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tv   Way Too Early With Jonathan Lemire  MSNBC  February 23, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PST

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the settlement falls short of the $66 million that the athletes were initially seeking in back pay. this settlement is still a victory for the women's soccer team and nationwide. how's that for ending the show on a positive note? that does it for us. we'll see you tomorrow. "way too early with jonathan lemire" is up next. there's still time to avert the worst case scenario that will bring untold suffering to millions of people if they move as suggested. the united states and our allies and partners remain open to diplomacy if it is serious. president biden calling russia's actions in ukraine the beginning of an invasion says diplomacy is still on the table. but, listen, the window for that, it is closing really fast. the u.s. cancelling high-level meetings in moscow. we have three questions what diplomatic actions are left? what action is the u.s. taking on the military front? and will sanctions deter from
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going further into ukraine. it's "way too early" for this. it's "way too early" for this. good morning. and welcome to "way too early." it's way too early here, but in ukraine, it's practically lunchtime and we've seen a bunch of developments there overnight. we're going to bring them all to you, including the news that ukraine is asking its citizens to leave russia asap. we're going to get to that, i'm hallie jackson in for jonathan lemire on this wednesday morning, february 23rd. listen, we have news. you know the back story. the context here, president joe biden putting new sanctions on russia as he's denouncing moscow's actions on eastern ukraine. saying it's essentially the beginning of a russian invasion. and that speech from the white house, the president condemned vladimir putin's decision to formally recognize the breakaway regions, and send troops in. he said, listen, this is just the beginning, we're going to
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put more sanctions on you, vladimir putin, if you go further, listen. >> who in the lord's name does putin think gives him the right to declare new so-called countries on territory that belonged to his neighbors? this is a flagrant violation of international law. and demands a firm response from the international community. i'm announcing the first tranche of sanctions to impose costs on russia in response to their actions yesterday. these have been closely coordinated with our allies and partners and we'll continue to escalate sanctions if russia escalates. none of us will be fooled. there is no justification. further russian assault of ukraine remains a severe threat in the days ahead. and if russia proceeds, it is russia and russia alone that bears the responsibility. >> so, you might be thinking, fine, who are the sanctions against? they target big russian banks, big financial institutions and moscow's sovereign debt basically trying to cut the
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country off from money coming in from the west. the sanctions also focused on five wealthy russian elites and their family members. they don't go after putin directly. here's the second bucket that the president is doing, he's moving troops to the ukrainian border. not in ukraine. he said there are no u.s. troops fighting in ukraine. but there will be u.s. military there to bolster nato allies. that's what's happening. >> let me be clear, these are totally defensive moves on our part. we have no intention of fighting russia. we want to send an unmistakable message, though, that united states together with our allies will defend every inch of nato territory. and abide by the commitments we made to nato. >> the president's announcement quickly folded from new sanctions to the eu that will black list lawmakers and officials add targets imports
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and exports. the eu stopped short saying these which are more targeted towards financial institutions are designed to in their words hurt. we also have the white house saying any plans for a meeting between president biden and vladimir putin is off the table. and from secretary of state antony blinken, confirmation, perhaps not surprisingly, what's gone down in the last 24 hours that the planned meeting with his counterpart, russian leader sergey lavrov isn't going to happen. saying it doesn't make sense to hold talks while russian forces are on the move. you've got that other, with russian lawmakers authorizing to use military force outside the country. the upper house, federation council, voting unanimously to let putin use it abroad, basically formalize a russian military deployment to rebel regions of eastern ukraine, these separatist regions. after that, putin said okay, we can solve this if ukraine
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recognizes the sovereignty over crimea, of course, the annex in 2014. in ukraine pulls back on its bid to join nato. and when asked if russian troops will go into ukraine, putin said it will depend on a concrete situation as it takes shape. and the u.s. sees it as a violation of international law. they've rejected permanently barring ukraine from nato. bottom line, what putin is saying, the lip service to whether or not he will move troops into ukraine, has people in this country, top officials so concerned what putin might do next. let me bring in somebody watching this unfold on the ground. she's been there for weeks now. erin mclaughlin. erin, bring us up to date with what you've seen on the ground because there have been developments. talk us through it. >> reporter: hey, hallie, they're preparing for for the
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worst, yesterday we heard from ukraine's president volodymyr zelenskyy, ramping up as violence continues in the donbas region, in the past 24 hour. one ukrainian soldier was killed bringing the death toll to five. ukrainian military reporting an increased use of heavy weapons on the other side of the contact line, this, as we heard yesterday from the nato secretary-general saying they're watching as russia is sending more troops and more military equipment into those separatist-controlled areas. we heard from russian president vladimir putin saying that he sees the hold of donbas as part of the territories of newly declared so-called republics which, of course, includes firmly controlled government areas which is seen to raise the prospects for war. so, we're hearing from the ukrainian foreign minister today call for even more sanctions to be issued against russia, on top of what the west has already announced. i've been speaking to ukrainians here and they say they're
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extraordinarily thankful for what was announced yesterday including the pause of the nord stream 2 pipeline project that's really been seen as critical here. in kyiv, i was speaking to one former zelenskyy adviser telling me he understands the phased approach that the west is taking to all of this. he says that too much too soon could be dangerous, saying, quote, let me pull up the quote here, you don't want to swiftly destroy a nuclear power. it will lead to chaos. slowly suffocate is the right tactic. that gives you a sense of the mood here in kyiv, hallie. >> it's an interesting point, erin, normally, i see you it's nighttime in kyiv. it's earlier in the day. you've been talking to people out there, can you give a sense of not only ukrainian officials but the people that you're talking to? >> reporter: you know, it's interesting up until that speech
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from russian president vladimir putin earlier in the week that he essentially sees ukraine as a conference country, he says people were doubtful here, wanting to take it, surreal, unrealistic, but with that speech, there is a marked shift in the mood. and now, they're talking about potentially implementing marshal law in portions of talking in parliament, arming citizens, people here are really waking up to this threat. and as i said, hallie, they're preparing for the worst here. >> nbc's erin mclaughlin live in kyiv, erin, thank you for this. you also have the way this is being seen by on the right, specifically by former president donald trump out on his radio show over the last 24 hours he was praising vladimir putin and what putin is doing in ukraine.
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>> i went in yesterday and there was a television screen, and i said, this is genius, putin declares a big portion of the ukraine, of ukraine, putin declares it as independent. oh, that's wonderful. so putin is now saying it's independent, a large section of ukraine. i said, how smart is that. he's going to go in and be a peacekeeper. that's the strongest peace force i've ever seen. there were more army tanks than i've ever seen. they're going to keep peace, all right. here's a guy that says, you know, i'm going to declare a big portion of ukraine independent. he used the word independent. and we're going to go out and we're going to go in and help keep peace. you got to say that's pretty savvy. >> mr. trump, coming under fire from someone who has been a critic of his before. republican congresswoman liz cheney. check this out on the screen. she put this out on twitter.
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adulation of putin today, calling him a genius, aids our enemies. trump's interests don't seem to align with the interests of the united states of america. we got a lot more ahead. including trucker protests potentially coming to washington. we've got news overnight on how exactly d.c. and the national guard are getting ready for demonstrations similar to the ones that shut down canada's capital. plus, a look at how escalating tensions with russia are affecting markets this morning. we've got that plus a check of the weather, when we come back. f the weather, when we come back
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we've got news coming in from overnight on what's set to happen in washington. what we think will happen in washington, planned trucker protests over the weekend. we found out that the d.c. national guard and other members of the national guard will help out capitol police and metro police here in washington because of all of this, defense
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secretary lloyd austin approving the request for something like 400 national guardsmen from d.c. and 300 from other areas helping on saturday in the state of the union to march 7th. d.c. mayor muriel bowser's office thanked the approval. saying we appreciate the approval of the d.c. national guard traffic support request as we pull together the resources to support our personnel. here's the deal, we've seen this in ottawa, canada, those trucker protests, for covid restrictions. that sounds like that's coming to washington, ahead of president biden's state of the union address. looking to essentially choke and block the beltway. the big highway running around d.c. we'll keep an eye on that. also this morning, the three white men convicted of murdering ahmaud arbery have also been found guilty in a federal hate crimes trial. with the jury ruling against father and son gregory and
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travis mcmichael and neighbor roddey bryan yesterday. saying in the eyes of the law, the motivation was race. that these men killed arbery because he was black. a judge rejected a plea deals from the mcmichaels on the hate crime charges after the trial after arbery's parents protested against it. saying it would be disrespect to let the men serve their sentences in a federal prison instead of a state prison. after chasing down arbery in their trucks and fatally and killing him in 2020. on the pandemic now, the number of new reported covid cases around the world has fallen 21% in the last week according to the world health organization. deaths fell about 8% around the world. listen, this is the first time we've seen the numbers, weekly deaths, fall since january. this announcement marks the third consecutive week, third week in a row that cases have dropped. the omicron is still the overall
