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Poster: Albretch Date: Jul 19, 2022 6:10am
Forum: texts Subject: "derivative" copyright or are we all being "cloaked" as part of a grand scheme ...
The transformation, modification or adaptation of the work must be substantial and bear its author's personality sufficiently to be original and thus protected by copyright. Translations, cinematic adaptations and musical arrangements are common types of derivative works.

In many cases I have wondered what would the adjective "substantial" could possibly mean. You cannot give a "new" spin to Beatles music and claim copyright to their music. How is it exactly that when it comes to books they can so easily mess with people?

Here is a good example of what I am talking about:
Cardano died more than 4 centuries ago:
Ars magna or The rules of algebra, by Cardano, Girolamo, 1501-1576
Publication date: 1993
Publisher New York: Dover

Are we all going to have to wait 40 more years to see that translation free of copyright encumberment?

I regard as impossible that no one had translated his work to any "European" language before:

Version of his book in Latin:


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Poster: FenH Date: Aug 11, 2022 7:04am
Forum: texts Subject: Re: 'derivative' copyright or are we all being 'cloaked' as part of a grand scheme ...

It seems to me that Copyright Reform and Right to Repair are the two most important issues of our age, yet it seems that no one is particularly interested in these topics. They are so far reaching in their effect on our society that they even affect how our minds on these cultural topics as well. For a truly free and open society Copyright should not be treated with such reverence.