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Poster: BryonyTemple Date: May 21, 2022 8:24am
Forum: texts Subject: I urgently need these books to be scanned and added to the books archive ASAP

I'm an aspiring fashion designer and I need the following seventeen books to be scanned and added to the books archive as research for my collections. They must be added as soon as possible and within no more than about a week

I know there are a lot of books listed but I don't have a lot of money and can't just buy all these books myself. Also, I'm unable to preview some of these books online so if people could add them to the books archive, I could just search the books for any information I need without having to waste money on a book that won't help me with my collections.

The books I need scans of are:

1) Cult Streetwear by Josh Sims
2) Tokyo Street Style by Tiffany Godoy
3) Art and Fashion by Alice Mackrell
4) 100 Years of Fashion by Cally Blackman (not to be confused with 100 Years of Fashion Illustration by the same author)
5) Future Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion by Akiko Fukai
6) 100 Years of Menswear by Cally Blackman
7) Fashioning Japanese Subcultures by Yuniya Kawamura
8) The Cutting Edge: Fashion from Japan by Louise Mitchell
9) Style Deficit Disorder: Harajuku Street Fashion by Tiffany Godoy
10) The Tokyo Look Book by Philomena Keet
11) From Impressionism to Anime: Japan as Fantasy and Fan Cult in the Mind of the West by S. Napier
12) Tokyolife: Art and Design by Ian Luna
13) Bad Girls of Japan by Laura Miller
14) Tokyo Style File: A Shopping Guide by Jahnvi Dameron Nandan
15) Japanese Goth by Tiffandy Godoy

I'd be very grateful if someone could help me and I apologise in advance if I'm doing anything wrong.

Kind regards,


P.S. I removed two books from this list because they were added to the books archive after I made this post.
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