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dominant around the world but did point out that a booster shot improves your level of protection. still ahead, the nfl coach suing the league over retirement practices, now sharing more about his firing from the miami dolphins. what he says he was offered to stay silent. also ahead, we're 84 days into the mlb lockout. listen, the clock is ticking in order to try to save opening day. we'll get an update on where negotiations stand with the owners and players ahead of today's meeting. today's meeting. tide pods child-guard packaging. this is a warrior. midnight to morning, she's in command. all-day comfort. all-night shift. head nurse. heart on her sleeve. so, when leaks show up, our protection helps keep them dry. depend. the only thing stronger than us, is you.™ to be a thriver with metastatic breast cancer
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uconn's going to get, to the giant. that is it. a husky win in hartford. >> r.g. cole to help uconn hold off eighth ranked villanova. a 71-69 upset. the first win since the 2017 ncaa tournament. brian flores is now saying he left a lot of money on the table when he refused to sign a separation agreement and dismissal from the miami dolphins that would have kept him from talking about his treatment in miami. here's what flores told bryant gumbel, since he took on that job with the steelers in pittsburgh. >> i was surprised to learn with the dolphins you were asked to sign a nda.
2:21 am
a nondisparagement agreement. >> just silenced me. >> how much money were you leaving on the table by not choosing to sign that agreement. >> a lot. >> a good amount of money? >> what's a lot of money? >> millions of dollars. >> to coach flores' credit he wasn't going to sign that because he wanted -- it wasn't about the money, if it was about the money, he would have signed it. what he did, instead, he filed this lawsuit so he could help other coaches now and in the future. >> we're now hearing from the dolphins about that. they're saying these challenges are in their words categorically false but then the attorneys for flores came back and said, listen, we got the receipts. they posted screen shots of what they said was the draft agreement and termination notice. you know that flores is suing the nfl and two of those teams over alleged discriminatory hiring practices. and the league mvp aaron
2:22 am
rodgers hasn't decided apparently if he's playing this season. the packers quarterback said he had no decision on his future. one day setting off a flurry of lengthy instagram post. #monday gratitude in which he was thanking his teammates, coaches, others, check it out. >> there will be no announcement today. there's nothing cryptic about gratitude. you know, i just came out of a 12-day cleanse, you're eating a specific diet. you're going through the treatments every day. you're not really doing anything else. kind of a recentering. not only physically, but it's the mental stress and spiritual part i think it allows you to enjoy the meditation a little bit more. so, when i come out, my first thought is intense gratitude for the people in my life. >> aaron rodgers, 12-day cleanse, gratitude? meditation? the man is on a wellness journey. we'll see what happens with his
2:23 am
future in the league. over to mlb now, baseball is one day closer to maybe losing some regular season games to a fight over this labor dispute. not much progress, apparently, in negotiations yesterday. both sides did agree to meet for a third straight session today. 84 days into the second longest work stoppage in baseball history. management has said a deadline monday for a deal that would let the season start as scheduled on march 31st. let's get a check of the weather now, meteorologist michelle grossman in with the forecast. hey, michelle, good morning. >> good morning, hallie. we're watching the second punch of the one-two punch of winter storms. it's get be underway. the first one we're saying good-bye to today and the second we're watching friday. let's go to winter alerts 35 million americans impacted by some winter weather warning. that's in pink, white winter advisory in white. new england under a winter storm watch. and we do have that storm getting under way you can see in
2:24 am
the southwest. higher elevation snow and rain. look at what's happening in texas right now. this is really cool. we're seeing freezing rain and embedded lightning, really. you can imagine hearing that sleet this morning and seeing that flash of light outside of your bedroom window. we're going to see that ice accumulating from texas all the way to the northeast friday. also snow falling the heaviest in new england. a lot of people could see up to a foot of snow. hallie. >> michelle grossman, appreciate it. still ahead, that growing concern that vladimir putin might move russian forces further in ukraine. we'll get a look at what's happening there. before before we hit break, i want to know why are you aquake. i'm curious, i know why i am. they asked me, i said, sure. tweet me @hallie jackson. use the #waytooearly. we're going to read our favorite answers later on in the show. r e
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♪♪ welcome back to "way too early." it's just shy of 5:30 on the east coast. for our early morning friends. 2:30 out west for the night owls. i'm hallie jackson in for jonathan lemire this morning. let's talk about what's going on in ukraine, with the concern growing now over whether russian president vladimir putin intends to put more troops beyond the pro-russian territories he already controls. nbc news chief foreign correspondent richard engel has the latest from ukraine.
