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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  July 5, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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countries who leave us alone but will not forgive or forget one who screws with our democracy. mr. trump needs to say this whether he wants to or not. his silence will be viewed as weakness over there, unpatriotic, agency it should be seen, here at home. that's "hardball" for now. thank you for being with us. "all in" with chris hayes starts now. tonight --? putin has done an amazing job with our president has not been able to match. >> ahead of his meeting with vladimir putin. >> it's pretty clear -- >> new fears from inside the white house about what donald trump will say to putin. >> russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails. >> new evidence that investigators are focusing in on. alleged trump will pursuit of
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hacked clinton e-mails. >> plus -- brutal new number for trump in the senate as republicans find new ways to avoid protesters. and just how low can poll numbers go? >> i think my poll numbers show that i don't care about political optics. >> the new chris christie defense of his day at the beach. >> good evening. the president of the united states is in poland where he'll spend the day tomorrow before heading to a g-20 summit in germany. it is all counting down to the main event on friday and that's the first face to face meeting with russian president vladimir putin. who according to the u.s. intelligence committee personally directed russian interference in the 2016 election. the president's high stakes foreign trip, his second in office, comes at an especially
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tense time. right after north korea tested an intercontinental ballistic missile according to analysts might have been capable of reaching alaska. the president responding to the launch. north korea has just launched another missile. does this guy have anything better to do with his life? hard to believe that south korea and japan will put up this. longer. perhaps china will put the move on them and end this nonsense once and for all. >> we're still adjusting to a very different american role on the world stage. all eyes will be on the president's first in person end count we are vladimir putin, a former kgb agent. putin is known to be a skilled manipulator. he charmed george w. bush who described looking putin in the eyes and getting a sense of his soul. and he once brought his dog to a meeting with angela merkel who reportedly has a fear of dogs since being bitten by one decades ago.
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are the u.s. president has proven an easy mark for putin's flattery. >> he called me a genius. he said some good stuff about me. had and they said we want to you disavow that statement? what? he called me a genius and i'll going to disavow that statement? how stupid are you. we want you to disavow the statement. wouldn't it be good if we got along with countries? wouldn't it be a positive thing? >> since taking office, the president has been swayed to take saudi arabia's side with yemen and qatar following his lavish saudi arabia visit. he changed his mind about china's ability to affect north korea after a brief conversation with the chinese president saying, after listening for ten minutes, i realized it's not so easy. then there's time the president revealed highly classified information to the ambassador and the foreign minister during a meeting in the oval office, a meeting that was taken at the request of vladimir putin.
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>> it was set up. a while ago. i could have waited. what does does it make? when i spoke with putin, he asked me whether or not i would see lavrov. >> she called him crazy, a real nut job. tell the russian diplomats, i faced great pressure because of russia. that's takenov. are putin goes into the meeting with a clear agenda that includes easing ukraine related sanctions and zurg return of two russian compounds in the u.s. which were seized by the obama administration in retaliation for russia's election interference h.r. mcmaster told reporters last week, we have no specific agenda. it is whatever the president wants to talk about.
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>> they done know what he will say or do. a list of tweet-like sentences he could bring up with putin. it will include russia's efforts to disrupt the 2016 election to the president's benefit. efforts that are now the subject of a criminal investigation involving some of the president's closest aides and associates. i'm joined by the msnbc reporter. and lawrence, the former secretary of defense now with the center for american progress. >> describe how preparation would normally be going into a meeting, this first big face to face with putin, given how thigh stakes are, how strained the relationship has been. >> well, first of all, you would have a written document. longer than tweet length. giving the president some back ground on first of tall interaction between other presseses and putin.
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putin has been in office since 2000 although dmitry medvedev took over briefly. you would have the u.s. president interwith the states of russia. then what are the key objectives? what there russian objectives and what are the objectives the president should make? it has to be at the top of the block. it has to be the meddling in our elections. not just the cyber attack and the election but fake news. things they're still probably doing. today using their bots, their facebook trolls. the factories they call them. second, he has to say stop invading the neighboring countries in europe. and you have to make piece this ukraine. and by the way, you have to stop the cyber attacks. then you get to syria and north korea. >> so lawrence, one of the things we've seen, it has been a
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very clear theme. we've seen in it china and other places. the president will hear something new for the first time and turn around and take it as fact. you would imagine a lot of potential for putin to introduce a whole bunch of things that donald trump maybe hasn't heard before that might make him that much more sympathetic. >> no doubt about it. and trump is a very imus thattive person. he is likely to rein fact way his advisers would tell him not. to it is not just a question of not being prepared. he does not understand international politics. that's very, very year when the statements he's making, for example about, north korea. the chinese should do it. the chinese have different interests. they're not worried about a north korean missile attack because they don't think it will come against them. they're worried that refugees pouring into their country. if north korea should collapse.
