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Upper Canada College, TORONTO, Ont., was founded in 1829 by the Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada, Sir John COLBORNE, with the intention of it being a non-denominational feeder school for the newly founded King’s College (which later became the University of Toronto).
UCC was modelled after Britain’s top all-boys schools, most notably Eton College, and employed a principal and eight teachers to educate 57 students in its first year. The original permanent campus was located downtown in Russell Square before it moved to its current 17-hectare (43-acre) site in what was then a rural area known as Deer Park in 1891. The Ontario government stopped funding the college in 1900, making it a completely independent school and the oldest of its kind in Ontario.

The Preparatory School at the south end of the campus has more than 400 students in senior kindergarten through grade seven. Approximately 700 students attend the Upper School in grades eight through 12, and there are facilities to house 88 of them as boarders.UCC has welcomed students from across Canada and 25 countries to its boarding houses. More than 150 students are admitted in various grades and graduate each year and are taught by approximately 100 teachers and served by about 160 other staff members.
UCC has produced 24 Rhodes Scholars and its students have gone on to prominence in a variety of fields. These include: Academy Award-nominated actors Melvyn Douglas and Raymond Hart Massey; Emmy Award-winning writer and producer Leonard Dick; multimedia artist Michael Snow; Olympic medalists Jim Elder, Michael Evans, George Mara and Barney Williams; Grammy Award-winning composer Galt MacDermot; writers Robertson Davies and Stephen Leacock; business tycoons Ted Rogers, David Thomson and Galen Weston; and premiers Robert Beaven, Edward Blake and George Drew.

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Upper Canada College-Other Publications
Upper Canada College, 1829-1979 : Colborne's Legacy (1979). (details | pdf)
A History of Upper Canada College, 1829-1892 (1893). (details | pdf)
The Roll of Pupils of Upper Canada College, Toronto : January 1830 to June 1916 (1917). (details | pdf)
Observations on Upper Canada College (1836). (details | pdf)


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