2:29 am
>> reporter: this is what it's like to live in a ukrainian village next to separatists backed by russia. the ukrainian military said separatist fire killed at least one man here. the separatists have dramatically increased their attacks over the last several days. goading the ukrainian military to fire back, now that they're protected by russian president vladimir putin and the 150,000 plus troops he has near the border. armored vehicles without markings were seen on the move in the pro-russian enclave after putin recognized their independent. people there speak russian. and russia already has thousands of troops there. nato says more russian forces have arrived. but putin is now signaling he's interested in more than just territory russia already controls. on russian television, putin said he recognized the independent of areas firmly held by the ukrainian government, including a major somewhat
2:30 am
rusting industrial city of 450,000, mariupol on the sea of azov. protesters in the city gathered to support their government and denounce putin. do you think he's going to stop? >> i'm afraid he wants to keep going? >> reporter: and if he does keep going what does that mean for you, for the people here? >> it means that -- it doesn't mean that it's a time of peace. it means that it's the siem of sadness. it's a time of war, of death. >> reporter: living in a nation putin says doesn't and shouldn't exist. 4r. >> joining us editor-at-large for axios, dave lawler. david, it's great to see you, thanks for getting up so early for us. >> thank you. >> and coming from the reuters from sourcing here, the eu is looking to said a deadline, 3 1/2 hours from now.
2:31 am
9:00 a.m. eastern time to approve sanctions against russia. can you talk about what that would mean for vladimir putin given we've seen sanctions from the u.s. with the warning that more could come? >> right. obviously, the more unified the west is in imposing the sanctions, the harder they will hit. the eu is where a lot of the russian elites have assets, have money, have property. but it's also a place quite economically linked with russia. particularly countries like germany. and also some countries have friendlier ties like hungary and they need to act unanimously here. so it's a slightly different dance that than we have in washington to impose sanctions on putin. but the idea is if the europeans act more quickly than putin expects that could send a signal as they moves further. >> and you talk about the idea of a unified front, with nato
2:32 am
allies, the west and u.s., against putin here. do you think he's surprised to see that? this is something we've heard president biden tout, yes, we are in a united front. working the phone, making sure we're in consultation with the white house with world leaders overseas, too? >> i think one thing that may have surprised people in moscow which is what germany did yesterday which is cancelling the process to authorize the nord stream 2 pipeline. germany has been reluctant to take steps. and the fact that germany has stepped up to the plate in that way probably is going to surprise people in moscow and perhaps vladimir putin himself. >> i talked with the head of the senate foreign relations committee, senator bob menendez about these sanctions. he was pleased, he said, with what he's seen from president biden in the first steps. but things are more in the arsenal that can be deployed here. specifically, cutting russia off
2:33 am
from the banking system, the mother of all sanctions that menendez and others have been working on in the first weeks with russia. what is your sense of what the u.s. goes forward here if putin escalates then you could see some of the tools in the arsenal pulled out, you know, should that happen sooner, based on the reporting that you've done and what you're hearing about the appetite for that? >> right. as you just mentioned there's two parts to this. there's one, this ultimate package, miss massive package will include things like s.w.i.f.t. sanctions. the other part when do you start moving towards that massive package. one is saying we're starting high but this is not what they expect if putin moves further beyond the separatist territories. so the question is can the allies decide not only what that package is but when should it be triggered, when does putin
2:34 am
actually cross the line. this is worth pulling all of the tools in the arsenal out. this is something to watch. >> dave lawler, thank you. we have a look at cnbc for an early look on what's driving the day on wall street. markets ready to bounce back after the big losses that we were just talking about, uncertainty with russia escalation? we'll get into that. plus, pay for praise. two companies accused of filling amazon's website with fake positive reviews. we're going to get into all of it, next, on "way too early." it, next, on "way too early.
