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AlpineChic is a brand new non-profit netlabel, run and founded by underground music lovers, whose purpose is to build an online network dedicated to unsigned artists playing and performing in the underground music scene. AlpineChic distributes non-mainstream high quality mp3's releases for free under a Creative Commons license.

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Subject Poster Replies Date
forget mi note by Britney25 [Unforgettable Music in Free Download] Ed End 0
[nws.bpm0046] Look! A flying cucumber - replay 0
End Ov Thee Whirled + Suites / Apocalyptic Folk + Technoise Ed End 0
[nws0521] netwaves 17.02: condition humaine 0
[SUB02DISC] Stromtod StanleyHottek 0
[nws.bpm035] Atemwende - replay 0
[LF190MP3] λμκικαζε - 酩酊 Haruo Ishihara 0
request for some corrections 2
   Re: request for some corrections 0
   Re: request for some corrections Jeff Kaplan 1
     Re: request for some corrections 0
ACEPHALE by ANTEPOP & PIRATE Tapes [Outsider Music in Free download] Ed End 0
[nws0520] netwaves 17.01: born in the USB 0
Arzak by rADio eNd [abnormal music in free download] Ed End 0
[nws.bpm005] music for microwaves - replay 0
A Loss Hard To Measure VA Free Music Ed End 0
[nws0519] netwaves 16.17: expect nothing 0
[nws.bpm0127] anyway the wind blows 0
[nws0518] netwaves 16.16: gevolgvertraging 0
[nws.bpm0126] they owe us some electronic music 0
earS110 : 3pr(iii)10ses earshelter 0
[nws.bpm050] lost In Kolding - replay 0
Another Beast Feast by PARRHESIA Sound System VersuS Ethnomite Pux Ed End 0
earS109 : Fabio Keiner "Spirit Lands" earshelter 0
[nws.bpm0125] not the same - brainquake 0
[nws.bpm0108] se non è zuppa, è pan bagnato - replay 0
[nws.bpm0113] klotevirus - replay 0
[nwscomp014] Netlabel Day 2022: netlabel essentials 8 0

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