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Poster: aibek Date: Nov 19, 2013 3:40am
Forum: texts Subject: Re: dead links / downloading pdf files

Hello I found one more: 1) I was thinking of something like this: I tried it for a couple of community/pdfs/ but I could find nothing. 2) You could try searching for just the name of the pdf file. This may turn up useful results. For example, on searching for ‘honriwaterrep.pdf’ on Google, I was led to the following page where I found another url for the file, and Wayback Machine had a copy of this file. (the one quoted on the top of this post.) (Please note that there is no point in trying the Wayback Machine for archives of I have already checked that Wayback Machine has archived only the above mentioned file from 3) Another thing you could try is the following. The sites containing the pages in the result may have a “local copy” of the pdfs you are looking for. So, e.g., the top result is the LukeWater file. You may try visiting that file, and hope that it has something useful! Perhaps an alternate link, or a “local copy”, or just an extracted text copy. 4) Finally, you could try writing to relevant mailing lists, etc, asking people to check if they have the desired files. Also, if you have the hard drives which had the files, you could try recovering them. Do let me know how the search progresses! Just reply to any post by me and I would get an email notification. --- General stuff:
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