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or the united states and south korea being on their border. so he doesn't understand that. and you hope that when they talk to putin, she just mentioned a couple issues. i home they get to syria. we'll have to decide. isis is about to be defeated. what happens next? how do the russians get sflang do we divide the country along the euphrates? these are key issues that need to be dealt with right away. >> go ahead. >> i was going to say, i totally agree larry. >> president trump needs to say, we need to cut a deal. if he does, he'll have a terrorist insurrection that he'll have to deal with until the end of his days. if you want a stable syria-russia, come to the table and make a deal. >> all of this seems like it
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would carry a degree of staff preparation and strategic forethought that really does seem absent. the people around him say, he doesn't doed agendas. he goes to the meeting and rolls with it. one of the key staffers, a woman by the nail of fee owna him. she is at the nsc. she has written a book very critical of putin and the regime. and there's a back and forth about whether she'll be in the meeting. it is a signal about where exactly this administration is. >> well, that's the thing. >> i assume that was directed at me. we're reading tea leaves. the administration has not put out a strategy on russia. we don't know what their objectives are. >> that i believe h.r. mcmaster and fmpbl fiona will be putting
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out the information. >> you can imagine, this is part of the paradox in the heart of all of this. things moving in opposite directions. you can imagine the national security council teeing up a bunch of steps. the president getting in there and really liking vladimir putin and bonding over things. next thing he's saying, no one ever talks about it but crimea used to be part of russia. >> and look what happened in the meeting with lavrov. he got information that's classified. things like that. we don't have the same interests they do in a lot of parts of the world. so yes, you have to worry that he's liable the let something split. he doesn't seem to know the
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various degrees. and he's no dummy. i think he will egg him on to get information. it is almost surreal. the president once referred to him as the stable mate because they appeared on the same program. >> thank you. >> joining me now, political analyst, national corresponden., >> i want to start with you. part of psychology here is so easy in some senses to read. it is not that complicated. you've written about it. the idea that he likes, the president likes people that say nice things about him. and he has intern re, interpret vladimir putin saying nice things about him. a lot of the things i've read, it hand actually been real cheer
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leading but you can imagine a point of flattery does seem to be quite effective. >> absolutely. i remember when i interviewed him, he started talking about how he judges whether a reporter is a good report he. and it came down to whether they said nice things about him or not. and he basically sorts the world, he sorts the press, world leaders, politicians, into two categories. there are pro trump people and anti-trump people. the pro trump people are winners and noble and heroic. so putin was one of the very few world leaders who staked out territory in the pro trump area pretty early on. so in his mind, like you said. he is whipped up this straf ganlt idea. and clinton has been flattering him but he hasn't gotten to the
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extremes. they're going to be in a room together. if putin wants to get things out of trump, he clearly knows the way to do it. >> the sort of national interests of a country that has had multiple state election agencies compromised by what appears to be a very sophisticated effort by the russians. and there is to way to push them together. >> you're right. >> i think there are two major differences between trump and putin that pertain to this meeting. one starts with, putin is very smart. he is a student of psychology. i'm not talking about textbook psychology. as he student of people. he is a great ma anymore lator. he spent a lot of time thinking about donald trump, obviously. donald trump on the other hand
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is a student of nobody and nobody. a lot of it is driven by what he's heard someone say about him good or bad. the second thing i think you referred to in your question, which is that putin, although he is kind of a kleptocrat. he has a sense of his national interests. he wants the arena of power in the former soviet states. he wants to push back on nato. he wants to hold on to crimea and possibly grab ukraine. and trump, and he wants to establish, i believe, a pushback on the liberalism worldwide. and establish a back lash. authoritarian back lash. trump really doesn't have a world view. he doesn't have a sense of our american interests. he has a sense of trump's interests. and right now, those interests are making nice with vladimir putin because of his fears of what may or may not be known.
