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Ambient New World

Michael Lanfield

Ambient New World is an ambient and space net label and animal rights group based in Toronto. We offer free online ambient and space music and are an animal rights group promoting veganism, peace and compassion to all beings! Please visit our website to learn more about us, to learn about veganism and compassion to all beings and how to volunteer. Thank you so much for caring for the planet and enjoy our music.

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Ambient New World
by Andrew Lahiff (Mixed by Michael Lanfield)

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A continues mix of Andre Lahiff's music. Mixed by Michael Lanfield. Made by Ambient New World in Canada. 3 CDs. All free to download. For more music visit All music is ambient and space. Drift dream music. Airscapes Vol. 1 disc 1-3. enjoy. Email any comments, questions or suggestions to
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Topics: ambient, space, meditate, meditation, relax, free, music, relaxing
Ambient New World
by Pink Witch

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Music written and produced by Pink Witch. Album mixed by Michael Lanfield. Mix of ambient, dark ambient, noise, space. More music available to download on or Note: Previous album name was "Things That Should be", new name "Lake"
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Topics: ambient, space, noise, noize
Ambient New World
by Mixed by Michael Lanfield

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Ambient, meditation, chillout DJ mix. Mixed by Michael Lanfield of Ambient New World.
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Topics: ambient, chillout, dj, mix, michael, lanfield, world
Ambient New World

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A meditation, space, ambient and chillout mix. Mixed by Grey Owl and Michael Lanfield. For relaxing, sleeping, yoga, ti-chi and meditation. A minimix consisting of 5 minutes of the most relaxing breathtaking grooves. For more mixes and discussions please visit
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Topics: meditation, space, ambient, chillout, meditate, yoga, ti-chi, sleep, sleeping, free, michael,...
Ambient New World
by Ambraduna

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Arpa Atlantis by Ambraduna is a mix of space, dark ambient, chillout, downtempo and atmospheric music. All songs blended together and form a beautiful mix for relaxing and lounging to. Mixed by Michael Lanfield from Ambient New World. To download more albums, mixes and videos go to and register for our forum.
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Topics: ambient, meditate, meditation, space, free, chillout, downtempo, ambraduna