2:35 am
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12 hours?! who studies that long? mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs. coarse hair thin skin when i'm shaving down there not just any razor will do venus for pubic hair and skin with a patented irritation defense bar for a smooth shave with blades that barely touch skin ♪ ♪ ♪a little bit of chicken fried♪ ♪cold beer on a friday night♪ ♪a pair of jeans that fit just right♪ ♪and the radio up well i've seen the sunrise...♪ get 5 boneless wings for $1 with any handcrafted burger. only at applebee's time now to get down to business, for that, let's bring in cnbc's julianna tatelbaum live from london. julianna, great to see you, talk about the markets, talk about what to expect. as i was on the air here at
2:38 am
msnbc, we were watching the s&p drop in the correction. we were watching a rise in the dow, et cetera. what's the expectation going in today? it's not like the ukraine crisis has resolved and investors should be over it? >> far from it, hallie, good morning. investors clearly are watching the ukraine situation very closely. and nerves remain high, but one of the potential implications of this escalation and geopolitical tension is what does it mean for central bank policy. and part of the reason we saw destabilization come through yesterday, it looks like it will continue this morning. because investors are reprising or rebasing their expectations for interest rate hikes this year. if we continue to see tensions high in the region, we could potentially be looking at higher energy prices. so central bankers will be looking at that and what it means for the inflation outlook and what higher prices will mean for consumer demand. so a lot to process. signs of stabilization, u.s.
2:39 am
futures indicate we should see a decent bounceback this morning. and we are seeing gains in europe, so, a positive indication from over here. >> let me channel my inner cnbc you know "squawk on the street" anchor here and other business headlines. you've got macy's, talk about what's happening there. activist, trying to split off on the and what's behind that? >> so, the ceo yesterday in a conference call with analysts said we have been engaging with advisers. we've been looking at all of the scenarios available to us, and we come out believing more strongly in our current turnaround plan. it does not mean it makes sense to spin off. and the ceo gave four reasons, number one, macy's isn't constrained for capital for a breakup of business. and high operation costs, running two separate businesses
2:40 am
could go with expenses. and lastly, the ceo saying there's a risk that a breakup could deter customers from shopping the macy's brand. this story is not just from the macy's view but broader specter, because we're seeing the similar like nordstroms kohl's split up. >> and then what's going on with amazon? as i go on amazon, i'm always looking at reviews from things like toilet paper holders to clothes. whatever the case. but now saying that there are companies that are fake review brokers, basically and filing a lawsuit. what's up? >> this is a huge problem for amazon, i like you, do rely on the reviews. >> yeah. >> when the integrity of the reviews is called into question it's a big deal. it's a big deal. what's happening now, the third party sellers allegedly play the salary in exchange for product reviews in hopes it boosts their
2:41 am
rankings. amazon search results huge, now accounts for half of e-commerce sales. and rebatists declined to comment. and amazon trying really hard to tackle this of paid review us and restore credibility in reviews which are important to customers. >> cnbc's julianna tatelbaum live from london. listen, my sister at arms in amazon reviews, appreciate it. r at arms in amazon reviews, appreciate it. . up coming up, the new agenda that puts trump supporters at odds with gop supporters. have we heard this story before? yeah, we'll talk about what rick scott is doing when "way too early" gets back in just a second. gets back in just a second don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren,
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2:44 am
so, have you heard about what senator rick scott is doing? he's a first term senator in florida, of course, he's releasing his own agenda for the republican party if they win back the majority. keep in mind this is after mitch
2:45 am
mcconnell already said they wouldn't put out an agenda in the midterms. scott said, listen, here's my. among his priorities, completing the border wall and naming it after former president trump. declaring there are two genders, and limiting most federal workers including members of congress, to 12 years of service. senate scott chair of nrsc, the campaign arm of republicans but he said this 30-page report is not related to that. and saying that scott's agenda may hurt republicans. saying mcconnell was strategic not to release an agenda, writing what most voters learns what the party stands for, e.g., curtailing education, and law,
