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Poster: capitan_picard Date: Feb 23, 2022 3:08am
Forum: texts Subject: Virus False Positives

I am trying to upload some Usenet archives from 2003-2022 in mbox format. MBOX is a plain text file format. However, I'm having issues where many of the files are being classified as having viruses.

The problem comes from the fact that malware can be encoded as base64 and can be attached to a message. However, those attachments have been removed already. The remaining attachments are usually images in .gif or .jpg format. If there are *any* attachments at all though, the file gets flagged by the virus scanner.

I could, in theory, remove every single post with any attachment at all, but that will remove a significant number of Usenet messages from the uploaded archive. I'm looking for any input on how to proceed.

Example file here: