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Poster: aibek Date: Nov 16, 2013 8:18pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Stealing credit for for Information taken from the Archive

Thanks for your contribution to this issue, Mr Gilmore. I have great admiration for your work. Here, I agree that giving-credit and making-money are best seen as two different issues. You are considering the issue from the point of view of the end users. Essentially, that Mr Arthus has done _his_ work, all the rest is the end users’ lookout. But consider it from Mr Arthus’ perspective too! People do care for credit for their work! Mr Arthus is spending time and energy (concern) for doing the work, and people are using the product of it. You think that he should just let it go at that. But, to consider an extreme example, would you say the same thing to Tesla (on Telegraph) and Townes (on Laser) who spent years on legal wrangling merely about the credit? Even though the issue of copyright is not invoked here, some other unnamed issue is invoked. In analogy with the argument supporting copyright, consider that some legal support is required for many to spend their own resources to release artifacts into public domain. It is a new legal land! In the meantime, however, one has to use existing legal ideas! To consider the making-money issue, you have me convinced that some thanks is due to Mr Finchum for identifying a “market oppurtunity”. I hope Mr Arthus, and the other poster, Mr R Pal, will consider your suggestions. --- Edit: On the other hand, Mr Arthus’ reply below makes clear that no thanks is due to the bare scan-or-copy-manuals-and-make-money idea. I was thinking about Mr Gilmore’s suggestions about the value-added work. That would be a “market opportunity”, but Mr Finchum has not entered that field at all!
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Poster: garthus1 Date: Nov 16, 2013 7:18pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Stealing credit for for Information taken from the Archive

To all,

Thank you for the information and comments. While Mr. Gilmore is correct in what He states, everyone should understand the following:

1 - I thought about doing what Mr. Finchum did many years ago but chose on ethical and moral grounds not to make money this way.

2 – I have never claimed that he violated any copyright laws.

3 – By Publicly claiming that he digitized manuals which I created the digital content for, he is committing fraud. And committing fraud for a poor reason since I have never complained in the past about anyone taking my work and selling it or using it … even if they never attributed the work to me.

4 – My concern lies strictly with him bragging about what he did and how he did it and claiming that he was the first to have this idea. Many others have done this before him, so that is out of the question.

5 – I do not need a lawyer and am not only fully capable of prosecuting a case in Federal court, but have done so many times in the past and even at the current time. I do have grounds to take action against him by declaring venue where I live since his 'crimes' were committed on the Internet and damage has occurred in my state where he has been selling his fraudulently obtained documents. Fraud since while it was legal for him to take the materials, it was not legal for him to declare that he has created them. I can prove incontrovertibly that I created those documents and I or the Internet Archive currently have the originals. Whether he wins in court or not would be irrelevant since he may well have to spend much more than he claims to have made selling his ill-gotten gains, to defend himself.

6 – One other point … and they will be added to any potential litigation … will be the people at the university he attends who mentored him and encouraged him to commit this fraud. I am intimately familiar with the crap that passes for education in many business schools. His mentor and the director of the school of business which he attends is just as guilty as he is because she should have known better. This is common thinking today … make money … feel good … screw anyone who gets in your way and then have people, even those who should know better congratulate you for your good work.

7 – Depending on what he does now that the ball is in his court; I may or may not take legal action. But I can guarantee that I intend to really make it difficult for people to make money like this in the future. I understand how this corrupt system works … better than most people … and I know exactly how to significantly cut into his business. You can also blame Google for purposefully pushing The Archive down in search engines in order to sell precedence to the corporate scum which make money like parasites off of anyone that they can. Those at Google could care less about anyone or anything as long as they can maximize the revenue that they can extract from the 'System', Mr. Finchum and those like him are not entrepreneurs … but are typical examples of parasites living off of a system which is nearing its end as it and its fellow-traveler parasites wallow in the last bit of life that they can suck from the body-politic.

Saying that the document-purloining student saw opportunity that others did not is ludicrous. He is just doing what has become all-too-natural in the business world today. Worshiping money, regardless of how it is made … no moral or ethical values and the arrogance to go along which such an attitude. There can be nothing positive to say about what he did since it shows a total lack of ethical, moral, or good business perspective. He will learn something out of this exercise though … responsibility … when one is confronted with the consequences of their actions.