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Poster: bhadra Date: Jul 21, 2009 7:34am
Forum: education Subject: Re: Ramayana

Hello Koul,

I read your so called article which is bunch of throwing unconfirmed names and refrences. Your aim being similar to what is the aim of ruling Pundit elites in Delhi - that is to oblitrate the name and faith in Rama and institute "Nehru" in place. The govt submission to the Supreme Court is an evidence to that..the previous sixty years botch up in our text books, is a clearcut misguided effort in that direction... however, culure is greater than history, I believe.

Poor guys.. I must say the effort is misdirected... Let us see if it is Nehru, Ambedkar, Lalu, Karuna or Jaylaita who takes the void created by Ram after you would have killed Him. The preserver of the culture are the masses.. thank God, only less than two percent of that multitude understand your flowery and ungrammetical and presumptive yankee English.

Ramayan conatins the answer:

Jaki rahi bhavana jaisi, Prabhu moorat dekhi tin taissi.

that is what you need to understand... it is "bhavana" that matters... every thing else is Maya or illusion... may be including what you wrote..and what I write.. Hmmm

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Poster: sukracharya Date: Aug 14, 2009 7:32pm
Forum: education Subject: Re: Ramayana

Hi Folks,
See the Bhavna of Indians from Fiji. 99.9% of Indians of Hindu ancestry follow the religion of their fore-fathers from mother India. Their life totally revolves around the Hindu culture and tradition. See how they recite Ramayan on YouTube link below.

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Poster: Puckan Date: May 1, 2020 8:10am
Forum: education Subject: Re: Ramayana

a different video. frankly, I was very interested