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Poster: WDonaldson2003 Date: May 5, 2022 7:50pm
Forum: movies Subject: Send me recordings of movie airings on TV

I have a newfound appreciation for television in the past, and while we do have streaming now for convenience, I miss the presentation of TV channels a lot, how they would hype up new seasons, finales, and what I’m talking about in this post, movie premieres. It always felt special to see a movie you missed in the theatres and on home video on your favourite TV channel so you can watch for the first time, and to save money on renting or buying the movie on VHS, the best solution was to record said movie to watch over again.

And I would like for any of you reading this to reply with a link (or maybe a bunch of links) to any video of some movie recorded on VHS from an airing on TV. It could be from anywhere on this site, or another place to archive recordings like those. Thanks. Edit: Forgot to mention, commercials and all.
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