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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  January 21, 2018 8:30am-9:01am PST

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>> dickerson: today on "face the nation," congress shuts down the government on the first anniversary of the trump administration. the political finger pointing is in full force all the way from capitol hill. >> happy anniversary, mr. president, your wish came true. you wanted a shut down, a trump shut down is all yours. >> we do some crazy things in washington, but this is utter madness. >> negotiating with this white house is like negotiating with jello. it's next to impossible. >> to the white house where callers were greeted with a recording saturday. >> unfortunately we cannot answer your call today because congressional democrats are holding government funding including funding for our troops and other national security priorities hostage to unrelated immigration debate. >> dickerson: on day two
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washington's mess is already spreading around the country as some landmarks shut down and nonessential government workers have been furloughed. can the president, republicans and democrats work together to reopen the government. house speaker paul ryan, white house budget director mick mulvaney and the number two democrat in the senate richard durbin are all here with us today. we'll also have plenty of political analysis to make sense of it all. and i'll have some personal thoughts on my last regular turn as host of this broadcast. it's all coming up right now here on "face the nation." captioning sponsored by cbs good morning, welcome to face the make i'm john dickerson. it's day two of the shut down but on d ay three when most federal employees go to work, the effects will really kick in. can congress and the president overcome the paralysis and work together to reopen the government. we we again today with house speaker paul ryan. welcome, mr. speaker. >> thank you. dickerson: where are things in this negotiation as of right
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now? >> first let me just say, your last show hanging out with the likes of ryan and mulvaney, you're in for serious upgrade, congratulations on that. to the serious point, we're still in shut down, we're waiting for the senate democrats to open the government back up. that is solely done by the senate democrats, it's absolutely meaningless. they shut down the government over a completely unrelated issue and the bill that they're opposing is a bill that they support which is just baffling to us. children's health insurance, funding for our troops are keeping the government going they shut it down over unrelated immigration issue with a deadline weeks away, what's so baffling about this was, we were negotiating in good faith, on daca all the same. we want to solve this problem so it's not as if we were saying no way, no how, no discussions. they blew up the negotiations that were already underway. >> dickerson: get to some of those issues, where are we right now is there an agreement to maybe get something going here before people go to work?
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>> we're basically waiting to see today whether the senate will vote on this or not and have the votes. as you know the house passed a bill keeping the government dash. >> dickerson: what is going to change if they vote on that? >> what leader mcconnell will offer one that has different date on it. we passed a bill keeping thing funded through february 16 he's going to bring up until february 8th. we have agreed that we would accept that in the house, we will see some time today whether or not they have the votes for that. that's where we are right now. >> dickerson: you talk about blame for democrats all that, they're not the only players in this,-1, donald trump as civilian said it always happens to be the top. i mean the problem starts from the top have to get solved at the top. the top he was talking about was the presidency. why is this president who came in as a negotiate who are said he was going to fix washington why is he not contributing to this problem that we have? >> as republicans, we have some experience with people gestures like government shut down. you want to see some quotes, let me give you one. open the government when you
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open the government we'll open negotiations that was dick durbin-14. >> dickerson: the president same came in, washington is broke i'm going to fix it. is. >> this is why he ran. this is what everybody -- donald trump didn't shut down the government. why did they call this schumer shut down. >> dickerson: republicans calling it the schumer shut down. >> here is the thing. if he had blamed they shut down the government with no end game in sight. i frankly don't think they felt we were going to pass our bill. when we did funding children's health insurance, keeping the troops funded, preventing it is medical device tax from kicking in in a few days which was everyone's health care costs, they would not pass that bill. that has nothing to do with president trump. >> dickerson: i'm not trying to assign blame just figure out what is going on here. that is a very familiar play. we've been here before. >> it's futile. dickerson: i want to know why a president who came -- what's
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gone wrong? why has he not -- he diamocaine as the great negotiator. what sit that made it impossible for a person who ran on fixing the system unable -- >> it's a good question. we're so baffled. if we were saying, for instance, we're never going to do a daca solution we're going to kick these kids out. then i might understand democrats getting frustrated. but what's baffling about, john, we were in negotiations on how to solve this problem and then they blew that up and stopped these negotiations. we have kevin mccarthy, house republicans who was negotiating with dick durbin and other leaders, that's what's baffling. >> dickerson: two republicans in the senate who voted against this, roughly similar reasons the president has been a moving target, mitch mcconnell in the senate said, we're spinning our wheels until we know where the president s. democrats felt like, this is their case, they felt like he was moving target let's use this moment of leverage as republicans did with
