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Poster: tracey pooh Date: Aug 1, 2016 7:02am
Forum: forums Subject: Re: An accessible way to upload for the blind?

We, and especially I and a coworker (Kelsey) actually did do a lot of research, consulting w/ visually impaired users, and work specifically towards visually impaired and accessibility changes just for the new website and look. (We probably each spent 2 months+ on that. It may not *sound* like a lot -- but with our extremely limited staff and so many projects, it was extensive.) I still have some "fixmes" to go, as I can, over time... That being said, it's worth pointing out that our flash-based uploader (which has an very hard to find non-flash uploader portion (eg: for mobile) as well) and our newer html5 uploader have gotten almost no updates (in any way) for many years now -- including accessibility. The good news is that all the front-end oriented folks did go through mandatory accessibility training, and anything that I happen to catch come up or go by -- I try to at least raise some accessibility concerns and guidelines. So, we're improving, but agreed not ideally fast or far enough. We pretty much had no accessibility training or techniques before 2 years ago -- we only got "lucky" in some ways because our site was so very simplistic and with minimal javascript -- that it was previously not awful accessibility-wise. Hope that's _somewhat_ helpful. -Tracey -- 16 year "vet" and head of website
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Poster: ke7zum Date: Aug 1, 2016 8:46am
Forum: forums Subject: Re: An accessible way to upload for the blind?

That's wonderful, however no progress bars on the non flash uploader is for me not a good thing. Also removing a file is almost very difficult using in my case safari and voiceover. It took me an hour to upload an 8 mb file yesterday as I had no idea when the upload was done. Also focus changes a lot with voiceover and safari. If the mac client if that is still being developed were 100 percent accessible I'd use that in a hart beat for batch uploading. Sadly all voiceover showed at the time of using was "unknown unknown unknown". Can the html5 uploader be looked at and conform to the new accessibility standards at some point?