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Pointless Records

Pointless Records is an small independant label that started in autumn 2011. Initially, the aim of the label was to release small runs of lathe cut records, but the focus has shifted to providing full download releases. Whilst lathe cut records, cdrs, tapes etc. will continue to be made, they will "compilment" the free download release.

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Pointless Records
by Life is Easy

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Opal was, as Life is Easy, my first foray into the world of digital VSTs. I decided to make an entirely electronic album of synthetic instruments, which directly mirrored my last album (Distortion Experiment; look for it on Pointless Records soon!) because it was made entirely using analogue means. Opal utilizes mainly simple drum beats and droning synth patterns, and nothing else. The whole thing opens with "Sleeping Whilst Awake", which is mixed quieter than the rest of the record....
A little more about "The Contents of Uncle Richard's Hard Drive"; For the last year, Start! Start! has had dozens of sporadic recording sessions with no general direction or goals. We even played an acoustic live gig, which was fucking shit. Recently, it was decided amongst the cunts that work upon a debut album shall commence, and thus the songs recorded so far (apart from that fucking Lady GaGa one) that would not appear on the record should be released the world! If your a piece of...
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