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obamacare-1. >> which didn't work. and something they cared about. i guess the question is -- where is the president on this issue. >> dickerson: is he going to stay in one place? >> i think what president should do is leave room for negotiation to get a solution. that's exactly what he's doing. basically saying in addition to daca solution we have to have border security including funding for a wall. he wants to get rid of the visa program and move from a system of immigration based on family relations to one based on skills and merit for what the economy needs, perfectly common sense. here is the issue, if we simply did daca without incumbent reforms then you'd have a daca problem five years down the road. we want to fix the problem and the root cause of the problem. daca is a symptom of a broken immigration system. we want to fix the root cause of this problem, while we deal with daca so that we don't have 700,000 more daca kids in five years, that's perfect common sense that's all the president is saying. >> dickerson: i want to see if i
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can get your reaction to trump campaign has run, an ad they're running in the middle ever these negotiations where everybody is thinking the other side has bad faith let's watch a little bit i want to get your reaction to you this affects things. >> president trump system right. build the wall, deport criminals, stop illegal immigration now. democrats who stand in our way will be complicit in every murder committed by illegal immigrants. >> dickerson: democrats complicit? >> certainly not helping us keep the government open. not helping us get to a solution on immigration. when you shut down the government you stop negotiating on immigration reform. they're complicity with not getting things done. >> dickerson: are they complicit in murders? >> i'm not going to comment on that. i just saw that. i don't know if that is productive. it's no secret the president has strong views on immigration what is not productive is pointless government shut down that the senate democrats hoisted on this country just so you know you said this in your opening, tomorrow people don't get paid. people get furloughed. we have soldiers fighting for
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us, troops overseas fighting for us who will not be getting paid. this is ridiculous. we've done this before. it didn't work. it's not working now. let me just give you a -- >> dickerson: wait. this question is important, i'm sorry tonight runt, in 201 the president then candidate trump said sheer is the truth the government doesn't shut down all essentials services continue, don't believe the lies. son this question of the military. in 2013, the payments continued they don't continue now -- >> i've looked at a lot of facts r facts. >> dickerson: it's quite a volatile thing to say they're not getting paid. >> their payment gets deferred. h. >> dickerson: why couldn't congress have fixed that. >> we passed the bill it's sitting in the senate. >> dickerson: democrats didn't filibuster the payment for the troops. >> we passed the -- pays the park service, border patrol. people doing basic health research. >> dickerson: in the 201 they did get paid. >> their pay gets deferred.
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let me just say something. i believe in immigration reform. if i persuaded i'm willing go to shut down the government not going to pay our bills unless i get my way. it's politics of paralysis. >> dickerson: you're taking all the quotes i'm going to read. >> i'm saving you time. mispoint, this is ridiculous. we'll get back to negotiating. >> dickerson: let me go back to this. you said the ad is not productive. here is the concern people had. this is a fight over this moment. but it's opening up this larger pretty ugly debate, that ad suggests basically the democrats are for the dangerous people, we're for the good americans. when he gets into that kind of debate he gets very elemental and you start saying things and creating moves that can't be healed. do you worry about that? >> we should open the government back up and resume negotiations which we're going on in earnest, in good faith before they blew things up and shut down the government. >> dickerson: can you give me your assessment of the president as a negotiator on this can daca
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situation. >> i talk to him all the time. in addition to daca solution he wants to secure the border including the border wall, here is the problem. if we have an illegal i will breaks problem we say we're going to get legal stat us to this group of people, sympathetic as they are, i don't want to see these kids deported. then you don't fix the problem you're going to have more people saying, come to the country illegally, seen or later i'll get amnesty, that is incentive structure. what you want to do fix the root cause of the problem, we don't have control of our borders, we have a broken immigration system. while we address this symptom of the problem. that's what the president is saying, that's perfectly common sense. >> dickerson: let me ask you about congress. that is a problem for awhile, daca as has children's health insurance program. in a functioning congress when daca is thrown back into congress to deal with, you work through the process, you get piece of legislation, you vote on it. the same with reauthorizing children's health insurance. those things have not been tended to by -- >> you know why?
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we passed it three times now in the house. >> dickerson: all the senate's false? >> we passed the chip program. that is the third chip long-term reauthorization we passed in the house. the senate democrats have filibustered it. we passed all 12 appropriation bills for all of government last september in the house and the senate democrats have been filibustering those bills. we passed in december funding for these natural disasters in the hurricanes and senate democrats have filibustering the bills. the point i'm trying to make the senate democrats have chosen filibuster chip, filibuster appropriations, filibuster getting these things done then blame the dysfunction on everybody else. the point i'm trying to makes if you want to get these problems solved, open up the government, resume negotiations and let's solve these problems. >> dickerson: their argument would be, if you want to get the problems solved in the senate where you need 60 votes, you need to do a little outreach and be ready if you're going to say it's my way or the highway, be recognized -- >> bring a bill to the floor.
