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Ridley College Yearbooks

This collection is currently access-restricted.

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This collection is currently access-restricted.

Nestled in the heart of the Niagara region, Ridley College is not just a school; it’s a community. From its grand entrance and sweeping playing fields, to the stately architecture of its buildings and boarding houses, Ridley’s historic 90-acre campus offers an idyllic setting for a learner-centred culture. Students from JK to Grade 12 experience a traditional liberal arts education, integrated with the International Baccalaureate programme, and a commitment to service—as exemplified by the school’s long-standing motto: Terar Dum Prosim. While the school is built on boarding traditions from Great Britain, the United States and Canada alike, it is also forward-thinking and innovative, shaped by Canadian values and enhanced by the global perspective provided by students from more than 60 countries.

But with a clear eye towards the future, since its founding in 1889, Ridley has also remained committed to its traditions, and to ensuring that each generation takes its place as part of a well-tended past. The preservation of its Acta Ridleianas, the yearbooks which date back to the school’s opening; its carefully stored artifacts and mementos; and the publication of Ridley: A Canadian School, a history by former headmaster, Richard A. Bradley and archivist, Paul E. Lewis, all contribute to the story of Ridley College—a story now available for alumni to access, wherever they are in the world.

Members of Ridley’s community may request access to the digital versions of these materials by emailing

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