room erupting with cheers. why don't you tell us what your story was? >> i am an unaffiliated voter. i'm not v a g.o.p. person, i am not a democrat, i am not a republican. but i got called in -- i received a note that said that they received a bunch of ballots in the middle of the night and they didn't have enoughof peopl. so i got trained by the g.o.p. and they brought me in and the first thing that you noticed after just being in their little while was the animosity that you felt from a lot of the poll workers. shortly after getting into the room, they started boarding up the windows and they kicked a bunch of us out. under the guise of lunch. so they used lunch as ann excuse to get people out of the room and then they locked the doors and when let them back in. there was no food for the republican poll watchers.
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but that is small potatoes compared to what youou see next which is throughout the day, they wielded covert as a weapon to keep you 6 feet away from the table so you can do your job. they picked us off one by one throughout the day to uproarious laughter and cheers for almost the entire room. this video of it online. you can see, you can hear how loud the cheering is. and you can't hear the derogatory and sometimes racial remarks that were slurred at us as we got kicked out of the room. by the end of the day, there were enough of us left. at the end of the day, there's only a few of us left to make sure we are challenging the ballots. one of the things i noticed, a stack of at least 35 challenge ballots, challenge stickers on them that were at the table that i was at. i assume that what i'm about to tell you help and at tables as well. i noticed one. they had the challenge sticker on them.
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because they weren't in the poll books. so they could have been fictitious voters. there is no way to prove that they were what they were saying. but they were just pushing them through. so they would enter them into the digital poll book and then they would give it an address and name and there was no way for us to check orono or validate anything they were doing there. theyhi could have been answering any fictitious thing they wanted. any time i wouldio try to go in and check, they would laugh at us. they would say you can't do that, you can challenge this. and then somebody would immediately swarm in. some poll worker or supervisor would come in and another supervisor, pretty soon i was sworn by 3-6 people and they are all time to get away, you are going to kill my people. wielding the covid has a weaponi one of them actually said you are holding the pen the wrong way and you are threatening people with the way that you were holding your pen. it was absurd. and so they -- >> sean: can you hear me? you are not the only one that
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saw the birthday of 1/1/1900. and you signed a legal affidavit under the penalty of perjury, correct? >> sure. but when i would try to challenge things that were clearly inaccurate like a mismatchedwa ballot, i saw mismatched belles lettres as well, they would laugh at you and say you can't do that. immediately, a democrat operative would come in and start trying to agitate you and get you really worked up. i'm an engineer, i'm pretty methodical. i made it about ten hours in this democrat operative comes out to me and start threatening me and come accusing me of covid stuff, giving me the covid could run around. they'll start seeing the same thing. and then he melts back into the background. with a satisfied look on his face knowing that he has caused me a problem. so now the table supervisor comes up to me and says you know, give me the covid runaround i.d. starts muttering something to me about something
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that may be super uncomfortable. and he said something to the effect of i will kick you out of here. and i look at him quizzically and i said what? what did you just say to me? and he said it again and again and i said -- i raise my voice and i said are you threatening me? base and wanted to make sure that other people would notice this. and as i did this, he waved the cop over and without questioning the cop just took me out of there and i went. and that's how it went for everyone that was a g.o.p. person in that room that night. andan when i got kicked out just like with everybody else, i got a thunderous applause, cheering at me just like everybody else out.ot thrown >> sean: that should not happen to legal partisan observers that have the right to be there. thank you for sharing your story, all three of you. thank you all. when we come back, kayleigh mcenany is speaking. she will give us her update all coming up next and also
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senator kennedy, what is at stake in georgia. james o'keefe, new tapes about fake news cnn pay it. ♪
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♪ >> sean: breaking tonight, the president and his team, campaign have filed a lawsuit in wisconsin, his personal capacity. that is in addition to the very strong suit that was filed yesterday. joining us now with more come updating us on everything is kayleigh mcenany. i need to go back to one thing. you have been on a lot since election day. you have come on this program, and you have shown this audience all the affidavits, and you've told them, told us what is in it. you've been called a liar by the mob and the media. you never lied. for now we are hearing directly
10:30 pm
