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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  December 14, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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weekend could be a matter of life or death. >> the 11:00 p.m. news on ktvu fox 2 news starts now. monster waves as high as 40 feet are expected this weekend along the coast. good evening everyone. with rough weather and dangerous conditions brewing, san francisco officials sounding the alarm now. the danger from the surf is expected to be highest on sunday and monday. san francisco officials urging any beachgoers to stay away. ktvu's debora villalon is live in san francisco with more on why officials are so concerned. >> reporter: we are at fire station 18. it is first in it is first in line for rescues at ocean beach with its rip currents. now with the giant waves coming, it may not be possible to try save someone. friday at dusk the surf at ocean beach messy and wind driven but no hint of the spectacle ahead. >> don't go see it. right?
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we are telling you to do something else. >> reporter: emergency services and the fire department are out with a warning. >> stay off of ocean beach and to remain on the sidewalk. >> reporter: 40 to 50-foot waves so perfect for the mavericks south could be disastrous for the casual beach goer. >> if you are on the sand you could be swept into the pacific ocean. the waves are big enough they will reach in or go over the sea wall. >> reporter: at ocean beach an adult wading ankle deep could be pulled out to see. to have waves moveitute a parking lot -- move out to a parking lot -- a football field away? . >> it is possible. t is possible. >> reporter: they are taking the warning seriously. >> i would heed to it. better to be safe than sorry. no reason to take those chances. >> reporter: ocean beach is so popular. surfers are also asked to stay
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away to avoid giving the impression it is safe. on it is safe. >> be a role model. lead by example. assist us. >> reporter: fire crews last week tried to revive a man who drowned surfing here and this weekend if someone gets into trouble it is possible no one will come. >> our rescue swimmers may not be able to enter the watter if it is so severe. >> reporter: victims may have to wait for a helicopter rescue team to get to them. a half hour away. >> half hour, 45 minutes during a rescue. most -- almost always results in a body recovery. >> really scary. >> reporter: he has no plans to get in the water but he will come to watch. >> look at the giant waves. >> reporter: from the sidewalk or the sand? >> from the sand. as close as i can get. >> reporter: you are who they are warning about. >> yes. >> reporter: we checked in that restaurants with the beach
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views, expect to be busier an usual with people who want to see the waves. that advantage point through windows, safer and warm and drive. reporting live in san francisco, debora villalon, ktvu fox 2 news. >> you are right about that. thank you very much. because of the waves the mavericks surf competition will likely not happen till after monday. er monday. the rain and wind will make conditions too unsafe to hold the competition but officials say they are monitoring the conditions and are hoping to call it on tuesday or thursday. a new report from cal fire details the injuries to firefighters during the deadly camp fire last month in butte county. in the first 24 hours of the camp fire two firefighters and a fire captain were over come by flames and injured. the inmates ran into fences and the captain was burned. in a separate incident a
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propane tank exploded injuring two firefighters. cal fire says when the fire reached paradise the fire spread from building to building, similar to the fire in germany in 1942 during world war ii. accusations against pg&e, regulators say they falsified gas pipeline safety records for five years. it is raising concern about the accuracy of pipeline locations. ktvu's amber lee is live after talking to advocates and a state senator about the concerns. concerns. >> reporter: they are critical of pg&e. they said it puts the safety of public and crews at risk and they are calling for harsh penalties. penalties. >> the california public utilities commission said an investigation by its staff found that pg&e did not have enough employees to fill requests to find and mark
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natural gas pipelines. >> hidden from view, a complex network of wires and pipes that carry electricity, cable tv, natural gas. >> reporter: in pg&e's own campaign video call 811 before you dig they urge anyone who plans to do excavation work to contact pg&e to find out if it is safe to do so. >> digging blindly could lead to disastrous results. >> reporter: regulators found pg&e pressured supervisors and locaters to complete requests for finding and marking pipelines under deadline, leading staff to falsify data from 2012 to 2017. >> we were really shocked by this one. honestly. inan bruno pg&e would be accused of this. >> after the needless deaths of eight people they are still falsifying records, putting customers at risk is absolutely appalling.
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>> reporter: in response to california public utilities commission, pg&e said in part, we are aware of and cooperating with the california public utilities commission's investigation. we are committed to keeping customers, communities and co- workers safe every single day. a state senator, a pg&e critic, says he is not surprised by the california public utilities commission's findings that utility falsified data. >> the surprise is that they got caught officially by the california public utilities commission. >> reporter: in pg&e's 2018 gas safety plan which we found online it says it installed 2500 pipeline markers and repairs were made to 900 existing pipeline markers. pg&e says it monitors its system on a 24 hour basis. >> they lied. we heard that over and over again by contractors who work with pg&e all the time. they can't trust them until someone goes to prison. until someone spends time behind bars we are not going to see the culture change. >> reporter: the california public utilities commission opened a proceeding to consider
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penalties and directed pg&e to take corrective measures and a judge will be hearing testimony from california public utilities commission and pg&e. live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. a judge in texas has struck down the affordable care act also known as obama care saying it is unconstitutional. today's ruling was on a lawsuit filed by the state of texas with 19 other states. the lawsuit argued obama care could not stand on its own ss c right now there is no immediate word what the ruling means for people enrolled or enrolling for coverage. california and other states vowed to appeal the ruling. president trump tweeted in response to the ruling saying wow, but not surprisingly, obamacare was just ruled unconstitutional by a highly respected judge in texas.
