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Poster: suho Date: Sep 1, 2009 11:52pm
Forum: education Subject: Re: Ramayana

Even if you have tried your best to comment on the Ramayana, i have to say that it is terrible. There are many errors. 1> Please explain the word 'Aryan' because this word has been greatly misunderstood by the westerners. It was first used in the text 'Rig Veda'.In fact, the authoritative Sanskrit lexicon (c. 450 AD), the famous Amarakosa gives the following definition: " mahakula kulinarya sabhya sajjana sadhavah " An Arya is one who hails from a noble family, of gentle behavior and demeanor, good-natured and of righteous conduct 2>"....the Aryan conquest of the south." Now this theory was given by Max Muller who was chosen by the British Government in India to translate the Vedas as he had knowledge of Sanskrit language. He was not a bad person but he was lured by the Britishers to work in their interest and give birth to the Aryan-Invasion theory which suited their 'DIVIDE and RULE' policy. The evidence of science now points to two basic conclusions: first, there was no Aryan invasion, and second, the Rigvedic people were already established in India no later than 4000 BCE. Please visit this site for detailed PROOFs :
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