from people. p that's called evidence. that is actually introduced in real trials in america. let's get an update where we are. we have a new development in nevada tonight. >> yeah, very important, sean. you have hit the most importantr case. you are exactly right. we were to leave a blank affidavits in these binders, they weren't. they were under penalty of perjury. than we were told these people don't exist, well, they do, because we have heard from them on the show, these whistle-blowers. now tomorrow is the next step. this is the first lawsuit where you are going to hear from these voters under oath, in a courtroom. we are allowed to bring cameras in, so 12:00 p.m. tomorrow, a nevada court room, you will hear from these witnesses under oath. more than that, these witnesses saying someone voted in my name, you will hear from experts who say i've dug into this, expert witnesses who have been deposed by these leftist attack dogs, survive these depositions, and will save we found 103,709
10:31 pm
ballots coming down to the number we believe were illegal ballots. you will hear all of that tomorrow, live on television, in nevada, and people will speak yet again for all of the world to see. >> ted cruz was one of alan dershowitz's best students at harvard. he has set it on the program. he laid out the constitutional issue in pennsylvania that i find extraordinarily compelling, how they violated their own constitution with a late change in the law. if the supreme court takes that, that could change things, in my view. that is a real case. >> it's a big deal. ted cruz is an expert litigator who has been involved in election litigation for a very long time, knows his stuff. the case he is referring to is froms congressman mike kelly. he conceded on the merit, the middle level court, succeeded on the merit, it went up to the
10:32 pm
nevada supreme court, which we know is 5-2 democrats, who dismissed it. >> sean:n:] indistinct] >> that's right, pennsylvania court, i should say. they did not dismiss it on thebr merits, they said you brought it too late. ted cruz is exactly right, the supreme court should take this up. could be a game changer. one of the best lawsuits outside of nevada and our wisconsin state suit. >> sean: if the court takes it, the constitution is clear. this is ae clear violation. that is what also makes the wisconsin lawsuit yesterday particular -- i have not had time to review today's -- such a strong case, also. >> yeah, that's exactly right. these are clearex violations of law. pennsylvania, you have the pennsylvania constitution which has a sacrosanct rule for absentee balloting in the legislature, and they went around their own constitution without amending it. in wisconsin, very clear, where wisconsin says we have detailed procedures for absentee voting
10:33 pm
because we know mail-in voting is subject to fraud,, and what did they do? indefinite confinement. these election officials, there are four levels, you have to fit into 1 of 4 categories if you don't want to show your i.d. and want to vote from home. they say if you fear covid, just stay home, don't show your i.d., we will send you a ballots. clearly flouting what wisconsin laws said. these laws are there for a reason. the constitution is there for a reason, to protect the sanctity of the election, which was simplyhi not protected in so may of these states. >> sean: i want to remind people, when you show people the affidavits, you knew what was in them and you were telling this audience. now that weth are hearing from people, it's that much more compelling. real people under the penalty of perjury really doing this. they will do it under oath in a courtroom tomorrow in nevada. kayleigh, you've been great. think he was always for the update, we appreciate it. it takes a lot of time. straight ahead, a group founded by stacey abrams under investigation, as we told you.
10:34 pm
senator kennedy will join us for what is at stake. we are scheduled to have rudy giuliani on. obviously, that hearing is going on long. we will probably dip in at some point of the night to get an update, and try if he can't make it, rebook him as soon as possible. james o'keefe and his undercover fake news cnn tapes, that is coming up straight ahead. ♪ now, simparica trio simplifies protection.
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and simparica trio is demonstrated safe for puppies. it's simple: go with simparica trio. this drug class has been associated with neurologic adverse reactions, including seizures; use with caution in dogs with a history of these disorders. protect him with all your heart. simparica trio. ♪ >> sean: all right, joining us not to talk about the importance and investigations of irregularities in the great state of georgia, senator john kennedy. you know, senator, i'm worried about these rhetorical runoff races, january 5th. i'll tell you why. i'm worried because of what we know happened with stacey abrams and mail-in ballots. we don't have a governor that is willing to call the legislative
10:39 pm
session. i believe needs to be called the fix problems. the two signature verification systems, democrats sued and won, dumb decision by the secretary of state, and i just don't know if that is going to bleed over into this race. if it does, the country is in deep trouble. >> sean, the secretary of state in georgia has about 250 investigations ongoing already of alleged voter registration irregularities. one off those is one of miss abrams' organizations. that is an indication of how bad mistakes are. let me speak very plainly for a second. >> sean: shocker. [laughs] >> unless you have the iq of a root vegetable, you know how important this election is. it is a second presidential election.
