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Poster: P.S.Remesh Chandran Date: Dec 6, 2014 12:20am
Forum: education Subject: English Recitation Videos From Bloom Books Channel Released Into Public Domain.

The benefits of keeping metrical form and rhythm, if not rules, in poetry is reaped not by the poet who writes the poem but by the singer who sings it. Most of the world famous poems were born with a tune, most often a simple tune, as I have argued and tried to prove in many of my postings in the Linked In Groups, Poetry and Literature, and Language, Literature and Criticism. So many talented poets, writers, thinkers, scholars and literary critics in Linked In, representing the essence of the intelligentsia of the world, have contributed their valuable opinions, views and advises there which I valued and took into consideration, while developing a method to prove no real poem is born without a tune. I developed my Bloom Books Channel [] in You Tube as an English Recitation Video Channel which already has more than fifty world famous songs, either learned, taught, sung, orchestrated or discussed by Linked In community, many of them still bearing the burden of being mistakenly qualified as free verse or prose poems.

I firmly believe that music in poems has been sacrificed for correct pronunciation, intonation and accent, to please academicians and conventional teachers. After nearly 50 years, there is only pronunciation, intonation and accent in poems but no music. I simply abandoned them for music and introduced simple tunes- actually arm chair tunes- which anyone can sing without labour- man and woman, child and old man. Now that the music is there, those adamantly committed to, can experiment with pronunciation, intonation and accent, regularize them and modify. My recordings might not be pleasant listening experiences as they are made with primitive tools, with my scanty resources, but they are prototypes, released into public domain all. The cream of singers, orchestrators and music producers would know what to do with them, how to build on them, for the world to remember us by when we are gone, as our legacy to the world’s children.


These same videos are available to view and download in Internet Archives also and in Daily Motion, but in the latter, you cannot download.

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