2:46 am
they don't like it. joining us the author of the book "insurgency." jeremy, congratulations on the new book, my friend. it's great to see you on "way too early." >> thank you. great to be here. >> let's talk senator scott, this is layers on top of layers, let's start with what jennifer rubin pointed out saying is this going to back fire with republican voters. aaron blake put it essentially that this could show that some of these positions might end up being a liability for republicans down the road. what's your sense of it? >> right. well, it gets to the tension, i believe, wanting to have a list of party priorities that the republican party says that they're not standing for anything but donald trump. i think that's what he's trying
2:47 am
to get around here. the problem is once you make that list, then you have a bullet pointed sheet of items for your democratic opponents to run against you on. some of the stuff in here, democrats will have a field day with, there's no doubt. i mean, i think the bigger question about the policy priorities is who exactly are these speaking for. who exactly supports this, because it's a pretty wide array of items that are very traditional, like, you know, republicans wanting people in lower incomes to pay more taxes. so that is more trumpy. like the wall. and naming it after him which probably seems more about trump -- more about winning president trump's favor about winning over any voter's favor. >> that's the attention that you explore in your book, with the trump party, quote-unquote establishment of the party. let's be real there's also plenty of overlap between those
2:48 am
two. and in view of trump and mitch mcconnell who haven't so far in over a year based on the reporting that our team has done, he's looking at this, the senator who is the nrsc, and separate from the work of the nrsc, and talk about how that might play out, because mcconnell has said we're not going to talk about it until he believes the republicans win back the majority. >> right. because it's gotten him in trouble before, backing into a corner of things like repealing obamacare which republicans tried for five years to do and weren't ultimately able to pull it off. i think it's funny because rick scott looms large, he always has, in this conversation. there's been talk of, you know, what exactly are his ambitions here. and kind of this quiet grumbling
2:49 am
of republicans in nrsc, there's been joking around does nrsc stand for national rick scott committee. i think rick scott was trying to strike a pretty good balance between having it appear that the party was solely donald trump's. because certainly, that is going to be a liability for them in these tight states like north carolina where they need to win. to get a majority in the senate. i asked trump about this, actual -- rick scott spoke to "meet the press" after january 6. he said the republican party isn't donald trump's party, it's the voters' party, it's the people's party. when i proposed that to trump writing my book, do you agree with that, it's the people's party? he paused for a second and said,
2:50 am
yeah, but the people like me the best, i think generally, that's still true. >> jeremy peters with lots to cover in the gop. great to see you. so, earlier in the show if you've been with us, we asked why are you awake, way too early this graphic design stuff before my toddler wakes up. i totally feel that. sometimes early mornings are the best time to get work done. it's quiet. you can focus. i'll go to my office and do work after the show. dan, hi, friend. anything from the control room? >> diana just booked a mediterranean cruise and can't stop her research. rome alone could keep me up for days. >> please take us. it'd be so fun. another viewer tweets, good to see hallie jackson on "way too early" this morning. that's kind. reminds me of early morning seg segments. i had the 2:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. shift before. plenty of coffee for sure.
2:51 am
next up, we have more to get to, including the future of the supreme court. new reporting on what president biden has been doing. coming up on "morning joe," developments in what president biden labeled the beginning of a russian invasion of ukraine. former defense secretary leon panetta will join that conversation. plus, we'll hear from a top treasury official about what a potential war in eastern europe could mean for the economy here in the u.s. "morning joe" is just minutes away. "morning joe" is just minutes "morning joe" is just minutes away for all the freshness and softness of home. even when you're not at home. feel the difference with downy. this is a warrior. midnight to morning, she's in command. all-day comfort. all-night shift. head nurse. heart on her sleeve. so, when leaks show up, our protection helps keep them dry. depend. the only thing stronger than us, is you.™ what do you think healthier looks like?