10:40 pm
why do you think president obama and mr. biden are going to georgia tore campaign? they are going to treat this as a second referendum on president trump and his accomplishments. furthermore, if we lose in georgia, senator schumer, senator bernie sanders, speaker pelosi, congresswoman ocasio-cortez, are in charge. now this is america. they are entitled to their opinions, but in my opinion, their ideas are barking mad. barking mad. do you really want to be governed by neo-socialist? so my message to the good people of georgia, i'm not trying to mess in your business. i know you are sick of politics. but please, take the time and make the effort to go t vote. look at it this way. if dead people can do it, so can
10:41 pm
you. >> you know, i don't think i can say it any better. don't they need to change what we now know didn't work, you can't have from mail-in ballots one signature verification system and another one for same-day voters that have to show voter identification, that have a state system where their signature is verified they are for the governor says "i have no authority" -- he has the authority to bring the legislature back to a session. he does have authority. the secretary of state is too busy fighting lindsey graham and donald trump to care about that dumb deal he made. >> well, the republican senatorial committee and the rnc, we are not depending on anybody. we have well over a thousand people on the ground, not only asking people to go vote, but watching for irregularities. that is not just on election e day. that is now. we have. lawyers ready.
10:42 pm
for all of this is for not if people won't vote, and i want them to understand how high the stakes i think the president understands how high the states are. he is going there saturday. and i think he is going to speak straight up to the people of georgia. i hope he does. this is a second presidential election. president obama and mr. biden are not going down there to play golf. >> sean: i don't think joe is up to it, no offense. looks kind of weak. not sure he can get through five holes. senator, well said. the people of georgia, your country needs you desperately. >> thank you, shawn. >> sean: thank you, sir. let's just dip in. we were supposed to have mayor giuliani on. he is obviously at this hearing in michigan, and let's just dip in from the house of representatives hearings on voting irregularities, hearing from, yes, witnesses, monica
10:43 pm
palmer is the chair of the wayne county board of canvassers in michigan. >> and that is what i was trying to accomplish. thank you. >> i understand, and this mighti not be related, but in lavonia, i heard, because we had a statehouse race there that was pretty close, a couple hundred votes, and then what i understand happened is that somehow, they can't recount most of the precincts. can you explain that? >> sure. so, if you have 103 ballots that are issued, people pass. if you have three individuals who spoil their ballot, they make the mistake and say "i need a new ballot," so you issue another one. so now you have 106 ballots that have been issued. he only have 103 that are counted, and you have three ballots that are in an envelope for spoiled ballots.
10:44 pm
>> sean: every night, we are going to continue every night, we are going to be highlighting all of the witness testimony that the mob and the media ignores. which they shouldn't ignore. real whistle-blowers. anyway, when we come back, project veritas, james o'keefe, t,tonight a new exclusive tape. more undercover tapes exposing fake news cnn, yes, as blatant hypocrites, liars with a huge bias. shocking. straight ahead. ♪ shocking. shocking.
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♪ >> sean: all right, tonight, more explosive tapes from inside fake news cnn, humpty dumpty's network, released by project veritas, tonight revealing how their network chief, humpty,
10:49 pm
jeff zucker's stenographer, instructing his staff to not cover news bad for joe biden and democrats, essentially be an extension and arm of the democratic socialist party. you can hear z i zucker being concerned about election integrity. we let you decide. >> trump continued to undermine election integrity with faceless claims of fraud and continuing to do it. whether or l not trump himself s a national security threat, in light of what he is doing and what he did in the debate. >> sean: now listen to liberal -- not covering the hunter biden laptop story that revealed that joe biden liedd about his sons nefarious oversee dealing and broke open -- by the way, we have been covering
10:50 pm
this is peter schweizer's release of "secret empires." they, like, stalk us. old time hannity stockers, full-time stoc fox news stocker. >> breitbart, fox news rabbit hole of hunter biden, i don'tbi think anyone understood last night. "the wall street journal" reported they revealed, the records showed no role for joe biden on the chinese deal. >> obviously, we are not going with "the new york post" story right now on hunter biden. >> hey, jeff, the burisma story, should be awful careful about that, obviously. but i do think is a story is what in the world what they are doing between that story.
