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Parts Of Southern Colorado And Northern New Mexico. Atlas Sheet No. 69. Issued June 30th 1882. Weyss, Nell and Rock, Del. Expeditions of 1873, 74, 75 & 77. Under the Command of 1st. Lieut. Geo. M. Wheeler, Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army. Executive Officers & Field Astronomers: Geo. M. Wheeler, Wm. L. Marshall, C.W. Whipple, C.C. Morrison, P.M. Price, W.L. Carpenter and R. Birnie, Jr. Topographical Assistants: Louis Nell, Gilbert Thompson, J.C. Spiller, F.O. Maxson, F. Carpenter, Anton Karl, W.A. Cowles, R.J. Ainsworth, F.A. Clark, W.H. Rowe, and E.J. Sommer. U.S. Geographical Surveys West Of The 100th Meridian.

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