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Poster: ARossi Date: May 4, 2015 12:05pm
Forum: movies Subject: The new site

Hi everybody,

As you may already know, we've been working on a new version of the web site. It became available as a beta in November of last year, and started being more widely used in January.

You can read a blog post about the new site that explains reasons for the change and talks a little about some of the evolution the site has seen.

About 94% of users are using the new web site today. We can see from anonymized statistics that more people are playing and downloading files (now called Views) , more people are creating accounts and favoriting (bookmarking) things. So taken as a whole, the new site is doing really well.

But we realize that for people who use this site on a regular basis, the changes may not be seen as positive. To be clear, NONE of the following has changed: the content, the search engine, the upload process, or download numbers (called Views now).

We will be asking people to try the new site this week (or try it again, if you've already seen it). For a limited time you will still be able to exit the new site (exit button in the upper right corner) to return to the classic view, but we encourage you to give us feedback. If there are things we missed or areas of confusion, we want to address them. The classic site will go away at some point - we cannot maintain both indefinitely - and we want to make sure the new site serves your needs.

There are several videos about the new site that should answer most functionality questions. Jeff Kaplan and I are happy to answer questions in this thread as well.


Alexis Rossi
Director of Web Services