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take appropriations. you know you can get bipartisan in the house and senate the president would be on his desk in minutes. >> bring bills to the floor and see where they go on appropriations, bring bills to the floor see where they go on all these other issues. here is the problem. the democrats filibuster even considering these bills and that is why we have this big pile up and with respect to daca, it's really important, we want to fix the root cause of the problem while we address the symptom of the problem that's perfectly common sense. just so you know, john, we had good faith negotiations on this issue underway until the senate democrats chose to shut down. >> dickerson: they can speak for themselves their argument they weren't in good faith. the president said i'll take a deal, the deal was put before him he didn't take it. >> i would take issue with that but go ahead. >> dickerson: there some bipartisan agreement that could be put on the floor of the senate. it was end run around the negotiations we had. the -- we had a negotiating format up, they brought other
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bill end run around it, the president doesn't support it, we don't support it. what we're saying iss let's stick with these negotiations. we had kevin mccarthy the majority leader of the house, dick durbin the minority whip and john cornyn of the senate in negotiations, they try to bring some end run around that it the president doesn't support that we wouldn't support. we will support a bill that the president supports to fix this problem and that means fixing that problem more comprehensively so we don't have another daca problem five, ten years down the road. >> dickerson: a final political question, 2018 there are some retirements, threw go -- are you going to be speaker if you have majority in the next congress? >> this we keep the majority republican speaker you're asking me if i'm going to run for re-election. that is a decision my wife and i make when we are in wisconsin. i'm not going to share my thinking with you before i talk to my wife. >> dickerson: it's my last show. >> i have no plans ongoing anywhere. that's something that my wife
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and i always decide in late spring of the election. >> dickerson: what are you -- i'd like to get back to work make sure that we don't defund chip and stop funding our troops. >> dickerson: mr. speaker, thanks for being here. >> congratulations. dickerson: we turn to white house budget director mr. mulvaney where the administration stands in this impasse. welcome, mr. director. >> it's a pleasure being here. congratulations on the new gig. >> dickerson: thank you, the president said this shut down would be a present for him, his son, eric trump, said this is good for the administration. why is it good for the administration? >> i don't think it's good for the administration. the president's comment is correct that i think one of the reasons you asked mr. ryan one ofhe questions why are we doing this, why are we here right now. i think part of the reason is that this is the first anniversary of the president's inauguration. i think the left wing of the democrat party is extraordinarily disappointed with how the first year has gone because the president has good many successes, the tax bill,
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success in the stock markets, advances that we've had in employment. and i think one of the reasons you're seeing the democrats pick this fight right now, reason that it is different, has in the past because here we are on the first anniversary, should we be be talking about successes instead talking about radio shut down idea why is it considered a present and why is it good you? said it was cool to shut down the government. people are one hand being told this is great disaster for military families then these other signals. >> my comment was that i just thought it was interesting from academic standpoint after all rife been through in washington, d.c. to learn on friday afternoon that the person who actually physically sends the instructions to sort of shut the government down to go through the appropriations is the director of the office of management and budget which is me. didn't mean i like it. administration has been very straight forward. we do not want this shut down that's why you see the president work so hard, why we're so frustrated that senate democrats can't figure it out. >> dickerson: i'm confused about this military thing.
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here is what congressman mulvaney said in 2013 during the last shut down about it. you said in fact about 75% of the government is open for business. and so you said back then, you said in the meantime you should know that our troops are still being paid and social security checks are still going out. so why was it true in 201 when you said troops are still being paid not true now? >> couple of things. social security checks do go out, will go out, social security is not impacted by any government shut down because the money is mandatory and not appropriationed. on the military here is how it works i have much greater understanding of shut down now that i'm the omb director. they will go to work, they do go to work, folks who are in military, overseas, folks here at home will go to work. they just don't automatically get paid. what has to happen congress has to go back after the shut down is over and vote to pay them for the time during the furlough. >> dickerson: senator brought up a vote to pay them while the shut down was going on, that
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vote didn't -- mitch mcconnell didn't bring that up for a vote. why wouldn't congress -- the white house executive branch do everything they hack to take care of the troops while this is being adjudicated? >> couple of different things. i understand several of those unanimous consent request came up in the senate on both sides. for example, i think mitch mcconnell brought up nanus consent to take before 1:00 tomorrow morning that was objected. to when you get to those unanimous consent request those are procedural votes it goes to sort of the dynamic flow in the senate. but as to the impact of the shut down on people, the president made it very clear friday night we talked late friday right before the lapse came into place. i want to you dover you can to make sure this impacts as few people as possible. we are going to run and are running the shut down very differently now than the obama administration ran in 30201. you cannot convince me that the obama administration did not weaponize this for political purposes. president has told me, make sure as many people can go to work on monday as they can.
