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Poster: martyveldman Date: Sep 8, 2009 4:59pm
Forum: texts Subject: Google Book Search

Since Google has been the subject of much discussion lately, does anyone know how to find the Latest Additions to their online library? I've asked them some time ago and they stated that they have no system in place to list their newest scans. It seems that everyone else does. Tks, Marty

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Poster: Time Traveller Date: Sep 8, 2009 9:00pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Google Book Search

You are right, somebody is not using their NUTS at Google Books.

They got a Google RSS Reader which I use, in conjuntion with RSS feeds from the Internet Archive but Google has not set up its Books with a RSS feed.

I note some books on the IA, have the PDF link, going back to Google Books.

I dont know if Google puts links on the IA for all their books, but maybe using a RSS feed from the IA, could tell you of some, but maybe not all, new books that Google Books has.

And I am not sure, they have a advanced book search, maybe using wild cards, and new books since last date you searched, but there seems to be no date for new book going onto Google Books. I wonder why they make it hard? Don't they want to make big capital gains for the shareholders? Maybe the recent legal actions, might make the shareholders pull out, and invest elsewhere.

I hate going to Google Books, I only do so, to read on line Popular Mechanics and Popular Science Magazines, while the going is good, BEFORE Google finds a way to make me pay.

That day will be either the end of the world for me, or Google's downfall, becuase the Whole Wide World will begin screaming for Google Books to be taken over by the management of our great Internet Archive.