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what happened during the election. he has no curiosity. i mean, people seem to think he won't even bring up the election meddling. >> that's remarkable. >> i found this to be a chilling sentence. the two people close the mr. trump said they expected the men to bond over their disdain for fake news. russia is a place where journalists end up murdered not infrequently. the thought of that, what do you make of that? >> yeah. >> that's striking and unnerving. trump would not be the first president to bond with kind of autocratic leaders. nixon meeting with the leader of china, saw him edit the front page of the national paper in china and said i wish i had that power. it is one of the many parallels
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between richard nixon and donald trump. i am struck in the lead-up to this trip, he spent the lead-up to this trip picking had feuds with morning talk show hosts, tweeting insane gifts about beating up, i would not be surprised if he opted to forsake the election meddling to rell in their disdain for the media. >> did that catch your eye as well? that line in the "times"? >> absolutely. they'll also probably bond about their disdain for hillary clinton as well. >> that's a joke but also entirely possible. a long possible topic of
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conversation. >> when you looked at his body movement, they really seemed to be bros. really having a great time. i anticipate the same chemistry with putin. putin will put a lot of time and thought into creating it. >> thank you both. >> thank you. coming up, new evidence that investigators are now looking into allegations that people in the trump world sought out hacked e-mails from russia. nick was born to move. not necessarily after three toddlers with boundless energy. lower back pain won't stop him from keeping up. because at a dr. scholl's kiosk... he got a recommendation for our best custom fit orthotic to relieve his foot, knee, or lower back pain, from being on his feet, by reducing shock and stress on his body with every step. so look out world... dad's taking charge. dr. scholl's. born to move. you...smells fine, but yourin your passengers smell this
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hey you've gotta see this. cno.n. alright, see you down there. mmm, fine. okay, what do we got? okay, watch this. do the thing we talked about. what do we say? it's going to be great. watch. remember what we were just saying? go irish! see that? yes! i'm gonna just go back to doing what i was doing. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. tonight, an article about an attempt to obtain hillary clinton's 33,000 e-mails from russian hackers has been contacted by investigators. matt tait stated he was an unnamed source in the first "wall street journal" sxarl identified and provided documents for the follow-up story. after those articles were
5:20 pm
polypublished, he wrote a piece titled the time i got recruited to collude with the russians. i can lay out what happened, he wrote. facts from which readers and investigators can draw their own conclusions. his piece is a full accounting of the report in the "wall street journal." he reported that peter smith had initiated an effort to obtain clinton's deleted e-mails from russian hackers, and while doing so, he implied he had a direct line to michael flynn and to the trump campaign. it is in those efforts one of the people smith reached out the for was matt tait help from an expert. he recalls feeling deeply uneasy about and it ultimately parted ways. we reached out the him to have him on the show. he wrote, since publishing the article, i have been contacted by a number of investigators and
5:21 pm
congressional committees requesting that i provide them with additional information relating to the article and it would not be appropriate to provide further comment until i've had the opportunity on meet with them and provide them with a complete account of the events of last year. joining me, special watergate prosecutor, there are a bunch of deals that really jumped out at me. so the cyber security expert gets this entreaty from peter smith who is getting all these e-mails and trying figure out if they're e-mails from russian hackers. it was immediately aparent that he seemed to know both general flynn and his son well. >> it is a pretty remarkable piece of inside information about a campaign that at that time no one thought donald trump would win. >> i totally agree.
5:22 pm
in fact, it is always pretty insightful statement. the fact that they were concern that had flynn would have problems being confirmed as somebody from the senate. that someone would have to actually, senators would have to confirm him and there would be a hearing. so i think there was a concern that they didn't want flynn actually in front of a senate committee being asked questions. >> all roads seemed to lead back to flynn. it is the same person donald trump wanted to have the investigation dropped on. the sail person who lied on his national security clearance. it is the same person worked on jared kushner relating to the russians. so flynn is becoming more and more a central figure in this entire russian investigation. all of this could lead back to
5:23 pm
the president. >> do me what is so noticeable. i think it is hard to get your head around it. as he deceased wealthy guy who did this. they said that smith appears to have deep knowledge of the campaign. the possibility that he was working with the campaign. i wanted your reaction. the combination of smith's deep knowledge of the iner workings of the campaign. it suggested the group was formed with the blessing of the trump campaign. i reminded me of the groups that richard nixon used that were these arms length vehicles. >> it was a way to have deniability. they could set up these groups and claim no connection no, knowledge. no idea how this all happened. all the roads lead back to the same people.