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great news for america! and house minority leader nancy pelosi also responded criticizing the decision. she said tonight's ruling exposes the end game of the gop's assault on people with preexisting conditions when democrats take the gavel the house will intervene. before the president tweeted about the affordable care act he made his selection for the white house chief of staff after chief of staff john kelly stepped down. budget director mick mulvaney may not be the bathroom choice. bathroom choice. is -- the permanent choice. the permanent choice. >> reporter: the president is bringing in the third chief of staff but it does come with a catch. it is acting white house chief of staff. there is no word if this job is permanent. >> reporter: a friday surprise, the president tweeting the white house budget director mick mulvaney will be taking over for chief of staff john kelly. kelly served in the role for the last year and a half. ear and a half.
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mick mulvaney saying this is a tremendous honor. i look forward to working with the president and the team. it is going to be a great 2019. the president has said he wants someone he gets along with and sources say president trump likes that mick mulvaney is a former member of congress. >> i want somebody that is strong and that thinks like i do. it is my vision. it is my vision. ion. >> reporter: it ends speculation since the president announced john kelly's departure. the president tweeting for the record there were many people who wanted to be the white house chief of staff. names floated for the job, the vice president's chief of staff, north carolina representative and former governor chris christie -- former governor chris christie. the question is if the acting chief of staff title is a sign he may not be planning to stay for long. >> it is a killer job.
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it is a killer job ob in any administration. it is double so in the trump administration because of all the things that come at you. >> reporter: an official said john kelly is pleased with the choice. mick mulvaney's deputy will take over as directer for now fox news. president trump's former personal lawyer michael cohen speaking out for the first time since being sentenced to three years in prison. >> i am done with the lying. i am done being loyal to president trump. >> michael cohen said president trump directed him to make hush money payments to two women during the campaign. they both claim to have had apairs with donald trump. the president -- affairs with donald trump. the president denies the affairs. and said he never asked michael cohen to do anything illegal. michael cohen disputes that. michael cohen is due to report
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to prison march 6. u.s. stocks closed lower today as traders worry about weaker economic growth in china. dow fell 800 points. nasdaq lower abye 159 and s&p 500 -- by 159 and the s&p 500 fell 50. a storm system bringing inches of rain. i will time it out for you for the weekend. >> two oakland men are giving back this holiday season. the make over they gave to a homeless man who says he feels like he won the lottery. >> excitement in san jose outside the sap center as michelle obama's booker to comes to town. we will tell you what he said and how she reached a helping hand out to volunteers and community members.
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two oakland men decided this holiday season they wanted to give a homeless person a makeover to do something nice
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are someone less fortunate. ktvu's rob roth tells us the men came out feeling like they got more than they gave. >> reporter: two friends decided they didn't want to just talk about helping people this holiday season, they wanted to do it. >> let's find a homeless person and give them a makeover. >> reporter: and they say it couldn't have been more gratifying. the two men say they set out monday morning looking for a homeless person willing to accept help. >> we went up to a couple people and they were like get away. >> reporter: they came upon a man living in a tent. a 72-year-old who they call mr. norman and his dog. they video taped the encounter. >> we have seen him with his christmas hat on and a puppy. >> reporter: he said he is a recovering drug addict, a grandfather who hit rock bottom
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and stayed there. they are struggling themivals but they took him to a -- themselves but took him to a store and bought him clothes, bought him food and got him a makeover and they gave him $500 in cash. they hadn't seen him since the day they helped him so they decided to come back here where they found him to see if he was still around and there he was. he showed us the bicycle he bought with the cash they gave him. he says the generosity he received will push him to get off the streets. >> nothing will change till you change yourself. >> reporter: that remains to be seen. there is no happy ending, at least not yet but for them, the
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happy ending is in -- >> i am grateful. >> reporter: rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. the raiders marshawn lynch opened a restaurant in emeryville. today was the opening day. named after his best friend who was shot and killed in oakland 7 years ago. the menu features burgers and sapped welfares and chicken wings. -- sandwiches and chicken wings. a sign saying no phone zone could be seen around the res. pay attention and talk to someone. >> i like that. california's public bus fleets will transition to electric power by 2040. they voted to adopt the mandate today in sacramento making california the first state in the nation to commit to the transition.
