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Poster: Scott Matheson Hitchcock Date: Jun 9, 2021 5:32pm
Forum: universallibrary Subject: time is information created by change it is not a 'dimension' as it is generally assumed

Please look at these ideas about the nature of time at this web page page
What Time Is and What Time Is Not
Scott Matheson Hitchcock 03/12/21
A review of the 7 principles found to be the actual nature of time.
1. Philosophy of Time: time exists as information, NOT as a dimension. Time is as real as information is real.
2. Arrows of Time: Quantum Arrows of Time [QATs] and all other arrows of time only exist as constructions from signal/information flow in causal networks. All arrows of time point from cause [source] to effect [sink] from simple 2-level systems at the quantum scale such as photon emission in atoms up through the cosmological domain through hierarchical scaling of interconnected causal networks at various plateaus of complexity [POCs].
3. Direction of Time: only exists as directions associated with vectors representing arrows of time pointing from cause to effect [source to sink] in the causal networks of the evolving universe.
4. There is no Time to travel 'in', only space [i.e. the vacuum] where the 'now' created by our consciousness is all we can directly experience. Note that the vacuum exists as a physical entity and space is only a map of this fundamental basis for the universe. “The Map is not the territory” - Alfred Korzybski
5. Our brains T-computer creates ‘time’ labeled maps of the patterns of observed changes in the configurations of matter in the universe into sequential time stamped and labeled memories. Change is a Fundamental property of the universe, time is not. No change means no time.
6. The Problem of Time therefore has been solved using Feynman Clocks, T-computers, and Causal Networks.
7. The Vacuum is space and Time is a measure of Changes in the configurations of matter floating on the surface of the vacuum. We attribute dimensions to the vacuum [space] as part of our application of geometry [models] to the real world. The vacuum is much more complex that mere ‘empty’ space. The vacuum is in fact a multi-vacuum with properties that depend locally on matter and globally on cosmic universality. Cosmological evolution is measured by the maps of change we construct using time as a metric.

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