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Poster: tracey pooh Date: Jul 11, 2015 8:51pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: 64 kbps files?

we found their usefulness and demand over time to wane as internet connections and devices got better. more people seemed to prefer the higher bitrate mp3 files so at one point, we decided to no longer make both.

early this year, we found a fair amount of issues with "derivatives" / files our system makes (like mp3 from flac, etc.) and had to do a massive cleanup campaign on especially our multiple-tracks audio items -- sorting out which were *actually* "original" vs "derivative" (many of our files started getting marked as "original").

so during that cleanup, we rederived many of the items, and removed derivative formats we no longer make (eg: m3u or .zip or 64kbs mp3 files). we still make .zip and .m3u files "on the fly" now/though and have links to that -- so it's mostly the 64kbs mp3 files that noticeably "got gone".

sorry about that -- i understand from your reply below that you preferred them. it's always a tradeoff of "space and demand" for the files we make (for example, unlike youtube's infinite space, we can't make 4+ video derivative files for every uploaded video, etc. -- we have to stick to just 2 (.mp4 and .ogv))