5:24 pm
unfortunately, mr. smith won't be a witness in this case. >> right. >> final question for you. robert mueller has hired a whole bunch of extra folks form office. they've been getting scrutiny about who they donated to. i wonder if this was a thing happened in the watergate process. the reporting requirements hadn't been passed because they were passed as a result of watergate. but if there was scrutiny with the office you were working with. >> absolutely. as you recall the prosecutor, was the solicitor general. always a claim that he was hiring kennedy democrats even though there were a number of kennedy democrats. even though robert mueller.
5:25 pm
if you're in any way an interested citizen, you'll be either a republican or a democrat. the idea that this is something horrible that half the people might be democrats, that are prosecutors on bob mueller's staff is ludicrous. it is the exact sail charges that we heard during the time when archie cox was pointed. the same criticism. all relating back to ted kennedy. it all started after the saturday night massacre. cox was fired and leon kept the same staff together. i think there was no question about political affiliation. i think everybody just moved ahead like they are in bob mueller's office, doing their job. i think what you'll find remarkable about the staff under archibald cox and under bob
5:26 pm
mueller, you don't see anybody leaking. it is a very well trained professional group. >> interesting. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. ahead, new dismal polling numbers for the senate health care bill causing some republicans to hide from their constituents. so why wouldn't you take something for the most important part of you... your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is now the number one selling brain health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember.
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ted cruz visited mcallen, texas, in july but his reception was a little rocky.
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[ he yelling ] >> cruz was not the only republican senator to hear from constituents over at the holiday weekend. sues an collin said there was only one issue. that's unusual. it is usually a wide range of issues. i heard over and over again encouragement for my assistant. collins is one of the republican senators who helped sink the health care bill last week. mitch mcconnell hoped to push it through with a minimum of public discussion. today, senator roy blunt who had supported mcconnell's bill got to hear what his constituents were thinking. complete with mock tomb stones and the reaper. reporting that progressives are planning health care sittins at 21 senate offices.
5:34 pm
it is no wonder many republicans are trying to avoid their constituents all together. many have given up on town hall meetings and parades. the congressional budget office is scoring two separate versions of the bill for when lawmakers return to washington next week. the text of both remain hidden from the public. the white house says it is getting close to a deal. the reporter for the "huffington post" joins me. i'm reminded the most fallow period in the health care negotiations were when people were not paying attention. that's when the deals got struck. as someone who has been following this so closely, how would you describe the state of play right now? >> well, everything old is new again. it does have the same sort of feeling to it, i guess, in the house. it seem a little bit dead. obamacare is the law of the
5:35 pm
land. the only difference between the house and the senate was you had mark meld owes and tom mcarthur, conservatives really working with, not the other side of the aisle certainly but on the other side of their own conference. they were working with each other trying to figure out how to get to yes. certainly people like mark meld owes and people in the freedom caucus didn't want to be the ones who spoiled the party. a lot of them wanted that same thing. i'm not sure it is the sail in the senate. it was of much more concern among conservatives and among the caucus and the party. i don't think that's the conversation in alaska or susan collins in maine. do you think the combination of the terrible polling and the
5:36 pm
sustained constituent pressure is having an effect? >> absolutely it is having an effect. it is not an even effect. you mentioned ted cruz. i don't think he'll be persuaded by protesters in his district, or his state. certainly heller has made a cal indication that it doesn't make sense for him to support this bill. if you were against this bill and you're hearing frconstituen. i heard this a lot in the house. they've gotten all these outside groups are getting so good at protesting. this idea of fake news. i think i heard of saying this is part of the organization. some will take it worth a grain of salt. certainly when you have senators hiding out. they're not doing town halls or july 4th parades.
5:37 pm
i think they know this is bad politically for them. and just the image for ted cruz in texas having that image, that's worth something in 2018. for corey gardner, he's saying maybe i can weather this for two years so i prevent that image from being ingrained. >> it is the bizarre through the looking glass politics. it is not polling very well. huge amounts of constituent pressure. from doctors to aarp. corey gardner will not go to fourth of july parades. every politician goes to the july 4 parade. you go and you walk and you shake hands. he will avoid having to talk to constituents about the most high risk signature vote that he
5:38 pm
takes. >> yeah. not to reduce this as an intro to politics course, lawmakers are single minded. that's changing a little bit. >> certainly in the senate. members are trying to work their way up. he sees leadership opportunities. if he can get away with not being outwardly for this bill, or against it. the lower profile he keeps, the better for him. >> get away with it. that's been the entire m.o. for the process. can we get away with it. thank you. still to come, chris christie testing his own precedent to see how low he can get his poll numbers to go. plus, twitter beefing with the founding fathers in thing one, thing two. steve was born to move.
