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immaterial music

immaterial music is a new netlabel that doesn't consciously focus on a particular genre; so far we've covered psychedelic/progressive rock and industrial beer rock, but more projects are in the works.

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immaterial music
Feb 10, 2005 buddard

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Buddard makes beer rock for the 21st century on this debut album, where ridiculously cliche blues riffs and sleazy vocals meet samplers and synthesizers in an unholy alliance. Released through
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Topics: Rock, Industrial
immaterial music
Sep 30, 2004 Samaadhi

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'Mindless' is the full length followup to 'Oblivion'. It's a journey through psychedelics ('March of the photons', 'Form is emptiness'), explosive rock ('Mindless') and epic pop arrangements ('Crossing', 'Splendorous').
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Topics: Pop, Progressive Rock, Tibetan Buddhism, Psychedelic Rock
immaterial music
Jun 1, 2004 Samaadhi

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'Oblivion' is Samaadhi's 3 track debut effort, where they have effectively mixed acoustics and electronics to produce unsettling soundscapes as a backdrop to almost unbearably intense vocals. It begins with two largely improvised pieces to be concluded in the multi-layered and emotionally charged title track.
Topics: Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Tibetan Buddhism