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Commodity Records

The idea behind Commodity is to build on what it's essentially been since 1999 - a central point to keep up with the various projects from Implosion Quintet. Additionally to this output, we hope to boink out the occasional dust-ruby from the realms of the loose, shonky groove, maybe a few numbers with wonky soul here and there, and perhaps even the odd slice of lofi nodsome boog.

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Commodity Records
by Le Shonk

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Four tracks from Le Shonk's more overtly hiphop area, extended and tweaked for DJs or MCs to do their thing over.
Topics: Instrumental Hip Hop, Beats, Trip Hop
Commodity Records
by Implosion Quintet

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"Werks" was a CDR collection of all my stuff up to 2005 - the first album "Lotek beats for the impatient", and the subsequent eps "Spidergram" and "Problematika". These tunes were written under various guises and are pretty rough round the edges, but worth a listen just to chart the development from hiphopular tinkerings to the current day Iq. After an hiatus enforced by the total collapse of my previous studio, I had taken time out to consider where I...
Topics: Tango, Jazz, Opera, Electronica, Acoustic, Post Rock, Unjazz, Wonk