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thing one on independence day. a whole bunch of apparent supporters on twitter with mize like defunds npr. let the hollywood elites pay for your propaganda. please stop. or npr is calling for revolution. interesting way to condone the violence while trying to sound patriotic. what did npr tweet that triggered these responses? clouds can't connect? michael, can we get this data to...? look at me...look at me... look at me... you used to be the "yes" guy. what happened to that guy? legacy technology can handcuff any company. but "yes" is here. so, you're saying we can cut delivery time? yeah. with help from hpe, we can finally work the way we want to. with the right mix of hybrid it,
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5:44 pm
of independence on air. and this year it was done with 140 characters. a prince whose character is thus marked by every chakt may define a tirnlt is unfit to be the ruler of the free people. a user has written, propaganda. is that all you know how? after a section reading totally unworthy the head of a civilized nation. a leader of the tweet wrote, yes, npr journalists with a mission. but others who knew npr was citing the words of our founding fathers, they wrote this is why you'll get defunded. seriously, this is the dumbest idea i've ever seen on twitter. no one will read 5,000 tweets about trash. and saying the declaration itself is somehow partisan.
5:45 pm
the photo of the original document. glad you're being defunded. you have never been balanced on your show.
5:46 pm
5:47 pm
even if you are mostly cut off from news over the long fourth of july weekend which i tried to be, you probably saw these photos of governor chris christie and his family enjoying a day out on an otherwise empty beef. a beach that christie himself had ordered empty. he was asked if he got any sun. he said i didn't get any sun today. until that photographic evidence showed otherwise, he came up with a novel explanation saying he didn't get any sun. he had a baseball hat on. the governor himself elaborated to reporters yesterday. >> i don't count going out on the beach after i've been working all morning to sit and talk with my wife and our guests
5:48 pm
for 40 minutes before i had to leave to come back to work as getting sun. that wasn't what i was out there to get. i took question as, were you out getting a tan? that was not what i was out there doing. i wasn't sitting next to a 25-year-old blond. i was sitting by my wife of 31 years. surrounded by my children and some of my best friends. if that's a scandal, that's a scandal i'm guilty of every day of my life. being committed to my wife and children first. >> after the budget stand-off ended, state beach does reopen for independence day and new jerseyians got to work making sand sculptures of the governor lying on the beach. you might think this would hurt his poll numbers but the thing is, there isn't far to fall. even before the beach incident, he was polling at 15% approval
5:49 pm
making him under of the most unpopular governors in history. only two others have hit lower marks, the one once thought to be the future of the republican party. up next, journalists are getting death threats after reporting the media attacking me and the media. mom, i have to tell you something. dad, one second i was driving and then the next...
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for my chronic back painescribed backed me up- big time. before movantik, i tried to treat it myself. no go. but i didn't back down. i talked to my doctor. she said: one, movantik was specifically designed for opioid-induced constipation- oic. number two? with my savings card, i can get movantik for about the same price as the other things i tried. don't take movantik if you have or had a bowel blockage. serious side effects include opioid withdrawal, severe stomach pain, severe diarrhea, and stomach or intestinal tears. tell your doctor about side effects and medicines you take. movantik may interact with them causing side effects. don't back down from oic. talk to your doctor about movantik. remember: mo-van-tik. on sunday, the president of the united states tweeted a video showing him body slamming and punching a man at a
5:53 pm
professional wrestling event with the cnn logo imposed over the man's face. the president did that. reporters understandably wanted to know who made that video. you'll be shocked to learn it came from a reddit user with a history of racist and anti-semitic and islamophobic posts. he says, "i was told people would want to shoot me," adding, "on facebook i'm getting messages talking about what happened to the jews in the 1940s." cnn declined to identify the man, noting he apologized. it added, it reserves the right to publish his identity should that change. that did not stop neo-nazis' vows to hunt down cnn staffers
5:54 pm
and fair family members. soon after, images of those staffers were post online. trump's online allies falsely claimed the original poster was a 15-year-old boy, it is not. that lie was repeated by the president's son, donald trump jr., who tweeted, "they go after and bully a 15-year-old." these attacks on the press are part of the white house strategy. last week president trump targeted this network going after "morning joe" hosts joe scarborough and mika brzezinski. you have to hear this quote to believe it. "some white house advisers said they were frustrated that the brzezinski's feud overtook the president's fight with cnn which seemed in their eyes to have a clearer villains and heroes. joining me, ben howe, contribute editor at red state.