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former president donald trump getting a decisive legal blow in the last 24 hours. essentially, the final nail in the coffin in his attempts to try to prevent the january 6th committee from getting documents from his time in the white house. here's the deal. the supreme court rejected an appeal from the former president who was looking to block the national archives from handing over his white house records. we're talking about stuff like call logs, emails, schedules. all in and around january 6th, the day of the insurrection at the capitol. mr. trump's appeal came after the justices denied an emergency request last month seeking to shield the release of documents
2:55 am
to house lawmakers. president biden this morning, we learned, is getting closer and closer to the decision on a supreme court nominee to replace retiring justice stephen breyer. nbc news is reporting overnight the president interviewed three finalists for the nomination. that's according to two sources familiar with the conversations. the president has reportedly met with ketanji brown jackson and michelle childs and leondra kruger. president biden said he'd announce his pick before the end of the month, which is monday. it is coming up quick, right before his state of the union. i want to bring in co-founder of punch bowl news, anna palmer. msnbc contributor. i love seeing your face this early in the morning. lovely to see you. >> good morning. good to be here. thanks for having me. >> where do you want to start? let's start on supreme court, right? this is interesting. nbc, our white house team, is saying, okay, he's done the interviews, which is expected. his self-imposed deadline for naming a replacement is days away, even as he is juggling
2:56 am
everything on the foreign policy front, too. talk to us about how you see that process playing out here. >> absolutely. they're getting right down to the deadline here to actually figure out who he is going to pick and select. there is an expectation before friday, before the end of the week certainly, he'll want to make that selection, largely so they can have something to talk about at the state of the union. this is going to be something he's going to trumpet and be able to tout as saying, all right, this is our next step. also, it kind of goes in line where they believe lujan is going to be back in time to get this supreme court nominee eventually across the finish line. definitely, we are down to the deadline here, but that's pretty much par for the course for how a lot of these court nominations go. >> let me ask you about the other piece of news, too. the supreme court rule, which as i said, not entirely unexpected. this is essentially slamming the book shut from the supreme court on the efforts by former president trump to prevent the january 6th committee from
2:57 am
getting documents here. the fact that those documents now will get turned over from the archives to the committee, significant, anna? we know they already have some. there may be more out there. it feels like, from the dribs and drabs we're getting from reporting out of the committee, it is somewhat useful, right? we can read the tea leaves and think, okay, it seems maybe they do have these call logs and they are, you know, getting information that could help them in an investigation. >> yeah. it is putting the puzzle pieces together, right? i think for this, the big issue for president trump is the fact that it's kind of this drain the clock strategy, right? after the midterms, all expectations is republicans take over. they stop this january 6th committee from investigating. he's able to kind of keep that information secret. the other big question, i think, though, outstanding on this is not only what the call logs say but also what does the committee do in terms of subpoenaing the former president, his family members? that's kind of the next big step here as they try to put together all the pieces, as they try to
2:58 am
put together a report heading into the midterms, trying to use this momentum to make the argument of against republicans and certainly against former president donald trump. >> what's your sense, based on the reporting you've known at punch bowl, about whether the subpoenas may come down? the door has rarely been shut to subpoenas, but it is an open question. >> it is an open question. i don't think we know yet. we've seen them meticulously go to different people throughout the process. we've seen them take on bigger name folks, whether gabe gutierrez or others in trump orbit, and also the state officials, as well. the takeaway on my end is this committee is trying to be very, you know, memethodical. i think they'll only go after the trump family if they feel there is information to be gotten. i think they've been careful to just kind of go on just kind of wild goose chases here. they want to be taken seriously, and they want to have something to report out.
2:59 am
that's really something we're watching closely. >> anna palmer of punch bowl news, great to see you. look forward to getting a punch bowl in the morning, midday. as always, appreciate it. thanks to all of you for getting up "way too early" on this wednesday morning. it's been a pleasure to spend im sure. i'll see you here on 3:00 eastern on msnbc. and 5:00 eastern on nbc news now. "morning joe" starts right now. >> very capable. i have enormous respect for him. i've been criticized for saying that. i have enormous respect for him. he was also an interlocketer that was always well-informed and deeply clear about what russian interests were. i appreciated that. required the same from us, from me, from my team. we had to be equally prepared and equally protected by the interests that mattered to the united states. he is very savvy, very shrewd.
3:00 am
i never saw -- that's not quite true. when i think about some of the things they do in the diplomatic space, some of the things they do in this space where they go off people, i think that's counterproductive. i shared that with him directly. i said, you're trying to find a way to connect it. it makes it hard for western leaders to engage with you because it lights up the human rights issues and the like. there's not much game in it. he would smile at me with a look that reminded me it is a tough world out there. no, i consider him an elegantly sophisticated counterpart and one who is not reckless but has always done the math. we may disagree with his priorities, may disagree with his math, we certainly disagree that the interests he seeks are reasonable for his country in many cases, but we should never


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