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make sure you use every tool legally available to you to get as much of the government open that's what we'll do. >> dickerson: people are saying that's what the -- the word weaponize saying things about military that are not true in order to put political pressure. >> perfectly clear on the military, same is true for the military folks, same true for folks guarding the southern border, fighting fires, they have to go to work, they will go to work, they will be continuing to guard the country and do the necessary and important work that they're doing but they have no guarantee of getting paid that's not right. >> dickerson: but they will get paid at some point. >> every single time congress has voted to go and pay them retroactively and we support that. >> dickerson: any doubt that they will not be paid? >> no. i absolutely believe -- i tell you congress -- i never thought we'd get to this because gibb you asked mr. ryan question what's different. this bill would have passed in a previous congress, this bill is something that the senate democrats are opposing but they don't oppose. that's new, that's a strange new
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world in washington politics. >> dickerson: i want to get your views on what i was talking about with the speaker the larger atmosphere and talk about immigration here. the attorney general said this this week, what good does it do to bring in somebody who is illiterate in their own country, has no skills is is going to struggle in our new country and not be successful. in 2015, dave weigl interviewed you you said, i've heard lot of arguments about unskilled labor but if that were the case my family would not have gotten in here from ireland, they were unskilled workers they helped build this country. not quite xenophobia but moving that way. are we moving towards seen know phobia? >> i think recognition that the immigration system in the 212st century needs to be different than it was in the 19th century when my family came here. every other nation has a system where you have to show merit. you have to show contribute to the economy, even if you go back to the 19th century when my
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folks came in, yours did as well, they had to have a certificate that said they would not be wards of the state. i think that's what we're trying to get back to, we want folks who will contribute to the economy and mover away from chain migration and hover towards merit based. >> dickerson: you said this in 2015 it wasn't the 19th century you were making a claim about the tenor of things some people are worried that things end up as you predicted with a message of xeno phobia rather than traditionally welcoming message. >> we're interested is in folks coming into this country who be can contribute that ever qualifies as xeno phobia. >> dickerson: thank you nor being with us, we're out of time. we'll be back in a minute with the number two senate democrat, richard durbin. times and bad t through good at t. rowe price we've helped our investors stay confident for over 80 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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bp's natural gas teams use smart app technology to share data from any well instantly. so they can analyze trends and stop potential problems in their tracks. because safety is never being satisfied and always working to be better. >> dickerson: we're back with the senate democratic whip, richard durbin. there seems to be deal in conversation about opening the government up, funding for a few more weeks if there's a promise that there will be ultimate vote on daca, can democrats agree to it? >> we're working on it.
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i'm glad we are. i'm sorry we're in this situation but i think it bears repeating how we got here. the republicans are in control of every branch of government. the presidency, of course, the house, the senate. through their nominees the supreme court. and the republicans are in complete control of the business that comes before the house and the senate. speaker ryan is friend of mine, another midwesterner he overlooks the facts that the president challenged us on september the 5th to deal with the daca problem. and as yet we haven't seen any hearings on any bills in the senate. >> dickerson: the senate needs 60 votes, democrats are voted not to get to 60. >> let me just add, i think this is key, why we call it the trump shut down, there was an effort made at the invitation of president trump for chuck sewell tore come to the white house on friday and avoid that. they sat down for lunch, four of them, both president, schumer, john kelly, mike lynch, they reached a basic agreement.
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in that agreement chuck schumer made major concessions to get this job done. two hours later the white house called said it's over, we're not interested. >> dickerson: i want to get to the concessions in a minute. a little sloppiness, why not keep the government open and figure it out you're pretty close. >> this is the fourth continuing resolution there's been a consistent failure by republican leadership in congress to deal with these critical issues. we don't want to see this situation is currently exists we want to see a solution that has meaning. one that will serve this nation. we are lunching from one resolution to the next. the secretary of the navy said continuing resolutions cost the united states navy $4 billion. enough for us to make sure not only sailors are paid but that we build the resources we need to keep the nation safe. >> dickerson: democrats are contributor rein this mess, by choosing to force this into a shut down situation, everybody is now going into their corners, president is running the ads that he is, does that bee foul things so badly that you can't
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get an agreement. >> it doesn't have to. january 9th you might have seen the president left the cameras on in the cabinet room we sat with him. i was sitting right next to him as fourth time we've ever had a conversation. we were talking about daca and dreamers, the is the said, you send me a bill and i will sign it. within 48 hours lindsey graham, republican of south carolina and i presented a bill to him which was summarily rejected. what happened to schumer happened to us. we can't reach the agreement we need for this nation without leadership from the president. >> dickerson: let me interrupt you there. we'll be right back. we'll need to take a break we we'll need to take a break we have more questions for the senator we'll be right back, stay with us. starts a chain reaction... ...that's heard throughout the connected business world. at&t network security helps protect business, from the largest financial markets to the smallest transactions, by sensing cyber-attacks in near real time and automatically deploying countermeasures. keeping the world of business connected and protected.
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