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Poster: aibek Date: Jan 18, 2014 11:02pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Is it acceptable to put .exe and .msi files into the text archive?

I did not understand why you are using the executable files, but I hope you understand that using any executable format for books greatly limits the books’ use because of the following reasons: (i) The executable may be opened on only some systems. (So, e.g., exe files cannot be opened on Android.) (ii) The executable will soon become obsolete. (Can you be sure that your exe files can be opened 20 years from now? And even if you can open them, who will bother to run an emulator?) (iii) They cannot be understood and used by standard systems. (They cannot be ‘derived’, for example, to other formats, and certainly not automatically. So if it were a PDF, you could hope that 10 years from now IA will have a Croatian OCR in place, and get the text out of it and your file will then show-up in search engine results. With exe, and even zip files, you can be sure that no such thing will happen.) (iv) And anyway, even amongst those who can open the files, very few will actually download an executable from an anonymous source. (concern about viruses, etc.) If these are programs to unencrypt, etc, they should go to the Software section, not Texts.
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