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the regulation is expected to cut down on green house gas emissions. that is the equivalent to taking 4 million cars off the road. former first lady michelle obama is in the south bay tonight. she addressed thousands thousands of people at the sap center as she dressed her new book. ktvu's jana katsuyama reports people called the address personal ask moving. onal ask moving. >> reporter: cheers as michelle obama took the stage. a sold out crowd of more than 12,000 people that sap center in san jose came to hear her talk about her book, becoming. >> it is a messaging to young people but to all of us. >> reporter: the book is about her life and her search for herself as she becomes older. wiser. taking on different roles. change that she says all people should embrace. especially young people as they
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go through life. >> you have so many lives to live. you know, you have so many mistakes you can recover from. so much you can learn from. don't beat yourself up. i will be 55 on my debris -- burg day and i am -- birthday and i am still becoming. >> reporter: she talked about friendships across political parties. explaining the moment george h. w. bush passed her a mint. her a mint. >> they were old. they were old. i was like these are white house. how long have you had these? these? >> reporter: michelle obama said one of the most important things her parents taught her was compassion and empathy. >> the one thing my parents always did for me is to understand people in their full context. . >> woman who lived that height of american politics but to many feels down to earth. >> friendly neighborhood
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person. >> young people and older citizens to come together and do good things for our country. >> i started crying. >> michelle obama serves as an example that as long as you are persistent you will become something you only dreamt of being. >> reporter: many people said michelle obama reserves 10% of the tickets for community members, volunteers and students. giving them also a seat inside the room. reporting from san jose, jana katsuyama, ktvu fox 2 news. all right. the weather today drizzly out there but that is just a warm up for the bigger storm about to come. let's talk about rainfall and what we have seen since october 1. for san francisco you got 4.31. normally you are 6 this time of year. that takes you to 71% of
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normal. 80% of normal in santa rosa. 75 oakland. 68 in san jose. we could use some rain and we are going to get some. and we are getting holiday cheer there as we look outside. beautiful, right? but we have drizzle still happening. santa rosa 51. san francisco 56. oakland 55. livermore and san jose at 52 degrees. a live look at live storm tracker 2. there we are. we cleared out. we have clouds rolling in and drizzle that is happening but nothing significant falling. that is what we will see over night tonight. tomorrow we start off with spotty showers and cloudy drizzle again. a break into the afternoon. i don't think we will be dry but it will be a little time tomorrow afternoon. future cast, here we are. we go into saturday morning and there we have with the clouds and drizzle. then we get into sunday. this is 6 a.m.
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this isn't the front. here it comes. that is the storm system that is coming sunday afternoon and that is the one that will deliver rain totals. how much, half inch to two and a half inches. north bay mountains 2-1/2 inches. sierra snow 6,000 feet, one to two feet of sierra snow. your 5-day forecast, tomorrow drizzly. not too bad. cloudy skies. it is sunday that we will see the significant rain coming in later in the day. it will get nasty, windy. not pleasant, people. take my advice. don't plan to be outdoors on will clear out monday morning and then we get back to normal. >> thank you. the 49ers will try to reverse their fortune when they take on the seahawks this weekend and the warriors looking to rebound.
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tonight they were in sacramento. and scott reiss is up next with sports. ith sports. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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s warriors and the kings. scot with more on that. >> when they lost by 20 at home
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on wednesday the critics were on high alert. tonight a different kind of disaster. steph curry in sacramento. scored 10 points in the raptor loss but not an issue today. 2nd quarter. corner 3. dubs by 12 at the break. they are cruising. 3rd quarter. off the miss. off the miss. green. klay thompson jamming. more dubs. curry. give it up. get it back. he had 35. warriors by 14. the kings come back. a one point game in the 4th. big time follow jam. warriors by three. 5-1/2 to play. who is your buddy? a triple. a 25-5 run. up 10 with 3 minute to go. are the warriors going to lose?
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kd drive and the damage. a 4 point game. kevin durant had 33. a minute to go. thompson for three. the dubs close it out on a 17-2 run. and they win 130-125. the 49ers and seahawks play twice a year but they have become rivals in name only because one team owned the series for too long. seattle won 10 straight against the 9ers. last san francisco victory december of 2013. shannon aware of the trend and would like nothing more than buck it on sunday. buck it on sunday. >> you hear it anytime someone speaks of the seahawks, it is something we are not proud of. been since 2013. not all of us have been there since then but it doesn't matter. matter. it doesn't matter. it is not going to go away till we win. hopefully we don't have to hear
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it after this weekend. . raider news. this is his third suspension in four seasons. and back by popular ded mand. -- demand, the skating pup. >> st. louis blues had tension so they brought in the lab to lighten practice. seriously, how adorable is that? puppy with a puck. >> warriors could have used that a couple years ago. >> yes. >> there you go. your friday sports. >> thank you. that will do it for us tonight. modern family is next. >> good night everybody. ♪ toyland, toyland
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