10:51 pm
>> sean: a senior vp at cnn name cynthia hudson, claimed the reason th the presidents support with the cubans in south florida is surging is because they are attracted to "bullies." wow. that cuban support, trump is "terrifying." take a look. >> the communism, socialism rhetoric, and part of his [interesting] for cubans in - miami. the only reason they are supportingpo trump is the fact - i have to say, a population that is very attracted to bully's fear of a countering it properly. in florida, the cubans are going to vote for trump, and that is terrifying. >> sean: by the way, they're saying project veritas might have broke laws, they had no
10:52 pm
problem running tapes of melania trump, that's right, secretly recorded.rd joining us now, project veritas ceo and founder, james o'keefe is with us. thank you for sharing these again, james. it's very clear, they make this comment about china, for example. hunter biden doesn't have anye experience with china and private equity, that we know. how did he get a $3.5 million, you know, wire transfer from the first lady of moscow, a russian oligarch? we know he had no expanse in oil, gas, energy, ukraine. that is not a story? >> hearing the vice president of cnnn say obviously, obviously we should not cover "the new york post" story, what is so obvious about it? why is it obvious we shouldn't report on something newsworthy? the son of the vice president. hearing zucker say you are a national security threat if you look into evidence of voter fraud, we did that in minnesota and texas, by the way, not cash
10:53 pm
exchange for ballots. a national security threat if you investigate, investigative reporters are supposed to investigate and find evidence. this is not any journalism i know. the president of a news conglomerate to be ordering, ordering his troops, ordering his reporters to not look intont facts, and the fact that zucker would call the police to threaten me with the rest for quoting him, i think zucker may have met his match, because maybe we are the only reporters who are not yes-men to him like his troops on the phone calls at cnn. >> sean: by the way, have they ever run privately recorded tapes, tapes people didn't know were recorded, they ever run them at fake news cnn? n >> i mean, they did the melania trump recordings, like you said, sean. it is not about that, it is not about journalis journalism ethi. we go where people don't go. nobody tells me what to do, and i know that you are someone -- >> sean: by the way, nobody tells me what to do, either.
10:54 pm
in 25 years, i don't get told what to do, and when i say i don't have to vet this show, meaning through management, believe that everything we do on the show. >> zucker is different. he is telling his folks what they should not do. he is telling his reporters -- they are projecting onto us but they do. they are using that psychological projection technique, which we talk about, they are accusing me of doing what they do every day. >> sean: you know, what is amazing, i said in 2007, journalism is dead beer if i am a talk show host, james. i'm like a whole newspaper. i do news, we've done enough enough investigative reporting, you are aware of our work, russia advised nonfamily corruption, and we also give opd culture. they say they are just news. that is the big guy you are exposing here. they are not.
10:55 pm
they are lying. >> sean, i'll tell you what you. people me of editing tapes or being unethical, and in response to that and zucker threatening me with the rest for quoting him, which is ironic, we are going to head and release the raw tape, rod recordings every day until christmas. we have over 50 calls, and they will wish we have edited the tapes, the full raw tapes, maybe twice a day, and show what goes on in these full phone calls, show how they make the sausage and manufacture the most trusted name in news. >> sean: "most trusted," that is a joke, right? we will have you back with more updates coming in. james o'keefe, you share your great work. more hannity after this.
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♪ >> sean: unfortunately, that's all we have left tonight. please set your dvr. we hope you never miss an episode of "hannity." we will continue all week. as long as real americans that sign affidavits that are
11:00 pm
eyewitnesses to corruption that happened, realav whistle-blowers are telling their story, we will bring them all to you. i know the mob and media, they have their agenda. ours is independent and telling the truth. we will continue that. let not your heart be troubled, more truth with laura ingraham as she takes over. you are always telling the truth. >> laura: hannity, i am so glad you covered that staten island>> test tonight. that's a really important sign. it's something that we talked about many times over the last -- i don't know how many years, about the need for republicans -- especially conservative republicans to have a strategy. new york has signs of life for the conservative movement. they will get a taste of what things are like under this super majority democrat in the state. they are getting a big taste of it right now. i think you are seeing signs of life. it may be starting inin and staten island. >> sean: by the way, you and


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