5:55 pm
let's start with the questions of origins of this video. lynn, i am of the opinion that it is newsworthy who created the video the president sent out to 30 million people showing him beating up a stand-in for cnn. and it's news. do you think that's right? >> i agree with you, chris, because people, when something is repeated by a president, that gives a stamp of approval that that person can go out and use in the marketplace of ideas and of context and of networking the reprehensible anti-semitic background that you mentioned that is an offshoot of this. it's something that the office of the president and the president himself should be aware of, to consider before just blithely retweeting something. and that is part of an issue here with this particular bit of video. it's not just funny on the face, because you have to consider or
5:56 pm
you don't have to, i would like to hope that some day the president will consider the origin of the material that he's retweeting before he does it, because in this case, it has consequences. >> ben, i am of two minds about how these feuds with media entities play out. at one level, it was ironic to me he tweeted out a wrestling violence, because on one level it's violence, but on another level it's fake. i tweeted that the ongoing nonsense from the white house seems like very strained kayfabe to me, which is a wrestling term for staged conflict between figures. it was funny that it's wrestling video because it give us up ts game in that respect. but on another level, there are cnn staffers getting threatening phone calls nonstop, and their family members, and the have young children.
5:57 pm
that is very, very much not fake or amusing. >> no, and actually i experienced this, mostly in 2015-2016, just by virtue of the fact that i'm a conservative and i was against trump. a lot of other people in my same position, same thing happened. i'm not jewish but i got a lot of anti-semitic memes sent at me and videos and pictures of me saying i was going to be put in the gas chamber. i got threatening e-mails, they published my address online. they doxed me. they did all the things that they're describirending garment this reddit poster. i was interested to know if president trump had made it or any of his staff. just the fact that it gave from that area and given the user's name is enough to question the
5:58 pm
judgment. he is just like these people. that's something that should concern everyone. >> let me follow up on that, ben. you talked about doxing, which is an internet term for posting your information. do you feel threatened? i know people who were talking about homicide, nasty stuff. did it work to spook you? >> it didn't stop me because at some point there was so much out there that there was nothing else to reveal. but i know that friends of mine, dana lash, she got doxed last year, david french wrote about it in "national review." some conservatives like byron york came out and said, what's the big deal, it's a bunch of memes. this is a big deal. this is threatening behavior. okay, so the guy who tweets your address, maybe he's never going to do anything, but who sees this? anybody can act on it.
5:59 pm
it is a frightening situation. i have four kids. it's not something i'm comfortable just sitting out there on the internet for anybody to see. >> lynn, you've got this situation, you can watch the white house -- i mean, that tweet to me is so revealing. they were frustrated, that quote, they were frustrated about the mika and joe stuff, it was distracting from cnn. they want to fight about this nonstop, this is actually all they want to talk about. >> this fascination with cable show and cable show hosts is unparalleled in american history, that started with the advent of cable news shows. you know, this doesn't go back to george washington having a fight. this is relatively in the last 20-something years since the rise of msnbc and fox and cnn. the fascination of the white house, to even have any energy, not just to say we want to get a message out on msnbc or we want to make sure the energy
6:00 pm
secretary gets booked on the show, that's not it. it's pitting mika and joe against cuomo? really? and that would be chris cuomo. and it goes without saying that this is unparalleled. >> lynn sweet and ben howe, thanks for being with me tonight. that is "all in" for this evening. "the rachel maddow show" starts right now. >> thanks, chris. happy fifth of july, i hope you had a little time off for the holiday. it's nice to have you here. when the republican presidential primary process started for this past presidential election cycle, it started on the republican side with a very clear favorite. just as strongly as hillary clinton was favored to be the democratic nominee, on the republican side, from the outset, the republican nomination was seen as


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